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This is an Empire! game using the MW Empire! Alpha Ruleset set on the Ringworld of Ayr, a setting developed by SerakHawk, Chimi, Basil_Bottletop and Colin. This game is intended as a showcase of the Empire! game running on Mythweavers.

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The Ringworld of Ayr is a setting developed by @SerakHawk, @Basil_Bottletop, @Chimi and @Colin through Microscope and this game takes place in one of the ages of the setting.

This game is an Empire! game using the MW Empire! Alpha ruleset.

Ringworld of Ayr - Setting

spacer.pngThe Ayr Ring has always been our home, ever since the fire fell from the skies bringing our ancestors here to these lands. We have clawed back much of what we lost and have started reaching out to our neighbors once more. Rumors of strange creatures coming across the oceans to the west have reached our spies, and our seers speak of oddities and doom on the edge as two of the five of the moons approach alignment. What this means of the future is unclear but we must prepare for the worst, as we and our neighbors wake and expand surely other things may as well. Vigilance is key.

Setting: Ringworld of Ayr

Tone: High Fantasy, Science Fiction

Description: Many technologies have been lost to the past, but may yet be discovered. Magic and other forces beyond normal kin exist as do fantastical inventions, but both are equally rare.

For updated Geography and Approved write-ups see here

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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Region 129 Psygodburgh   Geography: Psygodburgh is a majestic island a fortnights drift from the shores of Redemption. Cliffs that soar and scrape the clouds overhead, trees as thick as towers, and roaring rapids that can snatch a ship like an errant ant. The constant rain is a source of bounty for the brobdingnagian flora, a jungle whose beating heart lay amidst the shattered site of a great meteorological incident. The impact of some great force or object in the heart of Psygodburgh has lead to a roil of landscape the deeper one goes. The shores are beacons of relative stability, with smooth break lines, easy curves, and consistent footing. When sand gives to dirt and stone the honesty of its golden shift is dashed by confounding rock. Cave ins, rockslides, floods, and more endanger those within the mainland of Psygodburgh. What exactly lay at the heart of this island, none can say for sure.   Government: Psygodburgh is nominally a Maritime Council with a Lead Admiral as an elected position but in effect is a Kleptocracy ruled by several Piratical powers. The Merlyn fleets around Psygodburgh bend to Merlyn Gul Twir and her pleasure barges and she in turn parleys with the halls of power in Ruin. Fishing villages throughout the island are populated by Myrkran refugees who have been ferried over and lured to a new life in distant lands. They populate the liminal area of safety between shore and mainland where the fishing is reliable and efficient. Merlyn pirates will go through routines of stopping by the villages to collect taxes, leaving a warrior behind if something needs doing, and then wandering off to indulge their own desires. The Order of the Drake, a force of Merlyn knights pariah, has broken some of the villages from this relationship, and established them independently as Towns with Mayors. These villages believe they do not need the protection of the pirates and have armed themselves instead. Lastly, there are a whole swarm of Darkkin who abandoned the Merlyn in the initial colonizing effort. Drawn inexorably to the islands heart they were changed and now stalk the core of the island with an unbroken purpose. To obfuscate and repel.   Red Herring: The rivers of Psygodburgh are abundant with Red Herring. They make the water appear like the blood of a giant when they mate and later when their eggs hatch. Such fish are the namesake of the very island for without their great numbers the mega organisms of the island would starve and so too would the Myrkran and Merlyn in time. Indeed the Herrings are the only example of appropriately sized entities on the island leading some scholars to believe they are not even native to the island initially.
  3. Region 107 - The Razor Coast Geography - This region lies on the northern edge of Altarin. Rough, thorny shrubland cover most of the region, giving way to small shrubby evergreens in the slope up the Wyr. Rocky beaches and silty coastal waters are home to a number of water-dwelling flora and fauna, most notably among them the razor clams that give the area its name. Nearer the Wyr, the beaches rise to rocky cliffs. People - Human, Toteharu, and Nanx settle this coast, gathering the bounty of the sea. Small villages send a scattering of shallow vessels each morning, and each return late in the day laden with clams, oysters, seaweed, and fish. The villages also maintain gardens of leafy greens, some for food, and some (the Toteharu) as children. The people are generally weathered and well salted. Recently the majority of the villages have agreed to join the Nanx Throng. In exchange for the benefits of trade and the offer of protection, the greater Nanx have begun establishing a presence in one of the larger villages in a natural harbor, and constructing docks suitable for ocean-faring vessels. Clams - While the ocean's bounty is not insignificant, the greatest supply is the eponymous Razor Clams. These long, thin clams are tasty, fast-growing, and keep well out of the water making them suitable for trade and processing. In addition, the shells when burned can make a useful white paint that give the villages a unique character.
