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Myth Weavers Meetup Kalamazoo 2023 Questions


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9 hours ago, thesloth said:

Are people seriously wagering on RPGs? 


Hah, that would be something! No, but the first year there was a question about whether a real stakes poker game would be allowed so it got included. 😄

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Ha! So there was a game system that involved wagers. I don't remember the name.


The GM and the players would agree on courses of actions and outcomes. The GM would set difficulties and the player could choose which path he took. There were obviously in game benefits for taking higher risks.


It was very collaborative in nature in determining the challenges. The game used terms like Wager and Stakes. 

I wonder if that would give them pause.

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you guys could very easily turn this into a huge game con it would rival the others with as many members as we have on the site? Any chance it will one day travel around the country? 

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@Excior That would require a level of attendance and funding we are nowhere near touching, unfortunately. So far they have been small gatherings. Fun for sure, but so far not enough to even fully cover even the (rather low) venue rental cost.

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