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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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Beware, beware, the children of the Sea.

"Oh, child. You will have the world." Shiobyn's voice swept over the sound of crashing waves. Cradling her successor in her arms, she stepped to the edge of the sea. The white foam kissed her knees as the child was raised slowly to the ethereal moonlight. "All of this. All for you."


Her gaze traced the rhythm of the swelling waves. Each crest and trough marked the vast expanse they could have. A smile sliced through her face, the eerie glow mirrored in her sharpened eyes and teeth. Teeth and ambitions were bared in the night.


The Ana Kai assembled on the shore, watching the waves. A slow murmur of uncertainty, silhouetted against the sea. Their skin, bronzed from the sunlight, bore the stark contrast of white paint - intricate markings that were carefully applied with a brush. With the cry of Shiobyn's joy, their spears tilted forward. The tips reflecting the moonlight were like stars fallen to earth on the shore, the coastline crimson with bonfires.


As Shiobyn swayed hypnotically under the moonlight, the Ana Kai couldn't shake off a creeping sense of unease. The fervent promises, made with zeal, sparked quiet whispers of worry. How thick of a line was there between grand ambition and dangerous obsession?



Actions -

[Military] Raise Navel a Unit

[Military] Raise Navel a Unit

[Military] Raise a Unit

[Industry] Hoard Treasure

[Industry] Hoard Treasure





One Child Born with a Starsign in 211

TrackingDiplomacy: 3

Military: 6

Industry: 2

Faith: 4

Intrigue: 3

Units: 3
Hero: Ashzara

This round: Military + 1, Industry +1


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Voile Domain
Sabine, Queen of Veils

  • A popular myth persists that the veiled folk are unaware of the male role in reproduction, believing instead that children are generated spontaneously and asexually. While it is true that Voilese children are raised communally, and it is often impossible to be certain of their biological father, the myth can be traced back to a translation error between a flirtatious (and brave) Nord and a Valkyrie. What was taken to mean, "I can make my own children without you," would be better understood as, "I'd rather **** myself."
  • In a similar vein, Queen Sabine expresses some confusion as to the concept of monogamy. If she can take one husband, she suggests there is nothing stopping her from taking several. Prospects of diplomatic marriages are not forthcoming.


  1. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP1 (9, Failure) - Negotiations to secure timber rights are ongoing and hilariously inept.
  2. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP2 (8, Failure) - The gift of seeds from the sacred Grandfather Pine Corsicus leads to the mistaken belief that the Voilese use pine cones as currency.
  3. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Whispering Wood in 206, TP1 (4, Failure) - "All trade talks and no play makes Jacques a dull boy." - Repeated last words of Voilese Ambassador before vanishing into the woods in a fugue state. 
  4. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Wind Rock in 212, TP1 (10, Failure) - "Why are we merchants here? Only to suffer?" - Voilese Attaché
  5. [Military] Recruit a Unit: More Valkyries
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Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP1
2d6+2 6,1
Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP2
2d6+2 4,2
Buyout Open TP of Whispering Wood in 206, TP1
2d6+2 1,1
Buyout Open TP of Wind Rock in 212, TP1
2d6+2 2,6
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Zavestra - Region 203
Year Nine of the Sybarite Rose
in the House of the _______.



[Military] - Raise a Unit

[Military] - Raise a Unit

[Industry] - Buyout #212-1

[Industry] - Gather Rayjo

[Industry] - Hoard Treasure








Resist Conversions

Resist Buyouts

[Spend Treasure] - For Buyout of 212. One treasure remaining after hoarding action.

[Faith] - Prepare for the Lunar Convergence. Seek Aid For Buyout of 212.


+1 favor owed to SPH.

-1 favor owed to MYR.

+1 to Military score

+1 to Industry score



2d6+4+1+1 1,5
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Omega, Turn Three (Year 9-12)


Frustration and peril. Progress cannot be halted, but it has been stymied in every direction by interlopers, malefactors, and the lost. To the north, Still Lake sends one of several prospective next Parents to negotiate. To the east, Still Lake sends Kor and the guardians.

Some news is good, though. With their new building techniques comes a new kind of Elemental, a genius loci, is born! The first among these is Emerald Root, and through it the forest of Root and all its creatures and features are linked. They are one. They are whole. The improvements are noticeable immediately: a wealth of resin flows forth, and paths open up to allow the passage of friends and mysteriously vanish as foes approach.


[Military]: Send 6 units and Kor over the border to conquer Region 200! No military technology is in use, one region of distance is traveled, and the border is normal. Kor will attempt to use the Skirmish tactical doctrine.
[Military]: Raise One Unit
[Diplomacy]: Stake Claim on region 210. (Failure vs TN 12)
[Industry (Special 5)]: Establish the "city" of Emerald Root in Region 205.
[Industry]: Attempt to Buyout Lyrisite TP 2 in Region 203. (Success vs. TN 12)


Resist Buyouts
Resist Conversion Attempts

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2d6+4 2,3
2d6+5 4,3
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It was raining in the Great Forum. The water came crashing down in sheets right about the Speaker's Circle.

It is not supposed to rain here, it's just that for the last two decades there has been a hole in the roof. It was initially of the highest importance that this hole is fixed. Then the speaking members noticed that, really, the sun and rain and birdshit falling down didn't really bother them. Then they started using the sunbeam/waterfall for dramatic purposes.

At this point the restoration project is still ongoing, but was the work of two people on alternate weekends, with long lunch breaks. Today, as with all days, lunch came with a free show.

"The Lyma Hypothesis has beend upheld again and again by the observations! This body should and must consider the abundance of evidence-"

"You are here to inform on facts. Not discuss policy."

"I disagree, policy should conform to facts. The two are inseparable. There hasn't-"

"Then FACT: On at least three occasions, proponents of the Lyma Hypothesis have been forced to retract their observations of so-called Near-World Astral Bodies because it turned out to be birds in the sky. Is that true?"

"Three out of nearly a hundred observations of Near-World Astral Bodies. DARK Astral Bodies, which briefly occlude the stars in perfectly predictable trajectories!"

"Is it not true that since you cannot see these Near-World Dark Astral Bodies directly, it is not necessarily the same objects which you are seeing on these so-called trajectories, but rather different ones that just happen to-"

"The Alarides-Polyfea Hypothesis? T-"

Several voices in the surrounding cliques abruptly cut in, "Polyfea-Alaride!"

"I am not expressing an opinion on the correct attribution. I am merely stating the authors' names alphabetically for convenience. I-"


"Convenience!? At the expense of correct recognition?!"
"Alarides merely contributed some of the framework for understanding-"
"The framework is the most crucial part-!"
"- when actual work from Polyfea sits-"

For the next two days, the Great Forum dissolved into chaos. The head of the Observatory Delegation quietly slipped out, to look more at the stars.


In the Temple of Learning - really a hollow dirt mound with gaps cut in the side for doors and dozens of shading tarps stretched over the top for shade - there was a much more orderly discussion.

"- and Nilomede will be deputy Director of Education for this expedition. Any questions?"

General silence, and then a translucent hand raised.

"I was on the previous expedition. Shouldn't we be sending more veterans, rather than mostly new peoples?"

"We're sure that certain of us are better at communicating and teaching certain foreign people than others. Didn't you get the memo about the rotation program?"


"Ask someone for a copy. It's already been debated the full rounds and a resolution passed last week. Any other questions?"


(F) Action: Convert Holy Site (115)

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site (112)

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site (100)

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site (111)

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site (110)

Convert 115
2d8+7 2,1
Convert 112
2d8+7 2,7
Convert 100
2d8+7 3,5
Convert 111
2d8+7 7,1
Convert 110
2d8+7 4,8
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Round 3 End Tracking

The Maenos have experienced a series of unfortunate events and the government is in turmoil! No Actions of note have occurred. 

The Rikathi have neglected to seek the favor of dice. Missed rolls being completed (friendly game)

  • Seek Aid
  • Investigate the Star Signs
  • Raise Rep with Mykran 1>2 TN 12

The Zabka have waged war on region 116 with Kremit (9) and four units vs Mist Keggie and two units.

  • River Crossing, +2 to Defenders
  • Tac Result Reckless (+@) for Keggie
    • Zabka Skirmishing Tac
    • Mist Keggie Reckless Tac
  • Duel Result -2 to Zabka: 
    • Mist Keggie Challenges, Kremit refuses.
  • Combat Result Zabka Wins by 2, 40% losses
    • Zabka +4 units, +9 Commander, -2 Duel
    • Zabka Combat
    • Mist Keggie +2 units, +7 Commander, +2 Tac Doctrine, +2 River
    • Mist Keggie
  • Units Lost: 2
  • Leader Loss (-2 Units lost)
    • Leader Loss Roll

The Omega send Kor (10) and six units vs Joe and his one unit.

