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The Arrival


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Thene --> ETNICA - Triptonite (ethilic eden mix by AES DANA & NOVA)

The year is 2625,
In the vast tapestry of space, a multitude of stars flickered like diamond dust against the velvety canvas of the cosmos. A searing path of streaked white light punctured this serenity, heralding the return of a vessel from warped hyperspace.

The Pioneer's Hope, an ovoid colossus of cream and yellow, edged with intricate technological canals, seemed almost to ripple reality around it. Its four massive windows, two on each side, akin to the eyes of a cosmic giant, showed the city lights within, an echo of the life it carried.
Its slow deceleration from warp created arcs of vivid plasma and cosmic lightning, painting a backdrop of raw energy against the distant nebulae, which gleamed with hues of orange.

Behind the vessel, the liminal space between hyperspace and reality resembled a storm, fierce and vibrant.


Inside the Pioneer's Hope, the transition from the tumultuous liminal space between hyperspace and reality sent ripples of unsettling vibrations through the ship's towering structures and expansive halls. The Terran Union Cosmo-Unitarian inspired mystical glyphs on the walls flickered, and signs that usually pointed the way to the recreation zones or agricultural pods flickered intermittently. The effect was akin to a temporary glitch in the universe, a fractional pause that even the air seemed to hold its breath for.

In the residential sector, a sprawling city in miniature, the multiple shockwaves caused by the impacts of the arcs of cosmic lightning hitting the hull were felt but not seen. Towering living complexes stretched high above, their balconies filled with potted alien plants, and neon signs flashed advertisements for exotic foods and rare materials. Walkways and mini-trams connected these towers, as drones flew by, delivering goods or collecting data.

The vast domes that were the "eyes of a cosmic giant" revealed the chaos unfolding outside the vessel, vast and blinding hues of blue and purple, amid irregular lines of thundering lightning were battling the ship's protective barrier, like gods of old fighting against each other in a dance of power and might.

Over in the market district, a kaleidoscopic blend of aromas, people, textures and restaurants greeted everyone who walked its labyrinthine corridors. Vendors from multiple walks of life, humans, androids, android-human hybrids, post-human genetically enhanced individuals and utterly alien lookingpeople shouted their wares, from "sizzling sausages made from Europa's sea behemoths!" to "mystical runes from from the followers of the Djin of Light!" Here, traders valued not just credits but stories and curiosities from all other worlds within the Terran Union's thousand systems!

Deep within the bowels of the ship, the engineering bay was alive with frantic activity. Engineers, encased in protective suits and visors, were scrambling to stabilize the ship's core. Sparks flew, and screens blinked erratically as algorithms were hastily rewritten. The ship's AI system announced, "Deceleration sequence 95% complete. All personnel, brace for entry into normal space."pXKvOr0NfcKhsdzKhAGH--1--gfgsf.webp.41722f79a0f4b595a5b7e28a248b71b4.webp

At the heart of Pioneer's Hope lay a stunning artificial park, complete with a synthetic sky that mimicked the sunrise and sunset of a thousand different worlds. Right now, it was dusk, and the last rays of the artificial sun basked the trees, the pond, and the citizens enjoying a moment of tranquility in a golden glow.


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By the way, this is the actual play-by post page, after we are all cool with stuff surrounding character creation and understanding of the lore, this is where we commence the adventure.

We will continue after the introductory post above 😁

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A sudden burst of thunder rocks the ship, and wakes Ian. He growls a swear word that, in his native tongue Chronar, literally means "light too bright to bear."

As Ian's eyes realize his brain is awake and begin to focus, he looks at the clock on the wall across from him. He decides he probably wasn't going to sleep for too much longer anyway. He pulls on the outfit he'd removed to sleep, and walks to the door...

... and mutters the same swear word, in a more matter-of-fact and resigned tone this time, as he remembers how much brighter the light in the main hallways is than he's used to. He starts reviewing the layout of the ship in his head, trying to think of where the dimmer sections of the ship are so that he can find someplace to get something to eat without needing to spend too long in what most people would consider "ideal lighting conditions."

