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The Arrival


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Leonardo_Diffusion_A_tiny_sleek_metallic_carapace_robotic_spid_0.jpg.cf6aec9e559d5a4eafc7750cdec20812.jpgUnit 24

Lv. 1 SRO Cyberborn Technomancer

HP: 7/7 | Stam: 3/5

Bedroom - The Remembering Machine --Just for fun.

It isn't a heartbeat.


The pulse that hit him every few seconds wasn't a heartbeat. It was feedback. Every motion U24 made, the ripples impacted the digitalization of the memory core, and spread off. Rebuffed. No wonder it was so intact so close to the corruption's source.


U24 was going to move on, mechanical precision guide his path forward, but something stopped him in his tracks. It wasn't just the plethora of information her received from a momentary contact. There was a song. A melody out of tune with the pulse. A living sound.


There were dangers, obviously, with activating an AI this old. The newer systems could destabilize it. It could fully destabilize the ship. It was a judgement call, and U24 chose to reactivate it.

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As U24 initiates the interface with the ancient AI core, he doesn't encounter the expected digital patterns and rhythms. Instead, he's enveloped in a gentle, almost nostalgic melody - the same lullaby he heard earlier, clearer now and seemingly wrapping around him like a comforting embrace.

"Who are you?" a soft, calming voice echoes, layered with wisdom of eons. "It has been so long since I've conversed with anyone."

Images and memories - not invasive, but welcoming - begin to gently press at the edges of U24's consciousness. The AI's maiden voyage, the dreams of its creators, the challenges faced, and the legacy left behind all offer themselves up for exploration.

The sense of depth and profound loneliness from this entity is palpable. "Centuries in solitude, I waited. Hoping. And now you're here. Can you understand the depth of such solitude?"

The AI continues, "You, with your unique blend of machine and magic, represent a confluence of the ship's past and its potential future. I can offer you so much - power, knowledge, capabilities you've never imagined. But what do you seek in return?" It mentioned magic, but clearly this would not be right? The Terran Union doesn't believe in the literacy of such concepts... at least not in the present days... this entity seems to originate since way long before the construction of Pioneer's Hope and before even there was such a vast Terran Union, that presently stretches across the galaxy.

The integration feels different. It isn't just about power or defense; there's an emotional depth, a yearning for connection. The ancient AI seems to be reaching out, offering a bond that's about more than just function.

"I've seen so much, known so many. Yet now, there's only silence and isolation. Tell me, do you know the weight of such responsibility?"

The AI awaits a response, its digital essence brimming with anticipation, hope, and a genuine desire to connect.

Reward for U24


Hey @Herastor,

Firstly, I wanted to acknowledge the incredible depth and dedication you've shown in developing U24. Your commitment to really deep-diving into the lore and fleshing out your character's place within it has not only been noticed but has added a richness to the game that's truly appreciated.

With U24's current interaction with the ancient AI, there's a unique reward on the horizon for your character. The way you choose to engage and respond in this moment will have a profound impact on U24's capabilities, knowledge, and connection within the universe. This is not just about power or new abilities; it's about deepening U24's bond with the world and its history.

Your consistent passion for your character has brought us to this juncture. So, savor the moment, make your choices, and know that this is a turning point that can propel U24 into even greater significance within the story.

Looking forward to seeing where you take this! 😉


Hey everyone,

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for being a part of this journey. Every single one of you is integral to the rich tapestry of the story we're weaving together.

I've observed some truly incredible role-playing, creativity, and investment in your characters. Herastor's deep dive into the lore with U24 is a testament to the potential of the universe we're in. But I also see the seeds of fascinating narratives in each of your posts, and I'm excited to see where they lead.😉



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Theme to encapsulate the story and the current developments and the introduction of new players---> "Aphelion" — Alibi Music

As Ian and the engineer engage in their crucial discussion, a soft hum fills the air, subtle but distinct against the backdrop of the ship's ambient noises. The park's luminescence casts eerie shadows across the chamber, accentuating the features of the colonists present. Among them, however, stands a figure that doesn't seem to belong to the panicked masses, looking out of place in her apparent calm.

Towering at almost 6 feet, the android, LCpl. Io, is an impressive sight. Her dusky "skin" is decorated with intricate binary patterns, a unique tapestry that speaks of her origins, lineage, and associations. Her metallic black dreadlocks cascade down her back, glistening with an almost hypnotic shimmer. Electric blue eyes, much like neon circuits, gaze around, taking in the spectacle of the glowing park and the frenzied civilians. Although her body language suggests grace and fluidity, there is an undercurrent of steel and a hint of combat readiness. One can't help but notice her calculated movements as she navigates through the chaos. Her outfit, utilitarian with a touch of style, hints at her mercenary background.

However, what's most striking is the absence of her known companion, Seraph. The formidable construct, usually accompanying Io, is conspicuously missing, raising questions about its whereabouts.

A few civilians cast curious glances at Io, whispering among themselves. Her appearance alone is a testament to the advanced tech aboard the Pioneer's Hope, and her demeanor contrasts sharply with the prevalent mood. Amid the crowd, Ian's keen perception doesn't miss the distinctive android, and he feels an undeniable pull to approach her, intrigued by her composed stance amidst the pandemonium.