  4. Region 208: The Short Forest Geography: The region consists primarily of brushlands transitioning into more traditional forests to the south. Of course, to the goblins of smaller stature, brush is virtually as tall as they are, making it a forest of sorts! Most of the area is a relatively high plateau above the coastline, resulting in a relatively dry environment.   Natives: The Goblins of the Short Forest are in fact relatively tall and hairy creatures compared to the typical Goblins of the islands with two legs, two arms, and hands featuring thumbs. The coastal region is occupied by the more typical and scaly variety of goblin.
  5. ROUND 9 CLOSE   THE DARK MOON ASCENDANT As the turn of the shades bring the end of winter and spring is heralded by the people of the Ayr, what greats them instead is an extended frost. Hail, sleet and snow continue for months unabated sending the Ayr into a panic as spring is drowned out in cold and snow. Summer hits the Ayr and gives reprieve to the cold, banishing it at last. The westernmost coasts of Altarin and Taer Mojr see exaggerated tidal as summmer warms the Ayr with shifts with extreme tidal flats followed by flash flooding and massive waves crashing on the shores. Massive chunks of ice crash on the shores of the Vaires, Altarin, Taer Mojr and even Brenn Tyr! The people observing the track of the Dark Moon for the last decade declare their results! The moon is approaching this part of the Ayr, and not a slow pace that what few records claim. Far lenses are trained to the western ocean and on the clearest days the moon's shadow cast on the massive western ocean can be spotted The Dark's Shadow Approaches.     BUMP GOES ALTARIN The root rot containment and pandemic spreads through West Altarin like the fires left by the Ruler of Altarin. Healers and herbalists make a valiant attempt to cull the stem of the plague and none help more than the Sisters of the Sister's Embrace. Many are cured by their ministrations, but it seems the cure doesn't always take. Reports of formerly healed with extreme swings of aggression and hunger multiple as root rot continues to be weeded out. A spike of assaults and attacks between people increase tensions between the sick, the formerly sick and the healthy. Paranoia about the infected having a hunger for unnatural food is rooted in the public's mind when the disappearances start. The first reports of missing people were those who had recently been healed of root rot. Then the still sick started disappearing. When those who were not sick starting going missing panic flooded the streets, citizen patrols were started. That was when the creature sightings started. One dripping with blood hunched over a dead body before fleeing into the dark. Something Hunts the Altarin Nights!   THE SUN RISES ON TAER MOJR News from Ana Kai is dire, Utui refugees flee the mountainous coast to all other realms in Taer Mojr. They tell the same story, a new power has risen against Shiobyn, one the people call the Sun-borne. The unrest and calls for change forced Shiobyn's hand and Utui blood was spilled on the streets after a rowdy protest injured the Ana Kai leader. The Sun-borne took her followers and paid back slain protestors in blood. A bloody revolution followed which ended in the death of Shiobyn at the hand of the Sun-borne! The fleeing Utui perfectly recall the Sun-bornes speach after taking control. "It is in my Mother's Death that the Utui will be freed from their chains and bondage! We Will Live in the Light of the Sun and fight back the darkness that rests in these lands and in our hearts. I was given a gift by the stars and a calling when the light exposed my faults and failures. Failure to act was one I killed today - we will purify these lands and prepare against the coming night ahead. Join me and we will Bring the Rising Sun forward!" The Rising Sun has stepped out of the ashes of Ana Kai led by the Sun-borne, the Greater Star-signed child of Shiobyn!   