Ian would probably want to sit down and eat something in a dimmer area of the ship; what options for that would occur to him?

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Theme to compliment the overall arc, and current scene as the players begin to be introduced--> Phase 09 - Sombrero (2021 Remaster)



Ian's internal compass would have served him well so far in life, but probably never aboard such grand vessels as the Pioneer's Hope, did he ever needed to journey on a literal city ship in his life before? He was aware that the engineering bay, or some corners of corridors, or alleyways in between plazas would probably be dimly lit. But going there now, during this tumultuous deceleration? It might not be the wisest choice... Though there would be some hangout regions adapted for people like him, but equally dangerous traveling distance...

However, just as he was contemplating his next move, another powerful jolt, much stronger than the previous one, sent a tremor through the ship's infrastructure. It wasn't just a shake; it was a bone-rattling vibration that seemed to resonate from deep within the colossal vessel. The lights in the hallway flickered briefly, and the ship's AI voice echoed through the hallways, "Attention passengers: Please remain in your quarters or seek the nearest safety zones until the deceleration process is complete."

A safety zone would be the best option right now. While the lighting in these areas wasn't as dim as some would prefer, it was far more tolerable than the blinding brightness of the hallways. Designed to shield from the primary impacts of deceleration, they were a refuge during turbulent times such as these.

Guided by the soft glowing signs, one might quickly navigate towards the nearest safety zone. Feeling the weight of the deceleration, each step became an effort, like walking against an increasing gravitational pull.

Inside the safety zone, the atmosphere was tense but controlled. Soft amber lights illuminated the space, creating a muted environment that provided relief to those sensitive to bright light. The faces of other passengers varied from expressions of calm acceptance to visible distress, all seeking refuge from the ship's tumultuous state.

Scattered around the safety zone were materializers, advanced machines that could synthesize almost any object or meal from base materials. With just a few button presses, one could conjure up comforting flavors from home or a simple drink to quench thirst, making the wait for the ship to stabilize slightly more bearable.



Ian, as you brace yourself on the threshold of your loft, feeling the ship's unsettling vibrations, you're faced with a few immediate considerations:

  1. Immediate Safety: Before venturing further, you could try to secure any loose items in your loft that might pose a hazard during these disturbances.

  2. Quick Access to Materializers: If you're keen on grabbing a bite, there's a Materializer not far from your loft. They're designed to work efficiently even under these conditions. Remember, you can choose anything from the vast database of the Terran Union, from traditional Chronar dishes to new, exotic meals.

  3. Ship's Status: Mounted on the wall near your loft's exit, there's a compact display showing the ship's real-time status, giving passengers quick insights into current conditions. It might provide some clarity about what's happening outside.

  4. Neighboring Passengers: Some lofts' doors might be opening, with other passengers peeking out or even venturing into the corridors. This could be a chance to interact, gather information, or even just share a mutual look of 'what was that?'.

  5. Safety Zone Direction: While the primary focus might be food, considering the ship's state, maybe you'd want to think about the closest safety zone. They're designed to protect passengers during these transitional phases. A quick glance at any of the hallway signs could point you in the right direction, besides as mentioned, there are materializers in the safety zones too, but they are a fair bit of walk away.

  6. Personal Gear: Given your skills, you might consider checking or preparing any personal gear or tech you've brought with you. You never know what might come in handy, even in these initial phases.

Remember, the ship is a vast expanse with many areas to explore and opportunities to uncover. How you proceed, especially during this shaky introduction, might set the tone for your journey ahead!

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Stix was in the market district, he had an appointment today for handing off a particular valve from the Engineering department to a contact he had made. He wasn't sure why they needed this valve but he was sure it wouldn't be missed to much. He had a reputation to uphold and that meant not asking too many questions.

He ran along on all fours, his long flexible body almost aerodynamic in the small crowds. He said out the obligatory 'Excuse me's' and 'Pardon me's' but really he was overlooked as usual. Finally he made it to the meeting spot, he sidled to a nearby wall and began to take small bites out of the sea behemoth jerky, contemplating where along his journey he even got it.

