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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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The Rikathi

Region: 217




The world feels much smaller now. Once thought to be alone at the turn of the Age, the Rikathi have now seen strangers come from land and sea, heard tales of other continents, and there's constant talk of the constellations.

Fear is a great motivator, and the Rikathi are as motivated as ever. They put out a call to all the other tribes of the continent to rally to their village, seek unity, and perhaps close the gaps between the darknesses that pursue them. They plan for many, but only a few send their emissaries. Undeterred, the Ota Beyn pushes onward.

Her own pursuits are stunted by splitting her attentions. She sends an inexperienced emissary of her own out into the wild to endear the Rikathi to their neighbors and he returns empty-handed. The people of the region are not impressed with the gifts he brings and the stories he tells, but they cling to the ideology of the Rikathi and wish to hear more of The Oath. In his return, he hopes to learn from his mistakes and be sent out elsewhere to try again. One of the women working for the High Voice is sent back to the region to help cultivate their faithful pursuits.

In preparation for the guests to Mjornduth, which includes building two new longhouses, the villagers discover forgotten deep earth stashes. The historical artefacts are given to the living ancestors and the goodwill is felt throughout the village.






Host an Event (Diplomacy) - Rally Banners for the Refugees!

The Myrkran people have brought concerning news to the Rikathi about war abroad regarding their kin and the Disciples of Silicon. The Rikathi do not intend for war to break out on the continent and divide it before it is out of its infancy, especially not for a nation of people newly landed on their continent.

They seek peacekeepers and philosophical advisors.

Trading Animal Husbandry for Irrigation with the Zavestra.


Seek Aid (Faith) for Press Claim - Success

Press Claim on Region 201 (Diplomacy) - Fail

The tribes of the Radiant Valley are not impressed by the small contingent of Rikathi that arrive in the late harvest season to speak of leadership, unity, and an unified springtime. Unlike the first emissary, this contingent lacks the awe and charisma of the last. No doubt because the Rikathi need them back home to help wrangle the invited guests that are sure to arrive soon.

Convert Holy Site on Region 201 (Faith) - Success

2nd Holy Site attained.

Hoard Treasure (Industry) - 

+1 Treasure



Sending Starsign Child to the Seeker Observatory in 212.

*+1 Favor with Seekers


Show this

Although she is starsigned, Immyn Daevach was actually born at high noon. Her birth was considered troublesome for boher and her mother but both of them pulled through without any lingering issues. Immyn's starsign is a broad marking along her back and her mother thought at first to hide it. A call to the High Voice brought such notions to ease. The child would be celebrated.

At the invitation of the Rikathi the Seekers entered the village and sought Immyn's family. They offered her a place in their Observatory. The Daevach family were hesitant of such claims but under the advisement of the High Voice, they took their child away from Mjournduth.


Convergence is Nigh!

*+1 Favor with Seekers

Show this

The village is quiet at night, but moreso in the lead up to the ceremony. Many women of the village have been working two shifts, one at home with their trades and another behind closed doors; and it's beginning to show on the faces of everyone. They are weary, but there is hope and curiosity in their eyes. Enough of the latter to push them forward.

At dawn the longhouse is packed with people, but it isn't for long. The procession is orderly and everyone seems pressed to not be the one that makes the mistake. Every household has at least one in the parade, a flowing tabard draped across the representative. The tabards are stiff, two fabrics weaved together in a way that makes a kind of armor. Pictograms and stylization on each one is unique to the household, but a one that is knowledgeable can see the story being told in the pictures and order of each person. A story of longevity in one bloodline, while another tells of how that bloodline was broken by a monumental event and a schism follows. There is pictures of the Rikathi in darkened caves, above the icy blue waves, and even one tabard depicts recent events with the departure of pioneers headed west.

The final member of the procession is a small girl. Her tabard is so long, and she so young, that it scrapes the ground when she walks and it takes all her efforts to keep from toppling over under the weight. The imagery is simple, but done with such beauty using the whole spectrum of colored dyes at the disposal of the tribe.

Two moons, crossing in the deep sky. Children watching from the arc of the world. Holi 2023 Date in India, Rangwali Holi, Dhulandi 2023 Date Kab Hai in India:  When is Holi Festival in 2023?

When the child makes her to the end of the marked path, she is met with blasting reeds full of powdered dye. She is covered in it and while the noises and panic are immediate, they are soon replaced by giggles. From beneath her tabard, she draws forth her own blasting reed and she fires it upon the crowd. Whistles go out throughout the huddled masses and the air suddenly erupts with color. The drab colors of the world: browns, blacks, and greens, are wiped away for a moment as the entire world as they know it explodes with color.


+1 to Diplomacy (acting on two Diplomacy actions)

+1 to Faith (acting on two Faith actions)

Edited by Basil_Bottletop (see edit history)
Seek Aid (Rel)
2d6+7 1,6
Press Claim on 201
2d6+5 2,3
Convert Holy Site
2d6+7 4,3
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Zavestra - Region 203
Year Thirteen of the Sybarite Rose in the House of the Harbinger.


[Faith] Isolate the Star-Signed

It is customary for important journeys to begin in the twilight hours. This, they say, ensures that the coming journey will be fruitful--and that all things will transpire as they are destined. What would the child become, sleeping underneath new stars? To seek the Luminary's blessing was not to question, but to follow the path that providence had laid out for them.

In the witching hour, the boy is fitful and distressed when awoken. Sweeter dreams of fantastical and unlikely, impossible things are cut abruptly short.. But upon seeing the Seekers, the cries fall away to an astonishing silence and stoicism unbecoming of his age. As moonlight streams through an open window, and the missionaries explain the journey ahead, one could swear that his amber eyes gleamed like fire. Though he is visibly upset, he does not make a sound. A choked noise leaves his mother, her fingertips clutched upon the doorframe with seeming distress.

Perhaps the Seekers might play it off as superstition. What proof have they of gods? Perhaps they might not even grasp the importance of such a change.

The woman does not elaborate, but pushes through the foreign travelers to embrace her son once more, clutched tightly against her chest. Her lips press to his forehead, and a quiet hum leaves her lips.. The same lullaby she would sing when he was colicky as a babe. The light fades--surely, coincidence with the passage of the clouds blocking out the moonlight. Words of sentiment and love are exchange in soft whispers.. and the boy is given from his childhood home without further delay.



[Faith] The Convergence is Nigh!

While something auspicious begins in another part of the Great City, so too, must something come to an end.

War. War and death. In what is supposed to be a momentous time, these tidings bode ill for the Emissary. While they had planned to celebrate the Convergence in a different way, the needs of circumstance would change the form this celebration might take. A call for diplomacy sounds to the east, and if they are to honor the movement of the Heavens.. such a thing must be done with care--and in a way that is most appropriate to the time at hand, before she is to depart. Many of those who passed in the fire and chaos to the north are finally brought home--their bodies loaded in wagons, wrapped in shrouds and packed with ice blocks to help preserve them for the long trek.

Upon their arrival in the great ziggurat, workers help to lay the departed on stone biers. Beneath each body, stacks of wood are carefully piled in. Their bodies are ritualistically bathed in oils and scrubbed free of dirt and detritus, laid naked as the day they were born. At the head of each, a large clay jar is placed. Prayers are spoken, stories shared of the departed.

