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The Arrival


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Cpl. Hicks, roused from his brief slumber, blinked a few times as he processed Dee's words. The marine, ever the pragmatist, took a moment before replying, his voice gravelly, "Dee, if you're receiving a direct feed from the bridge when no one else is, that's above our pay grade." He glanced at the feed, noting the urgency on the bridge. "Forwarding it to Sarge would be a good move. But don't get too lost in the codes and tech—remember we're still soldiers first. As for heading to the bridge or helping the civilians, let's wait for orders. No need to jump the gun. In times like this, chain of command and protocol keep us grounded."

Dee's attention would snap back to her personal display after these words. The unexpected feed from the ship's bridge was not just unusual; it was unauthorized. The protocols and security measures in place on Pioneer's Hope would typically prevent such a transmission, especially to a Lance Corporal's terminal. This was not an everyday glitch; it was a systemic anomaly.

While watching, a faint interference overlays the feed – a subtle pattern that doesn't match the regular data distortions. It’s rhythmic, almost like a pulse or heartbeat. Is it some form of encrypted data? Or perhaps it's an echo from outside the ship, influenced by the cosmic maelstrom they're navigating. The echoes are faint but unmistakable to her trained eyes.

Given her expertise, Dee might surmise that this isn't a mere technical glitch. The transmission, its origin, and the interference pattern may be part of a much larger puzzle. A puzzle that might be crucial to understanding the current situation and the ship's journey through this dangerous deceleration from warped hyperspace.

While she's unaware of U24's concurrent deep dive into the ship's core systems, there's a thematic symmetry in their experiences. Both characters, in their unique capacities, are encountering anomalies and irregularities – symptoms of a larger cosmic narrative that's unfolding around them? Only time would tell...

For now, Dee has a choice: Does she report the anomaly up the chain of command? Does she attempt to trace the source of the interference herself? Or does she continue to monitor, gathering more data before taking action?



How do you proceed? How would Dee deal with these options?

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Wow, I've really let my gravity-disruption discipline slip. Anyone seeing a room like this on Chronar would laugh, and rightly so...

Ian walks over to the desk and quickly but carefully puts everything on it into the drawers. He then considers closing the wardrobe door... but decides flying clothing is the least of his worries right now.

The next thing he does is walk to the workbench and make sure the half-finished device and any metal tools are secured to the surface via the magnets in the workbench. (If anything on there isn't magnetic, he puts it in the drawer under the workbench.) Then he crosses to the kitchenette and puts every loose item in the cupboards, then closes the magnetically sealed doors. (Ian feels a bit weird putting the bowl of fruit in a cupboard, but a bowl of fruit becomes several missiles in any remotely serious collision.)

Finally, he walks over to the magnetic straps, picks them up, walks to the shelf, and ties down everything on the shelf, especially the potted plants.

With all of that accomplished, Ian looks out the window and tries to judge how the landing is going... and how soon he'll be able to safely bring the fruit and the mugs out of the cupboard for a snack. What does he see?

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As Ian approaches the window, a visceral sensation of otherworldly movement sweeps over him. The streams of warped hyperspace reality flow past in shimmering rivulets, like quicksilver currents in a vast cosmic river. Slowly, these begin to merge and give way to the more familiar constellations of normal space. Yet, this transition is far from smooth.

Breathtaking arcs of plasma, radiant in hues of indigo, crimson, and gold, stretch across the vastness outside, illuminating the void with their majestic dance. These arcs birth from nebulous clouds of energy, a testament to the raw power that the ship treads through as it descends back into reality.

Suddenly, another electrifying crackle shatters the silence—yet another bolt of cosmic lightning strikes close, causing the entire room to quiver. Ian can feel the charged particles in the air, raising the hairs on the back of his neck, as a faint, eerie glow momentarily envelops the room.

A digital display near the window provides a real-time update: the ship is transitioning from 95% hyperspace to 70%. The pulsating icons and fluctuating numbers on the screen emphasize that they're entering the most turbulent phase of their descent.