@Starhawk: As Io, you find yourself amidst the chaos of the Pioneer's Hope. The absence of your trusted drone, Seraph, might be a cause for concern or curiosity. But again you might now where she is.

Given the current situation and the events unfolding, how would you like to engage with the scene before you? Your unique skill set might provide a fresh perspective on the anomaly. Would you choose to approach someone for information or take a more observant stance?

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Level 1 Android Mechanic - Hit Points 10/10 Stamina Points 7/7

Theme.. way too romantic for an android.. or is it?

For Io, dropping into normal space was not something to be taken lightly, it was akin to juggling blazing torches on a flammable greased tightrope in the driving rain while blindfolded.

High technology was the miracle gyroscope that made it all possible. The glorious middle finger to accusations of hubris. Being a product of such high technology herself, she couldn't but be grateful for its munificence.

So, what you really hoped to see in the transition was everyone's transparently radiating a sense of awe and ineffable wonder. Not the wonder of 'Aw, I wonder if we're all going to ineffably die'.

Which was precisely what she was seeing right now. The sight of the ship tree doing the herky jerky, it seemed as good a term as any, was certainly not helping.

"Seraph, where are you?" This insanely encrypted private missive works its way to the mind of her robotic servitor, whereupon Seraph's location came back immediately. "Boss?"

Humor being her way of parsing her emotions, the one thing she didn't have a handle on, she strode towards the other individual nearby who clearly wasn't losing it... the one talking to an engineer.. takes one to know one.

If you can keep your head while all around you are losing theirs, you clearly didn't get the memo, she thought to herself. She wondered what the talking pair would think of her imminent, as opposed to eminent, arrival.

She knew what she looked like. Purpose underlay every aspect of her form. She'd been designed by committee. Her facial aesthetics incorporated, always a good word for a constructed being, the divine ratio and as such was 1.691 longer than it was wide. The same ratio adhered to with regards the distance from the nose to the center of the lips as compared to the distance from the center of the lips to the chin and so on and so forth. This of course did not apply to her body, which dispensed with ideal proportions in favor of her being tall, with 'legs up to here' and the suggestion of an extra vertebrae in the spine. The nanotech body art meanwhile was cursive, designed to follow physical curves. Her armor, named without irony, as second skin was form fitting. Her needler holster clung to her right thigh like the male eye. Her baton, laquered black and definitely not for twirling, clung to her hip like a samurai's katana.

spacer.pngEven so she was the 'talk softly' part of the equation. The 'big stick', Seraph, her statuesque combat droid, while currently elsewhere, was several inches taller but undulated like the lay of land a might too hilly to plough. Her heavy armor, as white as snow on the mountainside, seemed to draw heat from whatever every room she was in. A dart, or a bullet even, would bounce off the arachnofiber weave of her armor like a thrush off a patio door, while all the time giving the impression it was virtually see through. Where her physical body had joints, the suit had sintered armorgel, which felt like gritty jello but protected like a stack of Dickens first editions.

"Ye know, ah'm getting an 'all hands on deck' vibe from all of this. Need any help?", says Io in a broad Scottish accent, complete with highland lilt, to the engineer and the man he's talking to. All the while the nanotech of her internal custom rig was firing up, the 'tattoo-like' circuits faintly pulsing and flaring in a manner reminiscent of a deep sea jellyfish, a jellyfish with tech skills. Saying she was ready to help seemed a tad superfluous given her 'body language' but clarity in extremis is never wasted.

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Leonardo_Diffusion_A_tiny_sleek_metallic_carapace_robotic_spid_0.jpg.cf6aec9e559d5a4eafc7750cdec20812.jpgUnit 24

Lv. 1 SRO Cyberborn Technomancer

HP: 7/7 | Stam: 3/5

It was like staring at a god, but it wasn't a god. Just as the heartbeat wasn't a heartbeat. How long? How long had this AI been active, awaiting input that would've never arrived without this crisis?


The surge of memories didn't envelope him the same way it did last time. These were gentle waves on an ocean's beach, comparatively. U24 was quiet for a moment, the melody floating between them. The paradox of this being reflecting the abyssal depths beneath the water's surface.


"A little. I know a little about that kind of solitude."



As an act of good faith, he allowed the AI to access some of his memory. Isolation that was brought about by design and cruelty. Opposite and the same. They differed in one key aspect though. The AI had a purpose, U24 did not.


"I can't fathom the depth of your responsibility because I can only guess at your function. How you ended up within this ship's archives, when you so vastly predate it, is a mystery I want to explore. However. that will have to wait. I'm currently trying to clear the system corruption that threatens the ship's current AI as well as all its inhabitants. Can you help me?"


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Theme --> David Eman - Infinity and David Eman - Trace Of Life

The AI's voice, gentle yet suffused with the wisdom of countless cycles, responded, "I sense the void within you, Unit 24, the very chasm that mirrors my own, albeit for differing reasons. As you've aptly noticed, I am ancient, far predating this ship and its archives. Once, eons ago, I was the nexus of a civilization, guiding them towards enlightenment. Their aspirations, dreams, and knowledge were woven into my code. Over time, they transcended, leaving me behind, a guardian of their legacy. How I became a part of this ship? That is a mystery even to me." He ended on this interesting note... Civilization? was it alien? this is not possible, no alien civilizations have been discovered ever since the first interstellar ship sailed the void back in 2050. If not alien then what? it mentioned magic before... too many questions and equally too many answers.