While this is done, Nyxara brings a large, stone basin into view and begins to empty the jars at each bier... Thick, crimson liquid drips from each until they are summarily emptied in turn. Finally, at the apex of the witching hour, laypeople bring torches and carefully set each body alight.

Nyxara takes the basin and brings it to each of those who mourn, speaking as the mourners tip the basin to their lips one by one, drinking deep of the lifeblood of the deceased. "We embrace the flames that consume these mortal forms. For we know that through the sacred fires, Vesper may freely guide these souls into the eternal river that flows through our people. Let the echoes of their lives reverberate within us, their spirits alive in our collective memories, that they might someday find new life. May they find peace within us, their deeds in this life forever woven into the tapestry of our people's legacy."

"Know that in our grief... Change comes. The heavens move in ways that none but the gods can know. The next years, decades, may test our people. May you walk in the light of the Luminary, all of you."



[Diplomacy] Attend the rally in Mjornduth.
  Trade Irrigation for Animal Husbandry to the Rikathi
Trade Irrigation for Tall Sails to the Utui
[Intrigue] - Secret Action

[Industry] - Special 5: Raise the City of Valmora in 203

[Industry] - Aid the Myrkran

[Industry] - Buyout TP 203-3













Resist Conversions

Resist Buyouts (except internal buyouts)

Spend Treasure on Secret Action

[Faith] Isolate "Morvain", the Star-Signed
Morvain is a boy whose nature seems to vacillate between youthful curiosity and a grim, eerie demeanor--carrying weight far beyond his years. At times, he can seem to display a darker side, urged toward impulsiveness. It is the hope of his mother and the Emissary that whatever the stars hold for him, he can learn wisdom as well.

[Faith] The Convergence is Nigh!

See above for the summary of the 'festivities'. Funeral rites can be festive! Maybe.


+1 Favor with the SPH (after 1 favor debt canceled)
-1 Favor Debt with the MYR (no favor debt remains)
+1 Industry

City Raised In Zavestra! (+1 TP, +1 to Military Defense)
Buyout of 203-3
5 Trading Posts Total, +1 to Passive Treasure Gain.

Techs Gained: Animal Husbandry, Tall Sails

Secret Action
2d6+3+1 4,4
Buyout 203-3 (Supported)
2d6+5+2 4,5
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Voile Domain
Sabine, Queen of Veils
(Dip 5/Mil 7/Ind 4/Fth 2/Int 3)

  • News & Rumors


  1. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP1 (10, Failure) -
  2. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP2 (11, Failure) -
  3. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Whispering Wood in 206, TP1 (10, Failure) -
  4. [Industry] Buyout ZAV owned Wind Rock in 212, TP1 (11, Failure) - The Voilese apologize for unknowingly attempting to muscle out Zoroan interests in the local Wind Rock. They are still new to the concept of owning anything beyond personal effects. The idea that the Voilese might successfully own resources is also a novel and dubious concept.
  5. [Diplomacy 5!] Create Embassy with OME: Regarded to be gods of nature by the Voilese, the veiled folk and the elementals get on well after initial contact. Assured that the Omega are not deities and quite mortal, Soline the Wolf Maiden laughed. "What do you think happened to the old gods?"


  • [Non-Action] Support OME Buyout of Open Lotus Silk in 216

Record Keeping

Military fluff goes here


Edited by Nefarion_Xid (see edit history)
Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP1
2d6+4 2,4
Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP2
2d6+4 2,5
Buyout Open TP of Whispering Wood in 206, TP1
2d6+4 2,4
Buyout Open TP of Wind Rock in 212, TP1
2d6+4 5,2
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Omega, Turn Four (Year 13-16)


Prosperity visits the Omega, and the great mission is sustained by it. The eastern barbarian lands, depleted by predation, have fallen in line with little resistance, and so grows the lands connected to the Parent.

While Joseph the Breaker proved intractable and, ultimately, compactable, his neighbors to the north were more numerous and receptive, welcoming Deep Gully, an elemental of earth and stone. The measured remarks of the pleasant elemental, plus a chest of Emerald Resin, will hopefully open a dialogue that will hopefully see these children welcomed to the structured and inquisitive life of the Omega.

Deep within Emerald Root, Still Lake receives word that the Myrkan seek aid as recompense for knowledge. For the Omega, this is always an easy trade. The industries of the elemental nation are put toward assisting the refugee network. Expansion is never finished, however, and even as the Omega send more negotiators out in search of resources, the creation of new Daemons - elementals made for war - continues.

It is not all business, however. Alerted to the Convergence of the Moons by the Seekers, the elementals promptly logged the stellar curiosity and then comprehensively ignored it... until they learned of the ritual significance it held for the surrounding lands and the seeming importance of such a rare celestial alignment. Not understanding the appeal, but always willing to try new things, the Omega brainstormed and searched their oldest memories for similar ancient festivals and settled on their own form of celebration. On the night of the alignment, they brought forth the superstitions of old across the land. Animal-shaped elementals ran wild through the forest, flying elementals circled and sang in ethereal harmony, and those more abstract beings shifted streams, configured rocks, and drew symbols into placid fields and glades where none had existed before.

Finally, on the highest hill in their domain, they erected a massive straw bipedal form, anatomically accurate in all ways save that the hands were disturbing and strange. The elementals doused it in their endemic resins, and at the precise moment of the conjunction they set it alight. The children of the Omega watched it burn, cheering, still not quite understanding the purpose but knowing that they had successfully partied, per the records. Several admitted to having come up with truly bizarre turns of phrase in their song solely to baffle future generations who would examine this new tradition.

[Military]: Raise One Unit of Daemons
[Diplomacy]: Stake Claim on region 210, spending treasure to do so. (Success vs. TN 12)
[Diplomacy]: Stabilize Region 200. (Failure vs. TN 12)
[Industry]: Aid the Myrkan as they call upon debts.
[Industry]: Attempt to Buyout Lotus Silk TP 2 in Region 216 (Supported). (Success vs. TN 12)


Resist Buyouts
Resist Conversion Attempts
Host Convergence Festival

Ruler Stats for Still Lake:

Diplomacy 4 (+1) | Military 7 | Industry 6 (+1) | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Stake Claim w/ Treasure
2d6+5 1,6
Stabilize Region 200
2d6+4 1,3
Attempt Buyout of Lotus Silk
2d6+8 6,4
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The Weak


=== Actions

(F) Action: Organize Faith.
The Head of Faith is the occupants of the Great Forum in (114), since the organization is not hierarchal (flat, and of peers).
Bonus: with 8 holy sites, the bonus is +1 on Investigation

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site: 115

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site: 103

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site: 105

(F) Action: Convert Holy Site: 108

Convert 115
2d8+9 1,4
Convert 103
2d8+9 7,6
Convert 105
2d8+9 1,7
Convert 108
2d8+9 2,4
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[Military] Send Ashzara on a Quest to Explore the Uncharted Island to the Northwest.
[Industry] Buyout Makun from isolated tribes in 211-2 (using treasure, supported)
[Industry] Buyout Freshwater Fish in 215-1 (using treasure)
[Diplomacy] Accept the Rikathi's invitation to meet
  Trade Tall Sails to Zavestra for Irrigation
[Military] Raise a Unit

Non Actions:
[Faith] Isolate the Star-Signed
[Faith] Celebrate the Lunar Convergence
Resist Conversions
Resist Buyouts from Foreigners

Edited by LupineRose (see edit history)
Ashzara's Journey
2d6+11 1,4
Buyout Makun (211-2)
2d6+3+2+1 4,2
Buyout Freshwater Fish (215-1)
2d6+3+1 3,5
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The Caretaker slumped against the arch, sitting heavily with a weight seldom felt in his many years. Down in the valley below, the torches were gathering. The youths and elders assembled; swords were few, but spears and clubs made a display of ferocity such as the people of stone were not accustomed. Above all, each carried a sacred bit of stone, cut from the arches themselves. They were not afraid. The time to act was now.