The muffled hum of Pioneer's Hope's engines grows slightly more pronounced, a deep and steady thrum that can be felt resonating through the ship's structure. Although the ship's advanced technology ensures that most of the external chaos remains outside, the intensity of the experience is undeniable.

Whispers of other passengers' voices carry through, some in awe, others in silent prayer, creating a tapestry of emotion that underscores the collective experience onboard.

And as the majestic chaos unfolds outside, Ian realizes that the ship's journey through this cosmic maelstrom is far from over. The next few hours promise to be a true test of Pioneer's Hope's capabilities and the mettle of all its inhabitants.

As Ian gazes out, absorbing the mesmerizing chaos of space around him, an automated voice gently breaks the silence, echoing softly throughout his room from the ship's communication system.

Pioneer's Hope AI Interface: "Estimated arrival to Polarodduhss in approximately 2 hours and 47 minutes, contingent on current conditions and safe transition metrics."

There's a brief pause before the AI continues, its tone carrying a slight change, something almost imperceptible but for those paying close attention, it was there – a hint of uncertainty.

"Please note: We have detected some anomalies in our core systems. While there's no immediate cause for concern, we are monitoring the situation closely and making necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth transition to Polarodduhss. We advise all passengers to remain calm and follow established safety protocols."

The message ends with the Pioneer's Hope's insignia glowing briefly on a nearby display panel before fading away. The unusual message from the AI, especially the mention of anomalies, reinforces the sense that something deeper might be at play aboard the ship. The cosmic dance outside the window and the AI's cryptic message make it clear that this journey is far more than a simple transition between two dimensions of the universe.



Taking in the scene before you, Ian, the depths of space continue to unfurl its mysteries. The AI's message, though reassuring, carries an undertone that tugs at your instincts. The ship may be vast, and the journey ahead holds many uncertainties.

With the turbulence expected to last a couple more hours, the environment on Pioneer's Hope could be an opportunity for you to gather more information, interact with others, or prepare in your own unique ways.

How would you like to proceed?


Reward for Ian

Hey Draconic, I’m enjoying the way you showcased Ian's practical side. The way he methodically took precautions to secure items in his room offers a glimpse into his character's methodical nature, and what’s most your reference to Chronar gave us a tiny peek into his background, which hints at past relations and a personality that seems to miss his home somewhat?
I'd absolutely love to see more of Ian's internal reflections and emotions. What does he feel in these moments of transition, especially given his past? Diving deep into these aspects can add layers to Ian's character and make his journey even more immersive.

For your post and the effort you've put into Ian's character, you're awarded 200 XP. And here's a challenge for you: if in your next posts, you can weave in more of Ian's internal thoughts, feelings, and past, there might be an additional bonus awaiting. Remember, it's all about the journey and the depth we can bring to these characters. Keep up the intriguing fun going!


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Stix watches everyone start to hustle and bustle. Some shopkeepers taking their time locking up, others moving off in a panic. It struck Stix as odd, the actings of larger beings.


Things were really beginning in Stix's head. This was the 'show' they had all come for and he was ready to see what it was like. He ran, dipping and dodging through the crowds until he came upon a computer console. Grabbing a few crates and boxes from nearby he stacks them up and begins typing away. His goal, get into the live information being passed around by the higher ups on the ship. Military, admin, sensors etc.

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As Stix's nimble fingers dance over the computer console, tapping into the complex neural network of Pioneer’s Hope, he senses something off. While most of the system's codes pulse rhythmically, like the heartbeat of a living creature, a few strands seem disjointed, almost corrupted.

Before he can delve deeper into this mystery, he needs to bypass several layers of security protocols that safeguard the ship's central information system. After all, if he’s aiming to access the ship's main channels, including military and administrative data, he’s going to need to prove his expertise.

Stix, roll a Computers check to see how well you can navigate these security barriers. While the ship's mainframe offers countless insights, it also hides numerous dangers and traps for those not careful enough. You are trying to reach a DC 13.

