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The Realm Folded Tavern sits, as the name suggests, in a wrinkle in the Universe. Between planes, of the planes but not part of the planes. From here the Barkeep runs a tidy house where adventurers of all shapes, sizes, skills, and experience can rest, socialise, and (most importantly) find work.

Game System

D&D 3.5e



Detailed Description

The doors of the Realm Folded Tavern are always open to those adventurers who seek it out!

The RFT is a D&D 3.5E community where participants take part in, and hopefully also run their own, missions and adventures of all lengths and concepts. It is not an 'anything goes' game, but we are pretty liberal in our character building limitations. There is no PVP in the Tavern itself, and it is frowned upon in missions; but if you want to test your skills we have an Arena too.


The OGMW RFT ran for over 8 years, with hundreds of players and characters over its life, and we have now moved everything to the new RFT here on the new MW site.


Read the character guidelines, submit something for approval, maybe even offer to run a mission or two.

Fun and adventure awaits you at the Realm Folded Tavern!

  1. What's new in this game
  2. I'm fine with escorting the passengers back to the ship. We should probably check to see how much space is left aboard. Future survivors may need to be left in safe hiding places while the ship completes its rescue.
  3. Alright, so is the party agreed on their course of action? Make the journey to Glenn Hollow?
  4. Ehh, I kinda planned to do a quick talk with others before the current batch is let onto ship. Yeah, Finn might be paranoid, but he planned to inform others about the deity and also kinda relieve guards from their armor and weapons before they board. Being fully armed and armored gives you a massive advantage over sailors about when and where the ship goes. They might be right as rain and still, night in a rebelling madhouse could get them twitchy.
  5. I don't see anything RAW that suggests you can't take them earlier, as long as you take them before the required level is reached.
  6. Dwarf, Rogue (3)||Dwarven Paragon (1)/Fighter (2) AC: 17 (+4 Armor, +3 Dex) | HP: 38/38 (3d10) | Speed: 20 ft. Touch AC: 13 | Flat Footed AC: 14 Senses: Spot: +8, Listen: +8, Search: +8 Str:Save: +3 Athletics: +3 Carrying Capacity: 240 lb. Lift/Push/Drag: 480 lb. 14 (+2) | Dex:Initiative: −1 Save: −1 Acrobatics: −1 Slight-of-Hand: −1 Stealth: −1☆ ☆ disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks from Chainmail Armor. 16 (+3) | Con:Save: +2 14 (+2) | Int:Save: +0 Arcana: +0 History: +0 Investigation: +0 Nature: +0 Religion: +0 14 (+2) | Wis:Save: +2 Animal Handling: +2 Insight: +2 Medicine: +2 Perception: +2 Survival: +2 14 (+2) | Cha:Save: +1 Deception: +1 Intimidation: +1 Performance: +1 Persuasion: +1 06 (-2) Languages: Common, Dwarf, Goblin and Orc “My words,” | ‘My thoughts,’ | My actions . . . Strunthal stops and does not check any other doors. He takes up a guard position in the hallway. Yeah sure. Everyone grab their stuff and head for the boat. We can come back after they are safe. OOC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dwarven axe is cold iron, in case that helps it bypass the DR. Loot: Sap, 3gp, 10sp, 6cp and some pills for bunions. 3 Magic Arrows 2 Cure Light Wound Potions
  7. Finn| AC 17 | Ini: 3 | BAB +3 | Hit Points: 27/27 | Size: Medium | Speed: 30 ft | Touch: +13| Fort: +5 | Ref: +4 | Will: +4 | FF: +14| Resistances: 1/cold iron Uncharacteristically from what they saw from him so far he gives the small creature a gentle squeeze on the shoulder "Good job." Before he moves forward and places a hand on Dwarf's shoulder to pause him and looks at others. "Could we exit the job for a few minutes until they pack their stuff and the boat comes back, I have some info and wouldn't want to disturb nurses further. It won't take long." Tools of the Trade Equipment: Rapier: 1d20+7, 1d6, (18/20x2) Dagger: 1d20+6, 1d4 (19/20x2) Actions/OOC Free: Swift: Move: Taking 5' move Standard: Eldrich Blast Immediate: Spells: Level 0 (DC 13, 5 slots/day): Acid Splash Disrupt Undead Ray of Frost Touch of Fatigue Level 1 (DC 14, 4/5 slots/ day): Shocking Grasp Blade of Blood Chill Touch Kelgore’s Fire Bolt OOC:
  8. While the bartender smiles so widely by now that it looks painful and tries to sputter out a few words of thanks his two other customers are the opposite. More Damian is friendlier and generous they look at him with more suspicion. Likely familiar with the saying "There is no such thing as a free lunch." They seem on the brink of leaving when he approaches them with a question. Two exchange quick glance, they look like average Half-Orc workers, likely seasonal. Rough and tumble crowd, better than their adventuring or bandit cousins only by a little. Both are covered with a myriad of scars and actually, one that finally gives a brief nod looks like he went through the saw himself. Scars covered nearly every inch of his skin despite being the smaller of the two. His larger compatriot not lacking in the scar department himself, but at least looking like he got them the usual way and not by swimming through razorblades speaks. His voice is rough and has a rasp likely caused by years of inhaling od sawdust "We are not locals, come here 3-4 months a year when the mill needs extra hands so I can't say much. No fearsome creature for us, but when you spend most of the year looking for a job there is little in the forest you fear. But compared to other seasons locals seem more jittery than usual. Local Goblins got bolder too, since they moved to that private forest some five years ago, most they did was nuisance. Livestock stealing, theft, rare attacks on isolated farms. Small stuff, Goblin nonsense. But in five years they didn't come close to the village proper, or workers camp. Village because despite its size they do have something that could pass for guards, more militia with spears and wooden shields but enough for Goblins. As for us none of us claims to be warriors, but all know how to hold a weapon if need be." He scratches behind the head "Still, since we arrived, two weeks ago, there have been three attacks, two on village and one on camp. Both times at the village they tried to kidnap someone, the first time they overshot their abilities and went for Marrin, he might be just 16 but the boy is Old Borg's son, a local blacksmith, and basically grew up with a hammer in his hand. He beat 6 of them so badly with just a stick they had to carry two of them on their backs when they ran. The second time though it was just luck it didn't end badly. They jumped two of the village children at the "Hole", that's what they call a place where they go swimming. Apparently river was too shallow at that place and they dug something like a basin, it's barely up to my knees but for children is more than enough. Anyway, two were jumped by Goblins, they already bound their hand and feet when by luck one of the parents showed up to pick up theirs for lunch. They broke the neck of one of the vermin and strangled another, two managed to escape." "Not even two nights later Hunchback, one of ours, caught half dozen of them in the shed where we keep tools like axes, bark knives, new saw blades, a lot of sharp stuff. We killed all of them, hard to run when you are cornered in the shed." He shakes his head "But sheer brazen ones to break in, and in search for stuff that even they could easily convert into decent weapons... Something is egging them on. And as I said that's only last two weeks, ask locals for more, I doubt they waited for us to start with it. As for anything away from our area..." He shrugs "No idea, but like I said locals look mighty jittery. Heard some proposing to ask the closest town for the guard contingent. But apparently issue is their lair is on private land."
  9. Nezumi, Scout (2) || Psychic Warrior (2) AC: 16 (chain shirt + dex) | HP: 22/22 (1d8) | Speed: 40 ft. Touch AC: 12 | Flat Footed AC: 14 Senses: Low-light vision, Spot: +7, Listen: +7, Search: +5 Str:Save: +3 Athletics: +3 Carrying Capacity: 240 lb. Lift/Push/Drag: 480 lb. 16 (+3) | Dex:Initiative: −1 Save: −1 Acrobatics: −1 Slight-of-Hand: −1 Stealth: −1☆ ☆ disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks from Chainmail Armor. 14 (+2) | Con:Save: +2 16 (+3) | Int:Save: +0 Arcana: +0 History: +0 Investigation: +0 Nature: +0 Religion: +0 10 (+0) | Wis:Save: +2 Animal Handling: +2 Insight: +2 Medicine: +2 Perception: +2 Survival: +2 14 (+2) | Cha:Save: +1 Deception: +1 Intimidation: +1 Performance: +1 Persuasion: +1 08 (-1) Languages: Common, Nezumi “My words,” | ‘My thoughts,’ | My actions . . . Mark moves closer to the candle and takes a glance at the note next to it. He does not try to grab it and keeps his distance from the snake. As long as it makes no threatening moves towards him he will leave it be as requested. He does not mess with her backpack either, currently seeing no need. Granted if she is here looting the abandoned village then the loot is probably in the backpack, but he has no problem with looting or as he prefers to call it, scavenging. He moves around the room checking for anything out of place as he knows she is hiding something, but he does not trash or toss the place. OOCMovement: 5' step Action: attack with reach of naginate Bonus Action: none Reaction: none In Right Hand: Naginata In Left Hand: Naginata