  • Joe the Leader
  • No Terrain Effects
  • Tac Result Omega Wins the Skirmishing Tac
    • Omega Skirmishing Tac
    • Joe Reckless Tac
  • Duel: No Duel
  • Combat Result Omega Wins by 10, 10% losses due to skirmishing.
    • Omega +6, +10 Commander
    • Omega
    • Joe +1, +6 Commander
    • Joe
  • Units Lost: 1
  • Leader Loss (-1 Units lost)
    • Leader Omega Loss Roll
Seek Aid
2d6+6 4,4
Investigate the Star Signs
2d6+1 3,4
Raise Rep with Mykran 1>2 TN 12
2d6+3 5,2
Zabka Skirmishing Tac
2d6+9-1 3,1
Mist Keggie Reckless Tac
2d6+7 4,3
Leader Loss Roll
1d20 16
Joe the Leader
1d6+4 2
Omega Skirmishing Tac
2d6+10-1 2,6
Leader Loss Roll
1d20 3
Zabka Combat
2d6+4+9-2 3,6
Mist Keggie
2d6+2+7+2+2 1,4
Leader Omega Loss Roll
1d20 8
Joe Reckless Tac
2d6+6 5,1
2d6+6+10 5,6
2d6+1+6 6,4
A Particularly Green Child
1d5 5
A Rikathi Child
1d5 4
One Child Born
1d5 4
Kremit Combat d10s
2d10+4+9-2 3,9
Mist Keggie Combat d10s
2d10+2+7+2+2 5,10
Kor Combat d10s
2d10+6+10 5,5
Joe Combat d10s
2d10+1+6 2,6
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Round 4

Announcements & Rule Updates
  • The Maenos (Eric) missed last round. You may have 6 actions this round.
  • Welcome Dark, Mystic, Tychris, Aerin and Bellossom to the Game! They are all starting with 6 actions on a Brenn Tyr!
  • So because private is / might be a little broken Staff please if you see a private block do not open the spoiler'd text inside.
  • Poll Closed on map vs sheet use! Was fairly split between Tables and Map so nothing at this point is changing.
  • Round 3 Correction, missed the Zavestra hoarding a treasure. Added in and tables updated.

Ocean Travel Clarification

BorderExample1.png.4098668b964071fd71169ed96b75a486.pngI've noted some clarification is required for Ocean Travel and what tall sails or other sailing techs will do. Here is the clarification and the ruling:

There are two types of ocean "cells" or regions, Coastal, and Ocean. Coastal cells are all cells or regions that inhabit the water space closest to a landmass, they encircle the landmasses and are shown by the two first gradients of the coastline on the maps and are represented by the Teal borders. Center of the map section shown.

Ocean cells are every other cell in the ocean that is not bordering a landmass with a shoreline. They are shown by the last two gradients of shoreline, notably in the picture used the rightmost two and are represented by the dark blue borders.

River borders can be crossed by land armies, those are the light blue borders shown on the map. Some landmasses close to other landmasses or islands have a river border and can be crossed as if it was a land connection.

Of note, Tall sails allows access through *all* coastal cells with no limit to the number of cells crossed while each cell counts against the distance penalties. Additional sailing technologies are required to cross into the Ocean cells, and each additional tech allows an additional Ocean cell crossed.


Altarin & Taer Mojr & Brenn Tyr

Altarin R4 Map


Taer Mojr R4 Map


Brenn Tyr R4 Map



Altarin Growth!
  • The Toteharu grow the Seaweed Raft Flotilla (+1 navy)
  • The Toteharu have established a cultural identity of Epic Quests! (2d6>2d8)
  • The Nanx Throng have formed significant connections with The Meanos! An embassy for the two realms has been constructed by the Nanx Throng to signify their friendship. Shaman Trew lives with the Meanos!
  • Mrrrumkaro raise forces to help recoup their loses in battle (+1 unit)
Taer Mojr Growth!
  • The Ana Kai raise a naval force! (+2 navy)
  • The Ana Kai prepare for war! (+1 unit)
  • The Ana Kai hoard a war chest of valuable goods (+2 Treasure)
  • The Zavestra raise soldiers for war! (+2 units)
  • The Zavestra hoard treasures and taxes of their lands (+1 Treasure)
  • The Omega raise a unit of elements for war (+1 unit)
  • The Omega found the City of Emerald Root in Region 205 granting them an additional resource of Emerald Resin!
  • The Omega passively generate 1 treasure!
  • VOI +1 Unit (Edit missed)
Brenn Tyr Growth!
  • The Isles of Rise, Ruin and Redemption (RAW) have risen out of obscurity in Region 130!
  • Tancourt (TAN) has climbed out of the mud of Region 413!
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners (BBB) has once again set its eyes beyond its ancestral mountain of Region 417!
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa (SYP) weave their tales to the world at large in Region 415!
  • A mysterious realm enters the stage in Region 426!


Altarin Claim!
  • Mrrrumkaro presses their claim of rulership over region 102, convincing many of the ruling families. A few hold outs remain.
    [1 round complete, 1 round remaining]
Taer Mojr Claim!
  • The Rikathi promised protection and made diplomatic overturns in Region 201 successfully laying a claim to the region!

Failed Claims

  • The Omega attempt to convince the people of Region 210 that the Omega are their rightful rulers. The people disagree. (9 < 12)
Brenn Tyr Claim!
  • These realms have claimed naught as they know naught.


Altarin Trade!
  • The Nanx Throng successfully convinces the horse drivers of Region 113 to allow the Nanx Throng use of their herds for shiny stones and cheese. The Nanx Throng Gain Horses! The Nanx of the Wyr Foothills praise Shaman Delce for getting them ridable mounts!

Failed Buyouts

  • The Toteharu attempt to barter for some Tin in region 111 but are not able to seal the deal.
  • The Nanx Throng try to explain trading boats for clams for a second time, but the people from region 107 again say they have boats at home.
  • Mrrrumkaro tries to buy flax from the people of region 102, but the merchants are wary of them and want more assurances than the Mrrrumkaro can give.
Taer Mojr Trade!
  • The Zavestra approach the denizens of Region 212 with talks of trade and profit, successfully buying out the trade post while using a treasure to grease the wheels. The Zavestra gain Wind Rock! The Zavestra praise Emissary Nyxara for acquiring Construction Stone!
  • The Omega trade with the Zavestra and successfully buyout a resource of Lyrisite in Region 203!

Failed Buyouts

  • The Voile Domain has a string of failures and inability to seal deals. All trade deals for Region 207, Region 206 and Region 212 fall through.
Brenn Tyr Trade!
  • The realms have woken! Prepare the goods!


Altarin Conversion!
  • The Weak Lands debate their way through Region 112 in the years following the Rose tournament and successfully convince them that they believe in the Weak Ways without revealing what those Ways are! Region 112 is converted to the Weak Ways!
  • The Weak Lands continue their debates across Altarin and convince the people of newly conquered Region 100 to buy-into the Weak Ways. Region 100 is converted to the Weak Ways!
  • On arriving to the Meanos' home lands the Weak Lands manages to finagle the populous into believing that they believe in the ill-defined Weak Ways causing much upheaval and consternation of the leadership. Region 110 is converted to the Weak Ways!
  • The flight of the Dark's Shine believers leaves a vacuum for the Weak Lands to convince buy-in of the Weak Ways. Region 111 is converted to the Weak Ways

Failed Conversions

  • The Weak Lands fail to debate region 115 into converting to the enigmatic Weak Ways.
Taer Mojr Conversion!
  • The Rikathi provide aid in Region 215 and teach the inhabitants The Oath. The populous takes to it like wildfire and Region 215 is converted to The Oath!
Brenn Tyr Conversion!
  • Faith is but a fickle thing in the dark



Active Quests

  • Taer Mojr: [Region 204: Epic Quest Cleanse the Depth!]
    These kinds of Ruins are dangerous, and best explored by heroes. Who knows what may lie in the depths? The Grounded Sky Tower can be revisited with a TN 14 Hero Roll. The danger of the Veiled Dark can be dispersed with a TN 16 Hero Roll. There is no time limit to this Quest]
  • Altarin: [Epic Quest - The White Leviathan!]
    Heroes may be dispatched to deal with the White Leviathan (TN 16). All Heroes sent will contest with other Heroes on this quest as only one can be successful in their hunt. Heroes may support each other in the endeavors if they want to combine hunts. Three successes by multiple parties are required to determine the outcome. There is no time limit to this Quest.

Hero Register

Te-Raupea the Arbor Bear (8) of the Toteharu Eilonwy of Velentin (10) of the Seekers of the Spheres
Ashzara (10) of the Ana Kai Soline, Champion of the Wolf Maidens (7) of the Voile Domain
Kremit of Zeilony (9) of the Mrrrumkaro Kor, the burning Simurgh (10) of the Omega
  • No heroic events are heralded.


