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This is an Empire! game using the MW Empire! Alpha Ruleset set on the Ringworld of Ayr, a setting developed by SerakHawk, Chimi, Basil_Bottletop and Colin. This game is intended as a showcase of the Empire! game running on Mythweavers.

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The Ringworld of Ayr is a setting developed by @SerakHawk, @Basil_Bottletop, @Chimi and @Colin through Microscope and this game takes place in one of the ages of the setting.

This game is an Empire! game using the MW Empire! Alpha ruleset.

Ringworld of Ayr - Setting

spacer.pngThe Ayr Ring has always been our home, ever since the fire fell from the skies bringing our ancestors here to these lands. We have clawed back much of what we lost and have started reaching out to our neighbors once more. Rumors of strange creatures coming across the oceans to the west have reached our spies, and our seers speak of oddities and doom on the edge as two of the five of the moons approach alignment. What this means of the future is unclear but we must prepare for the worst, as we and our neighbors wake and expand surely other things may as well. Vigilance is key.

Setting: Ringworld of Ayr

Tone: High Fantasy, Science Fiction

Description: Many technologies have been lost to the past, but may yet be discovered. Magic and other forces beyond normal kin exist as do fantastical inventions, but both are equally rare.

For updated Geography and Approved write-ups see here

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  2. The Rikathi Region: 217 Round 12 Actions: 1: Organize Faith (Faith Special 5, Faith) - Auto Success The Oath - 2: Raise a Unit (Military) - Auto Success 3: Investigate Meathook's Favor with the Widow Queen (Intrigue) - Failure If the Rikathi can find out what Meathook's next move is, we can use it to bargain with Albatross. 4: Seek Aid on Intrigue Roll (Faith) - Success 5: Steal Technology from Ana Kai (Intrigue) - Likely Failure Non-Actions: Use 1 Favor with Seekers of the Spheres to return to Tier 4. Will Receive: Generate 1 Treasure with 5 TPs +1 to Faith +1 to Intrigue
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  4. Back to the Regularly scheduled 2 week open / 1 week close! Round Opens at 6:00 pm Central!
  5. Round will end at 6:00 pm Central. Merry Christmas all!
  6. Round will open at 6:00 pm Central
  7. Round will close at 6:00 pm Central
  8. Tancourt "WhisperWaves: Tancourt's Juiciest Gossip Unveiled!" written by Evelyn Muckrake. Dip: 5 | Mil: 1| Ind: 8 | Fai: 1| Int: 7 Expected Increase: Dip: +1 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +1 | Fai: 0 | Int: 0 Treasure in Vault: 3. Treasure Passive Treasure: 1 (9 TPs + 1 City) Units: 3. Regions: 2. Actions: Diplomacy – Attempt Colonize Region 012 (With Treasure) Diplomacy – Attempt to Dispense of the Flotsam (With Treasure) Industry – Buyout Ironstone 425 TP 1 (distance penalty Industry – Buyout Killer whales 432 TP 1 Intrigue – Investigate how can clones go undercover? Mysterious Disappearance Unleashes Tancourt's Fingers of Accusation In the heart of Tancourt, a veil of mystery descends as Knight Commander Etoile Kotter vanishes from her bedchambers without a trace. The Brotherhood of Black Banners issues a desperate plea for assistance, but suspicions in the mud-soaked realm already point toward the Myrkran population and the supposed cult of the Dark Shine. Tancourt, quick to find a scapegoat, interrogates assumed cult members, pushing for motives behind the disappearance. Their focus sharpens on the elusive figures Reannon Yal and Yashi Ausua, believed to be architects of the unfolding drama. Journalists from Tancourt, in pursuit of sensationalism, delve into Myrkran enclaves, probing where they're least wanted, yet the Myrkran community remains tight-lipped or genuinely uninformed about the accused figures. Adding more intrigue to the tale, Tancourt investigators receive a letter from an anonymous Kymtyr highborn, alleging a connection between the disappearance and a broader conspiracy. The mysterious letter implies a dark web of undercover operations and an insidious spread of the Dark Shine cult to distant cultures. Tancourt's thirst for ideological purity becomes evident as they question Merlyn living abroad, demanding answers about their ties to Myrkran and