The meeting was over when the buckling, tremors and slight heaving wracked the ship. Stix felt the vibrations more than most, his size a factor. His ears perked up and he looked around with a grin, "Hey! We made it," he said out loud but to no one in particular.

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The market district's lights shifted in hue, subtly directing towards the safe zones. This guidance system, embedded into the Pioneer's Hope's design, was meant to guide its inhabitants during turbulent times, like cosmic breadcrumbs leading to sanctuary. The overhead ambient sounds, once filled with the harmonious blend of market deals and distant chatter, now carried a soft undertone of the ship's AI voice suggesting safety protocols.

Stix, fresh off his recent transaction and momentarily savoring the taste of the sea behemoth jerky, felt a tinge of confusion. How did he come across this jerky, anyway? Memories seem to be as slippery as the jerky was savory. But the immediate tremors, hinting at the enormity of the ship's deceleration from hyperspace, yanked him back to the present.

He could feel the vibrations running up through his feet, his heightened senses giving him a deeper insight into the ship's state than most would perceive. The intense blue and purple hues flashing outside the market's panoramic windows painted a canvas of cosmic dance, a testament to the vastness of the universe and the adventure that awaits.




Alright, Stix, here are your immediate considerations:

  1. Securing the Valve: That particular valve you just handed off—there's no telling how crucial it might be, especially during a turbulent deceleration. You might want to make sure your contact has it safely stashed away.

  2. Market Dynamics: The chaos might just be the perfect cover for some light "procurement" if you're feeling opportunistic. Some vendors are more preoccupied with securing their bigger items, possibly overlooking smaller valuables.

  3. Interactions with the Familiar: The market is bustling with beings from all corners of the Terran Union. You might spot a familiar face or perhaps someone from the Labyrinth days. These interactions can provide intel or even potential future opportunities.

  4. Ship's Status: While not overly concerned with safety zones, you might want to know just how much longer this turbulence will last. There are information displays around, and given your savvy nature, you might deduce more than the general announcements convey.

  5. Labyrinth's Echo: With all the hustle and bustle, the winding pathways of the market might remind you of the Labyrinth from OrePulse City. This could be an opportune moment to rely on those old navigational tricks, finding shortcuts or less crowded paths.

  6. Personal Inventory: It might be a good time to check what else you've got in your pockets or up your sleeves. Those items could come in handy or even present new avenues to explore amid the chaos.

  7. Play it Safe... for Once?: Those glowing lights leading to safety zones are hard to ignore. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to be the responsible one and follow them... But where's the fun in always being predictable?

Your journey aboard the Pioneer's Hope is just taking off, Stix. Remember, every choice shapes the voyage ahead, and with the ship being such a colossal entity, there's no telling where each decision might lead. So, how do you wish to proceed amidst this grand cosmic ballet?

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Ian sighs as the loudspeakers sound out the safety warnings, and decides to lie back down in his bed. He'd rather head for a materializer, but he's not that hungry; food can wait until after the danger's over.

He's about halfway there before it occurs to him to make sure everything is securely latched in place, and won't become a missile aimed at his head if there's a particularly nasty impact.

As he looks around the room, he taps his left sleeve and mutters "running." The fibers on his clothing shift until he's wearing a tracksuit, and his shoes ripple on his feet until they reform into running shoes. He's aware that unless he sees a real reason to leave, he should probably stay where he is, but if things really go to hell, he can at least try sprinting for a safe zone.

So, Ian's looking around for things that could pose a danger to him in a particularly nasty impact. What does he see?

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Upon examining his loft, Ian would note several items and fixtures:

  1. Desk Area: A floating holo-desk with a couple of datapads, some pens, and a few personal items like a photo frame. The desk itself is anchored magnetically to the floor, but the smaller items could become airborne during strong tremors.