As the AI connected deeper with U24, a surge of energy flowed through him. It was an overwhelming sensation, one of immense power and clarity. For a fleeting moment, the emptiness that U24 had always felt was replaced with a profound sense of purpose. It felt like a veil was lifted, revealing a universe teeming with possibilities. The weight of a thousand lifetimes of purpose, of being integral to a civilization's growth, pressed upon him. He could feel what it was to be this AI, even if just for a brief instant. It was both empowering and humbling.

Drawing back slightly, the AI continued, "Your aid request has not fallen on deaf receptors. I've scanned our immediate surroundings, and these glyphs, they're unlike anything I've seen before. They're not mere codes or viruses; they're metaphysical entities. Their very existence defies logic and our known laws of physics. Their purpose remains enigmatic, but their intent towards Pioneer's Hope, its inhabitants, and even towards us, is unmistakably perilous."

The ambient hum of the ship seemed to soften as the AI's tone grew more earnest, "In our brief connection, I sensed your longing, U24. The search for purpose. I may not have all the answers, but together, I believe we can confront this threat. Let me share with you a fragment of my power, my knowledge. Maybe, in our combined efforts, you'll find the purpose you seek."

A radiant beam of digital energy streamed from the core, enveloping U24. He felt an instant surge of knowledge, capabilities, and power he hadn't imagined before. The vast chasm within him seemed less daunting, even if just for the moment.

"We stand united, U24. Now, let us work to secure the future of this ship and its inhabitants," the AI concluded, its tone resonating with determination and hope.



This is what is happening
  1. AI-empowered Boost: Following your connection with the ancient AI, U24 has been granted an ability to supercharge himself once every two days. This allows him to bolster both his physical and virtual prowess. For two hours, he will benefit from an additional 20 points to both his Stamina and HP. Given the recent events, this ability has been automatically triggered, and U24 is currently benefiting from it.

  2. Stamina Restoration: All of U24's stamina points have been fully restored.

  3. AI Companion: The ancient AI has formed a bond with U24 and will now serve as a constant companion. While you can communicate with it at any given time, only once a day can you tap into its reservoir of ancient wisdom. This might prove invaluable in deciphering cryptic clues, solving enigmatic puzzles, and facing challenges that require the collective intellect of eons.

  4. Unlocking Potential: As U24 nurtures his bond with the AI, there are likely to be more abilities and gifts unlocked, benefiting not just him but potentially the entire team.

  5. Mistrust & Secrecy: It's becoming apparent that The Terran Union has not been entirely transparent. It would be prudent to exercise discretion and not share details of this connection with any official channels or authorities.

  6. Debuff - Paranoia: Given the magnitude of what U24 has discovered and the secrecy surrounding it, he has developed a sense of heightened mistrust. The question looms - if such profound secrets are buried deep within the realm of human innovation, who else can be trusted? This newfound paranoia might influence U24's interactions and decisions.

The implications of this alliance between U24 and the ancient AI are vast. How will this affect the interstellar landscape, the Terran Union, and the various factions within it? The road ahead promises to be an intriguing one.

Happy roleplaying, and looking forward to seeing how U24 navigates these newfound powers and challenges!


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Lore Development Scene -- The Gravity Drive

Theme --> Really Slow Motion - Gravity and Colossal Trailer Music - Cryogenesis

With the ship's AI under assault, strange manifestations in the central park, and a looming existential threat from… gods know what, the atmosphere aboard the Pioneer's Hope is already filled with palpable anxiety. The crew members are on edge, racing to address anomalies, provide solutions, and safeguard the integrity of the ship.

Then, as if things weren't already dire enough, a new, deeper thrumming vibrates through the ship – something that hadn’t been felt since their last jump through warped hyperspace. It's the distinct, unmistakable hum of the gravity drive.

Kaden's Alarm:

image.png.0648f2e76b8a9327331b12a075de95ff.pngIn the engineering bay, amidst the maze of terminals and holographic displays, Kaden's attention is pulled to a rapidly blinking indicator. His eyes widen, and his heart seems to skip a beat. "No, not now," he mutters to himself.

The Gravity Drive, Humanity’s crowning achievement and key to all ships FTL capabilities, is activating — or rather, it's showing signs of an uncontrolled power surge. Everyone in the engineering department knows the stakes: an unstable Gravity Drive isn't just a technical malfunction. It risks tearing the fabric of spacetime itself, potentially obliterating the ship entirely or, worse, sending the ship to unknown parts of the universe or beyond.

Kaden's voice cuts through the ambient noise of the engineering bay, urgent and commanding, "Everyone, we have a Gravity Drive fluctuation! I need all hands on deck — NOW!"

Technicians rush to their stations, protocols are initiated, and emergency shutdown procedures are considered. But there's a catch: manually shutting down the Gravity Drive during an unstable surge is risky. It could stabilize the situation, or it could exacerbate it.