THE CARMINE BLIGHT ATTACKS Following the warning of Highborn Yaerl but determined to see the blight themselves the Brotherhood of Black Banners dispached soldiers to region 411. As they travelled through the region they observed signs of pervasive blood red thorns increasing in frequency as they marched deeper. The splotches of growth sapped the color out of everything they touched, turning them into an carmine sheen. The deeper they delved the more frequent and larger the carmine thorns grew eating into the fields of Tyr Sweet Thistle that grew plentifully in the region. Choking them, suffocating them, consuming them. The Carmine Blight has been revealed   THE DRUMS OF WAR CRASH BBB Invasion of Region 428 Aggressor: Sir Rulman (9) with 2 units Tactics: Skirmish (+8) 428 - BBB Tactic Tactic Loss Duel: Challenged (2d8+9) 428 - BBB Duel Win by 11, Pierre is at the mercy of Sir Rulman Battle: Commander (+9), Foothold (+2), Units (+2), Duel Win (+4) 428 - BBB Battle Victory, 30% losses, 1 Unit lost. Sir Rulman Loss Roll 428 - BBB Leader Loss Defender: Pierre d'Roc (7) with 1 unit Tactics: Reckless Attack (+7) 428 - Defender Tactic Tactic Win, Reckless Attack Duel: Challenge Accepted 428 - Pierre Duel Loss by more than 6. Battle: Commander (+7), Units (+1) 428 - Defender Battle Loss, Defenders routed.   BBB Invades Region 411 and finds the Carmine Blight but no other opposition.   The Faithful Preach The Sisters attempt to reach more of the people of Altarin 114 Conversion to SsE 108 Conversion to SsE 108 Nanx Resist SsE Conversion > Derp the Nanx don't own this region. Other Notable Events  
  6. Region 218 - Ile de Reglisse Description:  People: Previous inhabitants of the island were wiped out by the Vandals, leaving no written records and few artifacts of any significance to the present Nord and Voilese settlers. Forgotten shrines dot the coastline, with stone figures in the likeness of a horse-fish hybrid and a shallow basin for burning oil -- an effort to appease the wrath of or gain the favor of the sea god, one supposes. Transplants from the Nord lands live here now, mostly highland shepherds and coastal fishermen. Slash-and-burn has left much of the topsoil too barren for staple crops. Voilese supply ships are a common sight, running to and from the daunting seaside fortress known as the Wolves' Den or the Lupercal. Resource: Barely fit for habitation by shepherds and fishermen, the island seems devoid of any exploitable natural resources spare for the wild Licorice, which has some dubious medical benefit when taken as an antiemetic or sleep aid.
  7. Goblins Leader: Gob Diplo 4 | Military 5 | Industry 6 | Faith 3 | Intrigue 4 Regions: 209 and 208 Treasure: 3 Actions: 1) [Intrigue] Investigate: The land to the North is gone to some strange goblins. It would be smart to learn more about our neighbors. 2) [Intrigue] Investigate: Those pirates are definitely still out there, especially this strange Meathook. Who calls themselves that? Why would you make a hook out of meat? These are truly some pressing questions. 3) [Diplomacy] Improve Relations: We seem into have gotten off on the wrong (webbed) foot with the Disciples of Silicon. Maybe it was just a bad day for them. We'll keep trying to be friendly and see what happens 4) [Diplomacy] Diplomatic Mission: The maps made by the best goblin cartographers show a dotted line extending northeast from our islands. Surely there's someone on the other end of the line, otherwise there wouldn't be a line, right? Send forth a diplogob! 5) [Military] Special 5- A Hero Rises!: An exceptionally clever fighting goblin has emerged! Lin has the makings of an excellent adventurer and seeker of stories to bring home to record on the bones!