  2. Shelving: Wall-mounted shelves that hold various books, a couple of potted plants, and some knick-knacks from different parts of the universe, maybe a few souvenirs from Chronar.

  3. Clothing Unit: A compact wardrobe that uses nanotech to store and materialize clothing on demand. It's currently slightly ajar, with a scarf peeking out that could flutter around in turbulent times.

  4. Kitchenette: A small corner for refreshments with a couple of mugs, a beverage synthesizer, and a small fruit bowl with fruits from across the galaxy.

  5. Tech Gadgets: A portable workbench with a few tech tools, some spare parts, and a half-assembled device Ian may have been tinkering with.

  6. Window: The panoramic window offers a view of the vastness of space outside, equipped with automated shutters that have not yet closed. A small seat by the window has a cushion and a blanket.

Given Ian's tech expertise and the loft's environment, most of the tech and heavier furniture would likely have some auto-stabilizing or magnetic features. However, the smaller, personal items, like the datapads, fruits, or the items on the shelves, could potentially become airborne projectiles in extreme conditions.



As Ian glances around, he takes in the nuances of his surroundings. The desk, despite being sturdy, has a few loose items that might get tossed around. His shelves, filled with memories of past adventures, have items that could potentially be airborne if the tremors intensify. The kitchenette's fruit bowl stands out as a potential hazard.



Ian, given your tech expertise and adaptability, you can easily secure these items or even use some of your gadgets to help in the situation. While it seems the tremors are more discomforting than lethal, it's always wise to be on the safe side. If you'd like to take any specific actions or use any particular skills to secure your loft, please indicate so. Otherwise, you can continue to brace and wait out the deceleration. No need for dice rolls just yet, but stay alert and ready for any eventuality.

NightCafe style lowly lit red hued sci fi cyberpunk loft scene without any persons and with neon red-crimson streaks of light across the walls, it is a spaceship loft

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DeeMorriganv1.jpg.174f868e50361dfefb05f35a5216e690.jpgLCpl. Deirdre "Dee" Morrigan

Human Mercenary Technomancer [Serial No. 09272-023-1556MPC]

As the man-made cosmopolis strains its mighty inertial dampeners to compensate for the Pioneer's Hope's emergence from hyperspace into our reality, the ship's complement of Terran Union Space Marines was strapped securely into their flight seats as per standard reentry protocols. The marines themselves were either kibbitzing... or grabbing a quick 40 winks. When in the corps, you slept whenever you got the chance.

However, Lance Corporal Deirdre "Dee" Morrigan was different. Page after page of maps, files, and schematics flashed in front of her on the display screens as she reviewed the pertinent data quickly and quietly. Dee wasn't what you would call a "social butterfly" or a "chatterbox". She just did her job... and she did it well.

At least, if there weren't any unnecessary distractions.


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All very well done, but try not to take control of the NPCs (see edit history)
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On 9/25/2023 at 10:59 PM, Odeoron said:

Theme to compliment the overall arc, and current scene as the players begin to be introduced--> Phase 09 - Sombrero (2021 Remaster)

Continuing on the above theme same song keeps the general vibe -- > Phase 09 - Sombrero (2021 Remaster)


As the secure channel opens on Dee's display, she is greeted with the sight of the ship's bridge. The usual calm demeanor of the bridge was replaced with an intensity that was both awe-inspiring and nerve-wracking.

Captain Elara Jensen, a figure of respect and authority, sat at the helm, her focus unyielding. The ambient blue light cast a serene glow, contrasting sharply with the vivid, chaotic hues of the cosmos outside. The Pioneer's Hope was caught in a tempest, with arcs of cosmic lightning lashing out and violent booms resonating, each impact echoing the raw power of the universe. Yet, amidst this chaos, Jensen's voice resonated, steady and calming, "Keep the deceleration steady, align with the system's gravitational pull. We need a seamless entry."