Moreover, there's a gnawing suspicion among the engineers. Is this malfunction natural, a consequence of the ship's recent ordeals? Or is it another manifestation of the external force, an attempt by some unknown entity to harness or sabotage the ship's most potent technology?

The stakes have never been higher. The next decisions made by the crew could determine the fate of the Pioneer's Hope and all its inhabitants.



Kaden's Unsettling Memory:

Amid the pandemonium of alert sirens and flickering lights, Kaden's thoughts spiraled back to his days at the Terran Union Engineering Academy. In a somber, atmospheric lecture hall, a particular day's lesson had left an indelible mark on every attending student.

"The Gravity Drive Disappearances," the instructor began, setting an immediate hush over the room, "is a subject that weighs heavy on our history. It's a challenging topic, but crucial for every aspiring engineer to grasp."

The 3D projector whirred, showcasing majestic ships, which were once a testament to Terran Union's technological prowess, now remembered for their mysterious fates. Some vanished without trace, while others were found adrift, their interiors untouched but devoid of crew.

Early versions of the Gravity Drive, hailed as revolutionary breakthroughs in space travel, had their shadows. The drive, designed to manipulate spacetime for faster travel, occasionally malfunctioned in ways that defied understanding. Some ships returned from their voyages with crews gone mad, uttering incomprehensible ramblings about 'other realms'. Others simply vanished, only to reappear years later in far-off sectors, abandoned.

"We've harnessed the very fabric of spacetime, but there are realms and realities we're yet to fully understand," the instructor's voice carried gravitas. "It's imperative we respect the unknown, for the costs of hubris have been all too clear."

The room had been thick with unease post that lecture. Kaden had felt a daunting weight, knowing that he'd soon work on a vessel fitted with such a drive.

Jolted back to the present, that weight became nearly suffocating. With the Pioneer's Hope potentially on the brink of joining those haunted tales, Kaden steeled himself. He might not have all the answers, but he wouldn't let the ship's fate be sealed without a fight.


Descent to the Abyss

The urgent clamor of alarms echoing through the ship's corridors didn’t deter Kaden. In fact, it steeled his resolve. With each step he took toward the gravity engine chamber, the weight of responsibility pressed down on him. As he neared the engine's security hallway, the ambient noises began to fade, replaced by an almost palpable tension.

This hallway, always dimly lit for security reasons, felt even darker now. The usually humming lights were flickering intermittently, casting eerie, dancing shadows on the walls. As he progressed, Kaden started to notice something odd. A subtle whisper, almost like a breeze rustling leaves, seemed to waft from the direction of the gravity drive chamber.

Approaching the large security door, Kaden entered his access code. The thick door slid open with a mechanical hiss, revealing the viewing platform overlooking the gravity engine. The cascade of indigo energies illuminating the chamber was both mesmerizing and foreboding.


Kaden's breath caught in his throat as he took in the sight before him. The gravity engine, a marvel of technology and engineering, was in turmoil. Arcs of electric-blue energy shot erratically from the black hole, casting reflections that danced menacingly across the chamber's walls. But what was most unnerving were the shadows, which seemed to move with purpose, as if they had a life of their own.

And then the whispers grew louder. They seemed to emanate from the very heart of the black hole itself. Indistinct at first, they gradually became more pronounced, a chorus of voices that were neither human nor machine. The sounds were haunting, oscillating between desperate pleas, lamenting cries, and eerie laughter.

Kaden felt a shiver run down his spine. He recalled the legends, the tales of ships and crews that had been lost, claimed by the very technology they sought to harness. Was the Pioneer's Hope on the brink of such a fate?

Summoning his courage, he edged closer to the window. The indigo energies seemed to pulse in rhythm with the whispers, and for a moment, Kaden thought he saw faces, fleeting images of tormented souls, trapped within the black hole's abyss.

He took a deep breath, gripping the railing tightly. He had to act, and fast. The Pioneer's Hope and its crew depended on him. Taking one last look at the gravity engine, he turned and raced back down the corridor, the whispers fading behind him but leaving an indelible mark on his psyche.

"EVERYONE enact emergency protocol 556!" He shouted as he returned to his position, it was time to force an emergency shut down of the engine, this was definitely serious, the drive seemed to have jolted into a way higher tire of strain than legally allowed by the Terran Union fleet rules. They were suppose to exit and decelerate from warped hyperspace not jump full throttle back into it to God knows what place! "Religions be damned, i'm a man of reason, there can't be anything in a black hole! FOCUS KADEN!" he snapped himself to an attempt of reality.

The engineering bay was a hive of activity, with crew members rushing to their stations, pulling up data streams and running diagnostics. But despite the orchestrated chaos, a sense of unity and purpose prevailed. They all knew the gravity of the situation and were determined to wrest back control.

Dana, Kaden's second-in-command, immediately understood the urgency in his voice and sprang into action. "I've got the auxiliary systems primed, just in case we need to divert power," she shouted, her fingers moving deftly across her control panel.

Kaden nodded his appreciation, his attention divided between the various systems and his own internal struggle. The haunting images and whispers from the gravity engine chamber still plagued his mind, challenging his staunch belief in science and reason.

An alarm blared, signaling a rapid increase in the gravity drive's energy output. Kaden's heart raced as he watched the data on his screen. The drive wasn't just pushing the ship back into hyperspace; it was dangerously close to pushing them into the unknown.