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As Stix's works on the console, he finds himself breaking through multiple layers of security with an ease that even surprises him. The data streams flood his interface, revealing a labyrinth of information, and for a moment, it's overwhelming. But his focus narrows, and he begins to parse the influx of data.

The ship's AI is in turmoil. Critical processes are looping erratically and error messages are clogging the system. It's as if the ship's brain is experiencing a fever dream. The bridge is oblivious, working with data that appears functional, but underneath, there's a storm brewing.

Stix's display reveals the engineering bay's system warnings: overheating indicators, stress fractures on non-essential conduits, and redundant systems working overtime to compensate for primary failures.

A particular data node catches his eye. Someone else is interfacing with the AI core, someone with the designation U24. Stix sees their digital signature trying to address the distress signals, a lifeline amidst the chaos. Whether they're friend or foe is uncertain, but they're deep inside the system, wrestling with the same anomalies.

Then, just as he's delving deeper, a resounding crash echoes through the plaza. A vivid arc of lightning, more intense than any before, lashes the ship's exterior, sending shockwaves that ripple through the internal structure. The plaza shakes violently, and Stix feels the boxes beneath him teeter precariously.


Stix, please make an Acrobatics check to see if you can maintain your balance during this sudden jolt. The DC for this check is 12.

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DeeMorriganv1.jpg.174f868e50361dfefb05f35a5216e690.jpgLCpl. Deirdre "Dee" Morrigan

Human Mercenary Technomancer [Serial No. 09272-023-1556MPC]

"No need to jump the gun. In times like this, chain of command and protocol keep us grounded."

"Kill," Dee responds without enthusiasm.

After Hicks immediately goes back to sleep, Morrigan's mind starts racing. The advice made sense, but something about the situation just didn't feel copacetic to the technomancer. There was something about the transmission that was, well, just wrong.

However, as a mere lance corporal, she was in no position to argue with a full corporal.

And she certainly wasn't going to bring this to the attention of the Sarge unless she had something more substantial to bring to his attention. Not if she wanted to stay in the Space Marines -- alive!

"Improvise, adapt, and overcome,” she grunted, then proceeded to monitor the unauthorized transmission and gain further intel. She also multitasks and tries to track the source of the mysterious interference.





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Leonardo_Diffusion_A_tiny_sleek_metallic_carapace_robotic_spid_0.jpg.cf6aec9e559d5a4eafc7750cdec20812.jpgUnit 24

Lv. 1 SRO Cyberborn Technomancer

In this digital space, made manifest through dueling perceptions and his own need to avoid burning out every synapse, U24 knew he was witnessing a great conflagration. The dry timbers of available information offered up their infinite potential to be consumed by the corruption. In this inferno U24 didn't feel heat. Instead, he felt old uncomfortable memories bubbling to the surface.


He was back in his gestation berth. Thought was a foreign concept to him. He heard screaming, wailing. One of his nearby siblings. The unfamiliar input prompted the formation of optics. The first sight he'd ever seen was the screamer's mental matrix fail and their nanofibers transmute into a boiling soup. That was the fate that awaited U24, he was certain of it, if he encountered enough of those glowing, alien architectures.


He was afraid and alone. Despite that old, familiar, feeling he rallied and headed into the blaze. If he did nothing he'd die, in here or out in the physical world. Bravery and survival were often paralleling impulses. He wasn't about to be foolish about it though.


His first order was outsourcing. He started by compartmentalizing small pieces of the corruption and at least one of the strange symbols. Their locations he sent out as a mass message to every technical expert on the ship's roster. Hopefully they'd be able to accurately analyze the strange degradation. His next task was to buy them the time they needed to do so. U24 headed deeper into the metaphorical blaze, constructing firewalls as he went, to ascertain the source of the anomaly.

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LCpl. Deirdre "Dee" Morrigan

LCpl. Deirdre "Dee" Morrigan stared intently at her console, the deep blue hue of the display reflecting in her sharp, turquoise eyes, as her intuition mingled with her technomantic prowess. The rhythmic interference was perplexing, and teasing out its secrets would demand both her technical and mystical acumen.

