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Year 2950: A Gathering in Rhosgobel


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spacer.pngspacer.pngRadagast nodded at Cecil's words. "That is Gandalf indeed. He is a far better traveler than I. I wish he were here now. His great knowledge would certainly aid us. But we must make do with what we have."

The Brown Wizard then turned towards Gramtyng to answer his request. 

"I have worked spells on you and your friends before, when you ventured into Mirkwood... and I can do it again, but that choice is not without peril. A spell of concealment might hide you from orcs and Men and beasts, and dumb brutes like trolls... yet it might hinder you from anyone with the wits to see my magic... Foes such as the horrors of the Necromancer, or things yet more ancient and unknown.

Still, I will leave it up to you."

As for Idunn, she shifted uncomfortably upon hearing Cecil's words. She had a grim tale to tell, concerning hobbits... but now was not the time for it.



@thesloth actually if you are invoking a trait for an auto-success, you don't need to roll. I will leave it up to you if you want to 'use up' your Shadow Lore trait for this first chapter. If yes, I can provide the info.

@everyone playing in the The One Ring adventure: For each successful social skill check (i.e., request towards Radagast), he can put one spell on you that will help you in the adventure. This, however, comes at a price: Each spell will increase Starting Eye Awareness by 2. It's up to you (as a group) to decide how many spells you want to risk, but Radagast can help you conceal yourselves better (bonus to Stealth), travel faster and more easily (bonus to Travel) or ask his animal friends to warn you if you are in peril (bonus to Awareness). Mechanically, you get a free bonus equal to your Attribute (or favored Attribute) to this skill check.

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Gramtyng, son of Fastredspacer.png

Riders of RohanThe Men of the Mark are a generous folk, but when war is upon them, then they are fell to their enemies as they are loyal to their friends. When the lust of battle is on them, they appear as men stricken with grief, their faces deathly white, or as madmen ready to laugh at despair. The Riders of Rohan may enter a battle-fury if they roll an 11 or 12 on any attack or Protection roll. When this happens, they may choose to gain a point of Shadow, to add one Success die (up to a maximum of 6) to all their close combat attack rolls until the end of the battle.

Minstrel of the Golden Hall The history of Rohan is not written in any book or tome. Instead it is secreted in the verses of those songs you were taught by your mother and father. You have sung for the living and the dead, and your voice has filled even the Golden Hall of Meduseld. But new deeds worthy of song occur each day as a darkness gathers and you would be there to witness them first-hand and weave them into legend.
Basic Attributes: Body 5. Heart 5. Wits 4.
Favoured Skill: Song
 | Standard of Living: MartialIndividuals belonging to a Martial culture often live according to their status in the military hierarchy, with simple warriors and soldiers sleeping together in a common area; probably as part of the household of a renowned chieftain or noble. Meals are usually consumed in large halls, with seats and tables arranged to observe rules of precedence or respect. Clothing reflects the military status of an individual as well, or that of his family.

Martial player-heroes have enough resources to look after themselves, and to pay for such things as simple accommodation and meals. Ever mindful of the cost of any luxury, they often lead an austere life, or resort to haggling to lower the price of whatever they are trying to get hold of.
Calling"Speak no secrets! Here is a scholar in the Ancient Tongue."
For you, knowledge makes the wild world a less threatening place to live in. Strangers become friends if addressed properly, yellowed maps in lost books replace a fear of the unknown with curiosity and wonder of places you have yet to explore, songs composed in ages past strengthen the weariest of hearts. A love of learning guides your every step, and illuminates the way for you and those who listen to your advice.
Favoured Skill Groups: Perception, Vocation
Trait: Rhymes of Lore
Shadow Weakness: Lure of Secrets
"The roots of those mountains must be roots indeed; there must be great secrets buried there which have not been discovered since the beginning."
Inquisitiveness and curiosity are desirable virtues in an individual, but knowledge can be put to malicious use and learned individuals can look down on others as ignorant fools. Secrets are dangerous, as the very desire of uncovering them may corrupt the heart.
TraitsMinistrelsy ☐
Story-Telling ☐
Rhymes of Lore ☐
Hero of the Woodmen ☐
Fair ☐
Reckless(Mastery) ☐
 | AP: 1Personality: ✧✧✧
Movement: ✧✧✧
Perception: ✧✧✧
Survival: ✧✧✧
Custom: ✧✧✧
Vocation: ✧✧✧
| XP: 55(62) | DP: 0No Challenges Yet.