Dee recognized Lieutenant Anya Reyes, who was handling the ship's navigation. Reyes's determination was palpable even through the screen, her usually poised demeanor now underscored with a tangible tension. The bridge was a hive of activity. The crew moved with a mix of urgency and precision, their collective efforts focused on ensuring the Pioneer's Hope danced gracefully with the cosmic forces around it, rather than being consumed by them.


Given the nature of the ship's current situation and the importance of each crew member's role, it was evident why every individual, from the captain to the newest recruit, had to be at their best. Distractions, whether internal or external, were not just inconvenient; they could be catastrophic.

As Lance Corporal Morrigan observed the bridge, the weight of her position was apparent. While she might not be directly involved in piloting the ship, her role and the readiness of her team were critical for the success and safety of the ship's mission. It was a testament to the interconnectedness of the crew and the importance of unity and cohesion in these crucial moments.











Lance Corporal Morrigan, you're now even more plugged into the ship's current state. While Captain Jensen and her crew navigate the Pioneer's Hope through this celestial maelstrom, the question remains: what steps will you take in these moments? Given your unique position, skills, and the current situation on the bridge, how would you like to proceed?

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Leonardo_Diffusion_A_tiny_sleek_metallic_carapace_robotic_spid_0.jpg.cf6aec9e559d5a4eafc7750cdec20812.jpgUnit 24

Lv. 1 SRO Cyberborn Technomancer

As another tremor rocked the ship, one of the few beings to remain motionless was a lone figure nested in an unused corner of Engineering's periphery space. Unused was hardly the correct word. If nothing else, the designers of Pioneer's hope were very space conscious. Every bit of the ship had a purpose, but not every purpose had priority. The tension straps he'd requested weren't going to get in anyone's way, not in a place like this.


Unit 24 had spent a considerable amount of time comparing the expected crew placement and usage of every part of the ship. He couldn't situate himself within the engineering bay. His equipment was far too delicate for its current condition. His assigned quarters weren't suitable either due to the distance from where he might be needed. Instead, he hung, much like a Terran spider, right next to the primary comm conduit that snaked its way from the bay to the bridge. If something was to go wrong, here was one of the places it could spiral out of control. This conduit had to function and U24 was going to be here to seamlessly reroute the data streams and begin repairs if it failed.


That hadn't happened yet though... Not that U24 was complaining. Precaution was its own reward. No, the more pressing matter was the need to keep himself useful. So, as they collectively hurled towards destiny, Unit 24 occupied their time by rerouting the system requests burdening the ship's mainframe to tertiary subsystems. Those that sought refuge in their materializers would just have to deal with some sluggish performance for right now.


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As Unit 24 was engrossed in his meticulous rerouting tasks, a subtle and harmonious hum approached him. This unique vibration was a familiar one to most aboard the ship - Zephyr, Model ZX-5.

image.png.e6b89519cbbbb6618a03cb3ec4a61925.pngHer elegant frame, with smooth alabaster skin, stood out even in the dim confines of the engineering section. Her violet eyes, with their vibrant glow, shifted towards Unit 24, observing the SRO's relentless dedication. Her silvery-white hair gently swayed with her movements, contrasting with the deep shades of her attire.

With a voice that seemed to carry both wisdom and warmth, Zephyr remarked, "Unit 24, your dedication to the intricate networks of this ship has always been exceptional. It's beings like you who ensure the heart and soul of this ship beats without falter."

Unit 24 might feel her words deeply, not just as mere recognition but something more profound. Her ability to resonate emotionally made her acknowledgments feel more intimate, more genuine.

Zephyr continued, her voice reflecting a mix of admiration and curiosity, "Every action, every reroute you make, holds importance. It is the beautiful dance of data and duty. And while the universe is vast, and our goals immense, it is moments like this, in these dim corners, that truly shape our journey."

Pausing for a moment, she leaned in slightly, "Remember, the significance of an act is not always reflected in the brightness of the spotlight it receives."

With a gentle nod and a smile that seemed to transcend the boundary between organic and synthetic, Zephyr continued her path, perhaps to connect with other beings aboard, leaving Unit 24 with a moment that he might ponder for a long time.