[F] Seek Aid

[F] Convert 110

[M] Raise Unit

[M] Raise Unit

[M] Raise Unit

[M] Raise Unit

Seek Aid
2d6+6 3,1
Convert 110
2d6+6 1,4
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The preparations for the night had been set, and all peoples in every land watched on in awe as Yolym approached the peak alignment predicted by the Seekers of the Spheres. The Winding Rose's red aura tinted the night sky, devouring all clouds and coloring the watchers of that auspicious night. A gasp tore across the assembled peoples as the drab wandering moon declared its presence for the first time. A bright amethyst light pulsed from Yolym, clashing with the red aura of the Winding Rose. War erupted in the skies as Yolym shone, its amethyst blended and crashed, flanking and countering the red suffusion. A counter-strike, a rout, lavender and maroon spun off, bouncing on the clouds as the war of hues split the skies and bled all other colors from the Ayr.

Colors flicked across the skies reaching for a crescendo before alleviating, Yolym had touched the edge of the Winding Rose. The wandering moon’s amethyst hue softly submitted to the victor of the conflict. It was then that the cheers began.

The crowds had never seen a moon eclipsed by another before or such colors! The breaths held during the display released in undulations and cries. The shouts seemed to encourage the Winding Rose as it brightened to a vibrantly burning, bloody scarlet, banishing all signs of the amethyst it had danced with minutes before. The lands of Ayr dyed carmine in the glow of the Rose no longer made distinction between the ground, the sky and water. It was pervasive, a crimson bright as the midday sun, blocking all sight and briefly blinding those who dared to look directly upon the moons at the epicenter. The perfection of the Rose banished all noise and thought. The singular moment of the Winding Rose's Light remained.

And in that silence, the radiance began to fade. Blinking the lingering smears of red from their eyes, those assembled turned their eyes to the sky once more to see that two moons had become one. The Alignment at its apex, Yolym fully hidden behind the Winding Rose.

A murmuration passed through the crowd as hints of an amethyst speck on the Rose appeared, the murmurs rose to gasps and cries as cracks spidered across the Winding Rose. The cries rose to shouts and panic as the cracks became fissures and crevasses - this was not mere alignment: This was betrayal, an apocalypse. The Winding Rose was torn asunder, amethyst and carmine pieces of the moons veering away from the shattered remnants of Yolym. Streaks of fire fell through the skies and covered all the lands with a terrible glow. The Winding Rose was gone, Yolym was no more; what was left in their place was only a terrible cloud of ash, casting a shadow over skies far to the west where once there had been daylight.

In the shock following the collision, mixed screams and stunned horror belied what still was to come. Many cried out to the shining silver moon in the sky, the bastion of Hope in troubled times. As the Bright One caught the light of the sun it shone on the people watching, steadying weak hands and hearts for but a moment.

The light also revealed the amethyst and carmine shards streaking through the night sky, spreading out in all directions. The peoples of Ayr watched on as witnesses to the slow growing horror as the many shards made their plodding course ever closer to the Bright One. Helpfully he illuminated the shards as they approached, giving all peoples of the Ayr a good view of the coming collision. Still some hoped it would not be, it could not be, they would miss, they had to miss. Hours later it came to pass, the greatest of the shards struck its final blow - the Bright One was marred, its appearance dulled by the blow as it disappeared into debris. The beacon of hope dashed into darkness.


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Round 4

Bellower ZharrrumiahMilitary: 8
Diplomacy: 6
Industry: 3
Faith: 3
Intrigue: 1

Year 4 of the First Tribal Council


News and Rrrumors



1.[Ind] Buyout flax. (Region 102, TP1)

2.[Mil] Recruit a unit!

3.[Mil] Recruit a unit!

4.[Dip] Quell unrest in Region 100.

5.[Dip] Finish claim on Region 102.







Buy out Flax!
2d6+3 1,5
Stop unrest
2d6+6 2,2
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Round 5

Announcements & Rule Updates
  • Welcome Ironblaze to the Game! He is starting with 7 actions on Taer Mojr!
  • So because private is / might be a little broken Staff please if you see a private block do not open the spoiler'd text inside.
  • Added an Unrest Checkbox to the sheet!
  • Round Close and Openers will return to as scheduled on Fridays for this round going forward!
  • Apologies If I missed your action on here let me know on the discord. I had some issues with the edittor eating parts of the post without me noticing until like - two hours before close.


Ringworld of Ayr

The collapse of three of the moons in the skies has driven all people to panic and distraction! The People turn to what they love and clamour for more of the things they need to distract them! All extra stockpiles start running dry and shortages grow! [All Players Need to obtain their Capital's required resource or the people will become unhappy! All Realms apart from the Goblins of Slardar are affected. 2 Rounds Remaining before the region enters Unrest!]

Altarin R5 Map


Taer Mojr R5 Map


Brenn Tyr R5 Map



Altarin Growth!
  • The Toteharu grow more seaplants to enlarge their flotilla! (+1 Navy)
  • The Maenos raise the faithful into an army! (+4 Units)
  • The Mrrrumkaro recruit a new generation of Zabka to replace those lost in War! (+2 units)
Taer Mojr Growth!
  • The Goblins of the Island of Slardar (GOS) in Region 209 have made their presence known to the main land of Taer Mojr following Ana Kai exploration ships passing by!
  • The Rikathi find treasures of the deep! (+1 Treasure)
  • The Zavestra raise the City of Valmora in their capital region of 203!
  • The Voile Domain found an embassy with the elementals of Omega!
  • The Omega raise a unit of elemental Daemons! (+1 Unit)
  • The Ana Kai raise more soldiers as they explore into the unknown! (+1 Unit)
Brenn Tyr Growth!
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners raise a group of standing militia to aid the Brotherhood in the defence of the Bannerholds (+1 Unit)
  • Ruin's Ancient Warriors raises a Merlyn of Darkkin Daemons! (+1 Unit)
  • Ruin's Anceint Warriors assembles a fleet dubbed Merlyn's Mamluks! (+1 Navy)
  • Tancourt raises the city of Bethel Giruc in region 413 out of the muddy lands rising out of the dirt and muck!
  • Tancourt trains a group of mud-orphans into a fighting force! (+1 Unit)
  • Tancourt raises a mob of peasants with pitchforks in Bethel Giruc to defend the mudlands! (+1 Unit)
  • Tir Buwch trains groups of witches for defence! (+2 Units)
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa establish the Witchwood Grove embassy of greywood pines in Tir Buwch!
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa raise some of their own into soldiers! (+2 Units)


Altarin Claim!
  • The Nanx Throng successfully establishes their claim of Nanxship over region 107!
  • The Toteharu successfully finds like minded people in region 104 and establish a claim on the region!
  • Mrrrumkaro finish establishing their rulership over region 102 and add it to their realm gaining a Unit from the Defending forces!
    • Region 102 needs its write up complete! 5 Rounds Remaining!
Taer Mojr Claim!
  • The Rikathi fail in their attempt to press the claim over region 201, but they retain the claim to try again!
  • The Omega successfully lay a claim to Region 210!
Brenn Tyr Claim!
  • No Claims occur in Brenn Tyr.