  • Even as the Rikathi seek the Seekers to explain the meanings of the Star Sign, the Seekers themselves track down the villages where the Signs were first reported, performing tests and divinations where welcome and quietly observing where not. Their final report is joyful, yet sobering - the Star Signs are omens of a great destiny, and are actually moonbeams printed to flesh, emanating from the yet-to-be Convergence! Somehow, the Convergence is a promise, its power already waxing long before its occurrence. Though all children born under the twin glows are understood to be blessed in some way, a scant few - less than a dozen - shine far beyond the others. There are hundreds of lesser starsigns reported in lands familiar to the Seekers, but these greater marks shine luminescent with great destinies indeed - heroes and leaders. Most react with joy to this omen, but some wonder what changes the True Convergence will bring if even its first waxing has wrought this.
    [As a non-action, each realm that has not already produced a Starsigned child in Round 3 may choose a single Child born in Round 4 to gain a Starsign. These specially noted Starsigns, including those from Round 3, are the most powerful of the Starsigns and mark the child’s potential - once the mark (and the child) mature, it becomes a source of power. Beginning in Round 6, should a child bearing a Great Starsign become a hero or ruler, that player may add 1 to that hero’s hero score roll or to one of that ruler’s ruler rolls (of their choice). This bonus cannot increase a stat above 10. Bearing a Starsign may have other benefits or consequences.]

  • Deeply curious about the mysterious language fragments recovered from the Grounded Sky Tower, Eilonwy returns to Velentin to consult the Seekers' archives in search of an answer. Though there are too few fragments for a proper reconstruction, she and her compatriots are successful in identifying them as fragments of the lost language of a People known as the Sunken, who long ago had a widespread presence deep beneath the earth but receded for unknown reasons! This is only the first step of a much more arduous path in learning the truth, and yet she allows herself a smile. Knowledge is a victory.


  • The stars sing, the moons turn and the people rejoice! Yølym the Wanderer is approaching the apex of its convergence with the Winding Rose! The alignment is nigh and all realms prepare for the planned date! The Myrkran Refugees aid where they can in preparing for the day of True Convergence as the Seekers of the Spheres have predicted the day and hour!
  • After years of effort, the Rayjo network goes up in truth! Myrkran settlers in Taer Mojr and Altarin alike speak with one another across impossible distances, beaming noise through the air somehow! Already tales begin to spread of faraway lands as told by the refugees, and news spreads from one side of a continent to the other faster than ever before!
    [Some of the enterprising and learned among the Myrkran have established Rayjo! Though the exact mechanisms of its function are a trade secret, their newfound ability to talk to metal allows messages to be sent from nearly any major settlement to any other - but not secretly, and sometimes with less than perfect fidelity as tales change in the retelling. Still, news travels, and the Myrkran are happy to keep those who have shown them kindness informed of goings-on.]


  • Altarin: The Disciples tore into the Myrkran Colony like rolling thunder, dozens upon dozens of mechanical horrors bearing down on homes, fields, anywhere that Maestro Duval could have hidden his laboratory, a wolf among the Westerner sheep. A company of what militia the Myrkran could muster and a company of Nanx Fighting-People, the only group to come to their aid, stood side by side in a desperate stand against the armored menace. But the Disciples were students of War, and the forces hastily assembled before them were not. The rude mechanicals alone tore a bloody swathe through the Myrkran, their scythed limbs sending fingers, horns, heads, and legs flying about like wheat to a thresher - more a slaughter than a fight. The Nanx fared better, holding the line against the beetle-machines despite their losses, but these were merely the first wave. A score of metal men rode in on horses of steel, holding long black weapons of unknown make. They leveled them at the Nanx lines beyond the sea of black metal, and beams of fire and death perforated those who had valiantly stood at first. This, finally, broke morale. The remaining Fighting-Men routed, their Myrkran friends already lost, dragging what they could save of the smoldering and severed remains of their fallen behind them. Mercifully, the Disciples did not pursue. Village after village was overrun and searched, left half-destroyed once the disciples were satisfied the lab was not there, over and over again - until the found it. Hidden among the Myrkran, the crazed Maestro ranted about the liberation of the sunrise and the merciful, quick end he sought to bring. They found the device behind him; there was still time to disarm it. Barely. Commander Yarrol shuddered to look upon the massive thing, a room-sized horror festooned with drills and exotic weaponry. They’d done it. The blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. Altarin remained above the waves.
    [The Disciples of Silicon were successful in finding Maestro Duval and disarming his Doomsday Machine! No cataclysm strikes Altarin! Region 115 enters unrest!]

  • Altarin: The faithful of The Dark's Shine in Region 111 have all fled following their prophet's disappearance and the conversion of the populous to the Weak Ways. Followers of the Dark's shine have all disapeared throughout the lands taking nothing with them.

  • Brenn Tyr: People have been reported to be disappearing seemingly into thin air from various villages and towns through-out Brenn Tyr. The only commonality is that strangers in dark garb with a glowing mark on their wrist were spotted in the hours leading up to the disappearance.




  • The Zavestra and Toteharu assist the Myrkran in Gathering Rayjo (6/5), canceling 1 favor debt each!
  • The Rikathi attempt to win over the Peoples of Myrkran further, but while their efforts are appreciated they seem to come to little!

Disciples of Silicon

  • The Mrrrumkaro and Omega each gain 1 Disciples of Silicon favor for their assistance in Analyzing Combat Data!
  • The Nanx attempt to stymie the Disciples in their hunt would perhaps have alienated them under other circumstances, but Nanx candor and charm manages to soften the blow! No net change!

Seekers of the Spheres

  • The Toteharu redouble their efforts to acquaint themselves with the Seekers of the Spheres, and gain 1 reputation!
  • The Zavestra request the Seekers' Aid channeling the power of the Lunar Convergence! They go 1 favor into debt!


  • No new lands have been found


Altarin War!
  • Mrrrumkaro has failed to quell the unrest of Region 100!
  • Region 100 requires its write-up to be completed! [4 rounds remaining]

Mrrrumkaro vs Region 116 

Mrrrumkaro: 4 units, Hero (Kremit 9), skirmish (lost), refused Duel

Region : 2 units, Leader (Mist Keggie 7), reckless (won), attempted Duel

Kremit the Hero was prepared for war, or so he thought. The notorious Mist Keggie who had vowed vengeance for the Mrrumkaro's previous attack had organized the rag-tag forces of Region 116 and had forded off Kremit's advance at the river. Both sides were sizing the other up, skirmish here, a feint there. Kremit had tried to reach the crossing before Keggie could entrench but was too late and could not approach easily. Mist Keggie called out for a duel, taunting the Hero of the Mrrrumkaro, insulting him in front of all the Zabka present.

Kremit paused for a moment to settle his troops, they had the numbers, they had the strength - what was a few taunts from a poorly organized force against the Mrrrumkaro! What Kremit was not expecting was for Mist Keggie to charge her force through the ford, quick and fast they swam without armor and with abandon catching the Mrrrumkaro forces and laying waste to gathered enemies. Not without losses of their own however.

Kremit the Hero is turned back by Mist Keggie in region 116, losing two units to the battle while killing one of the defending units!


Taer Mojr War!

The Omega vs Region 200 

Omega: 6 units, Hero (Kor 10), skirmish (won), no Duel

Region : 1 units, Leader (Joe 6), reckless (lost), no Duel

The armies of the Omega marched, slithered, rumbled and blazed into the emptied heart of Taer Mojr, where the apparent presence of a mysterious void cult had long since caused so many villages to disappear. In their place had risen a petty warlord, Joseph the Breaker, or simply Joe. Clad in furs with a helm made from the skull of some mighty horned beast, he might have been a more imposing sight if not for the creature of fire and death standing opposite him, Kor the Phoenix. His forces were paltry compared to those of the Omega, outnumbered nearly tenfold, and when the lines stood opposite each other, the cry to charge died in Joe's throat.

It was a short and brutal affair, but the Omega stood victorious over the barren land.

The Omega conquer region 200 losing one unit to the battle!

Region 200 is in unrest!

Region 200 requires its write-up to be completed! [5 rounds remaining]


Brenn Tyr War!
  • No war troubles Brenn Tyr



A cold wind from the west blows through Altarin and Taer Mojr frosting land well into spring and sapping the warmth of the sun away in the summer.

Brenn Tyr suffers from some unseasonal wet hot winds from the southeast, clashing with the chilled northern airs. More thunderstorms and hail occurs than seen on record.


Rumors & Events!

Rumors and Events

Boats from the Myrkan people have ceased landing on the shores of Altarin and Taer Mojr, the current swarm of Myrkran listen to their Rayjo's and say the situation of their homelands continues to be dire. Reports from Brenn Tyr relay Tall Dark ships arriving from the west filled with Myrkran refugees searching for places to stay.

