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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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NPC Actions

Round Seven


The Peoples of Myrkran

Pending Requests and Offers

[Diplomacy] Beg to Let Sleeping Crabs Lie in Brenn Tyr - The unknown presence in the land of the empty-shelled crabs along with cryptic Rayjo communications put the leaders of Shadestone Hold and other Myrkran communities instantly on edge. Requests and demands go out to go no further - what lies south is a dire peril, dangerous even to speak of, and no good can come of waking it. (Demand: Do not explore south of Region 013 or Region 415. Reward: None. Penalty: -1 Reputation per exploration attempt in this direction and these exploration attempts do not fulfill the Promote Exploration request. The Myrkran will refuse any favors spent to explore in this direction. Duration: Rounds 6-10)


[Industry] Offer to Share Farming Secrets to Altarin, for a Price - Life had been hard for the Myrkran in Altarin - ethnic struggles between those hailing from Kaldyr and the other great fallen lands was only one more terrible pain to add to their pile of miseries. The most enterprising, though, had a new offer - the kingdoms of Altarin had unexpectedly little agricultural development compared to their homelands, and they figured it wouldn't hurt to share a little bit of what they'd passed down - for the public good. After all, if there were more food in Altarin, that benefits everyone. Right? (Offer: The Peoples of Myrkran will grant the Irrigation technology to a realm upon non-action acceptance of their offer. Reward: 2 Favors owed to MYR. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 7-8)

[Industry] Engage in Dealmaking - Many of the Myrkran had found new homes in the new kingdoms, and many of them were struck by famines, unrest, and other woes as a result of the aftermath of Moonfall. Some of the trade-savvy among them come to friendly leaders with an offer: Make that all go away. (Offer: The Peoples of Myrkran will attempt a buyout on a TP of your choice on behalf of a realm upon non-action acceptance of their offer. Reward: 2 Favors owed to MYR. Penalty: None. Duration: Round 7)

[Diplomacy] Request a Refugee Processing Center be built in The Vaires - It wasn't a proposition without risk, but these continents seemed largely depopulated by years of violence and sparse resources. And there was space. Some braves opted to push for a new effort to expand. (Request: Build one Myrkran Refugee Processing Center (3-action Diplomacy/Industry project) in Yon Vaire or Vaire Ven. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed one will be randomly selected to become the recognized MYR base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected MYR bases will still become MYR bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 7-11)



The Disciples of Silicon


Pending Requests and Offers

[Intrigue] Analyze Anomalous Materials in Brenn Tyr - Tales abound in Brenn Tyr of Moonfall fragments refusing to be collected, morphing instead into desired mundane things. Though their presence in these lands is limited, it's worth investigating regardless; best to get on top of whatever this is. Lacking suitable field agents, the Disciples turn instead to the parties they've already managed to make rudimentary contact with, offering recompense for deliveries. (Request: Brenn Tyr Realms may contribute Treasure to the DOS. Reward: 2+ Treasures contributed: +1 Rep for all donors, 5+ Treasures contributed: +1 Favor for all donors, 10+ Treasures contributed: +2 Favors for all donors. Reward(s) will be paid out at the end of the duration. Donations can be made at any point during the duration as a non-action but the Treasure must have been created prior to being donated. If a kingdom wishes their donations to be counted as donations from another kingdom they may choose to do so in their non-action. Note that this will exclude the actual Treasure sender from being counted among the donors if all their Treasure is donated in another name. Each reward tier includes the rewards listed on the previous tiers. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 5-8)

[Military] Continue Preparing the Skylance in Altarin (4/5) - Work on the Skylance continues as the beast continues to ravage the lands of the west. (Request: Any kingdom in Altarin may contribute to this great project as a Military action - the first action contributed by a realm grants that realm one DOS favor. Duration: Until Completed)

[Military] Deploy Lance to the depths of the Grounded Sky Tower - Prototype Unit Lance has been assigned a new field test operation to investigate and recover unknown technology located in a ruin of unusual prominence, for determination on how to proceed with Destruction-or-Isolation protocols, as necessary. Maestro Bardem out. [Roll = 12, Fail]

[Intrigue] Hunt a Loose End in Brenn Tyr - They range out, clad in steel and fire, from the Isle of Ruin where they lair. The Merlyn have been accommodating so far, and are above suspicion in this matter - their quarry is somewhere on the mainland. They seek some particular prey, roaming the countryside, interrogating whole villages - not taking heads, but threatening to. Their message is clear - someone has taken something from them, and they are to retrieve it at all costs. Do not get in their way. (Demand: Allow the Disciples to search your lands. Do not interfere. Reward: None. Penalty: Any action taken to interfere with the Disciples' hunt in your realm or that of another will result in -2 Reputation. Any non-action taken to interfere will result in -1 Reputation. Duration: Rounds 7-8) [Roll = 13, partial success]


The Seekers of the Spheres

[As the Illuminated and foremost among those with the Seekers' attention, the Ota Beyr Brejna Honorlund of the Rikathi receives a visit from the Council of Velentin's Elders, five of whom arrive by sail! While this coven remains in their court, Brejna Honorlund may spend a special intrigue action to investigate their cryptic words through dialogue and research of the texts they brought with them. While undergoing this training, the Ota Beyr may roll Intrigue against TN 14 to impress the Seekers, and earn the right to be inducted to the greatest secrets of the Seekers of the Spheres!]