Valour: 4Ancient Mail from Gondor(Mail) - lets you Rally Comrades from Forward Stance and allowed to attack(Found).

Horsetail Helm - Standing +1. When fighting on horseback or foot in Forward Stance, if you roll a Gandalf, you receive a bonus success die you can spend on any future rolls or give to a companion(From Heruthain).

Raging - quality unlock for Cenegeslit.
 | Wisdom: 4Old Songs and Children's Tales - When you roll a success on Inspire, Travel, Insight, Healing, Riddle, Lore check Song rating, if it is same or higher, then upgrade the quality of the success up by one: Normal->Great->Extraordinary. If the roll produced Gandalf rune, gain 1 point of Hope, once per session.

Household Esquire: Add an extra die to preparation rolls: Lore, Battle, and Insight when preparing for Journey/Combat/Social. Max 6 dice. Squire can also recover horse, bring spare weapon or shield if you drop or are disarmed, will carry you from field of battle if knocked down.

Ominous Blessing: Born in the shadow of Dwimorberg. When you roll a Sauron, can change it into a Gandalf for 1 shadow point. Luck turns and favors you but someone suffers.
End: 27/27 | Load: 15 | Fatigue: 0[+1] | Hope: 12/14 | Shadow: 6 [0] | Parry: 6 | Weary: No | Mis: No |Wound: No

Skills: Body 5 (8)+Awe ▣▣☐☐☐☐
Athletics ▣▣▣▣☐☐
Awareness ▣☐☐☐☐☐
Explore ▣☐☐☐☐☐
+Song ▣▣▣▣☐☐
Craft ▣☐☐☐☐☐
 | Heart 5 (7)Inspire ▣▣▣☐☐☐
Travel ▣▣▣☐☐☐
+Insight ▣▣▣☐☐☐
Courtesy ▣▣☐☐☐☐
Battle ▣▣☐☐☐☐
| Wits 4 (5)Persuade ☐☐☐☐☐☐
Stealth ☐☐☐☐☐☐
Search ☐☐☐☐☐☐
Hunting ▣▣▣☐☐☐
Riddle ▣☐☐☐☐☐
+Lore ▣▣▣☐☐☐
| WeaponsSwords ▣▣▣▣☐☐
Bow ▣▣▣☐☐☐
Dagger ▣☐☐☐☐☐
 | War GearWeapon | Damage | Edge | Injury | Notes | Enc
Sword 5 8 16 Ancient Keen 2
Bow 5 10 14 N/A 1

Armour/Shield | Protection | Parry | Enc
Mail 3d 12(6)
Helm +4 2
Shield +2 3
| EquipmentTreasure: 7
War Gear: Mail Shirt, Helm, Shield
Leasere: Radhors
Mab's Liquor(3)
Elven-Crafted Horse Reins
Durin the Seeker
Radagast's Tome.
 | SongsSong of Mourning(Tome) ☐
Battle-Song ☐

Gramtyng shook his head and answered Cecil: "I cannot say I know whom the Beorning means, but... Myself and Idunn did travel with Belladonna Bracegirdle and later Cheek Whitbuck. Bella was one of the founding members of our company... But she'd settled down soon after. Cheek had joined after she left and had struck down a monsterCheek dealt a finishing blow to a Huorn when we were hunting down the thief(Cenric) who stole the Sickle of the Moon from Beorn's festival in Stoneyford. That was the beginning of the problem with Valter. when we travelled together - but he'd departed after we returned to Beorn's. I think he liked the honey and mead, myself." He considered Radagast's words carefully, and at last replied: "...From what I know of the old members of our fellowship, none of us are skilled at concealment. Perhaps Cecil and Lachiel are know well this art, but we cannot always depend on them for it. I would rather risk detection by worse things than end our trip early because of some goblin's keen eye and loud mouth. But those are my thoughts; perhaps the others feel differently."



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Dahr-Ol considered Rhadagast's offer for a moment. Hard experience in the North had left the whole company on the verge of starvation or death by cold.

"Radagast if you can grant us some aid for the journey I am sure I would be grateful for whatever you choose to provide.

