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  • Read Only Game 聽路聽 10 members 聽路聽 Last active

    A series of thematic, one-shot D&D 5e games.

  • Read Only Game 聽路聽 18 members 聽路聽 Last active

    This is an Empire! game using the MW Empire! Alpha Ruleset set on the Ringworld of Ayr, a setting developed by SerakHawk, Chimi, Basil_Bottletop and Colin. This game is intended as a showcase of the Empire! game running on Mythweavers.

  • Read Only Game 聽路聽 6 members 聽路聽 Last active

    In the great War of Mortality, only Time remains undefeated. Patience and Indifference are no longer tactics that Man can rely upon. A Day of Reckoning is coming. ~*~*~*~ The story is one of a kind. We're using Memory Tokens to help our amnesiac PCs figure out what in their past is important and what will help survive.

  • Open Game 聽路聽 3 members 聽路聽 Last active

    They say the stars hold riches, and perhaps they did, but that was years ago. Nowadays, a crew needs to do what a crew needs to do just to scrape together the Credits needed to keep their ship moving and their bellies full, let alone the debtors off their backs. Luckily, your crew has landed a job that might just be their ticket to a better life. If they can survive it, and what comes after.

  • Read Only Game 聽路聽 1 member 聽路聽 Last active

    This is SerakHawk's Corner. It will contain Ducj related musings, post formats, game planning in works and light rule sets converted to Forum style play. Maybe hints and tips, but that might be pushing it

  • Open Game 聽路聽 8 members 聽路聽 Last active

    The location for the MW Empire! community and rules, tips, tricks and discussions not related to a specific MW Empire Game.

  • Closed Game 聽路聽 5 members 聽路聽 Last active

    A World Without Numbers semi-sandbox Romp through a self made setting in the Skies Between, part of the larger under development Call of the Void setting by SerakHawk.

  • Closed Game 聽路聽 8 members 聽路聽 Last active

    Sci-fi warfare against an enemy humanity created!

  • Read Only Game 聽路聽 6 members 聽路聽 Last active

    This game hasn't provided a description.

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