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What Y'all Listening To?


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I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of Moorcock in general.  I think the characters and stories he has to tell are great, but I just don’t like his writing style.  …. But, let’s not get into that discussion here, and keep the thread on topic.


I had a listen of that Blind Guardian album myself last night.  Loved it.  (First time I’ve listened to any of their stuff).

Then went on a bit of a nostalgia trip with some old Magnum (On a Storytellers Night to be precise)

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*Coughs* *sputters* *dies*

I think Elric is one of the iconic characters of fantasy and for good reason, but to each their own. Personally, I like that weird, episodic, Law vs. Chaos, sword and sorcery vibe.


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Brought to you by Cirith Ungol. If the OSR had a band, they would be it.



LyricsThunder howls, The King will rise again
The time has come, to pay for all your sins
Silence shattered by his gasping cries
His savage touch will end your world of lies
Who has dared to desecrate his crypt
Shall soon be hanging lifeless in his grip
Who has dared to stalk him in the gloom
For he has freshly risen from the tomb
Crown upon his head
King of the Dead
The sword descends, the blood shall fall like rain
Its rising tide will cleanse your world of pain
His grip will rob the living of their breath
For as he ruled in life, he rules in death

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