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Chapter 3 - Combat


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  • 1 month later...

Ambush at the Farm

Khaine, Flick, and Maybell make a wide circle around the farm buildings, keeping to cover, and make their way to the woods, and eventually close to the north side of the barn.

After receiving a signal from their allies in the brush, Chalia and Kek make for the house to the left, keeping an eye out for movement from the barn.



Chalia and Kek


Khaine, Flick. and Maybell


I didn't make a model for the shed. Oh well. Anyways, is this what you had in mind for your approach?

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Posted (edited)

@farothel @Eagleheart @Dr Jackal @omegoku @daltar

Please post for your initiative.

To keep the perception checks I rolled for you as you approached the farm, please say so. Otherwise, please roll an appropriate replacement check: intimidation for Chalia and Kek (plus the included intimidating/provoking words called out), or stealth for Flick, Khaine, and Maybell.

Please do not add the +2 from Chalia's scouting. I will add that when listing initiative. I want to see the results for the alternative skill checks for their own effects.

Thanks to Maybell's perception check:

Anyone acting after Maybell has had a chance to act will benefit from her calling out the positions of the bandits: "two at the upper south windows, two east of the south door!"



And here's a slightly better look at the four gentlemen looking to truss you up and ship you off to Rex's lab (unfortunately the big little man himself is not present at this site):




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Hakaja Kek

HP: 42/42 ~ AC: 20 ~ Speed: 25
Fort: +7 ~ Ref: +9 ~ Will: +8 ~ Per: +8

Sheet link

Kek clacks some spare bottles together in his left hand, echoing rhytmically of the barn walls, "Highwolves - come out to plaaay! High-i-wolves! Come out to playayay!"
Intimidate Check

*Posting for Dr Jackal as hexs away temporarily.

Intimidate Check
1d20+5 5
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Posted (edited)

Initiative Order:

  • 24+2 Maybell (perception)
  • 23+2 Khaine (stealth)
  • 20+2 Flick (stealth)
  • 13+2 Chalia (perception)
  • 10+2 Kek (intimidation)
  • 12 highwolves

Round 1

The adventures hear the recognizable sound of arrows being drawn and knocked, and the creaking of old wooden bows. They leap into action to attack first.

It's the player's turn

Current map (north is towards the woods




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Hakaja Kek

HP: 42/42 ~ AC: 20 ~ Speed: 25
Fort: +7 ~ Ref: +9 ~ Will: +8 ~ Per: +8

Sheet link

Kek dashes to the southeast corner of the farmhouse, tossing a dagger along the way. He's not expecting to hit anything, but simply make them divide their attention -- which makes yelp of pain surprising, but not unwelcome.
OOC: Kek will move northeast toward the door, toss a dagger at any available target (regardless of chance to hit), then continue around the corner. The point is to draw them out and divide their attention, not to actually do damage.
EDIT: Doubled on a crit to 10 because LOL. I don't think they're off-guard on account of the yelling, but there's an extra 1d6x2 if they are.
Edited by Dr Jackal (see edit history)
Dagger throw
1d20+8 20
Dagger damage
1d4+4 1
Blaeringr added sneak attack
2d6 1,3
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[fieldset=Maybell Springfield][table=2,1] [r=1,1][img2=150]https://i.imgur.com/F9acM1T.png[/img2] [r=2,1][center][b][url=https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2839749][font=palatino linotype][size=4][color=Sienna]Maybell Springfield[/color][/size][/font][/url][/b] [I]Gutsy Halfling Bard 3[/I] [b]HP:[/b] 33/33 [b]AC:[/b] 19 [b]Spell Slots:[/b] 3/3 L1 2/2 L2 [b]Focus Points:[/b] 2/2 [b]Halfling Luck:[/b] 1/1 [b]Class DC:[/b] 19 [b]Status:[/b] Normal and Healthy [/center][/table] [spoiler=Statblock] [CENTER][table=3,1][r=1,1][URL="https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2839749"][size="4"][b]Maybell Springfield[/b][/size][/URL] [r=2,1] [B]Female Halfling Bard 2[/B] [r=3,1] [B]Neutral Good Entertainer[/B] [/table] [/CENTER] [table=2,1][r=1,1][B]STR:[/B] 8/-1 [B]DEX:[/B] 14/+2 [B]CON:[/B] 12/+1 [B]INT:[/B] 14/+2 [B]WIS:[/B] 12/+1 [B]CHA:[/B] 18/+4 [r=2,1][B]Saves:[/B] For 6 Rex 9 Wil 8 Per 8 [B]Speed:[/B] 25 [B]AC:[/B] 19 [B]Languages:[/B] Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling [/table][/spoiler] [/fieldset]
Maybell Springfield
Maybell Springfield
Gutsy Halfling Bard 3
HP: 33/33
AC: 19
Spell Slots: 3/3 L1 2/2 L2
Focus Points: 2/2
Halfling Luck: 1/1
Class DC: 19
Status: Normal and Healthy