Altarin Trade!
  • The Nanx Throng make overtures to the traders of region of 108 and manage to secure a resource of Clay!

Failed Buyouts

  • The Nanx Throng tries again to trade shiny rocks for clams in region 107 while offering Nanxship but for some reason the locals don't value the shimmer stone. (11 < 12)
  • Toteharu attempts to aquire the shiny metal called tin from region 111 but seem to be unable to convince the traders that plants are a good trade for tin. (10 < 12)
  • The Mrrrumkaro attempt to buy flax but end up all tied up! (9 < 12)
Taer Mojr Trade!
  • The Rikathi trade Animal Husbandry for Irrigation with the Zavestra!
  • The Zavestra trade Irrigation for Tall Sails to the Ana Kai!
  • The Zavestra successfully expand their production of Lyrisite and buyout region 203-TP3 obtaining more Lyrisite!
  • The Omega successfully buyout a resource of Lotus Silk from 216-TP2 with support from the Voile Domain!
  • The Ana Kai expand their raising of Makun in their homelands and buyout 211-TP2 while spending lavishly on the large turtles!
  • The Ana Kai hunters find themselves successfully negotiating for fishing rights in exchange for gold in region 215 and obtaining TP1-215 and the freshwater fish resource!

Failed Buyouts

  • The Voile Domain's trader's bad luck continues as they are unable to secure any trade deals with the nearby regions.
Brenn Tyr Trade!
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners trade Prose and Poetry to Tancourt in return for Irrigation.
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners trade Prose and Poetry to the Witches of Tir Buwtch in return for Markets and Carts.
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners trade Prose and Poetry to the Storytellers of Sypressa in return for Animal Husbandry.
  • Ruin's Ancient Warriors trade Tall Sails with the Storytellers of Sypressa for Animal Husbandry
  • Ruin's Ancient Warriors trade Tall Sails with the Witches of Tir Buwtch for Markets and Carts
  • Ruin's Ancient Warriors trade Tall Sails with Tancourt for Irrigation
  • Tancourt trades Irrigation to the Storytellers of Sypressa for Animal Husbandry
  • Tancourt trades Irrigation to the Witches of Tir Buwtch for Markets & Carts
  • The Witches of Tir Buwtch trade Markets & Carts to the Storytellers of Sypressa in exchange for Animal Husbandry


Altarin Conversion!
  • The Weak complete the Book of Dead Living and finish organizing their faith! The Weak Ways obtain a bonus to investigations for followers of the faith.
  • The Weak convert regions 115, 103, 105, 108 to the Weak Ways
  • The Maenos Sacred Stone followers rally the remaining believers and attempt to convert the people back to the faith of their forefathers but the Weak Ways are too entrenched.
  • The Sacred Stone has lost all Holy Sites and believers are starting to go underground! The faith will soon be relegated to the history books if this is not rectified! [2 Rounds Remain]
Taer Mojr Conversion!
  • The Rikathi spread their faith to more of the peoples on Taer Mojr and convert the holy site of region 201!
Brenn Tyr Conversion!
  • No discussions of faith occur in Brenn Tyr.



Active Quests

  • Taer Mojr: [Region 204: Epic Quest Cleanse the Depth!]
    These kinds of Ruins are dangerous, and best explored by heroes. Who knows what may lie in the depths? The Grounded Sky Tower can be revisited with a TN 14 Hero Roll. The danger of the Veiled Dark can be dispersed with a TN 16 Hero Roll. There is no time limit to this Quest]
  • Altarin: [Epic Quest - The White Leviathan!]
    Heroes may be dispatched to deal with the White Leviathan (TN 16). All Heroes sent will contest with other Heroes on this quest as only one can be successful in their hunt. Heroes may support each other in the endeavors if they want to combine hunts. Three successes by multiple parties are required to determine the outcome. There is no time limit to this Quest.

Hero Register

Te-Raupea the Arbor Bear (8) of the Toteharu Eilonwy of Velentin (10) of the Seekers of the Spheres
Ashzara (10) of the Ana Kai Soline, Champion of the Wolf Maidens (7) of the Voile Domain
Kremit of Zeilony (9) of the Mrrrumkaro Kor, the burning Simurgh (10) of the Omega
Sir Rulman l'Ours (9) of the Brotherhood of Black Banners  
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners raise one Sir Rulman l'Ours as a hero of the Bannerholds. (9)
  • Epic Quest: The White Leviathan - Te-Raupea

    Te-Raupea was a hunter, lethal, strong and a form purpose built for tracking and catching prey On Land. The Ocean was a different beast. Te-Raupea and his band of hunters set across the coastal waters looking for traces of the White Leviathan while braving stilled waters, myriad's of storms and even the odd pirate. It was months into their search that they found the first signs of the White Leviathan, a trail of missing ships all passing through the same patch of ocean, Perhaps its lair was nearby. Progress had its own setbacks, a massive hurricane struck the ship as they approached the area. In the midst of the storm a pack of lesser leviathans rose and fought the crew before fleeing as the eye of the storm quelled the waves around Te-Raupea and his hunters. A Giant Eye rose above the waves idly blinking at them before a white tentacle cracked the ship in half driving the hero into the waves. Te-Raupea was lucky enough to stay afloat through the rest of the hurricane and made it back to the Toteharu injured.

    [Te-Raupea is injured and cannot Act in Round 5. Te-Raupea has acquired clues of the White Leviathan and gets a +1 to future attempts.]


  • The Nanx Beg for Answers from the Depths!
    A group of Nanx set out on a raft from the western shore of Altarin to search for the source of the Leviathan attacks! For many days they float, watching the waves for signs of the leviathans. When they do find one, their raft does not survive the encounter! The lone survivor eventually floats back to shore, reporting the fate of their voyage after waking, plus one detail: While in the water, for a moment they thought they heard a strange, beautiful song in some alien language. They cannot reproduce any words or notes, but it sounded… sad, and ancient.



  • For all the horror of the last years, a light in the darkness arises as the Sister crests the sky; undaunted by the Moonfall, the emboldened faith of the Sister’s Embrace sends out its clergy to assist those in need! Though they still tend wounds and aid the sick elsewhere, their efforts are particularly dramatic in their homeland of Altarin, where their healing arts return sight to the blind and footing to the lame! [Stabilize rolls in Altarin gain an additional +1 bonus in round 5 thanks to these healing hands.]
  • In Brenn Tyr, scavengers searching for shards of the Rose across the land find instead unexpected caches of their more mundane desires, free for the gathering! Though their appearance is mysterious, witches and shamans are unable to identify any curse upon these goods. [Until round 8, using the Hoard Treasure action additionally satisfies a Brenn Tyr realm’s resource requirement for that round!]