  10. That all falls in line with my expectations, considering the rules in place (multi-progression and feature level cap). I think I have only one other question on the subject: Other than the "take Bloodline level(s) by xyz level(s) based on the strength of Bloodline" are there any restrictions preventing them from being taken sooner?
  11. The Crypt - Skeleton attack! Rhigoxus catches his target with a strong blow from his sword but it does not seem overly affected by this; Yasei's claws do some damage to her target but not as much as her punch; Vàlen's flail does hit hard, and Faith fails to find purchase with her claws. Vàlen finds herself the target of reprisals from her target and Yasei faces off to two skeletons and their short swords. Red attack (Yasei) Miss! Purple attack (Yasei) Miss! Grey attack (Vàlen) Miss! Crit threat on Vàlen? No! Just a muppet DM. Crit threat Who Initiative Notes Vàlen 17 Yasei 15 Assumed a 10 Faith 13 Rhigoxus 7 Skeletons 5 AC14 Who Damage Red Grey 10 Purple 19 Party is up!
  12. A Great Upheaval Rain continues to pelt the outer surface of the inn You stand in the hall The conversation shifts from friendly banter to a daring attempt to investigate unabated. Unsure of how best to proceed without giving away her intentions Kella closes her eyes while simultaneously taking a deep breath. There seems to be a pause in her responses to the party; tension beginning to fill the tight corridor. Exhaling after a moment of thought she addresses all of you. "I have no weapon on me, go and look if you must" Kella's Room You open the door to Kella's room and the first thing you notice is the pungent smell that comes with living in squalor. The room is dimly lit by a candle sitting to the left of a bed frame located at the centre of the room; the bed appears lived in with sheets tossed. It is a small room with roughly five feet of space on either side of the bed and fifteen feet across. With the bed taking up ten feet of space at the centre there is only enough space for three of you to comfortably fit within the room. Directly to the left of the bed is a table with a note. It sits directly beside the candle that lights the room and beneath it; a small green snake has coiled for warmth. The room has a slight chill due to the damage to the roof and it is quite obvious that there is a crushed section of the ceiling to your right. Some of the damage appears to have been patched in some way from within the room, likely an attempt by Kella to maintain some heat while she awaited rescue. The damage is consistent with what you have seen from outside and likely travels all the way to the bottom floor where the boulder is embed in the floor. To the right of the bed is a small chamber pot with a lid tightly sealing its contents. Kella also appears to have a small backpack set along the wall to the right. It is slumped in the corner behind the door tucked slightly out of view. The room is otherwise quite barren, not unexpected considering the size of the town and likely revenue the tavern might draw in from the locals. There is a single window just above the bed with wooden shudders located on the inside of the room. They appear closed and locked by a single piece of iron tapered around a small knob. You don't think the light from the candle could escape from where you are standing so there is little to worry about in that regard. Kella chimes in as you enter, briefly stating that the snake is her familiar. She politely asks you not to harm it if possible as it is her only companion on her journey. Weather & Effects Weather: Indoors, No penalty. Time: Night, Darkvision. Temperature: Chilly Wind: Light, 2-5 mph
  13. Female Lawful Evil Human, Lvl: 3, Init +1, HP 26/30, Spd: 20ft AC: 21, Touch: 11, Flat-Foot: 20 Fort: 6, Ref: 5, Will: 6, BaB: +3, Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 8 Conditions: None, Spot/Listen: -3 The skeletons begin to animate and to no ones surprise it is again time to fight. Valen begins to twirl her flail with a flick of her wrist, prepping for a strike against the nearest target. Her facial expression turning to that of a focused fighter; looking for opening. (Grey) EffectValen has cast Magic Weapon on her Flail. This is her 1st level domain spell. +1 Attack/Damage for 3 minutes. 84 seconds have passed!
  14. High up in the Nymph Bastion Mountains there used to be a large pass with an Inn and a small settlement, it served travellers for a good fifty years or so until an eruption. Lava spewed out onto the flat and then down the mountain on both sides, a number of lives were lost that day. As part of the settlement was a temple complex called the Phoenix Bastion, which served as a retreat for those who sought solitude. There are dark secrets held within this complex, shadows are stirring within. "What is going on in The Phoenix Bastion"? This is hopefully a level 6-8 adventure but if this is too high I can lower it.
