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DC20 Kickstarter

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New game system just hit KS, and it looks fantastic.

I give you... DC20!

Take the best things from both D&D 5e and PF 2e, get them both drunk and locked into a room for a month... and this is the child that's produced.

I haven't been this excited for a game on KS in a long time.

The game looks to be pretty slick, versatile, fast play... I can't wait to see a few games pop up on here!

Within the first few minutes, the project was funded.

Within an hour, the first two stretch goals were achieved, and we're more than halfway to the next one.

No, I'm not affiliated with the Dungeon Coach in any way. I'm just an avid gamer who enjoys new systems.

DC20 Kickstarter here!

Take a look! Prices are definitely reasonable, and there's an Early Bird special that gets you more bang for your buck!

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Looks interesting. The action point 'everyone has things to do in a round' feels a little like DD4, but maybe it's something that carried over into DD5.

Wished for a Mana System for D20 since Arduin Grimore. The real problem will be convincing Players to convert over as well. It isn't too pricy, but still a bit of money to sink into a set of rules that will sit on my shelves, digital and physical, and not get used.

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I know... I was going back and forth about dropping the $30 on the PDF only copy but that was the exact reason I didn't. I did send it out to my FTF group and the couple that looked into it seemed interested so I may yet.

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I did the $30 within the first 1-2 minutes, so I get the Early options included. That right there makes it worth the $30... that and the three stretch goals already obtained.

And... just checked, they're only about three hundred bucks away from the next goal.... That would be four out of five goals hit.

Wonder what the target is for Goal #5... hopefully attainable.


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I really think their supposed post Kickstarter prices seem a bit ah, inflated. $70 for a pdf of the core rulebook is pretty high, you really have to wonder if they'll ever actually charge those prices.

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Too infomercial Billy Mays.... sales pitch.... Shamwow to me.

I just don't think a small-time content creator has the resources to pull off what he is promising without a large enough staff to playtest the mechanics properly, and I see a lot of new and untested mechanics.

Price is inflated for what he is offering, and what you really end up with from the KS is the beta version which I expect to be little more than a repackaged alpha version.

I'll be interested once I see some development and a team actually working on it.

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10 hours ago, leons1701 said:

I really think their supposed post Kickstarter prices seem a bit ah, inflated. $70 for a pdf of the core rulebook is pretty high, you really have to wonder if they'll ever actually charge those prices.

Actually, that's more the value of what you're getting at that level. The PDF would always be $30, even if you bought it after the KS is done.

The Early Backer Rewards are factored in with the value ($30 PDF + 3 supplements at $15 each... which is more than the value)... not to mention all the stretch goals that have now hit adds a bit into that... so thirty bucks is an absolute snip.

Granted, I'll be getting about $50 of add-ons when all's said and done, but when you look at what you're getting for my $80:

  • Core PDF ($30)
  • Beta 0.8 rules, and Beta updates all the way until Final Release
  • Digital Character Creator (EB)
  • Magic Item Collection (EB)
  • Advanced Guide Collection (EB)
  • One Shot Collection (EB)
  • Monster Collection ($25 add-on)
  • Curse of Wolf's Peak module ($25 add-on)
  • Monster Starter Pack (SG)
  • Spellblade Class PDF (SG)
  • PDF Collection Upgrade (SG) - +1 One-shot, +3 Monsters in Starter, +5 Monsters in MC, +10 Magic Items (SG)
  • PC & GM Cheat Sheets (SG)

And, as of the morning of Friday 07-Jun-2024 (2d22h into the KS), we're closing in on $1M and another SG -- Premade Characters for all 13 Classes, including backstory, personality, etc.

Next SG after that ($1.2M perhaps?) -- Add-On PDF Upgrade #2 (+1 One-shot, +5 Monsters in MC, +3 Monsters in MSP, +10 Magic Items... on top of the previous upgrade).

And then... who knows?

We've got time until it's done on 1 July.


I know what I'll be reading over my three-week sabbatical in July... And thinking on how to build out my Standard Fantasy Campaign into DC20 (while running it in PF 2e on here...)

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  • Lowest Price: During the Kickstarter is when you can get the PDF and Hardcover at the lowest price.

That implies to me that the price of the PDF and Hardcover are going to go up once the release comes out (if it does). I doubt the PDF will rise all the way to $70, but it will still be one of the more expensive RPG PDFs.

I'm also noticing several quotes from other D&D YouTube personalities, including OneShot Questers. It makes me wonder if the current success of the Kickstarter has more to do with the fact that YouTube personalities are endorsing the system and telling their followers about it, as opposed to any actual design aspect of the RPG itself. It's a smart marketing campaign, but I don't know if it's going to bring about long-term success for the system itself. He's got a lot to get done with the core book and all the additional PDFs, assuming he also intends to continue creating content for his YouTube channel as well. Given the success of the Kickstarter, he should probably start looking for a few freelancers to help get everything done in time for his estimated delivery time of mid-2025.

I do appreciate the inclusion of free sample rules, and the fact that the sample rule document is 158 pages. That does show that the core of the system has already been written, which helps inspire confidence he can make good on delivering everything. I'll give that a look before saying anything about the system itself.

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1 hour ago, TheDude2371 said:

Actually, that's more the value of what you're getting at that level.

You're right, reading the listing again makes that more clear. However, as Phntm888 pointed out, they did specifically say the Kickstarter is going to have the lowest prices, which implies it will NOT be $30 after the Kickstarter. Probably not $70, but $30-$40 is generally the limit for indie RPG pdfs with most coming in cheaper.


Anyhow, I've skimmed a good chunk of the sample rules and my first impression stands, they're doing a lot of the things I wanted to do, although I find some of their choices curious or flatly annoying (Charisma as willpower never ceases to annoy me, apparently the game designers have never met anyone who is both strong willed and annoying). I'll have to do a deeper dive into the magic rules at some point, but the skill and martial rules looked pretty decent.

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