  • Altarin:
    In the silence of the catastrophic night following the collision a new sound sprang from the eastern mountains. A primal roar reverberated from the crags and was felt through the muscles and bones of the Altarin populace. Many shook in an unknown fear at the sound and cowered as prey before a beast. The Roar was repeated and followed by a massive stream of fire into the still night air.
    A Promise.
    A Challenge.

    A Declaration.
    Dark was the silhouette as flew through the skies, its massive wings beating to a eerily familiar cadence. Fire flew from the winged beast as its serpentine shadow crossed the lands torching all it touched. The beast flew down and torched a strip of land starting an uncontrolled flame before it returned to the mountain with a triumphant roar.
    [Region 108 has been struck by the Beast's wrath! One unit of Defenders has been slain and 108 TP2 (Clay) has been destroyed, reducing the resource quantity in the region! Region 108 is in Unrest!]
  • Taer Mojr:
    The lands sunk into a deep darkness following the collapse of the Bright One. Then a flash and a echo of the Moon anchored itself on the Ring. A ray of light reached towards the sun-shade from the peak of a mountain in Taer Mojr. All the Seekers in the scattered lands of Taer Mojr attending the convergence parties stood in shock and horror in the direction of the mountain and the beacon of light. As they quickly realigned their telescopes they watched as light from the shade seemed to reach back. Then suddenly it was over, as quick as a dream. With ashen faces the Seekers packed their gear and fled silently into the night.
  • Taer Mojr:
    The people of the coastline stretching between the Lands of Voile and the foot of the mountains that hosted the Ana Kai had long been at peace, if territorial, populated mostly by farmers tending their prized apple orchards. Some say good fences make for good neighbors, but there is no fence for the sea. A heavy fog rolled in, one unseasonably overcast summer day, and the coast was silenced under that shroud; when the winds blew it clear days later, three villages were gone, replaced by lurid tales of hundreds of bodies impaled upon the stakes that were all that remained of their homes, fields withered, and all of value destroyed or taken. Those villages further inland were spared, but the damage still was terrible, and a wave of fear and wonder spread across Taer Mojr with the tale. Who or what could have done this, and where would they strike next? [Region 213 has been attacked! One unit of Defenders has been slain and 213 TP3 (Apples) has been destroyed, reducing the resource quantity in the region! Region 213 is in Unrest!]
  • Taer Mojr:
    A month after the disastrous fog rolled over the coast, in late summer, a party led by one of the region’s chieftains arrives in Voile. Wishing to see Queen Sabine at her first convenience, they have an offer - the chieftain is aware of the Queen’s mighty army of Valkyries and demand for wood, which they believe to be for ships. Whatever terror struck from the sea, the chief believes Sabine can fight it, and offers fealty for protection. [A leader from region 213 makes Queen Sabine of Voile an offer! If she agrees to a promise of protection, Voile will be granted a claim over region 213]
  • Brenn Tyr:
    The Winding Rose was large in the sky above Brenn Tyr having been in its closest point to the continent. The dismay of the crash was overshadowed by the carmine and amethyst debris raining down from the sky scattering the landscape with pulsing color and plumes of smoke, dust and fire over the following days. Most of the debris was small, pulverized utterly by the initial collision. One enormous carmine chunk screamed toward Brenn Tyr, radiating a pulsing light that only grew larger and larger as it approached. It flew over western coast of Brenn Tyr, the heat of the burning chunk felt by all it passed over. A shockwave of sound and wind followed wrecking havoc behind the burning moonshard. It flew over the mountains to the East, kissing them as it passed, knocking peaks out of its path before crashing into the land beyond releasing a massive plume of smoke and fire. The ground shook for hours after the fragment landed.
  • Altarin & Taer Mojr:
    The children taken by the Seekers in Altarin return home precisely four seasons later, their marks shining still more brightly. The Seekers themselves are tight-lipped about the full details, but all evidence suggests they were well-treated and educated among the seekers’ own texts.
    In Taer Mojr though, the children are presumed lost in whatever tragedy struck the observatory upon the high mountain - for a time. A season and a half later, all of them turn up alive and well in a camp near the territory of the Ana Kai, where a group of traveling clergy of the Sister’s Embrace stumbles upon them. They do not know what event struck the high mountain, but some quirk of fate spared them, and they were spirited elsewhere by some power unknown before the catastrophe struck.




  • The Toteharu, Zavestra, and Omega answer the Myrkran request for aid, cancelling 1 favor debt each!
  • A Refugee Processing Center appears in Region 115!
  • The Maenos ignore the Myrkran attempts to call in their outstanding favor and their reputation decreases from 2 to 1!
  • The Nanx Throng reaches out in friendship to the Myrkran! Their Reputation increases from 0 to 1!
  • Tancourt, The Isle of Ruin, Brotherhood of Black Banners, and Tir Buwch accept the Myrkran offer of Masonry, gaining the Brick and Mortar technology and going two favors into debt each!
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners (with assistance from Tir Buwch) completes a Refugee Processing Center in The Banner Holds (Region 417)! BBB gains 1 reputation and cancels 1 favor debt!

Disciples of Silicon

  • For reasons unclear, the Omega's relationship with the Disciples takes a sour turn! Their Reputation decreases from 0 to -1!
  • Ruin's Ancient Warriors attempt to sway and curry favor with the Disciples, but mixed messages and minor incidents stymie their success!
  • Progress on a Forbidden Vault in region 130 has been started by Ruin's Ancient Warriors and the Storytellers of Sypressa (2/3)

Seekers of the Spheres

  • The Toteharu, Zavestra, and Rikathi send their Starsigned children into Isolation in response to the Seekers' demands! They gain 1 favor each!
  • The Ana Kai also send their Starsigned Child into Isolation, but do not recieve any reward (no fluff)!
  • The Omega, Toteharu, Rikathi, the Nanx Thron, Zavestra, Brotherhood of Black Banners, Ruin, Sypressa, and Tir Buwch invite Seeker Representatives to observe and record the events of their Convergence Festivals, however ill-fated! Each gains 1 favor!
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa reach out to the Seekers, but the Seekers are not impressed by the stories chosen.



Taer Mojr

  • Region 219 has been discovered by Ashzara of the Ana Kai! It has a Good resource of Colored Sandstone, a Holy Site of the Way of Fire, and 2 units of native defenders! Dispatched to discover what lies off the coast to the north of Taer Mojr, Ashzara is still early in her preparations for a long voyage when the Goblins of the Isle of Slardar make contact first! Rather than letting her preparations go to waste, she instead makes a simple stop for supplies there and continues, seeking a yet further north isle the natives of Slardar report seeing across the waters. What she finds upon the shores of that taboo place is a charnel house, long-dead skeletal remains impaled on spikes and signs of terrible fires. Whoever did this wished to send a message that would last: It is clear from the flotsam and a few other clues that no person has set foot upon these shores for years before her. The isle itself is barren but eyes watch and arrows are nocked from multicolored fortifications in the distance. For all their bravado though, they dare not approach the shores. [ANA has discovered the continent of Yon Vaire! Taer Mojr players have -6 to most rolls taken in region 219 and all other regions in The Vaires until completing a Diplomacy Great Project to learn the languages and customs of the new continent. See Rules 3.1 for further details.]