Maybell Springfield Female Halfling Bard 2 Neutral Good Entertainer
STR: 8/-1
DEX: 14/+2
CON: 12/+1
INT: 14/+2
WIS: 12/+1
CHA: 18/+4
Saves: For 6 Rex 9 Wil 8 Per 8
Speed: 25
AC: 19
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling


Well then, it was time to put an end to this performance of hatred. For starters she touches on Khaine at her side, using one of her new spells to make the man invisible as before he slips inside... with so many archers high above, giving him an extra chance to get to them seems like a thing to attempt. Then, she strums her viol to fill her allies with valor.


OOC: Using two actions to cast Invisibility on Khaine. Then Inspire Courage for our usual +1s

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Khaine - Human Monk 3

HP: 47/47 | AC: 21 | Speed: 35ft | Hero: 3/3 | Focus: 1/1 

Perception: +6 | Fort: +9 | Ref: +11 | Will: +8 

Statistics | Equipment | Abilities | Skills

Conditions :

Khaine smiled at Maybell, though she could not see him now that he was invisible. What a shock those bandits would get when he attacked now!
He moved quickly, using the distraction made by Kek to close the gap and sink into his fighting stance. Then his hands lashed out like powerful claws, eager to rend and tear!


Action 1 : Stride 35ft to Green
Action 2 : Tiger Stance
Action 3 : Flurry of Blows - if Critical, the target takes 1d4 persistent bleed damage.
Stunning Fist - the target must succeed at a Fortitude save against your class DC (19) or be stunned 1 (or stunned 3 on a critical failure)

Edited by omegoku (see edit history)
1d20+10 17
1d8+2 4
1d20+6 19
1d8+2 1
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Chalia Gremaris Elven Fighter 3

HP: 42/42 | AC: 20 (21 with shield) | speed: 25 (30) | hero: 3/3

Perception: +8 | Fort: +8 | Ref: +8 (+10) | Will: +8

conditions: none


Chalia didn't hesitate when the gig was up and she charged in, trying to take out the one she saw on the ground floor. A dagger passed her on way and she tried to follow up with a few good swings.



exploration activity: scouting (gives a +2 to initiative)

action 1-2: sudden charge (stride twice and then strike)

action 3: strike (crit)

Edited by farothel (see edit history)
attack 1; damage
21; 17
1d20+13;1d12+5 [8]; [8,12]
attack 2; damage
28; 10
1d20+8;1d12+5 [20]; [20,5]
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Chalia's boots snag something as she enters the barn. On instinct she leaps just before the floor falls out from under her.

The bandit with a knife in him - Kek's knife - has just enough time to look down in surprise at the opening pit trap before Chalia lands with a tremendous blow of her mighty sword, ending his personal aspirations for participating in purifying the colonies.

Yellow Fort
1d20+9 14
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