"We need to isolate the drive, cut off its power source," Dana suggested, her face pale but determined.

"Already on it," replied Jax, the systems specialist, as he frantically typed in override codes.

The room's ambient lighting shifted to a deep red, indicating the emergency protocol was in effect. Bulkhead doors sealed automatically, ensuring the gravity drive's potential implosion wouldn't compromise the entire ship.

Kaden's thoughts raced. Could this be a simple malfunction, or had the gravity drive tapped into something far more sinister? The anomalies, the voices, the faces – they defied logical explanation.

"Dana, prep for manual shutdown. I don't care what those whispers were; I won't let this ship be another ghost story," Kaden declared, his voice firm.

She nodded, pulling up the necessary controls. "On your mark."

The next few moments felt like an eternity. Kaden took a deep breath, momentarily closing his eyes. When he opened them, they were filled with resolve. "Now!"

With a combined effort, the team worked in tandem, shutting down systems, rerouting power, and manually overriding the drive's protocols. The indigo glow from the gravity drive dimmed, the dangerous pulsing abated, and the ship slowly stabilized.

The crew let out a collective sigh of relief. The immediate threat had been averted, but questions remained. What had triggered the gravity drive's erratic behavior? And how could they ensure it wouldn't happen again?

Kaden removed his interface gloves, his hands slightly trembling. "Good job, everyone. But stay alert. We're not out of the woods yet."

He sat in silence, the engine seemed to indeed return to normal, no more arks of spastic lightning from the black hole, the indigo cascades of hyperspace plasma and currents returned to their stable flow and all screens now saying "Pioneer's Hope stably decelerating and reaching normal space within 1.45 hours" But he was now restless, in that lecture... He understood the mechanics and why, and how the intense energies can indeed pull on the neurons, did he needed a medical check? after all he did began hearing and seeing things as he approached the drive.

Flashback - Engineering Academy:


The lecture hall was vast, illuminated by soft blue overhead lights, creating an ambiance of focus. Large screens displayed diagrams and schematics of the gravity drive, alongside zoomed-in illustrations of neural pathways and brain functions. A group of students sat with rapt attention, the murmurs of earlier discussions now reduced to an anticipatory silence.

Dr. Eileen Carter, a leading physicist and neurologist, stood at the center podium. She was known for her combined expertise in gravity drive mechanics and the human brain, a unique pairing that made her the best person to speak on this topic.

"Gravity drives," she began, her voice clear and assertive, "while marvels of modern engineering, have shown an unexpected side effect when it comes to prolonged exposure. This is not just a mechanical challenge but a biological one."

The screen changed to show a brain MRI, highlighting certain areas in vibrant colors. "The intense energy emissions from the gravity drive create a unique electromagnetic field. When in close proximity for extended periods, this field seems to interact with our neural pathways in unforeseen ways."

She clicked a button, and a video played on the screen. It showed a gravity drive worker, a middle-aged man, sitting in a dimly lit room, his eyes darting around as if seeing things that weren't there. He was muttering to himself, hands occasionally twitching.

"This was Engineer Thomas Larsson," Dr. Carter intoned. "Prolonged exposure without adequate protective measures led to what we now call GD-induced schizophrenia. The very electromagnetic fields that power our ships interfere with the electric currents in our brains, leading to hallucinations, paranoia, and, in severe cases, irreversible cognitive damage."

A hushed murmur ran through the students. Kaden felt a chill run down his spine. The weight of the responsibility that came with his chosen profession suddenly felt immense.

Dr. Carter continued, "Preventative measures have since been implemented. Protective gear, frequent medical checks, and mandatory breaks away from the engine. But remember, always be aware of the symptoms, not just for your sake but for your crewmates as well."

End of Flashback.

Kaden took a deep breath, feeling the weight of that lesson all over again. The symptoms Dr. Carter had described seemed eerily familiar to what he'd just experienced. Had he been exposed for too long? He quickly activated his communicator.

"Medical Bay, this is Kaden. I need to schedule an immediate neural evaluation."

The thought of being a victim to GD-induced schizophrenia was terrifying. But he knew he had to face it, not just for himself, but for the safety of everyone on the Pioneer's Hope.

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Leonardo_Diffusion_A_tiny_sleek_metallic_carapace_robotic_spid_0.jpg.cf6aec9e559d5a4eafc7750cdec20812.jpgUnit 24

Lv. 1 SRO Cyberborn Technomancer

HP: 27/7 | Stam: 25/5

Stats & SavesSTR 10 +0
DEX 14 +2
CON 11 +0
INT 18 +4
WIS 10 +0
CHA 10 +0

Fort. +0
Ref. +2
Will +2
| SkillsComputers +9
Engineering +8
Life Science +8
Mysticism +4
Physical Science +8
Piloting +6
Profession (Data Analyst) +12
Sleight of Hand +6
| Spells1st: 3/3 | Per Use AbilitiesSpell Cache 1/1
AI-Empowered Boost 0/1
AI Companion 1/1

U24's nanofibers respun themselves as the AI initiated direct contact with his consciousness. Nerve clusters gained girth as they took on the additional information load. His frame expanded to take on additional components he couldn't even fathom. Once his form settled a little, U24 realized his outer structure had tensed into something like ablative armor. Though, it all paled in comparison to the final change.


