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Tales of Ivalis

The Grand Forest Beckons


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Kaspar of Ederthal Half Elf Bard 3

AC: 14, HP 18/22, Initiative: +3(+1), Bardic Inspiration used 0/3


bold: proficient, * Jack of all trades modifier applied

Athletics: 2

Acrobatics*: +4, Stealth*: +4, Sleight of Hand: +5

Arcana*: +2, Nature: +2, History: +3, Religion*: +2, Investigation*: +2

Animal Handling*: 0, Medicine*: 0, Insight: +1, Survival*: 0

Deception: +5, Intimidation*: +4, Performance +7, Persuasion: +5




Kaspar kneels down at the grooves and runs his fingers through it trying to determine what fluids are channeled here, fearing for something more sinister than water.

Investigate grooves
1d20+2 6
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spacer.pngEhrick Archer Human Ranger 2/Fighter 1 

AC: 15, HP: 19/24, Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 14

Ehrick takes in the room, noting the grooves in the floor. He takes a few sniffs of the air to see if he detects oil or alcohol.

Watch out for the grooves in the floor. They could be used to send oil or the like down them and then light it and cause unwary people to get burned.

I got a bad feeling about this!

He keeps his bow ready and will fire at the first moving thing he sees, that is not part of the party.



Right Hand: Longbow

Left Hand: Longbow

Spell slots: 1 of 2 left.


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