Firstly, to discern the nuances of the interference and trace its origin, let's roll a Computers check.

(Please roll a d20 and add your Computers skill modifier to the result.)

Depending on the outcome, Dee would further evaluate the information. If she felt a mysterious force or an otherworldly presence behind the interference, she would have to delve deeper into her technomantic senses.

To sense any mystical properties or encrypted signals within the interference, a Mysticism check would be in order.

(Please roll a d20 and add your Mysticism skill modifier to the result.)

After you've made these rolls, based on their outcomes, Dee would either gather insightful data or face layers of obfuscation. The rhythmic pulsing, the subtle interplay of lights, and the dance of encrypted symbols might reveal secrets, or they could lead to more questions.

So, LCpl. Morrigan, once you've done these checks, please share the results. With your rolls guiding the narrative, we'll explore the depths of this enigma together.

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Theme to continue the story and as the mystery begins to unfold... what have we stumbled upon? --> Aes Dana - Anthrazit and Kiphi - Temple of the sun

Unit 24

Lv. 1 SRO Cyberborn Technomancer

As U24 ventures deeper into the ship's corrupted mainframe, his technomancer instincts and advanced programming drive him. The sprawling digital expanse pulsates with a rhythm that seems almost... sentient. Each pathway he takes intertwines with not only the ship's systems but also the fragments of his own digital memories.

Compartmentalizing the Corruption: Efficiently compartmentalizing fragments of the corruption showcases U24's vast knowledge in Computers. Please roll a Computers check (d20 + your Computers skill modifier). A high roll indicates you've successfully isolated a significant portion of the corruption, while a low roll might mean only a partial success.

Firewalls' Fortress: Your Engineering prowess shines as you craft intricate digital barriers to contain the anomalies. The firewalls act like forcefields, encapsulating the haunting symbols. But the true test of their integrity comes as these symbols challenge the barriers' boundaries. Roll an Engineering check (d20 + your Engineering skill modifier). A successful roll fortifies your firewalls against the intrusive symbols, while a failed roll may require additional reinforcements or alterations.

Memories Resurfacing: The digital realm isn't just a challenge for U24; it's a journey into his past. The unsettling memories of his gestation berth and the agonizing decay of his sibling play out in the form of corrupted sequences and rogue algorithms. Roll a Will Save (d20 + your Will Save modifier) to see how U24 handles these resurfacing memories. A successful save might allow him to discern patterns or hints to help navigate the corrupted codes, while a failed save could momentarily disorient him.

External Assistance: As U24 reaches out to the ship's technical roster, he might also consider connecting with Zephyr or any other crew member proficient in coding and AI, Think head engineer Kaden Levitt? You would probably know of him, being the head of the engineering bay, and Taurus Jakson... nah, he's classed as a civilian at this point...

But pooling knowledge might help elucidate the mysterious symbols and possibly guide the way forward.

Continuing Forward: Armed with his Spells, U24 might deploy "Holographic Interface" to visually dissect the codes and symbols more tangibly. Roll a Mysticism check (d20 + your Mysticism skill modifier) when deploying this spell. Additionally, using "Detect Magic" could offer insights into whether these anomalies have arcane origins or if they're purely technological in nature. Roll another Mysticism check when using this spell to discern the nature of the anomalies.

Throughout this intricate dance in the digital realm, U24 remains the beacon of hope for Pioneer's Hope's systems. Each decision he makes, each pathway he chooses, can tip the balance between stabilization and chaos. The crew and the ship rely on his expertise and unique abilities to navigate this challenge.

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Theme --> Space Exploration - By Eternal Voyage <-- Atmosphere for this part of the story

Compartmentalizing the Corruption:
Roll: 17

In the depth of the ship's sprawling digital realm, U24's actions form a distinct barrier, cleaving through the dense corruption. The symbols, previously pulsating with a life of their own, react violently to this intervention. As he isolates and compartmentalizes the corrupted data, a deep, guttural growl reverberates through the digital expanse, a sound reminiscent of a beast's roar from the darkest voids of space. It's a sound of both rage and desperation, as if these symbols are sentient entities being entrapped.

