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Roll The Bones

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Doh! When I saw "Akropoli" in the note, my brain somehow read "Anthropoi." So here's a check to see if Mags knows what Akropoli refers to. 

I'll roll a d20+2 assuming it's some kind of Intelligence based skill (religion, history, nature...). If it's an Arcana check then add another +2. 

EDIT: I'm going to expand the purpose of this check. It's about Akropoli, and it's about the reference to the two moons. In other words, it's a "what does the note mean" check. 

And I'm going to Add Oracle's InsightThe gods give you flashes of insight that help you bring your efforts to fruition. When you make an ability check, you can roll a d10 and add the number rolled to the check. You can wait until after you roll the d20 before deciding to add the d10, but you must decide before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest. 

SECOND EDIT: so the total result is a 21. (23 if it's an Arcana Check)

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1d20+2 10
Oracle's Insight
1d10 9
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Dang, I knew I'd seen it somewhere. I just thought it was buried somewhere in the Campaign Setting info.

And I know he talked about the two moons on the Gods associated with them. And maybe it's something obvious like an eclipse. I just want to be sure.  

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