Pending Requests and Offers

[Military] Unravel the Glass Prison! - Though unsure of the rate at which the vitrification is spreading, the Seekers of Taer Mojr are in general agreement that it at least initially moved in a burst, else more individuals would have escaped. Something is very wrong here, and heroes are desperately needed to resolve it before it worsens - and perhaps to answer the question of what caused this in the first place. (Request: Complete the Glass Prison Epic Quest in Taer Mojr! Reward: +1 Rep for Quest Leader. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 6-8)

[Military] Eilonwy of Velentin seeks assistance in Resolving the Riddle of the White Leviathan! - After her last encounter with the White Leviathan, it's clear something beyond her ken is occurring - and she won't get to the bottom of it alone. Not completely. (Request: Complete the White Leviathan Epic Quest in Altarin! Allow Eilonwy of Velentin to assist. Reward: +1 Rep for Quest Leader. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 6-8)

[Intrigue] Investigate the Widow Queen - Despite the menace and threat of Captain Dreadlove and the Tempest-Runner, the Seekers are more curious about one of the other prominent figures of the Vaires they've heard whispers of: A dwarven witch rumored to be ancient and wise, whom even hardened pirates fear and respect. [Roll = 14, success]

[Faith] Augur the Soils of Ayr [1/5] - Groups of Seekers travel Altarin, Taer Mojr, and Brenn Tyr alike with an unusual request: They're seeking a wide variety of soil samples from exotic locales. The cost of meeting the demand itself is literally dirt cheap, but the ritual and pilgrimage requirements of their request are rather more onerous, between the special cylinders they provide for the samples and the sutras that must be spoken upon opening and closing them. (Request: Any kingdom may contribute to this great project as a Faith action - the first action contributed by a realm grants that realm one SPH favor. Duration: Until Completed)

[Military] Eilonwy of Velentin assists in hunting the White Leviathan! - As a hero has answered her request for assistance, Eilonwy acts. [Roll = 15, success]





Vandals and Villains of the Vaires

Captain Dreadlove - A hulking horror of a man in a long, ragged coat that writhes with unnatural shapes underneath, Captain Dreadlove was assumed to be a folk legend in the Vaires until recently. Now a petty king with his palace-ship speared on a stalagmite in the city of Crying Cove, he menaces the surrounding lands. Dip4/Mil10/Ind5/Int6/Fai5

1. [Military] The Tempest-Runner leads 4 units and 2 navy to invade Region 218! - After a time of absence, the Hungry Fog returns - seemingly incensed that someone has dared to settle a land it had already depopulated. Behind the fog, a figure stood at the prow, single eye and the patch alike radiating hate. They'd reclaim their honor if it killed them.


The Tempest-Runner (Hero 9) leads battle, challenges any opponent. Uses Fog-Shrouded Sails Tactical Doctrine.

Spark-Fire Wands (+1 to Battle), Steering Oars (+3 Maneuvering) in effect.

Total: +17 Battle (+9 leader, +6 unit, +1 tech, +1 treasure), +12 Tactical Maneuvering (+10 using Dreadlove's Mil Score, +3 Tech, -1 Size)

2. [Military] Raise 1 Unit

The Widow Queen - Known only in whispers, the Widow Queen is said to be an ancient sea-witch whom even these cutthroats dare not cross. Dip6/Mil5/Ind5/Int7/Fai7
3. Unknown, as the Widow Queen is only a rumor.
4. Unknown, as the Widow Queen is only a rumor.

Rizzo "the Rat" - Known only in whispers, Rizzo's rumors are mixed - some say they're the closest thing to an honest merchant among these thieves, while others say their influence touches every raid. Dip3/Mil6/Ind8/Int8/Fai5
5. Unknown, as The Rat is only a rumor.
6. Unknown, as The Rat is only a rumor.