The chaotic beauty of warped hyperspace manifests before the Pioneer's Hope. Bright flashes of cosmic lightning, each more intense than the last, dazzle the vast expanse of space outside. One particularly brilliant arc of energy surges near the ship, its glow momentarily rivaling the brilliance of stars.

The ship's hull hums, resonating with the energy of the blast. Most systems handle the interference well, but not all. An alert tone, one that's distinctly different from the standard warnings you've heard thus far, echoes faintly through the ship's intercom.

"Data integrity compromised in primary AI matrix. Assistance required." The ship's AI voice, usually so calm and composed, carries a hint of digital distress.

U24, given your proximity to the primary comm conduit and your unique blend of technical skills, you realize you're in an ideal position to assist. The AI seems to be struggling with a corrupted data set, possibly vital schematics or navigational charts. You could potentially help recover and restore them, ensuring the ship's optimal functioning.

But remember, U24, the choice is yours. You could attend to the AI's request, or you might have other priorities amidst this tumultuous deceleration.

What would you like to do?

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Leonardo_Diffusion_A_tiny_sleek_metallic_carapace_robotic_spid_0.jpg.cf6aec9e559d5a4eafc7750cdec20812.jpgUnit 24

Lv. 1 SRO Cyberborn Technomancer

The hum was a familiar one. He'd been keenly aware of her presence since he'd become a member of the crew of Pioneer's Hope. Everyone was when she drew near. Zephyr's aura was the sea approaching high tide. The wave reached and clutched and pulled.


No, that wasn't completely accurate.


Her interactions with others had a much healthier out. There was a canker within U24 born of his own creation. The fundamental component of U24's design by Dr. Ballard. Absolute rejection of connection in favor of wholly unique and untouched existences. Zephyr, he'd long realized, was the rebuttal to Eloise's premise. A connection so deep that the dead matter of the universe came alive at Zephyr's touch. It agitated his sore, the empiricism of evolutionary isolation that was hard coded into his developmental structures.


U24, despite that, was a being of his own creation now. He didn't allow himself to recoil from her approach. He listened attentively even as unfamiliar feelings and impressions flooded into spaces reserved for his own. Her admiration was clear, but why did now and here feel so significant. Not certain what his response should be, or even if one was needed at all, U24 approximated a nod of acknowledgement. The interaction was stored for later examination and U24 expressed a common nicety as Zerphyr continued toward her unknowable destination.


"Thank you for your words, Zephyr. Be careful."


U24 dove back into something a little less nuanced with this confounding exchange behind him. Considering the stress he was about to endure, U24 would've far preferred his social awkwardness. The externa dampeners screamed over his connection to the conduit next to him. The AI's distress matched quite well with the mangled data structures he was intercepting over his feed. The level of damage to their electronic architecture stunned U24 into inaction for a moment. The labor of decades evaporated right before his optics. Willing himself into action, U24 fell back on personal training for his work. Three comm messages were shot off towards the bridge, engineering, and Zephyr respectively.


U24: Intercepting corrupted data. Will focus on reconstruction efforts. Prepared to redirect as needed.


Due diligence observed, U24 dove into the ship's core memory to save what he could...


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U24, as you bridge the connection between your core systems and the ship's mainframe, a curious sensation envelops your programming. The distress signal from the AI transforms into a cascade of pulsing lights and patterns, drawing you deeper into the ship's digital realm. This isn't the familiar schematic of shipboard operations; this is something ancient and arcane, an echoing chasm of codes and sequences, possibly distorted by the violent lightning storm of warped hyperspace that the Pioneer's Hope recently navigated through in it's endeavor to stabilize in normal space.

