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The Fallen's Rest Tavern - Application OOC

The Eyeball Kid

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Hi everyone,

Firstly I like to say... Awesome !

A high level adventure in Hell ! Oh how sorely I was tempted to play a Paladin in Hell !!!

However, the next best thing for me is a male Drow Warlock Binder who thinks he is 'the Chosen One' to one day overthrow the Matriachy of Drow society.

Questions for the DM

  1. Would a hand crossbow be ok for a Drow Improved Pact Weapon ? To be precise, a (rare) Starshot hand crossbow for 2500 gp
  2. for my very rare item, a Skull Helm would be... freaky cool... erm, just a statement.
  3. for my uncommon item, a Rapier +1 or maybe a Soul coin (see below)
  4. my other request is to buy Elven Chain, however this is another rare item (for Drow ?)
  5. A soul coin ?... would be awesome for a material spell component for Incite Greed, if thats allowed.
  6. Also is Hell as bright as Daylight ?... to dazzle a Drow ?... or is it just like dim torch light, I'd go with dim...

I'm going to look at being a Summoner / Binder type if that works in Hell... ?!?




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Yeah, AI is a bit finicky and has a bunch of built-in biases. It kind of shows how big of an impact Gandalf and Tolkien had on the wizard stereotype though.

You might try 'mage' instead of 'wizard' or be more specific with the prompt. It's probably best if you use a written description of each character instead.

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19 minutes ago, slinkman00 said:

Maybe he looked younger BEFORE she sucked the life outta him? lol

Sounds like she couldn't finish her meal. There's that saying "Eat everything off your plate or no dessert." same thing here. Drink all your wizard before you go back to the abyss for dessert! LOL

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3 minutes ago, DarkAngel said:

@Miss... looks like you've been growing your eyebrows... it's been a while.

Tell me, who's your favorite character these days... ?

I used to play a Demonbinder female drow who liked to manifest as a succubus... she was definitely one of my fav's

LOL you know I've been meaning to update the avatar here with New-MW. Should probably do that.

And- new name? Or is my "terrible with memory in old age and always being bad with names" kicking in again? Lol

So for my favorite D&D character? Well honestly I'm actually quite fond of this character I've made for this game- the idea and backstory (secret and not) is really interesting. At least in my head. Lol. But one that I've managed to get some played-time in would probably still have to be "Princess-Captain Kinsley" the airship captain. I miss playing her terribly.

I also had a Disney Princess style character that I only got to play for a really short time but loved her a lot too. Lol

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@Miss Well.. my mw name and avatar go back 10+ years here. Although we have not RP'ed much together... the few times we did I do remember your unique style, and a name like yours is hard to forget.

And I have always liked your choice of character images... I'll be looking out for your new avatar :)

An Artificer is an interesting choice for Hell... I was going for a Paladin... then a Paladin oathbreaker Warlock... but settled on a Warlock

I noticed there are many Paladin submissions... including one Paladin / Warlock build... awesome.

I love Paladin's btw... the eternal struggle of faith vs the rest of the party is always a challenge... I like a challenge :)


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