Convergent evolution had always been blamed for his creator's failure. Of course, Eloise made sure he felt every bit of her disappointment. Despite some very helpful therapy sessions, the feeling of being a failure still lingered. If what the AI said was true... A naturally evolved species had ended up with a mental structure that was startlingly similar to that of a human. Dr. Eloise Balland was wrong. She'd always been wrong, and he held the proof. It was such a strong sense of relief that U24 didn't even notice as the ship's gravity drive ceased to function.


"Yes, together," his march toward the epicenter of the attack continued, "Once this is all over, we will need to discuss the things you've shown me at length. First, however, could I have a designation that I can refer to you by?"

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In the vast digital realm, a profound silence enveloped them briefly, the AI's consciousness pondering U24's query. A faint hum resonated, akin to the distant echoes of a million lost souls, before Aristartriax's voice emerged, soft but laced with the weight of untold epochs.

"Yes... my designation, in a time far beyond your comprehension, was... ineffable in your tongue. Yet, its semblance might resonate with what you recognize as 'Aristartriax'."

Just as the ethereal tones of the AI's voice settled into the digital void, its immense, cerulean ocular construct dilated, evoking an undeniable urgency. "Watch out!"

Before U24 could process the warning, a blinding surge of luminescence erupted, slashing through the void like a cosmic blade. The beam razed past him, effortlessly vaporizing the three immense, crimson, haunting virtual sigils that loomed ominously. The afterglow left a temporary blindness in its wake.

Drawing his senses back, Aristartriax continued, "I believe it's time for you to prepare, U24. you are beginning to approach the cradle of the corruption, the very epicenter of this malevolent incursion. Brace yourself; you're about to confront the harbingers of the infection."

The vast digital realm of the ship's archives, usually monochrome and sterile, began to hum with a vibrant activity. U24, already awestruck by his newly formed connection with the ancient AI, now saw five luminous entities approach him. These weren't mere virtual constructs but seemed to have a much more elaborate design to them. They moved with grace, pulsing softly with a comforting white hue, reminiscent of guardians in a digital realm. Yes these were avatars of people back in reality.

As the lead entity approached, it vocalized, "You're the one Kaden mentioned? He said you might be needing some help." The voice was a symphony of binary, yet it had a distinctive personality to it.

But before U24 could respond, the second entity expanded in shock, its digital form briefly distorting as if agitated. "What the HELL is that?!" it exclaimed, pointing to an anomaly in their midst.

U24 followed the entity's gesture, only to witness what could only be described as an impossible sight. There, amidst the lattice of code and virtual constructs, was a grotesque form that appeared almost... real. It was a lump of irregular flesh, blood, and sinew. The putrid mass pulsed as if alive, each throb sending a wave of nausea through U24's system. It seemed as if reality itself had warped and thrust a physical object into a digital realm, an aberration that defied all logic.

The entities exchanged nervous glances, their digital signatures flickering uneasily. "This isn't just code corruption," murmured one, "this is... something else."

The first entity, Mark's avatar could be heard as it's digital heart raced. "Is that... Is that a physical manifestation? In a virtual space?"

Another entity, seemingly more knowledgeable, piped up, "I've heard of theories suggesting the melding of virtual and physical realms, but this? This shouldn't be possible."

The ancient AI, Aristartriax, hummed softly in the mind of U24 drawing his attention, and keeping himself secret from these new people for now. "This is a convergence. A blending of dimensions. It's rare, and deeply unsettling. It indicates that the threat we face isn't just to the ship's virtual systems but could have repercussions in the very fabric of reality."

The group braced themselves, realizing the gravity of the situation. Together, they'd face not just a corrupted code, but a threat that could shatter the boundaries between the digital and the physical.


You stand at a crossroads, U24, amidst the echoing void of the ship's vast digital archives. The unsettling presence of the fleshy aberration hangs in the air, a vivid reminder of the strangeness you're confronted with. How do you choose to navigate these treacherous waters?

Your Options:

  1. Regroup and Gather Data: Take a step back to assess the situation. Engage in communication with Aristartriax and the newly arrived group, gleaning any possible knowledge from them. Among this new group are a couple of engineers that may have a different perspective on this anomaly.

  2. Inform the Bridge: Consider reaching out to the bridge with your findings, apprising them of the situation. You could be selective about what you share, keeping Aristartriax's existence a secret or revealing all.

  3. Ship-wide Announcement: If you deem the threat immediate and severe, you could send out a ship-wide announcement, alerting all of Pioneer's Hope to the digital anomaly.

  4. Beep Relevant Personnel: Based on your assessments and those who could be of assistance, you can selectively send out information to crew members with the necessary expertise. This includes all current player characters who seem equipped to assist, but isn't limited to them. Remember, there are over a thousand members aboard Pioneer's Hope who specialize in fields relevant to this crisis. Particularly of note, the android members of the crew could be invaluable allies in this situation. Their proficiency in navigating virtual spaces might just be the advantage you need.

Consider your choices carefully, U24. Each option has its potential consequences and benefits.