Cecil, as for my experience with your folk, we helped Dindy Brandybuck who had been captured by goblins. He kept his wits about him and kept that lot from killing him until he could be rescued. It's no simple thing to survive such an ordeal."


[ᚵ] (1) = 11
tor(1,no) 12,1
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spacer.pngRadagast nodded, agreeing with the company without protest.

"As you wish. Then I will place my blessing on you, so that the forest and the plains might keep you hidden from other eyes and ears while you journey. The spell may offer distractions at times of need, but beware: it is not foolproof, and it will not make you invisible or deathly quiet! Such things are beyond my power."

There was no incantations or intricate gestures-he merely said it, and it was done, or so he claimed: for nothing seemed to change suddenly; everything was as it had been before, and that was all.

"Now the time has come to go seek Banna, my little sparrow. She knows much about Wilderland, and she will offer you guidance. She awaits you inside my cottage; go while I speak to the others. The door is open."

spacer.pngIdunn interjected. She had hoped to avoid this, but Dahr-Ol had mentioned Dindy, and so she felt it would be disingenuous to say nothing about the hobbits of the Easterly Inn, especially with Cecil present. Only her physical distance from Dahr-Ol had saved the Beorning from a sharp elbow to the side, but it was too late to ask him to keep his mouth shut now.

"Master Cecil. My companion mentions Dindy, but I feel obliged to say that I have grim tidings regarding the Easterly Inn. I passed by the place in my travels, as did some of my companions... and I regret to say that it is no more.

I am sorry."



Ok, I've tallied the votes, and it seems like the majority of TOR players want a spell of concealment but nothing else. So let's go with that.

We are nearing the end of this intro scene. I'll try to set us up in separate threads in the coming days (one for The One Ring group and another for Ironsworn). Until then, if there's any last things you want to add here, feel free. No pressure either way. This is the last time for this adventure that the two groups (TOR/Ironsworn) will be in the same place, unless something very unpredictable happens.

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Barin Greycloak

Barin glanced up from where he'd been furiously scribbling on a scrap of parchment.

"Yes, yes. Concealment, stealth, ideal." before folding and then rolling the piece into an impossibly small cylinder.

"Master Radagast," he continued, somewhat more present now he'd finished his writing, "this is for King Dain. If you could see it safely delivered to him, and only him, I would much appreciate it. It is written in code lest it fall into the hands of the enemy, so only my Lord will be able to decipher it's content. However, it merely recounts our current whereabouts and tidings from the present, just so he doesn't worry that I've been killed out here West of our lands."


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"I understand, and may you journey as safely as we," Lachiel replied to Radagast before his spell.
She hadn't had much contact with little Hobbits, as they rarely made their way to Lake-Town, so it would be interesting to see Cecil's mannerisms at the very least. However, Idunn's news would likely mean he would be dour for part of the trip. It was never easy to hear of the death of one's kind.
With Radagast's spell seemingly finished, Lachiel couldn't help herself but look about her body as if expecting to see something happen. This was the first magic ever used upon her so she didn't know what to think. Nothing felt different, and as her eyes scanned the rest of her travel companions, so too did they appear the same. The Elf tried hard not to appear somehow disappointed at the lack of indication.
"Thank you for your blessing, Radagast. It is not something we ask for lightly," she added with a small head bow. At his suggestion she walked to the cabin and stepped inside. Yet another new experience would be talking to a bird, apparently. This day was bursting with firsts for the girl.
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Ed: 1 | He: 3 | Ir: 2 | Sh: 2 | Wi: 1

Mom: 2 (10/2) | Heart: 5 | Spirit: 5 | Supply: 5

"It is as she says," the Beorning bowed his head at Idunn's news, moved from his own dark thoughts to different ones. "I was one of those companions when we saw the ruins."

As the group prepared to part ways, he offered what he could to those who would travel to Gladden. "May good health and fortune follow you, and may we meet again in more comfortable times."




Berserker - (Combat Talent)
When you Secure an Advantage or Compel by embodying your wild nature, add +1, and take +1 momentum on a hit.
When you Strike or Clash by unleashing your rage (decide before rolling), inflict +1 harm on a hit. Then, choose one:
------ Push yourself: Endure Harm (1 harm)
------ Lose yourself: Endure Stress (1 stress)
When you Endure Harm in a fight, and your Health is above zero, you may let the pain inflame your wildness (decide before rolling). If you then score a strong hit and choose to embrace the pain, take +momentum equal to your remaining Health. A weak hit counts as a miss.