The Myrkran are in disarray in Altarin! Following the rampant destruction of the Myrkran colony the remnants of the refugees of Altarin are in shock and many established Myrkran are fleeing to the south and further east. In the disorder multiple heavily laden ships travelling east have failed to report through the Rayjo Towers.

With the abnormal western winds large amounts of chilling fog has been building up on the northern and eastern coasts of Taer Mojr. Fishermen braving the fog report malformed fish and shadows of ships signaling in the haze before disappearing.




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NPC Actions
Round Four


The Peoples of Myrkran

Pending Requests and Offers

[Intrigue] Beg for Answers in the Depths - The faces of the refugees pale as the first reports of monsters swallowing ships arrive in Altarin. Some wait at the beaches, desperately praying that none of their loved ones were on such ships, lost forever to things of the abyss. Some of the more clearheaded among them, community leaders, pass on a message to those who have taken them in - this is no time to panic. "We need to know the Truth." (Request: Investigate the situation with the Leviathans. Reward: +1 reputation for any successful investigation. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 2-4)

[Diplomacy] A New Settlement Plan in Taer Mojr - The reports of the raid on the Grounded Sky Tower fall on Myrkran ears with great interest. A whole abandoned city, you say? With a little touching-up (and security efforts), it's a promising settlement prospect in Taer Mojr. (Request: Grant Permission to begin settling the Grounded Sky Tower as a non-action; this opportunity is only available to the owner of Region 204. Reward: 1 Myrkran Reputation. Penalty: None. Duration: Round 3-6)


[Diplomacy] Request a Refugee Processing Center be built in Brenn Tyr - Ships arrived from the west, beaten, harrowed. The tide of the one-horned people still did not abate. Their old homes still as lost as ever, and yet newer ones ravaged by tragedy. They appealed to better natures. Who could house them, at least for now? They could work, they could build. They still had lives to live in spite of it all. (Request: Build one Myrkran Refugee Processing Center (3-action Diplomacy/Industry project) in Brenn Tyr. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed first on a single continent one will be randomly selected to become the recognized MYR base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected MYR bases will still become MYR bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 4-8)

[Industry] Offer to Share the Secrets of Masonry to Brenn Tyr, for a Price - As they did in Taer Mojr, the shrewdest among the Westerners realized something upon the shores of Brenn Tyr - Not a brick in sight, and yet there were architects and brickmolders in need of work. All they wanted was what the rest of the people of Myrkran wanted - a roof over their heads, and promises. (Offer: The Peoples of Myrkran will grant the Brick and Mortar technology to a realm upon non-action acceptance of their offer. Reward: 2 Favors owed to MYR. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 4-5)

[Industry] Call Upon Debts - The brutality of the Disciples' attack on their colony, the continual loss of ships, and ongoing issues with famine and the mysterious Void Cult take their toll on the morale of the refugees, and struggles grow by the day. Community elders lament needing to call in the network of favors they have cultivated, but it is time. (Demand: Any realm with outstanding debts to the Myrkran is asked to spend an Industry Action performing direct aid to Myrkran settlement efforts. Reward: Cancel 1 Favor Debt. Penalty: -1 MYR Reputation if refused. Duration: Round 4)



The Disciples of Silicon


Pending Requests and Offers

Identify a Suitable Location for Fortification in Taer Mojr - (Request: Build one Disciple Forbidden Vault (3-action Diplomacy/Intrigue project) in Taer Mojr. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed first on a single continent one will be randomly selected to become the recognized DOS base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become DOS bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 1-5)

[Intrigue] Identify a Suitable Location for Fortification in Brenn Tyr - A metal monster arrives in the realms of Brenn Tyr, on three wheels and spindly legs above them, culminating in a single piercing red eye. "Greetings.", it repeats in its tinny voice to those who would listen to it. "The Disciples of Silicon seek a location to establish a local outpost." It roves from hall to hall, responding to only basic queries but proving more of an innocuous curiosity than a danger. "Friends of the Disciples are rewarded well. You would do well to be a friend." (Request: Build one Disciple Forbidden Vault (3-action Diplomacy/Intrigue project) in Brenn Tyr. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed first on a single continent one will be randomly selected to become the recognized DOS base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become DOS bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 4-8)

[Intrigue] Contain and Bury the Maestro's Machine - A sacred duty; the pieces recovered from the madman's laboratory have been moved somewhere they are unlikely to be found, strategically disassembled, and buried deeply. Never again shall it pose a threat while the Disciples watch.

[Intrigue] Secret - Though the doom in Altarin was averted, the elders agree not to let these preparations go to waste, should another potential disaster strike. The hidden work continues.


The Seekers of the Spheres

Pending Requests and Offers


[Faith] Isolate the Starsigned - The wary among the Seekers worry about the great destiny the Starsigned children portend, and wish to study them further. Demands are made - this group of Seekers wishes to cloister these children for education, study, and training. If their destiny is heroic, they believe this will benefit them in the longterm. If it is not, observing them now may limit the danger. (Demand: Realms in which a Starsigned Child was born in round 3 may be sent off to the Seeker Observatory in their respective continents as a non-action. Providing at least a name and short description is a requirement to receive a reward. Reward: +1 Favor. Penalty: -1 Reputation if refused. Duration: Round 4)

[Faith] The Convergence is Nigh! - The joyful among the Seekers celebrate the promised convergence of the moons! They send representatives out across the known lands to study and assist with festival customs, with intent to channel the raw wyrd of the convergence for the benefit of all! (Request: Any realm may hold a Festival for the Convergence as a Non-Action! At least one paragraph describing your culture's festival customs and specific preparations for this event is required to receive a reward. Reward: +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Round 4)

[Military] Eilonwy of Velentin quests to revisit the Grounded Sky Tower! - Though her previous expedition had only recovered minor fragments, Eilonwy returned with greater knowledge in the hopes of gathering more to work with. Uninterested in treasure, she drew her bow and descended into the depths.

Edited by BladeofOblivion (see edit history)
Eilonwy quests to revisit the Grounded Sky Tower
2d6+11 2,4
Secret Roll
2d6 2,5
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The Nanx Throng - 109
Shaman Delce

a fourth boathide of angular writing

the moons draw close and we watch them
the shamans all agree that changes are coming
but they argue about what the changes are
shaman delce is the most calm
delce says that whatever happens we must remain the nanx

the nanx are sad
we tried to help the new people who had done no wrong
but the metal people from upwyr were too strong
their weapons are very good
and they ride strong mounts
some nanx ask if this is what being nanx is
being too weak to help our friends and neighbors
shaman delce says there are kinds and kinds of strong
but they are also very sad for the dead

the new people call for help
everyone who owes them favors needs to help them rebuild
we have been friends to them and they are in need
so even though they do not call us we will send good food
and things to help them build
it needs doing so many nanx are going

whatever changes come the shamans say we need access to the waters
so shaman agah has gone north to the clam eaters
to talk to them and have them join the nanx
they are bigger and not shaped like many nanx
but that is okay
it would be good to have more friends

our barter people go with shaman agah
to bring the clam eaters good cheeses and sour berry mash
and now they ride horses and horses pull the carts
horses are nicer and friendlier than boats
so maybe this will convince them to trade us lots of clams

down the river they have good clay
half our pots break because we have too much dirt and stone from the wyr
but downwyr the river is calmer and the lake leaves good clay
so we hope to trade full pots of sour berry mash
and get good clay and pots back so we can make more

the new people are also fearful
their people in their ships are not arriving
they have taught nanx the ways of traveling on the water
and so we must help learn what is wrong
nanx who went on the ships have gathered
near where the clam eaters live
the plant people make ships of reeds
and the clam eaters hollow out trees
we will try both and nanx will travel the water ourselves
and look for strange things

the sky watchers are excited
and the shamans have said it is almost time
they call all the nanx who can to travel back to the wyr
in the days before the moons touch there is celebration
what needs doing is fun and feasting
many boats are slaughtered
and the fine sour berry juice is drunk by all
when the bakers are not silly from the juice
they make moon cakes
honey for the bright one
charred with meat for the dark
berries for the rose
and the sprogs eat sistercakes until their bellies swell
yolym who is silly and goes their own way gets no cake
but there is a lot of berry mash drunk in their honor

i will stop writing now
its time to go watch them


The Nanx Throng


[Diplomacy] Establish Claim - 107

[Intrigue] Beg for Answers in the Depths

[Industry] Buyout Trading Post - 107 Clams

[Industry] Buyout Trading Post - 108 Clay

[Diplomacy] Raise Organization Reputation - MYR

Resist Conversion
Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts
A Festival for the Convergence!