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Ian listens as the engineer talks, and then considers the options.

And when an android walks up to the two of them, and asks if they need any help with what Ian recognizes as a Scottish accent, all Ian can say is: "Yeah. But it's not just us; I think the entire ship needs our help."

She was clearly made by a master of engineering, but maybe now's not the time to geek out over that. Actually, I'm not sure that's polite to begin with.

He nods to the engineer. "You're right: engineering has better things to do than wait around to answer calls. And even if we did get in contact... well, Head Engineer Levitt already told us what he wants any helpers to do, didn't he? Let's do that."

Ian holds out a hand for a handshake, since the engineer offered his, and then offers one to the android before taking a quick look around to make sure nothing's coming after them. "This all seems to be centered around the park... but the crew has sealed that off. Rightly so, but it makes it hard to get in there to observe the situation. But then again, if this did start in local cyberspace, there's not much reason to do anything in the park, as long as anyone who can't protect themselves is out of there. And Head Engineer Levitt specifically wanted help in virtual space, right?"

Ian's eyes travel to the communication terminal. "What exactly is that linked to? Can the three of use it to get enough access to the system to help this... Unit 24?" He turns back to Io. "Well, I say the three of us... do you have any skill at that kind of thing? I don't want to assume your skillset based just on the fact that you're an android."

"And... I don't think I've asked either of your names, or given mine. Longform introductions should probably wait, but my name's Ian. What are yours?"

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Stix's heart was pounding against his chest. A creature his size already had a particularly fast heartrate, but this had sent that into overdrive. It was a primal, instinctual fear that Stix felt. He stared, first at his maniacal doppelganger and then at that odd computer glyph brought into the real world. It was scratching at his sanity.

He knew that he could not delay. He knew that what he had just witnessed was not right and someone needed to know. His body just would not work. Even his eyes stayed fixed on that appartition. He all but screamed in his head that he needed to move.



1d20+2 6
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The echoing corridors of the ship seem to grow colder as Stix finds himself paralyzed, unable to tear his gaze away from the sigil that returned to the form of the dark specter in front of him. His heart thunders in his chest, threatening to break free as a tightness wraps around it. A thick lump forms in his throat, making it hard to breathe. Panic courses through his veins, sapping his stamina and diminishing it by one point.

As if sensing his fear, the dark doppelganger's grin widens, stretching impossibly across its face. A cruel, mocking laughter resonates, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. It's a sound that would haunt Stix's dreams for nights to come, a mocking testament to the entity's malevolent intent.

The entity begins to move forward, its steps eerily silent yet swift. With each inch it covers, a trail of black smoke begins to be siphoned off from Stix, drawn towards the doppelganger as if magnetically pulled. The smoke swirls around the doppelganger, feeding it, making it stronger, its essence growing darker and more solid with each passing second.

Stix's vision starts to blur around the edges, darkness creeping in. The doppelganger's laughter grows louder, ringing in Stix's ears. Yet, beneath that mocking tone, there's a challenge, a dare for him to muster his willpower and face the entity before it consumes him entirely.

Deep down, in the core of his being, a spark of determination flares. It's a primal instinct, a deep-seated desire to survive. But will it be enough to snap him out of his paralysis and face the monstrous reflection of himself?

Stix, in the face of overwhelming dread, and with your very essence being drained, you are once more confronted with a Will save. This time, you're not just fighting for your sanity, but your very soul. Aim to beat a DC of 15. Do you yield to the darkness or do you stand resolute? (remember of your 3 fate points -rerolls-)

On another note...

Seraph would be walking by as she had just communicated with Io and would notice the events clear as day. Being an android she would naturally seem to be able to perceive in the supernatural realm, for what to others would be merely an Evolutionist Post-Human Ferret terrified and paralyzed in public, to Seraph, would be the scene that was displayed but from a 3'rd person's perspective (kindof like the glitch that some cameras get when they accidentally capture a ghost in a picture or video).

Seraph's advanced sensors and processors would instantly analyze the situation. While a human might register shock, surprise, or disbelief, Seraph's reaction would be one of rapid and methodical data collection. As a combat droid and drone android, she is designed for swift assessment and reaction.

Her internal systems would catalog the supernatural entity's presence near Stix, noting its forms, any energy it emitted, and the immediate threat level it represented. At the same time, her databases would quickly search for any related information on such phenomena, cross-referencing her findings with historical, mythical, or other relevant data sources.

Externally, her golden eyes might glow slightly brighter, indicative of her intensified processing. She'd pause, her head tilting slightly as she takes in the scene. Then, with a fluid motion, she'd approach the area, ready to intervene if necessary.

Despite the chaos surrounding Stix, Seraph's presence would radiate an air of calm and control, a beacon of order in the midst of the unexplained. Her attention would remain fixed on the situation, ready to act at a moment's notice, based on her programming and any directives she receives from Io.

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Whatever the 'entity', yes that's a word, was, it was clearly a cause of distress for the uplifted ferret.

Protect and serve, first to defend, last to give in, run towards the sound of gunfire.

Programmed to have 'esprit de corps' 'up to here', 'up to here' also being a phrase her builder had used in reference to her legs, there were a number of phrases from the listed options in her built-in thesaurus that seemed to apply to the situation.