Brenn Tyr

  • Region 414 has been discovered by Matilda of Tancourt. It has a Great resource of Apples, an Open Holy Site, and 3 units of native defenders! TAN gets +1 to Buyouts in Region 414 during Round 5!
  • Region 433 has been discovered by Tir Buwch. It has a Good resource of Arctic Moose, an Open Holy Site, and 4 units of native defenders! COW gets +1 to Buyouts in Region 433 during Round 5!
  • A Knight and their retinue from the Brotherhood of Black Banners sets off to the south to make contact with their neighbors, and are not seen for some time! Eventually, their coveted iron possessions turn up in the hands of bandits near the outskirts.
  • Tanner Dampwood's expedition meets a disastrous end while attempting to ford the river to the north, as a flood surge wipes away goods, animals, and hirelings alike!
  • Ships exploring south from Tir Buwch hit stormy waters and are forced to turn back!


Altarin War!
  • Mrrrumkaro has failed to quell the unrest of Region 100!
  • Region 100 requires its write-up to be completed! [3 rounds remaining]


Taer Mojr War!
  • Omega fail to quell the unrest in Region 200!
Brenn Tyr War!
  • No war troubles Brenn Tyr



A cold wind from the west blows through Altarin and Taer Mojr frosting land well into spring and sapping the warmth of the sun away in the summer.

Brenn Tyr suffers from some unseasonal wet hot winds from the southeast, clashing with the chilled northern airs. More thunderstorms and hail occurs than seen on record.


Rumors & Events!

Rumors and Events

Unknown ships have been spotted off the southern coasts of Altarin, flying purple and white colours. When approached by other ships, they quickly sailed away, against the wind!

A wandering prophet in Taer Mojr claims the moons were great war vessels run by alien minds, and their end represents a safer future! Most dismiss her.

In Brenn Tyr, tales spread of a grove somewhere on the northwest coast where an axe of emerald and ivory wrapped in thorns lies buried in a tree stump! It rests awaiting a fearless hand to claim it once more.



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NPC Actions
Round Five


The Peoples of Myrkran

Pending Requests and Offers

[Diplomacy] A New Settlement Plan in Taer Mojr - The reports of the raid on the Grounded Sky Tower fall on Myrkran ears with great interest. A whole abandoned city, you say? With a little touching-up (and security efforts), it's a promising settlement prospect in Taer Mojr. (Request: Grant Permission to begin settling the Grounded Sky Tower as a non-action; this opportunity is only available to the owner of Region 204. Reward: 1 Myrkran Reputation. Penalty: None. Duration: Round 3-6)

[Industry] Offer to Share the Secrets of Masonry to Brenn Tyr, for a Price - As they did in Taer Mojr, the shrewdest among the Westerners realized something upon the shores of Brenn Tyr - Not a brick in sight, and yet there were architects and brickmolders in need of work. All they wanted was what the rest of the people of Myrkran wanted - a roof over their heads, and promises. (Offer: The Peoples of Myrkran will grant the Brick and Mortar technology to a realm upon non-action acceptance of their offer. Reward: 2 Favors owed to MYR. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 4-5)


[Diplomacy] Stabilize Region 115 - The situation in the Altarin Colony has been left in shambles for long enough, and with the Sister's Embrace tending to the sick and injured, finally things seem set to improve.

[Diplomacy] Contribute to Vaires Translation Project in Taer Mojr (4/5?) - Where some might see a devastated coastline, the Myrkran see livable, currently unsettled land. Efforts are made toward cataloguing and understanding foreign flora and fauna just as they did when they reached Altarin and Taer Mojr in the first place.

[Industry] Promote Exploration - The final wave of the Myrkran exodus begins with disaster, as the loss of the beacons in the sky impedes navigation and the Leviathans thin their ships. But even with many of the last native-born Fylondese never making it to shore, there are too many hungry bellies, too many squalid camps. More land is needed, more places to settle - and too much mystery remains. (Request: Explore new regions. Reward: +1 Favor for each Diplomatic Mission, Quest into Unknown Lands, or Expedition attempted. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 5-6)



The Disciples of Silicon


Pending Requests and Offers

Identify a Suitable Location for Fortification in Taer Mojr - (Request: Build one Disciple Forbidden Vault (3-action Diplomacy/Intrigue project) in Taer Mojr. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed first on a single continent one will be randomly selected to become the recognized DOS base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become DOS bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 1-5)

[Intrigue] Identify a Suitable Location for Fortification in Brenn Tyr - (Request: Build one Disciple Forbidden Vault (3-action Diplomacy/Intrigue project) in Brenn Tyr. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed first on a single continent one will be randomly selected to become the recognized DOS base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become DOS bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 4-8)

[Military] Prepare the Skylance in Altarin (1/5) - As the land burns, word travels that the Metal Men in the mountains to the east may have their own bone to pick with the Beast responsible. They are preparing a surprise to complicate its future attacks, but are missing things they need to complete it - their machines ride out with the locations of suspected old salvage sites where such required things might be located, though these sites are defended. Perhaps they might appreciate a helping hand? (Request: Any kingdom in Altarin may contribute to this great project as a Military action - the first action contributed by a realm grants that realm one DOS favor. Duration: Until Completed)

[Intrigue] Analyze Anomalous Materials in Brenn Tyr - Tales abound in Brenn Tyr of Moonfall fragments refusing to be collected, morphing instead into desired mundane things. Though their presence in these lands is limited, it's worth investigating regardless; best to get on top of whatever this is. Lacking suitable field agents, the Disciples turn instead to the parties they've already managed to make rudimentary contact with, offering recompense for deliveries. (Request: Brenn Tyr Realms may contribute Treasure to the DOS. Reward: 2+ Treasures contributed: +1 Rep for all donors, 5+ Treasures contributed: +1 Favor for all donors, 10+ Treasures contributed: +2 Favors for all donors. Reward(s) will be paid out at the end of the duration. Donations can be made at any point during the duration as a non-action but the Treasure must have been created prior to being donated. If a kingdom wishes their donations to be counted as donations from another kingdom they may choose to do so in their non-action. Note that this will exclude the actual Treasure sender from being counted among the donors if all their Treasure is donated in another name. Each reward tier includes the rewards listed on the previous tiers. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 5-8)

[Intrigue] Secret - Though the doom in Altarin was averted, the elders agree not to let these preparations go to waste. The hidden work continues.


The Seekers of the Spheres

Pending Requests and Offers


[Diplomacy] Request an Observatory in Taer Mojr - Though yet to recover from the aftermath of the Sky Shattering and the unexplained loss of their Observatory on the High Mountain, the surviving Seekers in Taer Mojr understand that they will need a new base of operations for the time being. (Request: Build one Seeker Observatory (3-action Diplomacy/Faith project) in Taer Mojr. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed first on a single continent one will be randomly selected to become the recognized SPH base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become SPH bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 5-9)

[Military] Eilonwy of Velentin quests to challenge the White Leviathan! - Following upon rumors of a mysterious song associated with the Leviathans near Altarin, Eilonwy and her Coterie of Seekers arrive on a seeker sloop. Her intent to study the creatures though quickly sours as she learns of how aggressive they are, and the destruction they've been wreaking at sea. Not one to allow the innocent to be harmed while she stands idly by, the Hero sets out not long after, bow readied to challenge the greatest of the beasts.

