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January 2024 Character Creation Challenge


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Made a list of 31 games to create characters in. Had to scrape a bit by the end, but otherwise I did end up with 31 games I could relatively easily create characters in. The bigger problem is formatting sheets for forum viewing for each of them, if I want to end up posting the entire sheets.

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On 11/29/2023 at 8:40 AM, Basil_Bottletop said:

This site is filled with people who are basically just here to make fresh characters. Playing that character is seen as a punishment once the game starts.

We could probably put together an All-Star team and 'win' this challenge rather easily. ha!

Agreed. I am probably technically able to do it, but fear that I'd be burnt out by day 14 or something.

On 11/29/2023 at 12:57 PM, prophane said:

I think some folks do that. I couldn't do it. Ya know, I don't even know if I know 31 different systems...


If I count creatively and use editions, I could probably come up with 31 systems, but 8 of them would be D&D/PF, 7 would be WOD, and 10 would be various Palladium systems (Rifts, Robotech, Toon, TMNT, Nightbane, Ninjas & Super spies, etc., etc.)

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13 minutes ago, Fwog said:

The biggest question for me now is... Where do i post the characters? In my own thread? And where?

So this blog post by the guy spearheading this says post where ever you want, suggests a hash tag #CharacterCreationChallenge , asks participants to connect with himCarl (at) TardisCaptain.com, post on the TardisCaptain.com Discord Channel or find him on social media/message boards to let him know where you post them so he can add it to his list of participating sites.

I assume we can have a MW thread (even this one) for everyone to use, or folk can make their own threads, or post on their own blogs, or put them on rpg.net

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If I'm doing it, I'm probably going for multiple systems, characters in the same system would need to either be using different rules or significantly different levels or something. So if I make 4 different Pathfinder characters, one might be the base rules, one might be higher level (not too high or I'd be a week just making that one) one might be gestalt and another might use Spheres. I very well might do at least a few examples of "same character, different system", probably HERO vs Mutants and Masterminds vs GURPS vs Tri-Stat or something like that. Though it might be fun to throw out the same basic concept in 5e, 3.5 and PF2 or something like that too.

While I'm sure different people will have different approaches, to me generate a character means you have to have a reasonably playable sheet ready and at least some idea who that character IS, ie at least the basics of personality and background. The sheet is the key, otherwise all you have is an idea, ideas are cool and all but I can spit out 31 ideas a day.

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19 hours ago, Actana said:

Hmm, maybe I could take on the challenge of "31 incarnations of the same character in different systems"?

I think that's a really cool idea actually!


2 hours ago, leons1701 said:

characters in the same system would need to either be using different rules or significantly different levels or something.

Also a cool idea!

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