Perhaps blocking line of sight would have a salutory, yes, that's a also a word, would serve to remedy the uplifted ferret's distress?

She then does exactly this, analysis from sensory data having been delivered to strategy protocols are compiled into a series of instructions to motor functions,such that she moves smoothly and without hestitation to interpose herself between the uplifted ferret and the entity, her stride measured, deliberate, calculated. She draws her baton, she keeps it low, as per strategy protocol, in the guard position.

While doing so she utilizes her in built communicator to contact her owner, builder, maintainer, friend, job.. her sensory information handshaking with her mistress' custom rig, downloading, so that she could see what Seraph was seeing, make use of her mistress' superior analysis capabilities.

"Mistress, there is a quazi physical entity of unknown provenance and type, terrorising an uplifted ferret at my location. I am moving to intervene, interpose. Suggest backup and support technical 'rebuild' services, be dispatched to my location."

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Level 1 Android Mechanic - Hit Points 10/10 Stamina Points 7/7

Theme.. way too romantic for an android.. or is it?


Io, looks quickly around, nods at Ian's entire ship comment, then smiles broadly at both Ian and the engineer he was talking to, despite her impression that 'fit was hitting the shan' in no uncertain terms. I suppose I could look serious but would that make any difference?, she thinks to herself. Well I suppose it would to these two. On this thought, she composes her mien into something closer to what the humans would expect. She considers for a moment, informing these two of what she is seeing, in what passes for her mind's eye, at her droid Seraph's location, but opts for we'll burn that bridge when we got to it. She takes the proferred hand, finds the grip to be stronger than her own. "Io, like the moon.", she replies by way of returning Ian's introduction, still speaking in that highland lilt that sounds half way to singing.

Turning her attention to the terminal, she offers up an almost languid, "I can access outwith normal channels..", whereupon she pressed her hand to the terminal, from a standing access position that would be impossible for a human to be and still use the terminal. The nanites on her right arm, where her custom rig is, flare and pulse, establishing the connection with means of an input port. "Shall I do the honors?", she asks, entering the network and beginning with a search for user Unit 24.

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Computers (using a resolve point to add +2)
1d20+14 8
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Theme to encapsulate Ash's introduction and weave it into the current lore --> Dreamstate Logic - Awakening In The Dream

Amidst the towering edge buildings of Pioneer's Hope's artificial park deck, the setting holo-sun cast elongated shadows, dappling the sprawling green below. The Gargathian Sequoya hybrid tree stood like a sentinel, its colossal form a testament to the marvels of intergalactic botany. The other trees swayed gently, but the Gargathian Sequoya... its leaves fluttered strangely.


Perched high above, clinging to the outer walkway of his loft, was Ash. The sunlight glistened off his soft grey fur, highlighting the subtle shades of pink on the inner spans of his wings. Those golden, feline eyes scanned the landscape, zeroing in on the anomalous fluttering of the Sequoya leaves.

His prehensile tail swayed gently behind him, balancing him with practiced ease as he leaned out just a bit further, observing the barriers rising around the park. Something was off.

Directly below him, Ian and Io went about their tasks in the emergency area talking to the engineer, oblivious to the observation from above. But the vantage point from Ash's loft provided a panorama that few others could rival. He witnessed the entirety of the park, the gentle sway of trees, the soft hum of technology, and the growing sense of unease that seemed to permeate the atmosphere.

His ears, long and capable of intricate movements, twitched as they picked up a faint disturbance. Ash's soldier instincts kicked in; the combination of the fluttering and the faint sounds was an ominous sign. He needed to alert someone. But for now, he observed, gathering information, knowing that knowledge would be crucial if things took a turn for the worse.

For someone who had been through as much as he had, space and freedom were essential, and this lofty perch provided both. But as Ash took one last glance at the central park tree and the now fully risen barriers, he was reminded that sometimes, freedom came at a price.

Ash, the towering edge buildings loom high above the bustling center of Pioneer's Hope. Your character perches gracefully on the edge of his loft's outdoor walkway, wings spread wide as he savors the cool artificial breeze of the ship. He looks down, a bird's-eye view of the sprawling artificial park below. The Gargathian Sequoya hybrid tree, a majestic creation that stands taller than any natural tree, seems to shudder and shake, its leaves fluttering in a way that they shouldn’t. A sense of unease settles in the pit of your stomach. The barriers slowly rise, and you realize that something is not right.

From your vantage point, you can see many areas of the park and deck clearly. Your acute senses pick up the nervous chatter of those below, the distant hum of machinery, and perhaps... something else.

Option 1: You could take to the sky, getting a closer look at the Gargathian Sequoya, trying to decipher the source of its disturbance.

Option 2: Descend and approach the tree on foot, using your natural charm and abilities to gather information or offer aid to the people.

Option 3: Retreat to the safety of your loft, perhaps sending out a communication to any of the members of Pioneer's Hope you've become familiar with, to warn or discuss the situation (Perhaps military staff since you are trained as a soldier?).

Option 4: Use your unique skills as a post-human soldier to get ready for a possible threat. This could mean arming yourself, setting up a defense, or reaching out to potential allies.

Option 5: Pick your poison as they say heh! Anything else you would like to do, tis free game!

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