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Interval - Aldpine


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weylin(1).png.e4bb6feffe4438da76babea0d7b960e2.png  WEYLIN "The Drake" RYDER

Half-Orc Sorcerer (Bronze Dragon) CG

HP 16/16 AC: 15  Speed 25ft

Fort 5 Ref 5 Will 6

Class DC: 17 Spell Slots: 3  Focus points: 1/1

Str 10 Dex 14 Con 14 Wis 12 Int 10 Cha 18

Status: Relieved and ready to party

Weylin is concerned, looking around the Inn "I know she said she could handle it herself, but, I guess I don't know what this pestering fan is like. What should we do, if it gets worse for our bard?"


Scene ideas and/or intentions

Weylin will engage in pleasant conversation with the owner and the rest of the patrons at the tavern.

At some point in the night, he'd buy a round of drinks for his crew in celebration of their first real fight as a team.

He'd also heavily enjoy the play, clapping and cheering, especially for Maybell's performance.

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Chelia Gremaris Elven Fighter 1

HP: 17/17 | AC: 18 (19 with shield) | speed: 30 | hero: 1/1

Perception: +6 | Fort: +6 | Ref: +6 | Will: +4

conditions: none


"Good to know if someone ever has trouble sleeping," Chelia said to Kek, "I guess these don't kill someone, just make them sleepy so they can, for instance, be abducted? Well, I'll be sleeping in Marybell's room tonight - she offered before all this - so I'll make sure that nobody can get to her there and if they do, I can immediately cure them of their iron deficiency."

Because she didn't have her big sword with her, she patted her dagger on that last sentence.




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