Ruler Info

Shaman Delce

Diplomacy - 7 8

Military - 3

Industry- 7 8

Faith - 3

Intrigue - 3

Diplomacy 5 Used
Industry 5 Available

Successor - Shaman Trew - Currently establishing Embassy with Maenos

Other Notes

New Ruler Next Round? - No

Military Units 3/6
-Fighting People
-Spear People
-Slingstone People

Treasure 0/5
+0 passive treasure/round




Organizational Overview
Myrkran People, Rep 0, Favors 0
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 0
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 0 Favors 0

Temporary Cultural Identity - None
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry

Trading Posts (1, 0 treasure/round)
-109 Shimmerstone TP1
-113 Horses TP1

Faith (Unnamed Animism)
-109 - Wyr Foothills

Controlled Regions & Holy Sites

Expected Stat Gains



Diplomacy - Establish Claim
2d6+7 6,2
Intrigue - Beg Depths
2d6+3 1,3
Industry - Buyout Clams 107
2d6+7 2,2
Industry - Buyout Clay 108
2d6+7 6,1
Diplomacy - Raise Rep with MYR
2d6+7 3,2
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The Brotherhood of Black Banners

Knight Commander Sir Etoile Kotter

Diplomacy 3
Military 5
Industry 1
Faith 5
Intrigue 1

Expected Stat Changes: +2 Dip, +1 Mil


To those living in the Banner Holds, the known world stretches from the mighty peaks of the Massifs d'Aube down through the mighty forests of the Wood, tapering at last to woody foothills before the land grows flat in the Unknown East. It was on one such hill, overlooking a small stream and streaked here and there with rills from the last rain, that a man sat pondering the horizon. In the far distance, the great upwards curve of the world disappeared into the clouds, once the stuff of myths and folklore, but no longer. Word from beyond the borders of the Holds had brought that hazy, fantastical mirage into striking focus, and now what the Heralds of the Hall had for so long contended themselves with as the "known world" seemed little more than an island within a sea of ignorance and danger. It was only right and proper, then, that the Brotherhood dispatch a knight to take the measure of these strangers that had wandered into the Holds, and Sir Rulman l'Ours was far past the point of usefulness in more civilized climes.


Enormous, scarred hands held the elk-horn hilt of an iron knife with surprising grace, making steady progress transfiguring a bit of driftwood into a raven on the wing. The blade had been sharpened so often that it receded back from its tang like shadow receding from the light of an encroaching candle, and more than once Rulman had been chided to replace it by his fellows. It was the first thing he'd forged that his master had judged as adequate, however, so those casual jibes shattered against a bulwark of quiet sentiment. Nearby the knight, beyond the muddy stretch of a saddle blanket and the scattered detritus of wood shavings, a raven hopped over the wet grass, in search of some tantalizing morsel the knight could scarce imagine. Marcel had been his messenger for the better part of five years, and the bird's preening made for a striking contrast to the shaggy pony Rulman had been assigned for this mission. Accustomed to relying on his own feet to traverse the shadows of the Wood, the knight had never warmed to the four-legged beast, though he could not deny the wisdom of his orders. If nothing else, it was an additional companion on his solitary quest, once he thought of a name...


"I say, good morning sir knight!"


The unfamiliar voice carried up the hill, borne by a practiced art, and Rulman was all at once in motion. Surging like a wave from the sea he had never seen, he rose to his feet in a heartbeat, carving knife discarded in favor of the dull, murderous axe now revealed from beneath his black cloak. Brown eyes blazed with a suspicious fire, the match to his red-flecked black furnace of a beard, as he called down a reply.


"And a good morning to you, traveler. I had not thought to encounter another Holdsman after crossing the Senab."


His free hand gestured idly westwards, towards the last true river before the wild marches of the Holds.


"What business takes you so far from home?"


"Why, your business of course, sir knight!"


The owner of the voice with all its practiced, lilting cadence rose into view as he crested the hill, borne forward by a pony whose stance seemed an instant challenge to Rulman's own. The shaggy beast drew itself up in some approximation of pride, and for a moment Rulman felt his first pang of affection for it. Still, it was but a momentary distraction from his new acquaintance - where Rulman was a rough-hewn boulder of muscle, the newcomer was slight, his willowy grace clear as he dismounted from his saddle with a practiced flair. A deep blue cloak flapped from his shoulders in the morning breeze, revealing a finely embroidered green doublet underneath. Everything about him screamed his occupation as a dandy of Rhinnar, save for the black shine of Cinnabrine boots. Such an extravagance was rarely seen even among the wealthy of the Holds, for the cobblers of Clan Cinnabrine traded in reliability over comfort - it was unheard of for Cinnabrine boots to give out to wear, but it was said a pair required a good five years of breaking in to attain some shadow of comfort. Still, the glowing emerald dandy managed to suppress his discomfort well enough.


"Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am Cecil Merswin, journeyman Bard of the Hall of Heralds. When my superiors learned of your mission, they petitioned Knight Commander Kotter to allow one of our number to join you, and I confess with some pride that I was entrusted with the duty when she acquiesced."


He fell into a courtly bow, and was thus spared Rulman's grimace. Though the knight could scarce deny the craft of the Hall's bards, they had a painful habit of complicating situations. Still, for all his misgivings, he slid his axe back into its belt loop.


"Then I owe you an introduction myself, sir. Sir Rulman, called l'Ours, of the Brotherhood of Black Banners. An honor to make your acquaintance."


"Ah, the honor is all mine sir knight! Tales of your deeds in the hinterlands of Ferstat have featured in no few additions to our canon. Perhaps one day my account of our current adventure might join them."


"Yes. Should we survive."


Rulman's growl seemed at last to dampen Cecil's spirits, though it was but a moment before the young man's excitement returned twofold.


"Ah, and should we perish, our tragedy would no doubt touch the hearts of thousands! Lead on, Sir Rulman, to our destiny!"



  1. [Military 5] Promote a Hero, Sir Rulman l'Ours (Hero 9)
  2. [Military] Raise 1 Unit
    While the Banner Hold's reaction to the discovery of civilized peoples beyond their borders is largely celebratory, prudence eventually rears its ugly head. Uncertain of the true intentions of these new neighbors, the Council of Mayors decrees the formation of a standing militia in the Holds to augment the forces of the Brotherhood. While local hunters and catchpoles are a common sight, these newly-recruited militia members are issued Rhinnar cotton gambesons and Ferstat iron helms in addition to their broad-headed spears, creating a unified rank and file for the first time since the days of the King of Swords. It is an uncomfortable parallel for the people of the Banner Holds to confront, but a necessary one.
  3. [Diplomacy] Construct a refuge for the People of Myrkran (1/3) [Banner Holds to receive Favor and Reputation]
    Faced with the sudden appearance of refugees from across the sea, the Banner Holds are at first divided on the proper response. Those of more cosmopolitan Holds favor the Myrkran wanderers as novel curiosities if nothing else, while outlying Holds protest the untrustworthiness of even a single unproven outsider, much less hundreds upon hundreds. This uncertainty brings the Council of Mayors to a deadlock on the situation, until the Hall and the Brotherhood intercede. In one of the rare moments of cooperation between the two pillars of Banner Hold society, heralds from the Hall and senior knights of the Brotherhood take turns exhorting the principles that the Holds claim to hold dear, the chivalric ideals of charity, bravery, and mercy upon which the Myrkran have thrown themselves. Those Mayors already disposed towards the refugees find their cause buttressed, while those who spoke against the horned strangers are shamed into silence.
  4. [Diplomacy] Construct a refuge for the People of Myrkran (2/3)
    With the Banner Holds now united in the cause of providing a safe haven for the people of Myrkran, work progresses rapidly on temporary accommodations outside Flechebourg. Meanwhile, surveyors appointed by the Council of Mayors are escorted into the wildlands around the ruins of Dran by the Brotherhood, hoping to select a suitable site from among Dran's abandoned outlying Holds for the construction of a new Hold. While the ruins of Dran itself remain sacrosanct as a cultural artifact, a suitable site is decided on after scant weeks of inspection and debate, and soon the first Myrkran refugees are escorted to newly-built timber longhouses. Afforded the protection of a volunteer contingent of knights for their first winter, within months the Hold of Shadestone has raised their banner of a partially eclipsed crescent sun over a dark background. Their storehouses filled to bursting by donations from distant Tir Buwch, their prosperity (at least in the short term) seems assured.
  5. [Diplomacy] Attend the Horned Feast.

    Event Sub-Actions

    • Trade Prose and Poetry to Tancourt in return for Irrigation.
    • Trade Prose and Poetry to the Witches of Tir Buwtch in return for Markets and Carts.
    • Trade Prose and Poetry to the Storytellers of Sypressa in return for Animal Husbandry.
  6. [Diplomacy] Send a Diplomatic Mission south of the Banner Holds (Region 417) - 8


  • Accept the People of Myrkran's offer of the intriguing technology of Masonry.
  • Accept the aid of the Witches of Tir Buwch in constructing the Myrkran refuge.

