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Tissifae the Coatl

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Name: Tissifae

Race: Coatl

Classes: Coatl 3//Warlock 3



Looks and Likes

Appearance: Tissifae is a long multicoloured celestial being, her colours span all the colours of the rainbow. Tissifae's under side is a uniform gold, she loves to show this off whenever she deems appropriate.


Personality: Tissifae is a kind and caring to those who show they are of a good nature, she will bring the wrath of the gods down on her enemies. Tissifae's ability to wield not just her innate sorcerer powers but she has a pact with a celestial being that grants her powers to fight those enemies.


Backstory: Celestial's are not born conveniently, they are brought into being by a greater power. Tissifae's power brought her into existence to wield the power of chaos to fight the tide of evil that plagues the prime material plane, she is to be a bastion of goodness and hope to those that have lost it. Tissifae was trained not by a celestial but by a being of chaos and evil, this was necessary as some of her powers come from the lower planes. The demon half breed taught her to use eldritch energy to fire blasts of raw magical energy, this is to be her main tool to fight the evil beings that have ired her maker. Tissifae's love of magic showed as she trained and the power of the blasts were the strongest her trainer had seen.


When the time came for Tissifae to leave the celestial plane, she knew what it was she was going to do. She was sent to the prime material plane, here she found something that she was not looking for all, she found an Inn.


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Offical mod comments:

  • Which coatl are you using? There are several.
  • Which familiar?
  • Skill points should be a multiple of 6, what happened?
  • How much gold do you have now? You have some arithmetic to do.

personal 2cp:

  • From time to time, it will be incredibly inconvenient not to have hands. Are you ready for that?
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I have used Oslecamo's version which does not give a type, it gives Change Shape at 5th level.


I have added an Owl familiar and have added the extra skill points, I might just keep the money until I have enough to buy better magical equipment.

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  • character sheet still says 3000gp. So, either get rid of ALL your stuff, or adjust the amount.
  • grapple check on the sheet is off.
  • please label the sheet with the coatl you’re using; this isn’t a race I expect GMs to be familiar with.
  • please put the bite under attacks.
  • please select sorcerer spells, and add them to the character sheet.

Thanks, you’re almost done!

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