Wayfinder - (Path)
When you Undertake a Journey, take +1 momentum on a strong hit. If you burn momentum to improve your result, also take +1 momentum after reset.
When you Secure an Advantage or Gather Information by carefully surveying the landscape or scouting ahead, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.
When you Swear an Iron Vow to safely guide someone on a perilous journey, you may reroll any dice. When you Fulfill Your Vow and mark experience, take +1 experience.

Talisman - (Ritual)
When you fashion a charm, envision it and name the specific person or creature it protects against. Then roll +wits.
------ On a strong it, when the wearer opposes the target through a move, add +2. If a one is rolled on the action die while making a move using the charm, the magic is spent.
------ On a weak hit, as above, but the wearer adds +1 when making a move (instead of +2).
As above, and you may instead fashion a charm which aids the wearer against all supernatural threats, such as mystic rituals or horrors.
When you perform this ritual, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.

Shadow-walk - (Ritual)
When you cloak yourself with the gossamer veil of the shadow realms, roll +shadow. On a strong hit, take +1 momentum. Then, reroll any dice (one time only) when you make a move by ambushing, hiding, or sneaking. On a weak hit, as above, but the shadows try to lead you astray. You must first Face Danger to find your way.
As above, and you may also travel along the hidden paths of the shadow realms to Undertake a Journey using +shadow (instead of +wits). If you do, Endure Stress (1 stress) and mark progress twice on a strong hit.
 When you perform this ritual, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.


▥= 1 tick, ▦= 2 ticks, ▩= 3 ticks, = full

Vow: name (rank)
Vow: name (rank)
Vow: name (rank)
Vow: name (rank)
Vow: name (rank)

Bond 1: Olwinne his wife
Bond 2: Rhosgobel villagers/friends
Bond 3: Idunn
Bond 4: Woodmen-town
Bond 5: Bróin/Vara
Experience: ◍ = have, = used


Completed Vows: Rescue the Missing Hunters (T), Deal with the Spiders (D), Defend the Woodmen (F)
Completed Scenes: Destroy the Spider Nest (F), Convince the Elvenking (D), Defend the Western Walls (T)
Completed Combats: Boss Spider (F), Orc Warband (D), Stealthy Orc Infiltrators (T)
Completed Journeys: To Forest Gate (D)

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Cecil Brandybuck

More familiar names… yes… There was a Bracegirdle or three living in Hardbottle. His mother use to say talking to them was like talking to the soft side of a pillow (and just as well). But to hear first of Gandalf and then of Hobbits chipped away at the distance of his journey until he could just about imagine a raucous dinner spread at one end. Nevermind the goblins and monsters, whom in the moment were only passing, wretched thoughts. He could scarcely imagine a Bracegirdle being so lively.

Then one of the men mentioned Dindy. “Well I’ll be… Dindy, you flat-footed bugger! That rascal! He told his father, you know - he told his father he was going fishing across the North Farthing and never came back. I cannot one one moment believe…” He smile grew wider, bouncing smoke up and down.

In that moment, Radagast’s words caught up with him and he sank into stillness and said no more. Something prevented him from inquiring further on their fates and the East widened again before him and became cold. He was back amongst strangers. He nodded to Radagast and Tarric and with some strangeness moved to the peripheral.


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Ingi, son of Isolf

Slowly a brown cloak in the corner of the grove stirred. "Let it not be said that all men of the lake no longer walk beyond their city".

The speaker wrily smiled at the horselord as he spoke, and added "least our companionship be forgotten I would offer my name and my bow to the company that will depart. I am Ingi son of Isolf of Laketown. As the great and the good were introducing themselves it seemed out of place for a second son to interrupt."

Bowing as he spoke Ingi continued "Radagast, as your council has always proved true I will take any blessing you care to bestow for the long journey ahead."

A crowing from the nearby tree caused the lakeman to laugh and continue "And that black thief in the tree would have you know that he is Munir and will join, and to complete my menagerie the pup is called Vef".



I may be posting from Yelik from time to time, as she's not fully made the transition to Baldr. But I am sending game updates over Discord for Yelik, so she is following along and can interact and write posts there. This post was also written by Yelik.

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