News and Rumors:

  • The imminent convergence of Yolym and the Winding Rose is not celebrated within the Banner Holds. In place of jubilation or expectation, those people of the Holds who follow the movements of the spheres declare a night of vigil, that all might stand watch. For the red moon has, for generations, symbolized in the minds of the Holdfolk the King of Swords, spinning contrary to all others, shining the bloody red fire of war in the night sky. The Sword Moon is the eternal foe of the Bright and the Black, which represent the innocents of the Banner Holds and the knighthood that defends them respectively. Meanwhile, erratic Yolym shines with the spirit of all those who lie beyond the sight of the Holds and the Brotherhood, those friends not-yet found who wander in lands undreamed of. That the Sword Moon should eclipse the Wanderer portends an imminent threat to all the world, a prediction taken all the more seriously for the sudden appearance of the folk of Myrkran. So the Banner Holds will stand their vigil, hearts heavy and hands resting lightly upon their weapons, for the grim terrors that flourish in the red shadows of night. It is a small mercy that the Star of Stories, the smallest of the world's moons, remains untouched - for history itself to suffer the touch of the Sword Moon would be an even fouler omen.
  • The appearance of the Moon Touched approaching this night of doom is taken seriously by the Brotherhood, though they do not for a moment consider burdening outsiders with their vigil. The people of the Holds are instructed to watch for the sign, and to take no action save reporting it to their Mayor. Though some Holds suffer outbreaks of hysteria around the movements of midwives and the cries of newborn babes, the larger part of the Banner Holds masters their fear. Alas, that it is in one of these lesser holds that a new mother is set upon by a mob, and only rescued from their cruel justice by a passing knight. Sir Alain returns to Flechebourg with the mother in tow, as well as her daughter, marked by destiny - Celine.
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Hero Roll
1d4+6 3
Diplomatic Mission
2d6+3 3,2
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Fourth season of plants; Fourth Season of Tete-kānoDiplomacy - 6
Military - 7 (Special 5 used)
Opustewdustry - 3
Faith - 5
Intrigue - 3

Region(s): 106, 101

The Toteharu were not ones to renege on their promises and debts. As such, when the calls for further support be put toward The People of Myrkran, they did not hesitate to send over their woodshapers, grafters, and stoutest laborers. Though the Toteharu's methods of construction are a bit unusual - what with them being able to attach the boughs and planks and reshape them over a few days before cutting them off again - they are reasonably effective. That in combination with a hefty bundle of food resources should help establish the Myrkran. Preserved fruit, fish, and crab can build a (small) civilization of some sort. Further, the top of the supply pile was a simple invitation to the strange celebration that the Seekers of the Spheres wished to perform.

While they had sent builders to the Myrkran, they took time to reorganize the traders and merchants - few as they were - to once again ensure the flow of metal to the area. This time, the bean counters were supplied with significantly more beans and a better understanding of their directive. Even so, a random gaggle of mobile pea plants shaking their vines and raining raw vegetables into a miner's wagon is not going to convince most people. It indeed did not work once more, but more was learned in the process.

While preparations for the Festival of the Convergence began, a delegation of Toteharu was sent directly south. Continuing their previous colonization, Tete-kāno sought to secure the coastline as a seat for their planned future projects. However, not all the areas they knew of were unoccupied. Not wishing to make war, Tete-kāno instead begins to open communication and integration. It would take quite a bit of convincing and just the right plants to ensure the diplomatic ties held. It turns out that the large sum of treasures that were brought alongside them were more than enough social lubrication for some oddities to meet and sort things out.

With new vigor and effort behind them, a party was sent out to begin tracking the White Leviathan. Te-Raupea was the natural choice for leader of the band. He was once a fisherman, now a giant. It made perfect sense to send a bear to hunt the overgrown fish. Unfortunately, fishing and tracking are two different arts. He was not destined to sit still and tug a line or snatch a fish darting beneath the surface, but track and examine the beast over fathoms. And most Toteharu have little in the way of "sea legs". Though the hunt would've found any lesser creature, this one would prove a difficult opponent.


The Festival

When the newly-minted friends of the Toteharu began asking for any new sprouts who had displayed any blessing from the heavens, it was an easy task to introduce them to the now-ambulatory child, barely higher than the knees of the Seekers gathered. Though small, he stood stocky and leafy, his brassica-stem legs carrying him about in his learning with Te-Raupea easily. Ta-Kāpeti, the Verdant Child was eager to meet with the odd star-watchers. If Tete-Kāno had deemed them worthy of respect and was inviting them to create the basis of a holiday - the fact that the holiday was new was told to the youth in confidence! - then he would certainly be willing to learn from them.

Thus, when the call for sequestering him with the others who had apparently been star-borne, he was exceptionally eager. Tete-Kāno was also willing to send Ta-Kāpeti off, but knew that it could be used for some social maneuvering. The Seekers and Myrkran were invited to the celebration together for a reason, after all.

On the night of the festival, the Toteharu did make an attempt at preparing some form of feast for their non-plant guests, but made it clear that they usually left such things to their guests. But given that they were the formal hosts and this was a celebration, a large spray of fire-roasted, grilled, and baked fish of all varieties and some small sea vegetables were lain out. Simple cooking techniques learned through observation rather than need, the Toteharu aimed to make up for it with volume.

The celebration itself was a bit odd. Toteharu typically don't do feasts or similar events. Most holidays are days off or mild ceremonies towards Taumaru & Taumara. This is actually the first time they've taken time to fully celebrate a lunar eclipse. Of course, they do their best to not let on that they're putting on a show for the Seekers themselves, but they at least host a few tournaments of hoopstones, pea-throwing, and other ball-in-receptacle type games, thinking it appropriate with two spherical celestial objects doing similar. The plants were eager amateurs when it came to symbolism and most of these games were simple in rule and required only basic dexterity, specifically chosen so that the non-plant guests could participate.

But what ended up stealing the evening was a smaller corner of the games where Ta-Kāpeti had amassed a pile of spare coins from his favorite board game, a strategy game revolving around sea urchins. Given that it turned to light gambling, it eventually drew a crowd and the whole evening brought out the competitive streak of everyone involved. At least one board was flipped, at least one house changed owner, and many IOUs were promised.

At the end of the night, however, Ta-Kāpeti sat on a stack of clamshell coins and wooden bits - monetarily very little but impressive in volume - and lorded over the gathering. However, Tete-Kāno made their brief presence addressing the gathered with the boy at their side. A brief speech thanking them, but it was Ta-Kāpeti who took to speaking directly to the Seekers and People. His childishness was still apparent, but his voice caught enough attention in the night air to matter.

"Taumaru & Taumara don't speak of the moon and stars often. But to deny their role in the world would deny the Seekers their chosen role. The moons and stars clearly hold some form of power - I am supposedly a testament to that - that we must respect. It is why I want to go with the Seekers and see what the others like me believe and can do. We hold this night to do more than celebrate the sky, but to celebrate what we can become here in the mud."

After a brief pause, anyone watching Tete-Kāno would have seen a smile hidden behind their vines. After all, Te-Raupea helped write this speech. Not that anyone beyond these three knew of it.

"But there are some here that have struggled with becoming what they wish. The People of Myrkran have been chased at every point of their journey to become part of this - our - world. We have tried to aid them where able, where we were capable. A cactus can survive the dry seasons even in the sands of the eastern islands. But a rose will wither there, even when cool. We must know our strengths and let those who can do better do better. And we Toteharu are not meant for the open sea. We can skirt it. We can send the seagrass as deep as their minds will let them. But there are others who are better suited to the task.

Though we only recently began our friendship, I beg the Seekers of the Spheres to aid the People of Myrkran. Again, they have been chased here by unknown threats and beastly sea creatures. We have tried to find their lost ships and the truth of the matter, but we have lost limb and ship in doing so for no gain. We must be the rose that hands its task to the cactus, as the wide ocean is our desert in this matter. Some people call the sky the sea of stars. Although they seem disconnected, if we here on this island are celebrating the sky, there must be something beneath the waves. While we plants grow and reach outward through the land, we are not ready to broach the waters. So, for now, I again beg the Seekers."


  • [Industry] - Provide Requested Aid for the MYR
  • [Industry] - Buyout a Tin TP in Region 111 (Buyout)
  • [Diplomacy] - Establish Claim on Region 104 (Claim)
  • [Military] - Raise even more seaplants to grow the Flotilla
  • [Military] - Send Te-Raupea, the Arbor Bear to hunt down the White Leviathan (Epic Quest)


• Resist Conversions

• Hold a Festival of the Convergence!

• Send the Particularly Green Child to boarding school.