The shimmering strings of symbols and glyphs twist and contort, trying to break free. Yet, the efficiency of U24's actions stops their malevolent dance in its tracks. The growl slowly fades, leaving a haunting silence that stretches for what seems like eternity in this digital dimension.

Externally, aboard the Pioneer's Hope, the ship's internal systems begin to stabilize. Flickering lights steady, alarms cease their shrill warning, and the ambient hum of the ship's engines regains its rhythmic cadence. Crew members, previously tense and on high alert, share glances of cautious relief.

Through the ship's internal comms, a brief message is broadcasted, "Stabilization in progress. All hands, standby." While the immediate threat seems to have been mitigated, there's a palpable tension in the air. The crew knows they've evaded disaster, but the mysterious nature of this corruption leaves many questions unanswered.

The Pioneer's Hope continues its journey through the vast expanse of space, its mission to establish a colony ever crucial. Yet, the ship and its inhabitants are left with a lingering unease.

Firewalls' Fortress:
Roll: 18

As U24 meticulously constructs the barriers, the digital realm begins to shift. It's as if the ship's mainframe acknowledges the cyberborn technomancer's efforts. The barriers ignite into blinding white virtual flames, forming a formidable fortress around the ship's core systems. Each time one of those eerie symbols attempts an incursion, it's met with these intense flames, producing a cacophonous growl of thwarted intent.

Within this virtual blaze, the symbols writhe, trapped and unable to progress further. Each denied entry results in a visible contraction, like a nightmarish entity recoiling from a powerful barrier. It becomes evident that U24's proactive approach doesn't just act as a defense; it's putting these enigmatic threats on the defensive, forcing them to reconsider their approach.

The Pioneer's Hope systems, once awash in a chaotic pulse of misaligned codes and haunting symbols, now have pockets of stability. The blinding firewall stands as a beacon amidst the digital storm, a testament to U24's prowess and determination.

Memories Resurfacing:
Roll: 5

As U24 maneuvers through the ship's digital realm, the eerie glow from these uninvited symbols, casts an unsettling illumination. Navigating close to a particularly haunting sequence, the arcane energy it emanates triggers an unexpected reaction. It's as if these symbols resonate at a frequency that draws forth the deepest, most traumatic memories stored within U24's circuits.

Suddenly, he's thrust into a vivid flashback: the traumatic sight of a neighboring SRO's nanofibers disintegrating, their agonized wails piercing the silence. U24 is momentarily paralyzed within this haunting memory, feeling the weight of that loss once again.

While trapped in this recollection, the glyphs, sensing an opportunity, converge around U24. Their energy pulses in a manner that seems almost sentient, and they weave an intricate spell that seeks to exploit U24's temporary vulnerability. An arcane lance of energy strikes him, delivering a psychic assault directly into his core processes.

The effect is jarring. U24 experiences a sensation akin to a searing migraine, a powerful and overwhelming psychic pain. This isn't merely an attack on his systems; it's an assault on his very being, on the memories and experiences that make him who he is.

U24, the combination of your resurfaced memories and the virus-like glyphs' psychic assault has dealt a significant blow. You've suffered 2 points of psychic damage on your stamina from their malevolent energies. It's evident now more than ever that these symbols are not mere corruptions; they bear an intent, a consciousness that you'll need to be wary of as you press forward.

Holographic Interface:
Roll: 19

In the vast, ever-shifting expanse of the ship's digital realm, U24 decides to cast the Holographic Interface spell, reshaping the abstract maze of codes and symbols into a more tactile landscape. The atmosphere around him shifts, and a sudden glow envelops the surroundings. The once intangible threads of data now manifest as intricate, luminous pathways, arching and interweaving with one another.

Eerie symbols that once pulsed with a mysterious glow now hover like ancient monoliths, their meanings becoming clearer, their positions in the corrupted sequences more discernible. The haunting symbols are now islands of darkness amidst an illuminated sea of information, allowing U24 to navigate with enhanced precision.