their potential involvement in the elusive cult. The disappearance unfurls into a tangled narrative of suspicion, insinuation, and the quest for elusive truths. Non-Actions: Tancourt's Artistic Purge: A Culture Clash Unveiled In a surprising move, the vigilant Tanners of Tancourt have taken a decisive stance against the Seekers of the Spheres, preemptively banning the "Book of Art." Suspicion looms over the Seekers, as Tancourt questions the motives behind this so-called artistic endeavor. In the mud-soaked streets of Tancourt, whispers of skepticism echo, painting the Seekers as potential instigators of a plot to sow discord among the hardworking tannery laborers. Tancourt, renowned for its dedication to toil and industry, sees no room for what they consider subversive messages of serf rights or any disruptive notions. Tech Outcasts: Tancourt Snubs Silicon Seekers In a stunning turn of events, Tancourt, renowned for its financial prowess, has sent shockwaves through the realm by cold-shouldering the desperate pleas of the beleaguered Disciples of Silicon. The Tanners, seated at the helm of financial acumen, have declared in no uncertain terms: "No assistance for the deranged mechanists!" Rumors of the Disciples' financial struggles reverberate through the muddy streets as some laud Tancourt's financial discernment with applause loud enough to warn others against potential dealing with the silicon hearted savants. Stay tuned for further updates as these curious tales unfold!
  9. Region 427 - Gwên Llachar Description: Sunflowers. Sunflowers as far as the eye can see. Pastoral hills and bright sunny days, loving nights and calm evenings. Directly bordering Eirlys Lake, the migratory patterns of Tir Buwch bovine leads to a season of grazing and floofy cows in the golden fields. The lake feeds into smaller rivers and channels that filter off into a great bog; Gors Fawr where an abundance of plant life, local animals, and insects all congregate in holy union. A natural crossroad for the material and the divine that the Witches and the local Hobbits revere and safeguard. Little hidey hole homes litter the hills and outskirts of the holy bog where packed lives are secretly stowed away. Occasional bits of sacrificial food emerge bubbling from Gors Fawr, normally butter based, and in a state of bog preservation or bogervation. Sparse trees populate the surrounding area of hardy fertile dirt but these are considered sacred and necessary for the local Hobbit clans and are thus not exported for the Witches. People: Hobbits predominately populate Gwên Llachar, a hybrid race born from an ancient union between Witch and Dwarf. They are a stout, plump, and congenial race in harmony with their surroundings and their fellow kin. Cooperation, friendship, and loyalty are great virtues for the Hobbits. They do not all follow the Code of Stars but it takes naturally to their ways and many an unlikely hero has come from a birthday party and gone on great adventures with friends and foes alike. Diplomacy is always considered first among the Hobbits, whose daily lives involve much rowdy talk and sorting out of issues, and when all else fails a flying frying pan is the ultimate arbiter of justice. Some conflicts bubble when the Cows of Tir Buwch graze past Gors Fawr and the nearest Hobbit clan claims them as their new livestock and responsibility. A big show of affection battling with lavish treats and care foisted upon the cow will then take place between the two factions eventually sorting itself out as the grazing bovines decide which shepherd they will follow from there. Though too small to ride horses into danger like a typical gallant knight many a chivalrous or adventurous Hobbit has ridden into the unknown upon the back of a smaller species of horned bovine reminiscent of an ox, pony, and goat dubbed a Sun Cow. Sunflowers - The lands are rich with gold, a gold untouched by the dark greedy hearts of man, and intertwined with the life of all things big and small around. The seeds are extracted for food or oil, the leaves are used as fodder, and the flower yields a particularly bright vibrant yellow dye. The Hobbits have a predominately vegetarian diet and thus consume many a seed, often playing games seeing who can spit the used up seed the farthest over the hill.
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