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What's the Movie?


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4 hours ago, Inash said:

I've honestly never seen Shatner or Connery in a western, despite my family's love of westerns. Unless you want me to answer based on google.... I got nothing.

@Inash, until I was stumbling over the DVD of Shalako I hadn't heard that Connery had done a western either. Thge Movie is actually pretty good if not widely known. 


I also know that I have seen the Shattner one, just can't figure out the name, might have to creatively browse imdb

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It is in fact White Comanche. Shatner did a LOT more TV than movies for most of his career, but this is one of the few exceptions. He plays twin brother half-breeds, split between parents as one does (in Hollywood at least) and well, it's a very traditional western so of course the "evil" twin is the one raised as an Indian. I'd always assumed this just slightly predated Star Trek, but in fact it was released in 68. I saw it once many, many years ago on TV (NE Ohio oldsters might recall Super-Host, that was the show), its more or less natural habitat in the US, as I can't find any evidence of a US theatrical release.

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