  15. For each level, I find it helps to think about all the things that can be affected by taking any class and assessing line by line (HD, BAB, saves, boost to AC, increase CL, ...) If you list them all out in the two classes you get the best of each, imagine that the column has zeros where it doesn't apply to a class, but they don't stack. If you take two classes at the same level that boost your Arcane caster level by 1 it still only goes up by 1 as that's the maximum boost at any given level. Weirdly, this means that taking: Cleric 1 || Wizard 1 Cleric 2 || Wizard 2 Fighter 1 || Bloodline 1 would get you a Cleric with the spell slots of a L2 cleric but CL3, a wizard with spells and spell slots of a L2 Cleric but CL3 and a L1 Fighter which you may prefer as there is nothing, at least that I can think of, where having a 'treated as Fighter level X+1' would gain anything and so you wouldn't the losing anything by putting Fighter in the same level as Bloodline here. Normally the order you take classes doesn't really matter unless they require an unbroken progression, but I think it matters here.
  16. I think there's quite a bit to unpack in this. The first thing to note is that here at RFT you can't use a feat to give you an effective level in a class higher than your character level. So if you went: Cleric 1 || Wizard 1 Cleric 2 || Wizard 2 Cleric 3 || Bloodline 1 then (assuming we go with the 'bloodlines count for all classes bit) you would be a Wizard with the spells and spell slots of a L2 Wizard, but your caster level would be 3 (off the top of my head Spell Resistance and potions use this); and you would be a L3 Cleric for spells and spell slots, and your cleric caster level would also be 3. It can't go to 4 because you aren't level 4 and, I would argue, even if your next level didn't include Cleric it can't bump you up later because you can't gain the same bonus twice in a level (Gestalt is all unique, and best of overlapping so if you get a boost to your Cleric CL from Cleric at L3 you can't also get it from Bloodline at L3 and you can't carry it over). In your example, therefore, you'd be a L2 Wizard with a CL of 3, a L2 Cleric with a CL of 2, and a L1 Fighter who would be considered L2 where levels of Fighter are a pre-requisite. It probably matters more for Rogues? I recall , but can't quickly find, something that says "... unless by a Rogue of level X or higher"; Bloodline levels would count towards that requirement.
  17. +Wisdom isn't super important for Vana either, considering 15 will last her basically her entire career (Beastmaster obviously doesn't progress spellcasting). She'll only ever get 6th level spells by level 20. All +wis would get her is a few extra spells/day; and I guess boost the DC of some of the crowd control stuff.
  18. So, after going through all the loot, the only thing Morgo can utilize is the wisdom amulet. Which, honestly isn't that pressing for him. So, if someone else needs it, go for it. As for the rest, we can sell and divvy up. Morgo makes it to level 5, so this should be fun. Thank you for running a fun mission! I look forwards to the next!
  19. I hope you don't mind, but I brought this over from the Questions thread so we don't clutter it up. Anyways, while I'm not too familiar with Nidala or it's beings/environs, I do have a few ideas I can help with depending on what you want to do and what you have access to. So, idea 1: if all you need is extra feats and want to hit things, you can't go wrong with fighter. If you don't mind psionics, psychic warrior does the exact same with a few extra options. Idea 2: if you want to be that knight in shining armor without the restrictions of lawful stupid; I'd honestly pick up a level or two of Crusader. It's in the Book of 9 Swords and gives you more to do than swing mace and heal the other guy. Downside it that it does give you more stuff to track and less feats. Idea 3: Alternatively, you could go with Incarnate. That is out of the book Magic of Incarnum. It kinda has magic items built in and makes for a decent support class for cleric. Honestly, these are all just thoughts that can be taken with a grain of salt. I think you currently have a perfectly fine and viable character as is.
  20. 1) I can’t think offhand of a case where wizard // cleric gets you different benefits than cleric // wizard. It’s mostly to help GMs and mods make sense of what you’re doing. 2) No, but it will be easier in most cases to meet, say, a +6 BAB on the fighter side than the psion side.
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