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About This Game

The Realm Folded Tavern sits, as the name suggests, in a wrinkle in the Universe. Between planes, of the planes but not part of the planes. From here the Barkeep runs a tidy house where adventurers of all shapes, sizes, skills, and experience can rest, socialise, and (most importantly) find work.

Game System

D&D 3.5e



Detailed Description

The doors of the Realm Folded Tavern are always open to those adventurers who seek it out!

The RFT is a D&D 3.5E community where participants take part in, and hopefully also run their own, missions and adventures of all lengths and concepts. It is not an 'anything goes' game, but we are pretty liberal in our character building limitations. There is no PVP in the Tavern itself, and it is frowned upon in missions; but if you want to test your skills we have an Arena too.


The original RFT has been running for 8 years now, with hundreds of players and characters over its life, and we have now moved all new missions to the new RFT here on the new MW site.


Read the character guidelines, submit something for approval, maybe even offer to run a mission or two.

Fun and adventure awaits you at the Realm Folded Tavern!

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Ok, app complete, ready for review. No Anthropomorphic Animal sadly, but I will make do with an almighty human!
  3. My first character got approved 🥳 Beer is on me tonight 😁
  4. I was kind of weary of Psionics but Psychic Warrior might be solid Idea
  5. That's not going to give you any of the mechanical benefits of either a Familiar or an Animal companion and it likely won't survive long as a basic hireling.   It would be fair game as a Cohort via Leadership, if you can afford the Charisma, and don't mind the additional bookkeeping.
  6. To be fair, I think a DM could rule that if you paid said pseudodragon to follow you around, in gold, food and favors, he's an uncontrolled NPC until you hit level 7 to make it your familiar lol. You can treat him as a paid cohort or whatever. Unless he gets bored or pissed off and leaves.
  7. Technically possible. Probably going to be pretty pricey to make it permanent. And... I always get all swirled up trying to deal with the shape-changing stuff... (what changes? what doesn't? now I have to track it all...)
  8. Sounds pretty cool! Can you provide a link to your character sheet?
  9. What if you paid someone to cast polymorph on your lizard familiar into a pseudodragon? Hm not on the permanency list lol.
  10. Okay, sorry about the wait: I'm struggling to find time for this stuff already. Roxy looks mostly in order, but can you explain your skill points to me? You've spent 68, but that's with Spot and Listen checked as cross-class, meaning you've actually only spent 58 skill points. That means you didn't take Factotum at 1st (which would have put you at 70 skill points)? Other than that, the rest of build is in order.
  11. It wouldn't quite be the same, but you could do the ACF to trade your animal for a Familiar+, then, I should think, you could take the Improved Familiar feat to upgrade it to a pseudodragon.   Alignments should match up fine, feat @ 6, and when you ding 7 you're GtG.   If you want to up the "dragon-buddy-cop" vibes, throw something dragon themed on the other side. Half-dragon, Dragonborn, Dragon shaman, Dragonfire adept.
  12. I personally want to get to the point I have a pseudodragon animal companion. It's only happened once and only got the companion right when the DM decided he could no longer run the game. Lol
  13. I have a tendency to get a little excitable, so while CC spells are fun and useful for me, I have a hard time sitting still while the others do the work. Druid + psychic warrior or totemist get real fun real quick! Plus, you aren't as dependent on items like that as well. By the way: wolf for the win!
  14. Kethar takes the steaming pot of tea and a cup to drink it out of. Finding a quiet table he shoos a couple of spirits away, which probably looked strange since others could not see them. He listens to the others speak and nods his head as he hears the wizard speak of research. That was something he had heard and what had drew him to this place. He gives the wizard a warm smile before speaking "So what is it you are researching currently? I am studying about all the different types of spirits there are and how interacting with them will bring me closer to a higher level of understanding. "
  15.     The Tavern IC threads were once: 1) approved characters only; 2) only those characters not on missions;   but then we relaxed!   Feel free to jump in; but at least keep it to characters that you are in the process of building please. 😁   Personally I keep my PCs on missions out of the IC threads; but that's just me trying to maintain some continuity of their timeline/story.
  16. I also got recommended also some Open-source, Libre Office I checked it out and it does look OK
  17. I usually play Druid as melee class with Controler spells, so your Entangles, Briar Webs, and various other spells that can keep the opponent in a nice ass-whooping line and away from squishier members of the party. Maybe pair it with Barbarian for extra survivability and some more oomph behind those attacks. I also like to keep my Companion and not switch them around as new model becomes available. You know, kinda go all-in on that special bond between Druid and the companion. So at the 3rd level, I would likely have Wolf until the end of the Campaign. It's not optimal but I kind of like to play it that way, with all the control spells Druid has it's usually not that big of a deal. Having most opponents entangled, or under some other nasty movement obstruction can really mess up the action economy in party's favor.
  18. There's a free, open-source alternative to MS Office in the form of "Open Office". I still even use it on occasion. :)
  19. All depends on the character fantasy you're going for. Double down on raw spell power, or "balance" yourself out with something with a lot of skill points/feats/BAB.   I went full double "druid" with my newest character, Druid + OA Shaman. Double the spells & double the pets, but I also went Vow of Poverty, so I need all the power I can get from casting.
  20. Old versions would if you turn off updates. My is Office 2007 I think, or 2010. Don't remember but it's OLD.
  21. It's also an independent "timeline" from the missions, so you can continue to RP along with the crowd even while you're on a mission.   RP there can be pretty spotty sometimes, but it was even more unpredictable before that was allowed.
  22. Lol, my last iteration of the character isn't even approved yet. I might start another while I wait, lately, I fell in love with 3.5 Druid, so Druid with another class, Cleric might be the obvious choice, but I tend to shy away from obvious choices.
  23. Alright, haven't heard from anyone, so I will be moving us along later today.
  24. Office is pretty much all subscription based now with 365, not sure if the old disks would even work...   I assume the Google doc/sheets version would work as well. They must have at least the rudimentary formula options. They are free(?) and cloud based, so usable on most any machine with a browser.
  25. I wish, when I was installing Office I skimped and did only Word to save on space, since I used Excel once in a blue moon. And I have no idea where the disk is now. Might do it on laptop since it runs Win 10 and Ofice is basically preinstalled there (my desktop is on old workhorse Win 7)
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