  8. The Rikathi Region: 217     Round 9 Actions: 1: Mjornduth Becomes a City (Industry 5) - The place once known for it's Longhouses and wooden huts as changed in the last forty years. The stabilization of the region under a Warrior Queen has been far more prosperous than anyone could ever imagine, especially since she has done it without war and an increased reliance on her faith. The people of Mjornduth know diverse trade, craftsmanship, and continue to seek the enlightenment of their elders. The Myrkran influence is seen everywhere now, but most notably are their sections of the city that are completely to their cultural disposition, a testament to the freedom provided to them through Myrkran Embassy Center. Which has been torn down and rebuilt twice already because of the need for growth. Two story buildings using iron and steel reinforcements break the horizon surrounding it and further growth will no doubt head upwards instead of out. A defensive wall has been built along the landward side of the city and along the coast they patrol the beaches and built lighthouses and watch towers. Pastures are fenced off and land owners have regular meetings to ensure content neighbors and to discuss any issues that might hurt their flocks. The Seekers of the Sphere have their libraries sprinkled throughout the four districts, offering anyone with the chance to come and learn the ways of the star-reading people. Star-signed children are often sent to these places of study for scheduled inspection and to update the Seekers on their development or to address any concerns the parents may have about their child. Between these diverse three cultures, there is something of a melting pot for each district. It's not uncommon for a Rikathi to live near a Myrkran or a Rikathian merchant booth to set up outside a Seeker library and sell cooked lamb to the exiting members after a worship service. The only district that doesn't have a ton of mixing is that of the Sky Watch neighborhood. The grand Rikathi temple rests near it's center and many of the buildings surrounding it are housing for the devout thread-bearers. Their schedules are as such that large gatherings and loud celebrations would be against the needs of those living there. It's a quieter neighborhood generally considered ruled by The High Voice. The Seekers have placed a library in the neighborhood and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, and go so far as to limit the amount of Seekers who can be present at any given time to keep the solemn environment. Heated philosophical debates are even sometimes paused and the debaters seek a different library to finish with a crowd growing as they march through the city.   2:  Seeking Aid to Help with Seeker's Council (Faith) - Success   3: Council of Velentin's Elders (Intrigue) - Fail Ota Beyn seems too pre-occupied for any true common ground to be found. When the Council seeks out her second in command, she speaks of The Oath and her fervent attitude is not seen as a strength in their eyes. They will pass through this place again in the future, and perhaps an intellectual connection will be made. 4: Raise a Land Unit (Military) - Auto More and more Rikathi seek to contribute through military might. With the threats from the sea and the constant talk of war across the continent, Ota Beyn has no shortage of volunteers to learn the arts of war. 5: Buyout of Trading Post #2 of Dyes (Industry) - Success The population of Mjornduth continues to grow and with it, the need for every kind of trade. Those few families who dealt in dyes have started to pass the trade to the next generation. Families have become properly structured businesses and the infrastructure of Mjornduth has been a boon to the entire industry. The riches of the dye trade has given way to larger families and wider pastures. There are even improvements being implemented by the local Myrkrans who have an eye for innovation. Non-Actions: Use Favor to have the Seekers seek a new Holy Site on Region 208. Confirm Embassy with The Widow Queen Free Request for the Seekers to do an Investigation -   Will Receive: +1 to Industry +1 Land Unit  
  9. Omega, Turn Nine (Year 33-36) With forces somewhat replenished, Still Lake looks to ways to make bolstering the army more efficient, settling on a dedicated development ground at Highwall - both as a naturally defensible position and also to reward them for their efforts in clearing the devastation that plagued the whispering woods. Outreach to the Myrkan and Seekers intensifies, the better to find allies in these troubled times. Actions: [Diplomacy]: Raise reputation with MYR (Success vs. TN 12) [Diplomacy]: Raise reputation with SPH (Success vs. TN 12) [Diplomacy]: Raise reputation with DOS (Success vs. TN 10) [Diplomacy]: Explore north! (Result: 14) [Military (Special 10)]: Establish Fort Beta in Highwall. Non-Actions: Resist Buyouts. Resist Conversion Attempts. Ruler Stats for Still Lake: Diplomacy 8 (+2) | Military 10 | Industry 9 | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2
  10. Round Event Interrupt! The Brotherhood of Black Banners has successfully convinced the Easterling Hoard to not invade region 412! The battle for Region 412 has been cancelled! The Brotherhood of Black is in further negotiations with the Easterling Hoard!  
  11. Zabka ships came bearing loads of cement and trained masons, a show of faith from the Bellowers' Council. Many of the masons had worked on Crrroa-Crrroa's own great fortress and came ready to share their expertise, while also hoping to expand it. Toteharu was nearby, but few had the means to travel broadly so not much was known about their architecture in zabka lands. As such many zabka had volunteered as porters or other laborers just for the chance to travel. The Peacekeeper had come in person as well along with his personal entourage.