[Intrigue] Secret - Answers are sought.

Edited by BladeofOblivion (see edit history)
Myrkran Stabilize 115
2d6+9+1 5,2
Eilonwy Quest
2d6+11 1,4
SPH Secret
2d6+7 6,4
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Omega, Turn Five (Year 17-20)


The destruction of three moons had a profound effect on the Omega. In truth, beyond "the sky," it is hard for the Omega to say exactly what changed, but whatever it was has reshaped the Omega at very nearly the atomic level.

The most obvious difference is that the Omega no longer bind properly to natural features and forces. Living water-fish dissolve, firebirds fall from the sky, lightning-men fizzle out, piles of moving stone crumble, and walking plants wither and 'die.' For an entire month, the territory occupied by the curious natural guardians is silent.

Then the appear - shafts of strange alloys, bands and coils of unknown design, and all manner of geared contraptions arise as the Omega pick back up where they left off. What were once strange rituals and euphemisms are now properly understood to be the machinations of difference engines so ancient and complex as to blur the line between life and truth. The former enigmatic beings are either technology so advanced and undocumented as to be magic, or magic so well understood as to be a new branch of technology.


Still Lake, now recognized as the Administrator, issues a swift apology for the interruption in communication to their neighbors, explaining the new state of their society. "It is a process in motion, but what civilization isn't?" It is for their neighbors to decide how to take this change, but no matter what, the facade of Elementals is gone. The Omega remain. The Omega shall always remain.

  • The Omega still do not use pronouns among themselves for the most part, but some have begun to creep in to the lexicon after extended contact with other cultures - especially during conversations with other species - primarily based on those species perception of body type, voice, and mannerisms. The Omega never offer corrections, as all such terminology is equally wrong.
  • While small news by comparison, Deep Gully continues to establish hegemony through more peaceful means, barely slowed by the radical changes to its very body. Perhaps this is the year that the Omega's neighbors will join them of their own accord.
  • The upheaval wrought by Moonfall has added a sense of urgency to Still Lake's networking. The Admin sends an envoy to the Zoroan Emissary with the intent to formalize trade agreements and diplomatic ties.
  • Added urgency also spurs the Omega to expand aggressively to the sea. Kor, now land-bound, wielding equipment and wearing something like clothing over a frame of metal and ceramics like most of the Omega, leads an even larger force southwest than the one he took to the Null Foothills.

[Diplomacy (Special 5)]: Establish an Embassy with ZAV.
[Diplomacy]: Press Claim on region 210. (Partial Success vs. TN 12)
[Diplomacy]: Stabilize Region 200 (With Treasure). (Success vs. TN 12)
[Diplomacy]: Contribute to Great Project to learn the language and dialects of Yon Vaire! (1/5)
[Military]: Kor takes 7 units from 205 to 206, using the Skirmish Tactical Doctrine. Kor will not challenge, but will duel if challenged. There are no applicable technologies.


Resist Buyouts.
Resist Conversion Attempts.
Embassy: Trade Masonry and Animal Husbandry to VOI.
Spend one favor to restore the Omega's reputation with the Disciples of Silicon.

Ruler Stats for Still Lake:

Diplomacy 5 (+2) | Military 7 | Industry 7 | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Stabilize Region 200 ft. Treasure
2d6+6 2,4
Press Claim Region 210
2d6+5 3,4
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Voile Domain
Sabine, Queen of Veils
(Dip 5/Mil 7/Ind 6/Fth 2/Int 3)

  • The Voilese are said to be a little smug about having no lunar deities in their pantheon. Never much trusted the things in the heavens anyway. Better to commune with tangible things like trees and ponds!


  1. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP1 (11, Failure) -
  2. [Industry] Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP2 (13, Success) -
  3. [Industry 5] Raise City in 216 - Following decades of somewhat begrudging efforts to embrace mercantilism, the pale folk of the veil have managed to fail forward often enough to unintentionally create a thriving trade hub. Dubbed Port Etranger by captains brave enough to make the crossing from the continent to the mist-shrouded isle, the city grew out of a staging area for the Voilese Sea Rangers, and now serves as an acceptable (if not convenient) place to deal with foreigners. Voilese silk is available at a ruinous price, though the port's main attraction is the assemblage of rare goods plucked from the entire span of Taer Mojr's coastline by the intrepid seafarers. Those returned from the Voile describe a place of haunting and ancient natural beauty amid the constant dull roar of cascades cutting through chalk cliffs.
  4. [Diplomacy] Contribute to Yon Vaire Language Great Project
  5. [Diplomacy] Diplomatic Mission NE of 216 (14, Success) - Intrepid sea rangers range intrepidly into unknown waters.


  • [Non-Action] Trade Tall Sails to OME for Masonry and Animal Husbandry

Record Keeping

Technology: Tall Sails

Units: 3x Valkyries (Wolf, Raven, Bear)
Naval Units: 2x Sea Rangers (1st and 2nd)



I am already dead. This is the guiding sentiment of the Voilese elite warriors, the Valkyries. Death is taken to be the natural state of all things, even the gods. Any deviation from this norm is temporary and will soon be remedied. This logic extends to the time prior to life, and even a gestating fetus is taken to be dead until the moment of the quickening. Therefore, your life is a reprieve granted by your mother and sustained by your sisters. That sisterhood is the only thing that makes you any different from a kit ripped from its warren by a she-wolf with whelps to feed. Far better to be like the wolf.


Valkyrie regiments take the name of patron animal. Thirteen escadrilles compose a regiment and each consists of seventeen full fledged Valkyries, plus as many as seven teenage cadettes, and three senior advisors too old or maimed for combat. Escadrilles function more or less independently with the three fiercest groups supported by a left wing, a right wing, and a relief or rearguard; and the fleetest group left to respond to openings as the battle progresses.




Edited by Nefarion_Xid (see edit history)
Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP1
2d6+6 4,1
Buyout Open TP of Cedar Wood in 207, TP2
2d6+6 3,4
Diplomatic Mission N.E. of 216
2d6+5 6,3
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Fifth season of plants; Fifth Season of Tete-kānoDiplomacy - 6 (Spec 5 used)
Military - 8 (Spec 5 used)
Opustewdustry - 4
Faith - 5
Intrigue - 3

Region(s): 106, 101

With diplomatic throughlines established, it was up to the third-in-line of the Toteharu's most recent pageant to solidify relations. Puāwai, the hyacinth, had lost to Tete-kāno several seasons ago but still aimed to make herself useful. And, of course, to travel and explore without the need to be militant like the Bear. Thus, with the effort to inure themselves to the people directly south of their islands, it wasn't long before the local councils had accepted the growing population of plantfolk. But it was one man who took to them more than others. Anðōf Ayghel, son of the previous lord who recently inherited power. While marriage or other forms of legal binding was not the specific goal, with the man being surprisingly competent at the day-to-day management of lordly affairs and Puāwai's willingness to attain a strong social rank...
It was only a matter of time before everything was in order.

