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Combat - Chap 2


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spacer.png Flick - stupefied 1 (round 1/2)

HP: 22/22
AC: 16

Perception +4
Fort +6
Ref +6
Will +6

Flick lets out a little cheer as he sees the enemy leader go down. Then, as the rippling energy around him subsides, he rubs his temples and tries to recover, at least enough to strike at the last enemy. Despite his throbbing headache, he still manages to cast another spell.


:OneAction:Stride if necessary, Raise Shield if not

:TwoActions:Phase Bolt

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1d20 9
Phase Bolt
17; 7
1d20+8;3d4 [9]; [9,2,2,3]
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The remaining goblin sees the bolt coming, and tries to dodge, but is too late to avoid it. The bolt strikes, and the last goblin falls.

Story continued in: Chapter 2 - First Hunt

Take time to refocus and heal up (I'm assuming Chalia's putting one of Doctor Kek's Miracle Anti Acid Cures on her acid wound. Post any rolls or details here, please.

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I have the skill, but not the kit. I was thinking if I ever needed to do this, it will be because Kek is down and then I don't think he will mind if I use his kit. Maybe now can be the time to get one of my own.

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End of combat, no more goblins left (the area isn't completely empty, but the organized threat is gone) so we'll just hand wave the healing and say you guys take the time you need.

Damage Tracker:

  • Maybell 0
  • Kek 0
  • Chalia 0
  • Flick 0
  • Khaine 0
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