  12. Tancourt "WhisperWaves: Tancourt's Juiciest Gossip Unveiled!" written by Evelyn Muckrake. Dip: 4 | Mil: 1| Ind: 5 | Fai: 1| Int: 5 Expected Increase: Dip: 0 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +1 | Fai: 0 | Int: +1 Treasure in Vault: 2. Treasure Passive Treasure: 1 (6 TPs + 1 City) Units: 2. Actions: Diplomacy - Finish Press Claim on 013 Exclusive: Pidgeonsbriar's Island Odyssey - Colonizer Bosses Natives and Faces Perils in Uncharted Territory! Pidgeonsbriar, Tancourt's intrepid explorer extraordinaire, is making headlines once again as she solidifies her grip on a mysterious island, all while facing an array of enigmatic dangers and leading her loyal Crab Goons in an adventure of a lifetime. Pidgeonsbriar, known for her captivating travelogues and daring exploits in far-off lands, has set her sights on a remote island shrouded in mystery. Clad in her signature adventurer's gear, she's been making waves as she takes charge and, some say, bossing around the island's native population. Despite her bravado, the island holds many dangers that have long confounded explorers. The initial expedition sent to the island vanished without a trace, leaving behind a chilling mystery. What could have caused the disappearance of these intrepid pioneers? Pidgeonsbriar, never one to travel lightly, has brought along her loyal cadre of Crab Goons. These companions are at her beck and call, providing her with both protection and a sense of authority as she navigates the challenges that the island presents. Back in Tancourt, the nation is abuzz with anticipation and concern for their beloved explorer. Pidgeonsbriar has garnered a devoted following with her tales of adventure and her uncanny ability to captivate the imaginations of her readers. The people of Tancourt wish her the best of luck in her ongoing odyssey. Industry - Buyout Tyr Sweet Thistle Trade Post 2 in 411 Industry - Buyout Apples Trade Post 2 in 414 (note that this action is a success as I forgot to account for Market and Carts). Intrigue - Kindap (use of Treasure) Olivier of Velentin Exclusive: Mysterious Stranger Olivier of Velentin - Assassin Turned Investigator Draws Tancourt's Curiosity! In an enigmatic turn of events, Olivier of Velentin, a man shrouded in mystery with a penchant for prayer to the Dark Moon, has emerged as a key player in the East of Brenn Tyr. His unusual background and deadly skills have raised eyebrows and questions, leading Tancourt and the Sunpointers to seek answers. Olivier of Velentin, with his distinctive long beard and deep blue robe, has made a mysterious entrance into the East of Brenn Tyr. While he remains tight-lipped about his training and history, his choice of weapon, a small sickle, hints at a deadly past. Rumors have circulated that Olivier honed his lethal skills as an assassin, practicing his deadly craft by dispatching bandits in the Rosewood. It was during these grim activities that he stumbled upon something deeply troubling in the East of Brenn Tyr. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Olivier's story is his nightly prayers to the Dark Moon, an uncommon practice that has raised eyebrows among both locals and outsiders. This connection to the celestial unknown has added an air of mystique to his presence. Olivier's arrival and his background have not gone unnoticed by Tancourt and its vigilant Sunpointers. Concerned about the mysteries he may hold and the possible implications for their nation, they have sought to bring him in for a series of polite but probing questions and inquiries Intrigue - Investigate Bertille the Blackheart Exclusive: Artemisia Sagebrush and Populus Aspen - Heroes in the Spotlight; The Search for Bertille the Blackheart Continues! In a thrilling tale of courage and daring rescue, Artemisia Sagebrush and Populus Aspen have become the toast of the town, invited to countless dinners in Bethel Giruc to recount their heart-pounding exploits. But as Tancourt seeks to locate the elusive kidnapper, Bertille the Blackheart, a web of intrigue and fame weaves around these unlikely heroes. Artemisia Sagebrush's audacious rescue of Populus Aspen from the clutches of kidnappers has captivated the hearts and imaginations of people far and wide. Her bravery in the face of danger and her skillful tactics have earned her a reputation as a true hero. Populus Aspen, the former kidnapping victim, has also found himself thrust into the limelight. His firsthand account of the harrowing experience with the bandits has left audiences on the edge of their seats. While Sagebrush and Aspen enjoy their newfound celebrity status, the