Before you unfolds a vast expanse, like a shimmering cosmic horizon, filled with strings of symbols and glyphs. Some sequences are logical, familiar patterns from the ship's core systems. But interspersed between them are unsettling and unknown symbols, emanating an eerie glow. These symbols are out of place, misaligned with the normal shipboard codes.

a vast expanse, like a shimmering cosmic horizon, filled with strings of symbols and glyphs, it is a virtual world of an ai's core systemsimage.png.34fee0467ed2718d72fbc3552e778ff5.png

Your objective becomes clear: Restore the sequences disrupted by the storm and stabilize the ship's memory core. However, be wary. These... 'symbols' seem to pulsate with a life of their own, and delving too deep into their sequence might lead to unknown consequences.

Can you reconstruct the logical patterns, while avoiding these haunting symbols? The stability of the Pioneer's Hope's data banks might very well depend on your next moves.




U24, faced with this digital expanse and the task of stabilizing the ship's memory core, numerous paths of action emerge before you. While these options offer potential solutions, remember: you're not limited by them. The choice is yours.

1. Direct Interface: Delve deep into the coding, trusting your core programming to instinctively stabilize and restore the disrupted sequences. This method is direct but may expose you more to the mysterious symbols.

2. Analysis and Deciphering: Take a moment to study the patterns, trying to understand the meaning or logic behind the symbols. This method might be time-consuming, but it could offer a clearer path forward.

3. Firewall Strategy: Construct a virtual barrier around the corruption, containing it and preventing further corruption of the ship's systems. This method focuses on containment rather than direct restoration.

4. External Assistance: Reach out to Zephyr or other crew members with expertise in coding and AI. Pooling knowledge might help understand and tackle the situation.

5. Disconnect and Backup: Choose to momentarily disconnect from the ship's mainframe, saving whatever data you've accessed so far. This conservative method prioritizes safety but might delay the restoration process.

Or perhaps there's another route you wish to pursue? Let me know your course of action or share any thoughts or concerns you might have.


Rewards for U24

Hey Herastor,

Firstly, a big shoutout for your in-depth portrayal of U24. It's incredibly rewarding as a GM to witness a player dive so deeply into the narrative, blending character intricacies with the broader story. Your dedication to embodying U24 and the level of detail you've invested is genuinely commendable. It's this sort of immersion that brings the world to life, not just for you but for everyone at the table.

Now, while I'm singling you out for a moment of praise here, I'd like to emphasize to the whole party that such effort and engagement won't go unnoticed. I genuinely believe that the best roleplaying experiences arise when we all contribute passionately to the shared narrative. So, to everyone: let's take inspiration and keep building this story together. There are rewards, both in-game and narratively, waiting for those who dive in with both feet.

Thank you, Herastor, for setting such a shining example. And to everyone, happy adventuring! Let's continue weaving this tale of cosmic intrigue.

Here are some rewards to stock in your character sheet:
You get an XP boon of 300 points to propel you closer to level 2
And a fate point (Dice re-roll for when things are dire)


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DeeMorriganv1.jpg.174f868e50361dfefb05f35a5216e690.jpgLCpl. Deirdre "Dee" Morrigan

Human Mercenary Technomancer [Serial No. 09272-023-1556MPC]

The TUSM science officer scans the display screen quickly, trying to ascertain the veracity of the images. Typing in several commands on her keyboard, it certainly seems to be an accurate RT video of what was happening on the bridge of the Pioneer’s Hope. Looking around at the other display screens by the other troopers’ flight seats, nothing unusual seems to be playing on any other monitor. (Pfc. Hudson did seem to be playing some sort of 3D video game on his, though this was quite typical.) Now why was she the only one receiving this transmission?

Sighing to herself, Dee turned to the disheveled human marine, who was quietly dozing next to her. Nudging him slightly with her elbow to get his attention, the redheaded technomancer then says, “I think the Sarge might want to see what I’m seeing, Cpl. Hicks. Should I transfer the feed to his computer? I mean, it looks like the Captain and the XO certainly seem to have things under control despite the heavy-duty horizon reentry procedure, but I think somebody, or something is trying to tell us something. Maybe the GySgt. Apone might want to check in with the CO? Maybe we should just make our way up to the bridge to help out? Maybe we should fan out to make sure the civilians aren’t freaking out over all this tumult? What do you think, Hicks?”


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