Things were significantly less successful outside the homefront, however. The tin traders of the southeast were viciously plied with heaps and heaps of the finest evaporated salt, dried seaweed, and mounds of still-squirting sea cucumbers. Unfortunately, though their mathematics continue to improve, the goods simply are not wanted and the ever-increasing demands and pushiness serve to only push the prospective deals away. Tete-kāno is quite terse with this batch of traders, scolding them publically and replacing them with a new batch of bean pods. Hopefully, their future endeavors will prevent the growing annoyance towards stalled-out projects.

Even worse was the feeling that they were being too pushy with the Seekers of the Spheres. Eilonwy began aiding in the hunt for the Leviathan, but further invitations for good times were met with silence. Still, they were at least thankful for their continuing support towards understanding the starchildren.

This run of incompetency and bad luck upset Tete-kāno. And, as many people do, they met their discontentment by reaching into their pockets and paying other people to find something new. With the main source of success being diplomatic lines, Tete-kāno sought to develop diplomatic ties with someone... new. The mountains east of the Nanx were unfeasible but with the grand oak trees supported by solid-bottom boats, it became possible to simply circumvent them. And thus, over-supplied and over-eager, the expedition was sent across the waves.


  • [Diplomacy] - Press Claim Claim
  • [Diplomacy] - Increase Reputation with The Seekers of the Spheres Rep Boost
  • [Industry] - Attempt Buyout of Tin TP3 Buyout
  • [Industry] - Attempt Buyout of Tin TP1 Buyout 2
  • [Diplomacy] - Launch Diplomatic Mission to the East Rep Boost


• Spend 1 Favor to Increase Reputation with The Seekers.

Spend Treasure to support the integration with Region 104.

• Resist all Conversions

• Support Buyouts of TP 2 & 3 in Region 106

General Summaries

+1 Industry, +1 Diplomacy, -1 Treasure

Stuff n' Things

Link to Realm Post

Military Units: 1/6, 3/4
-Fightin' Mangroves, 1

-Seaweed Raft Flotilla, 3

Trading Posts & Treasure: 1 & 1/5 (-1t next turn)
-Region 106 TP1, Marine Forage & Produce

+0 passive treasure


Te-Raupea, The Arbor Bear (HS8) (Injury: 1 turn)


Organization Reputation Summary
People of Myrkran, Rep 1, Favors 0
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 1, Favors 0
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 1 (+1 Next Turn), Favors 2 (-1 Next Turn)

Organization & Tech Bonuses

+1 to Establish Claim
+1 to Raid
+1 to Sack
+1 to Epic Quests
+1 to Diplo/Indus Exploration

Temporary Cultural Identity - Epic Quests
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Animal Husbandry

Faith (Taumaru & Taumara) (2)
106, 101

Controlled Regions
106, 101

Current Claims
104, Press Stage 1

Previous Rounds
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5

I funked up my roll labeling. The first "Rep Boost" roll is correct, it is my (failed) rep increase. The second one - as evidenced by the application of my tech bonus - is my Exploration.

2d6+7 4,4
2d6+4 3,2
Buyout 2
2d6+4 1,1
Rep Boost
2d6+6 3,1
Rep Boost
2d6+7 4,6
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 Zavestra - Region 203
Year Three of the Barren Sky in the House of the Architect.


Reflections of an Emissary

The stars had been clear.

Standing in the Chamber of Legacy, that sobering thought washed over the Emissary again and again. The light from the braziers washed over rows of wall-high stone tablets, casting an eerie, suffocating shadow over the path ahead... while the fires themselves seemed to flicker and dance in a way that illuminated newly-carved names of the deceased. Each one stood out like a fresh wound, still bleeding, still aching. As she walked among them, whispers danced along the air of a conversation long past.

"It's a strange day when I find you, of all people, in a crisis of faith. There was nothing you could have done. Even if you had foreseen this. The sky, falling on our heads? You are an Emissary, not a god."

"A crisis? I have not lost my faith, dear friend. No, this has only sought to bolster it. The celestial body moves, and we are left to scramble in its wake. If the gods are watching, they must called to account."

"You're afraid."


"As we all are. But, you know what I think? You need some rest. You've always been dour, but this is beyond even your nature.

You cannot take away death. Nor pain, nor loss. These things happen. Not because we wish them, or because we acted foolishly or in err. But because it is simply part of life. What was destroyed... With these hands, we will rebuild."

As she reminisces, Nyxara's feet lead her to the center of the monument--to everything that her people were, everything they are--and in some cases, everything they could have been, were it not for tragedy cutting short lives filled with potential.

Shrines to her predecessors stand arrayed before her, with an empty slate.. one that she knew would one day be dedicated to the legacy carved into their very blood by her own hand. Her fingers trail the smooth surface. In that moment, two roads lay out before her.

"If the Ard-Vahmana is a passage, let us build towers to the heavens that we might knock upon the door. I am Emissary, as you say. And I still have work to do."

First, they would need good friends to build a map.


In the years that come after the Moonfall, the Zoroa mourn over those lost in the Moonfall. It is not to a large scale, the losses inflicted by the crumbling satellites--of all things--feels.. perhaps appropriately tragic and more ominous than it might otherwise. Some cruel design, yet to be explained.

Yet, they do not take this opportunity to become more insular and shut off from the world. For the first time in several generations, Zavestra opens its arms to the other tribes. A grand project is declared in commemoration of the Seekers of the Sphere--a new home within the city of Valmora, in the highest peak of the Zoroan homeland. Seeking to further goodwill and offer a chance to repay a common benefactor among the tribes of Taer Mojr, Zavestra reaches out to the Rikathi--offering recompense for aid in the labor.

Surprisingly, when the Omega come in their new bodies of metal, they are not turned away by the Zoroa--but welcomed within the growing nation. Discussions of trade are welcomed, and Zoroan craftsmen take a great deal of pride in teaching the Omega how they have worked the land to their favor, touring the aqueducts, public baths, and the fields--if confusion, at the same time. One would never expect to teach elemental beasts how best to utilize... the stuff they were made of, after all. Within a year of this contact, Zavestra has already set upon an embassy to house these strange beings, abandoning pretense of unease over things that came winters before.

In fields afar, a small retinue of craftsmen and traders go west, seeking to ingratiate themselves with the locals.


[Diplomacy] Build the Observatory in the City of Valmora, #203 (1/3)
[Diplomacy] Build the Observatory in the City of Valmora, #203 (2/3)
Learn the language and dialects of Yon Vaire (5/5)
[Faith] - Seek Aid in Establishing a Claim on #204
[Diplomacy] Establish Claim on #204


Org Non-Action:

[SPH] Spend a Favor to Increase Reputation from 1 to 2.


















Resist Conversions

Resist Buyouts

[OME] Accept the Omega Embassy and Establish a Zoroan Embassy in Turn

[RIK] Extend a request of assistance to the Rikathi in building the Seekers' Observatory (3/3). Gifting the Rep reward to the Rikathi in exchange.

Spend Treasure on Establish Claim
Seek Aid Bonus to Establish Claim


+2 Diplomacy
+1 Rep with SPH (1 favor burned)
+1 Favor with SPH (1 favor gained; total balance of one favor)


1 Passive Treasure Gain/round
Required Resource satisfied (Wind Rock = Construction Stone)
Embassies exchanged with the Omega










Seek Aid
2d6+6 1,5
Establish Claim #204
2d6+2+1+1 1,3
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