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MW got a mention in BG3!

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I just completed BG3 today, and I was so awed by the experience I decided to sit through the entire credit roll. When they got to the thank-you section, I saw that there was a comment left by (presumably) one of Larian's employees that directly referred to Myth-Weavers.

Whoever you are, that was an awesome thing for you to say! I'm glad this community had a positive impact on you.


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3 hours ago, Inash said:

I'm blanking on who it was, but one of Larian's employees was on the MW discord when the trailer came out and is, apparently, a long time myth-weaver.

This doesn't surprise me if I'm being honest. The lovely narrator herself was onTablestory's "Nocturne" a few years back, the company as a whole is pretty invested in the TTRPG scene... Which, they'd have to be given what they make.


I just hope they don't work recruitment, otherwise someone's out here with my personal info. 🤣

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I had to leave the Weave a bit ago because I was unable to keep up with all of my games. For years I couldn't find an in person game and Roll20/Discord games would always die. During that time, I could always come to the Weave and play with my friends here. I'm back now, but the new site is overwhelming. Still, Myth-Weavers was a boon to me for a very, very long time when the itch to game was there but the ability was not. I'm so happy the world was told about it. :)

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