Every nuance of the ship's mainframe is laid bare, from the smallest byte to the most complex subroutine. What was once a chaotic digital storm now resembles an astral map, studded with constellations of information. This clearer vision and augmented interaction within the digital realm boost U24's confidence, making his next steps decisive and calculated. With this advantage, the horizon of solutions and strategies expands, bringing the stabilization of Pioneer's Hope's core systems within closer reach.

Detect Magic:
Roll: 24

Within the holographically rendered labyrinth of the ship's digital realm, U24 invokes the Detect Magic spell. A surge of arcane energy floods his senses, revealing an intricate tapestry of psyonics and technology. The symbols, which previously seemed only as malicious code, now pulse with an ethereal and arcane glow. It's a revelation that reshapes the nature of the anomaly. This isn't merely a glitch or a malfunction. There's a deliberate intertwining of something that seems unearthly with the digital, hinting at a conscious force or phenomenon behind the corruption.

The very air within the virtual realm becomes thick with anticipation, as a confluence of old-world myth and new-age technology dances around U24. The realization dawns that the challenges faced are not just technical but span the very fabric of reality.

Given your recent successes and keen insight, U24, you've unraveled many layers of the mystery plaguing Pioneer's Hope. However, the emotional jolt from your past serves as a reminder that the path ahead, while promising, will also test your resilience and resourcefulness. The anomalies are intricate and multi-faceted, requiring both your technological prowess and arcane understanding.

The ship and its crew appear more and more to lean on your expertise in this particular instance. Your efforts thus far have made a substantial difference, setting a beacon of hope amidst the uncertainty. As you continue to navigate this complex tapestry of ether and machine, remember the strengths you've demonstrated and the insights you've garnered.

How would you like to continue from here?

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LCpl. Deirdre "Dee" Morrigan's Analysis

COMPUTERS Roll: 20 vs. DC 14 (Monitoring)

As Dee delves into the anomalous rhythmic interference, her proficiency with computer systems shines through. The screen displays a cascade of data, swiftly analyzed and filtered by her expert touch. With a roll of 20 against the DC of 14, she expertly deciphers the primary layers of encryption, revealing a pattern within the interference. The rhythmic pulses begin to form a sequence, perhaps a coded message or a beacon's signature.

MYSTICISM Roll: 14 vs. DC 17 (Tracing the Source)

Feeling the undercurrents of something deeper, Dee taps into her mystic senses. The world around her fades as she's drawn into the kaleidoscopic realm of energies. With a roll of 14 against a DC of 17, she brushes against a veiled force, sensing its arcane presence. However, the exact nature and origin of this force remain elusive. A tantalizing hint, a whisper on the edge of her senses, suggests there's more to discover. But for now, it's like trying to grasp a wisp of smoke, intriguing yet intangible.

About SRO. Unit 24

As you continue your meticulous examination of the ship's systems, you uncover a digital signature that doesn't align with the typical profiles of the ship's AI but does align with the crew. They do seem to be a worker volunteer in the virtual engineering department, but this is not entirely complete info. This signature, codenamed 'U24', appears to be deeply embedded within the compromised mainframe, navigating the anomalies and constructing defenses.

Given the unfamiliarity and the depth of this presence's engagement within the system, it's natural to wonder if 'U24' could be the root of this interference or perhaps another entity trying to resolve it.

You face a crucial decision: to approach this unknown entity with caution, seek to engage and understand its intentions, or attempt to isolate and contain it to prevent potential further disruptions. The very stability of the Pioneer's Hope's systems might depend on your next steps. How would you like to proceed?

LCpl. Morrigan,


Your adept handling of the ship's systems has unveiled a sequence within the interference. This could be a pivotal clue as to its nature or intent. However, the arcane energies interwoven with the transmission remain enigmatic. They dance just out of reach, hinting at deeper secrets and more complex forces at play. It might be beneficial to further investigate this sequence or to seek assistance in deciphering the mystic undertones. How would you like to proceed?

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