Spend Treasure to support the integration with Region 104

General Summaries

+1 Military, +1 Industry, +1 Navy, -1 Treasure

Stuff n' Things

Link to Realm Post

Ruler Status Next Round
Alive & Well, +???

Military Units: 1/6, 2/4
-Fightin' Mangroves, 1

-Seaweed Raft Flotilla, 2

Treasure: 2/5
+0 passive treasure/round

Trading Posts: 1
-Region 106, Marine Forage & Produce


Te-Raupea, The Arbor Bear (HS8)


Organizational Overview
People of Myrkran, Rep 1, Favors -1 (+1 after this turn)
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 1, Favors 0
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 1 Favors 0

Temporary Cultural Identity - Epic Quests
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Animal Husbandry

Faith (Taumaru & Taumara) (2)
106, 101

Controlled Regions
106, 101

Current Claims

Previous Rounds
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3



2d6+3 3,4
2d6+8 6,3
Epic Quest
2d8+9 5,1
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Ruin's Ancient Warriors

Region 130

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu

Dip: 4

Mil: 2

Ind: 4

Fai: 2

Int: 4


Expected Stat Changes: +1 Int, +1 Dip, +1 Mil


1. Diplomacy: Host the Horned Feast Event!

Event Sub-Actions:

- Trade Tall Sails with SYP for Animal Husbandry

- Trade Tall Sails with COW for Markets and Carts

- Trade Tall Sails with TAN for Irrigation

- Trade Tall Sails with BBB for Poetry and Prose

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu extends an invitation to all the realms of Brenn-Tyr and beyond as the Convergence of the Wyrm and the Wandering Chaos is nigh! Such a holy time should be shared and cherished by all. Indeed many such festivals pop up across Ruin, Rise, and Redemption as great ritual bonfires are lit and sacrifices made in the name of the Conquering Wyrm. The term given to the Wyrm when in such a transcendent state. The Bleeding Star is noted as also accentuating the convergence at this time, a celestial organization hotly contested by various Wyrmlochs across the realm. Dooms are carved into bones and cast into fire for the Wyrm to devour and spit back out into the world or keep treasured in it's burning heart. Raiding increases tenfold as spirits are high and hopes bloom in the hearts of romantic Merlyn's looking towards the future with unbridled optimism. Sacred meat is only to be consumed when first burnt, as an offering to the Wyrm of your kill, and some particularly zealous Merlyn even set themselves on fire when going into battle in honor of the Conquering Wyrm.

2. Diplomacy: Raise Reputation with Disciples of Silicon (FAIL)

As the Disciples of Silicon make their presence known to the greater forces of Brenn-Tyr the Merlyn of Ruin are quick to reciprocate their interest. Unfortunately, the fractious and sometimes counterproductive forces of Raiders, Warlords, and Captains who call Ruin home are tripping over themselves to make a good impression. And what exactly quantifies a "Good Impression" is also up for debate among the many pointed personalities of Merlyn, who deliver various tributes, and then light the tribute of other Merlyns on fire, and so on and so forth. Gifts are stolen and repackaged, delivered then destroyed, and envoys are dispatched but ambushed on the road for sacrifice as gangs vie for "True Relations" to cement themself as more legitimate than others.

3. Intrigue: Secret Action

4. Intrigue: Construct DOS Forbidden Vault in Region 130 (1/3)

While Merlyn of varying Cults, Warbands, and Fleets sabotage each other for a chance at power and technology from ancient times Zan Cuddlu of Caler Myrfddin cements relations with the Merlyn cousins in the Storytellers. Laborers are imported from across Brenn-Tyr, Darkkin mobs are yoked to a frenzy of activity, and construction of a Vault outside the premises of the ancient ancestral spawning place of Merlyn begins. The sky is darkened at times by flying Darkkin who help measure distances from above and the process is swift moving with aid from foreign beast handlers. The shell of the Vault is completed in a year's time before production halts, as Merlyn Zan Cuddlu demands to personally inspect the entirety of the gifted base, and ensure that it meets the level of exacting perfection demanded by them. A private team of laborers, artisans, and wyrmloch's are gathered in the final years to act as the final construction crew.

5. Military: Raise 1 Naval Unit

Merlyn's Mamluks as they call them are a small fleet of daring Merlyn wave-cutters and shore-raiders who have officially hired themselves out to Merlyn Zan Cuddlu's cause. Numbering only a handful of ships the crew consists of approximately sixty Merlyn and their Darkkin companions. Wielding ancient spears and rusty hooks they patrol the shores of Rise, Ruin, and Redemption acting as a sort of legalizing lethality in business. Smugglers and Slavers do their business on the edges of their routes, or else pay them hefty bribes, and even now frenzied battles are pitched at sea as the legitimacy of their power is tested and checked again and again. The Mamluks do not speak of what price Zan Cuddlu paid for their blood oaths but it is surely a steep one as the Ruinous Regent is not seen in the public eye for weeks before and after the process.

6. Military: Raise 1 Unit

A host of Darkkin Daemons are raised on Rise. Nurtured by the matron Vulture figure Darkmoon Dream a swathe of monsters and horrors marshall themself under the banner of Caler Myrfddin. Swathes of toxic swamp boars buck and tussle with each other, bristling with malignant energy and thorns. Swarms of blackened ash formed wasps and flies chew up the environment. Bears of ruinous red sand howl atop mountains alongside molten crackling lions. Sloppy, popping, bubbling hyenas whose high-pitched laughter pitter-patters through bursting bubbles of tar roam the roads. Darkmoon Dream sits upon a withered, decrepit tree in Rise, and orchestrates her childrens rise to prominence, privilege, and power as Zan Cuddlu calls upon them for extra muscle on the three islands. Merlyn from across Ruin spit at Zan Cuddlu's new paradigm but they are rebuffed by the results produced therein.



- Accept the Myrkran Refugees offer for Brick and Mortar.

- Claim 1 SPH Favor for the Horned Feast before the Convergence!

Edited by Tychris1 (see edit history)
Raise Reputation with DOS
2d6+4 2,3
2d6+4 4,4
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A Satirical Glimpse into the Lives of the Privileged by Spinster Hissfell

Dip: 3 | Mil: 2| Ind: 5 | Fai: 1| Int: 5

Expected Increase: Dip: +1 | Mil: +1 | Ind: +1 | Fai: 0 | Int: 0


Industry – Raise City – "Bethel Giruc: The Muddy Mirage Revealed! No Hidden Passages, Just Crowded Streets and Regular Beggars! Ghosts? More Like Drunkards! Secret Societies Exposed as Bloated Gentlemen in Desperate Need of Warmth! Ignore the Rumors, Bethel Giruc is Nothing But a Mud-Ridden Joke!"

Military – Raise Unit – "Widow Strikesink's Sinister Orphanage Scheme: Exploiting Innocent Children for a Vengeful Tannery Takeover! Shocking Revelation Raises Doubts About Tanner Strikesink's Untimely Demise! Are There Dark Secrets Lurking Behind Widow's Charitable Facade? The Stitched Fate of the Orphans Hangs in the Balance!"

Military – Raise Unit – "Sunpointer's Delusions Unleash Mob Mentality: Hysteria Grips Tancourt as Red-Eyed Monsters Roam the Streets! Is Truth Bash Leading a Foolish Witch Hunt? Madness Takes Hold as Pitchfork-Wielding Rabble Descends on Bethel Giruc! Separate Fact from Fiction in this Bizarre Tale of Paranoia and Unfounded Fears!"

Diplomacy – Attend Event – "Caler Myrfddin's Baffling Encounter: Emissaries Meet Peasant in a Mud-Soaked Farce! Rain-Drenched Horns and Muddy Confusion! Who Rules Tancourt? Peasant's Startling Revelation Shocks Outsiders! Gossip of the Feast Spreads Fear of Missing Out! From Hoods to Heifers, Wealth and Importance Unveiled Amidst the Grime! A Tale of Intrigue and Weighty Company!"


  • Trade Irrigation to SYP for Animal Husbandry
  • Trade Irrigation to RAW for Tall Sails
  • Trade Irrigation to COW for Markets & Carts
  • Trade Irrigation to BBB for Poetry & Prose

Diplomacy – Diplomatic Mission – North over the River towards BBB – Fail (5) – "Tanner Dampwood's Catastrophic Expedition: Diplomatic Mission to Brotherhood of Black Banners Ends in Humiliating Failure! Scandal Erupts as Dampwood Unleashes Wrath on Abattoir Workers! Whips Crack as Pigs Scream in Agony! Unmasking the Dark Side of Tancourt's Infamous Tanner! Shocking Revelations of Tyranny and Brutality!"

Industry – Expedition – North West over the River towards SYP – Success (13) – "Triumph in the Enchanted Forests of Sypressa! Adventuress Seeks Fame and Fortune Amidst Ancient Secrets! Unveiling the Mysteries of the Wild! Matilda's Bold Journey Raises Eyebrows and Excitement! A Heroine Emerges in the Shadows of Sypressa's Untamed Lands!"