search for the enigmatic Bertille the Blackheart is well underway. The bandit gang she led has seemingly vanished, leaving Tancourt authorities on a quest to uncover her whereabouts. What's truly remarkable is the stark contrast in the moralities and backgrounds of these three central figures. Sagebrush, Aspen, and Bertille represent a spectrum of values and choices, yet their interconnected destinies have turned them into unlikely celebrities. Known for its insatiable hunger for news and drama, Tancourt is abuzz with speculation about the future adventures and confrontations involving these captivating characters. A dinner featuring all three would undoubtedly be the talk of the town. Non-Actions: Tancourt continues to round up any Eclipsed Sun Cultists that journey into its territory as suspicions about them continue to spread. Exclusive: Tancourt's Unlikely Guests - Eclipsed Sun Cultists and Mormaer Gwaithor Invited to Matron Finchley's Prison Barge! In a surprising turn of events, the enigmatic Eclipsed Sun Cultists and Mormaer Gwaithor, once feared figures, are now enjoying the unexpected hospitality of Matron Finchley's prison barge in Tancourt. Just days ago, a peculiar group of individuals clad in dark robes with the unmistakable tattoo of an eclipsed sun on their foreheads arrived in Tancourt, heralding the impending storms with an uncanny ability to predict their arrival. These cultists, who previously raised eyebrows with their foreknowledge and habit of rescuing villagers before the tempests struck, became the center of both fascination and concern. As word of their presence spread, it didn't take long for the established religious leaders of Tancourt, notably the Sunpointers led by the ever-vocal Truth Bash, to voice their displeasure. The emergence of a competing faith, especially one boasting such predictive powers, did not sit well with the Sunpointers. They were quick to demand answers and summoned one of the Eclipsed Sun Cultists to reveal their secrets. Rather than hostility, what followed was a surprising twist of events. Instead of clashing with the Sunpointers, the Eclipsed Sun Cultists found themselves invited to the opulent prison barge of Matron Finchley. This barge, notorious for its spacious but often overcrowded brigs, now hosts these unusual guests with the utmost courtesy and kindness. Within the confines of their "rooms," the cultists and Mormaer Gwaithor are said to be receiving treatment beyond what any typical prisoner could hope for. Tancourt's prison barge, known for its austere conditions, is now providing these enigmatic figures with luxurious accommodations. Stay tuned for further updates as these curious tales unfold!
  13. The Nanx Throng - 109 Shaman Delce a ninth boathide of angular writing the thing that roars in the skies was hurt but we have not found blood or scales and the people of clay and the stone raisers are still afraid we must find an answer to this and hope no more fire comes many brave spear people fell in the fight we stood with the strong crroa and the flexible plant people many friends died but nanx are strong and brave so nanx all over have become spear people to honor the ones who died we call them dragonpokers we must consolidate resources now and reach out for friends to guard against danger the crroa send an envoy we have built them a good pond in nana to live and we send shaman abah to live with the plants abah can make good deals so the strong people of altarin can be friends shaman syba had an idea they want to lead a band not a fighting band or an exploring band a everything band for the best and smartest and most skilled nanx or any nanx who wants to they will explore and fight and look and go wherever they need to   the stone raisers our friends the maenos they are good people who want to live their lives they seek to raise their stones and herd their animals they do not want to seek new lands and gather new things this is good too shaman trew who has been living with them has made a deal the maenos will be nanx and the nanx will be maenos the nanx who wish to raise stones will live in peace and the ones who wish to explore will join other nanx with this good deal shaman trew is returning to nana trew is returning for a good reason all the shamans are the same but delce has had very good ideas for many years now trew will have good ideas and decide things delce is going with the dragonpokers and driftwood stalwarts they are going to the oracle cave they will clean things up and make it safe so work can begin delce will stay there to watch and make decisions     The Nanx Throng Actions: [Military] Enact Military Portion of Oracle Tree Restoration [Diplomacy] Finalize Claim - 110 [Diplomacy] Establish Embassy - Toteharu [Military] Recruit a Unit (Dragonpokers) [Military] Recruit a Hero (the Compact) Non-Actions: Resist Conversion Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts Accept Crrroa Embassy Change Leaders ~ Ruler Info Shaman Delce - Shaman Trew Diplomacy - 10 Military - 5 Industry- 10 Faith - 3 Intrigue - 3 Diplomacy 5 Used Diplomacy 10 Industry 5 Used Industry 10 Used Military 5 Successor - Shaman Trew - Currently acting as Emissary to the Maenos Other Notes Current Goals: Restore the Oracle Tree! (One Industry, One Military, One Faith Special Project). New Ruler Next Round? - YES Military Units 4/8 -Fighting People -Slingstone People -Tidewater Brawlers -Driftwood Stalwarts -Dragonpokers   Naval Units 1/4 -Sling Skiffs Treasure 2/5 +1 passive treasure/round Relics none Heroes none Embassies Cities -Nana 109 Organizational Overview Myrkran People, Rep 2, Favors 0 Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 0 Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 1 Favors 0 Temporary Cultural Identity - None Permanent Cultural Identities - None Technologies Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry, Alpine Animal Assistants, Irrigation Trading Posts (7, 1 treasure/round) -109 Shimmerstone TP1 -109 Shimmerstone City -113 Horses TP1 -108 Clay TP1 -104 Highland Berries TP1 -115 Wood TP1 -110 Stone TP2   Other Resources Claim on 110 A Reasonably Similar Favor to an assisted Buyout from the Toteharu Faith (Unnamed Animism) -109 - Wyr Foothills Controlled Regions & Holy Sites -109 - Home Region -107 - Razor Coast Expected Stat Gains Military Diplomacy Backup Action X  
  14. Region 113 - Sugonda Geography Sugonda sits at a natural low point in Altarin,with marshy planes to the north and rolling plains to the south. Ancient metal ruins dot the plains. Most are corroded shells, but there are some that remain sealed, possibly hiding ancient secrets. People The Sugandese people are a mix of human horse tribes in the south and zabka tribes in the north, though the humans tell tales of mysterious mind goblins in the southern woods. Horses Normal horses. Nothing weird here.    
  15. Each of the Drakes began to settle into the comforts of the Hall of Heralds, removing their insectoid helmets to gaze upon the crackling hearth, and tuning their tools. Be it plucking a string or sharpening a sword. They accepted the offered benches and broth, though they all politely rejected the blackened bread. “A matter of diet.” Was all one said on the matter. Before the cane had struck the ground their pointed ears had pricked to a new presence and they stood at attention. The force of one going so far as to crack the bench underneath it. Merlyn Dewr Arthyr approached the High Herald, gazed into his wrinkling human skin, and smiled.   “May I?” She gestured to his pipe   ”We do have a crest with which to call our own. We three are a few survivors of the Dragon Land, true wielders of fire and smoke, to the far off east where our former captain absconded with an egg. The Salamanders of that realm defended their home viciously, scraping tooth and nail to keep us from retrieving their kin, and we wish to embody their fiery spirit. Cloaked in scales like a hundred shields we of the Order of the Drake would bear their likeness with pride and honor.”
  16. Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy Round 9 Peacebringer M'shakin JayMilitary: 6 Diplomacy: 6 Industry: 1 Faith: 1 Intrigue: 2 Year 11 of the Bellower Council Regions 117, 100, 102, 113, 114, 115, 116 News and Rrrumors The Bellower Council meets to discuss the future. Some hope to unify all of Altarin, others stress strengthening the military in case the dragon should return, and still others argue to focus on internal development. Most of the tribes still exist effectively as subsistence villages. They only create what they need, and there is little trade between villages. The Myrkran Bellower is especially vocal on this point. In the end the Peacebringer simply doesn't have the means to do everything the council wishes, and focuses on strengthening the young confederacy. Actions 1.[Dip 5] Create an Embassy with the Nanx Throng 2.[Mil] Raise 2 units of zabka warriors 3.[Dip] Raise Reputation with DOS 4.[Dip] Attend an event. 5.[Dip] Stabilize 113 6.[Dip] Stabilize 114 Non-Actions 1. Trade one(1) favor with DOS to increase reputation. 2. Accept technologies from Toteharu at the event. 3. Accept any offers to vassalize.  
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