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Hey Everyone!

I finally had the time to add some history for Olara, the Olaran Calendar, and some history for the Serene Holds. You can find these under the Olara, and Serene Holds drop-downs respectively.

Also, I updated the Character Generation to include starting wealth as well as how HP should be handled.

I will be using this thread for other updates when I have them henceforth.

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Quick announcement on some things I wanted to add for character creation because I addressed it in a separate thread but want it somewhere less obscure.

1. Selling equipment is fine, buying health potions is fine, and crafting and/or buying 1 common and 1 uncommon magical item per the requirements of XGTE is fine. Magic items will be another big theme in this campaign so expect the enemies to have them as well for your taking.

2. A lot of the gods I have purposefully left open for your characters to interpret. Not everyone worships, let's say, Nezeris the same way. Some worship him by maintaining the roads and his roadside statues, Others worship him by being couriers and moving between towns relaying important messages. Every god has many facets so I'm open to pitches and worldbuilding and I always have an open ear for ideas.

3. I plan to handle Piety in a way that gives the players agency in this case. As you've described PbP is really slow in the way it progresses systems of leveling, I use Milestone leveling myself but Piety I want to leave it in the hands of the players. The way I want to do this is based on the way the players interact with the world and the decisions the players make will determine how quickly they do or do not increase and/or decrease your Piety (Hopefully the first one :P) I'm also toying around with having everyone start at 3 Piety. With oracles and such that start at 3 Piety already starting at 4 Piety instead as this, much like Theros, is a god-heavy setting and I want that to be one of the main themes to explore with your Characters.

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Heyo, another update for yall!

Everyone, I made a slight change to the starter magic items and posed a question in the Character creation questions thread. Basically, everyone will be able to choose either:


a. 2 Common Magical Items to start with for free


b. 1 Common and 1 Uncommon Magical item to start with for free.


Feel free to give yourself back the silver you spent on any magic items previously and if you pick an Uncommon magic item just run it by me first in your thread. From there I will either approve or not approve it. Feel free to take liberties with how you received these items in your backstory. Or don't that's up to you! That is it for now!

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Wow has time flown, we are looking at less than a week left! I'm looking at finalizing selections on the 18th and posting them on the 19th. Lots of great apps to choose from, I definitely have my work cut out! Round of applause for all of you. For those still finishing up, no rush you still have this week and most of Saturday before the deadline.

Once Selections are made I would like to do a mini session 0, get the characters introduced, or figure out if some met before hand, etc. But that will come in time.

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Posted (edited)

I would like to start with a thank you from everyone who put in an application, you've all done a wonderful job. Since things seem to be slowing down I will be closing the ad and any new submissions starting tonight, anybody still needing to finish their app is free to do so until 12:00 pm on the 19th. After that time I will make my selections and declare them here. The first post will be Monday the 20th. 

I have my work cut out for me here, with so many great applications I wish I could take them all! Alas, I can not, so good luck to all of you, and thank you once again!

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Final Selections have been made after some hard deliberations and reading over everything one last time.

The five selected are:

@Neopopulas Playing - Damaia Hazil

@ariel Playing - Dae

@Wizard of the Coat Playing - Mags Kategaris

@Rumrunner Playing - Wilhelmina Zenar'Inan

@fenrirlokison Playing - Lulani Zenar'inan


Thank you everyone for throwing your apps in the ring, selections were definitely not easy. The first post will be tomorrow!

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