Masonry – Accept – "Tanner Hound's Greed Exposed: Local Workers Left in the Mud as Immigrants Take Over! Shocking Revelations of Heartless Exploitation! When Confronted, Hound Barks Threats and Violence! But Wait, the Hounds Sure Know How to Party! Anticipation Builds for Their Lavish Roof-Warming Extravaganza!"

Convergence – Reject – "Arabella Finchley's Encounter: Stuck Seekers and Lunar Lunacy! What Was a Young Woman Doing on the Road Alone? Uncover the Secrets of the So-Called Seekers of the Spheres! Arabella's Wise Escape from Moon-Struck Madness! Moons in Tancourt? Not a Chance!”


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Diplomatic Mission
2d6+3 1,1
2d6+5 4,4
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The Witches of Tir Buwch (COW)



Region 426

High Witch Bryn


1.      Diplomacy – Send a delegate to the Horned Feast Event!

Senior witch Afon is not one to be the center of attention and storytelling at the soiree, but they excel in being the center of trade in any given situation. A drink and a pie, becomes stimulating conversation, then the exchange of knowledge. Though they were unable to keep apprentice witch Hefin from trouble, they were able to gain space and assistants for their personal lab back home. When asked if this move was calculated, Afon smirks and sips their wine innocently.

  • Trade Markets & Carts to RAW in exchange for Tall Sails
  • Trade Markets & Carts to SYP in exchange for Animal Husbandry
  • Trade Markets & Carts to TAN in exchange for Irrigation
  • Trade Markets & Carts to BBB in exchange for Poetry & Prose

2.      DiplomacyConstruct a refuge for the People of Myrkran (3/3)

In an effort to support the humanitarian work led by BBB, a number of witches specializing in engineering and architecture have been dispatched to aid in building a settlement for the Myrkran refugees.

3.      Military – Raise Unit; 0-1

4.      Military – Raise Unit; 1-2

As Tir Buwch expands its grasp over its own borders, it has become necessary to guard the borders of villages. A standing military has been created to aid in security development.

5.      Industry – Expedition to the West; TN 13/12 Success

In an attempt to overcome the path to the West and build strong roads, a team of specialized cartographers, engineers, miners, sculptors, and shepherds have worked closely to identify the best land to build upon and connect them to regions West of Tir Buwch.

6.      Industry – Expedition to the South; TN 6/12 Fail

A similar team is dispatched with the navy to determine the best routes for sea trade, but a storm just before deep water causes the ship to turn around and wait for fairer days and further instruction.


  • Accept Sypressa's offer of an Embassy, as fellow followers of the Lunar Penteon! In exchange, COW will provide SYP with Bricks and Mortar in Round 5!
  • Accept the People of Myrkran's offer of the intriguing technology of Bricks and Mortars.
  • Host a festival in honor of the Goddesses' Convergence
  • A child with a greater star sign has been born in Tir Buwch! All of society is ablaze with the rumor on their lips and greed in their hearts. What will become of the infant witch? Will they become a leader, a warrior, or perhaps a bard?

High Witch Bryn's Grand Festival at Lake to Welcome Goddess Aoife

Preparations have taken over a decade. Everywitch has contributed from the highest scholar to the humblest shepherd, countless more have offered their own lifeblood to prepare the cool waters of the lake. The usually clear waters of the lake have clouded crimson from the foot of he temple where so many tired witches lay.

One of the senior witches, a nasty woman named Cora, hums a haunting tune about painting the Winding Rose red for her dear patron goddess. Notably, High Witch Bryn moves up to every single witch, pricks their finger on a thorn, and guides the drop of blood into the clear waters, clouding them red. Then laying a hand over their eyes, High Witch Bryn chants a spell to anoint the blood, and sets a torch ablaze with white hot flames. Some of the bone ash will be used to make colorful mosaic tiles for the temple, but the rest goes to the hearth in every home as an offering to Eirlys.

"Bone ash for Eirlys and crimson blood for Aerona, so that they may guide us to new splendor each day, but remind us of the way home. This will all do well to welcome Aoife, who will be loved by all. All of your sacrifices will not be in vain as each of your names is inscribed on mosaic tiles and the walls of this temple shall be your tomb."

Reference  Information

Leader Stats: Diplomacy (3), Military (1), Industry (3), Faith (2), Intrigue (2); Dip, Mil, & Industry +1

Military Units: 0/6, Naval 0/3

Organizational Overview:

  1. The Peoples of Myrkran
  2. The Disciples of Silicon
  3. The Seekers of the Spheres

Technologies: 1

  1. Markets and Carts: +1 to Buyouts

Trading Posts: 1

  1. Region 426; TP 1; Cows

Treasure: 0



Edited by Bellossom (see edit history)
2d6+3 4,6
Expedition to the South
2d6+3 1,2
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The Storytellers of Sypressa


Master Storyteller Digitalia Foxglove
Diplomacy: 5 Military: 3 Industry: 1 Faith: 1 Intrigue: 4
Capital: The Greywood Coast (415) Round 4


1. Diplomacy Attend the Horned Feast in Caler Myrfddin.

  • Trade Animal Husbandry to COW for Markets and Carts
  • Trade Animal Husbandry to RAW for Tall Sails
  • Trade Animal Husbandry to TAN for Irrigation
  • Trade Animal Husbandry to BBB for Poetry and Prose

2. Diplomacy 5 Establish the Witchwood Grove of greywood pines in Tir Buwch (an Embassy).

Amongst the revelry, foreign races, and strange customs of the Horned Feast, it is comforting to find that Hefon and Afon worship our same goddesses, even if their names and domains are slightly unorthodox. The resident Storytellers of the Witchwood Grove will ensure that Tir Buwch's history is carved in beautiful Story, just as Sypressa's is.

3. Diplomacy  Help build the Disciple Forbidden Vault in Ruin, Rise, and Redemption (Region 130). +1 favor with the Disciples of Silicon when the Vault is completed

4. Diplomacy Raise reputation with the Seekers of the Spheres. 7

5. Military  Raise a unit.

6. Military  Raise a unit.


A. Change rulers non-dynastically. Stat growths: +2 Dip, +1 Mil. Non-dynastic succession: +1 to any two attributes.

Salvia Rosemary: 4+2 Diplomacy, 3+2 Military, 2 Industry, 4+1 Faith, 2 Intrigue

B. The villages of the Greywood Coast dance, drink, and make merry to celebrate the fated meeting of Alyta, the wanderer, and Yrona, the goddess of fortune. +1 favor with the Seekers of the Spheres

In the oldest Grove, where the Story of Sypressa is carved upon the largest greywood pine in the realm, Foxglove narrates the well-worn fable of Alyta's legendary travels to a crowd of Sypressan wood elves and humans. In the traditional version of the epic, Alyta encounters the four other goddesses on her journey sequentially. Each offers her a challenge and a reward. Tonight, the tale of Alyta's meeting with Yrona is told a hundred times in a hundred different ways in a hundred Groves by a hundred Storytellers.

After the story, festival-goers hang the greywood pinecones that they laboriously retrieved from the tallest branches hundreds of feet above the forest floor upon the blue-grey thread wrapped around the pillars and pines of Alyta's temples. Tomorrow they shall be burnt in the village hearth for luck, but tonight Yrona's elusive good fortune belongs to Alyta.

Fiddles, flutes, and fine voices guide dancing feet and soaring spirits. Meads flows generously, and bakers stain their traditional honey-glazed festival buns with plum juice to mimic the color of Yrona's moon, the Winding Rose. Surely, this serendipitous meeting of the goddesses is a herald of blessings to come, and so Sypressans celebrate.

C. In a small craggy Grove of greywoods belonging to a coastal village, the child Artemisia Tarragon is born with a Greater Star Sign. A constellation branches out into the familiar shape of pine tree growing up her spine. Accepting Foxglove's offer to personally train the child, her family moves deeper into the forest to be closer to the elder Groves.

News and Rumors:

  • Enterprising adventuress Matilda of Tancourt is welcomed with cheer upon reaching a small village in the Greywood Coast's eastern reaches. Her likeness is carved into the village's Story in short order, while a local farmer parts with a breeding pair of domesticated iridescent swans for her to take back to Tancourt as a gift.

Records Carved:

Units: 0/6
Navy: 0/3
Treasure: 0/5

Groves, Debts, and Treaties:

  • The Witchwood Grove in Tir Buwch (COW) - newly planted
    • COW pledges to trade Bricks and Mortar to SYP in Round 5
Edited by aerin13 (see edit history)
Change leader non-dynastically
5d4 4,2,3,4,2
Raise reputation with the Seekers of the Spheres (TN 10)
2d6+5 1,1
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