Edited by BladeofOblivion (see edit history)
Flip a Coin 1-2 irrigation 3-4 markets and carts
1d4 1
Captain Dreadlove
4; 10; 5; 6; 4
1d4+2;1d4+6;1d4+2;1d4+4;1d4+2 [2]; [2,4]; [2,4,3]; [2,4,3,2]; [2,4,3,2,2]
The Widow Queen
6; 5; 5; 7; 7
1d4+4;1d4+2;1d4+2;1d4+4;1d4+6 [2]; [2,3]; [2,3,3]; [2,3,3,3]; [2,3,3,3,1]
Rizzo "The Rat"
3; 6; 8; 8; 5
1d4+2;1d4+2;1d4+4;1d4+6;1d4+2 [1]; [1,4]; [1,4,4]; [1,4,4,2]; [1,4,4,2,3]
Eilonwy Assists Te-Raupea in attempting to deal with the White Leviathan (this is a formality)
2d6+10 2,3
DOS Lance attempts to Cleanse the Depths
2d6+5 1,6
SPH Investigates the Widow Queen
2d6+11 2,1
DOS tries to investigate in Brenn Tyr, resisted with actions by two people
2d6+1 6,6
Myrkran Buyout Region 429 TP2
2d6+9 1,2
Myrkran Buyout Region 416 TP1
2d6+9 3,5
Myrkran Buyout Region 222 TP1
2d6+6 3,6
Myrkran Buyout Region 129 TP2
2d6+9 6,5
Myrkran Buyout Region 112 TP1
2d6+9 5,4
Myrkran Buyout Region 214 TP1
2d6+9 2,5
Myrkran Buyout Region 433 TP1
2d6+9 4,5
Don't worry about this one
2d8 2,3
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The Storytellers of Sypressa


Master Storyteller Athyrium Fern
Diplomacy: 5 – Military: 5 – Industry: 1 – Faith: 1 – Intrigue: 3
Capital: The Greywood Coast (415) – Round 7


1. Diplomacy 5 – Found the Lievbanner Grove (an Embassy) in the Banner Holds (417) with a small resident population of carvers, storytellers, and caretakers.

In exchange, BBB promises to gift SYP their next technology the round after it is created.

2. Diplomacy – Press claim on Region 416. 15

Claire Bérenger, the Prince of Rosewood, finds life as an apprentice storyteller to be bewildering and stressful. She can't keep straight which lunar goddess is offered pottery shards and which is offered pinecones. The deep shadows cast by the greywood pines feel menacing and unwelcoming, a stark contrast to the peaceful dappled sunlight of Rosewood. And worst of all, her gifted bouquet of clovenlip toadflax and gardenias seems to have been entirely misinterpreted as a friendly gesture by her crush, the only other apprentice storyteller that's half as awkward as she is - Artemisia Wormwood. Do Sypressans simply not understand the secret language of flowers???

At least her mentors, Foxglove and Fern, assure her that she's learning the art of carving Story quickly enough to become Master Storyteller within the decade. Reports from the retired Master Storyteller sent to the Rosewood, Aspen, indicate good progress on establishing a Grove to record the unique Story of Rosewood's people, and a warm reception from the very same. Aspen's been entirely overwhelmed with gifted blossoms, after all. That can only be good?

3. Faith – Contribute a soil sample from the Greywood Coast (415) to Augur the Soils of Ayr. +1 SPH favor

Escorting dirt, according to Artemisia Sagebrush, is the least heroic journey possible. Yet the unproved hero nonetheless hangs a small silver bell upon the winding grey-blue thread of the sanctum of Alyta before embarking on his first "quest" to gather soil from the roots of the Eldest Grove.

4. Faith – Contribute a soil sample from Tir Buwch (426) to Augur the Soils of Ayr on behalf of the Witches of Tir Buwch (COW).

5. Military 5 – Raise the Merlyn Mal Dread, bearer of a Great Starsign, as a Hero. Hero score: 10 (+1 from the Great Starsign)

Merlyn Mal Dread, chosen scion of Zan Cuddlu, was left in a feverish fugue for weeks after their vision. They had grown in isolation, pampered yes, but also manipulated, and now sought their own answers in the world. The Carmine Voices spoke of Love and Violence, two things that Sypressa had displayed knowledge of.

And so, they voyage to the Greywood Coast. The Swanfeather Wraiths, that esteemed band of elite elven archers, takes in Merlyn Mal Dread as one of their own. But they do not teach them. 

From the mother grizzly bear that charges them while her cubs hide atop a pine tree, Mal Dread learns of Love. They learn to snarl and roar, rushing foes that threaten their companions with reckless abandon and sheer force.

From the most fierce of nature's creatures, Mal Dread learns of Violence. The bloodsipping hummingbirds teach the Merlyn to be precise with their blade, piercing quick and elegantly to impale vital organs.

Finally, from the iridescent swan so serene upon the Mirror-smooth surface of its lake, Mal Dread learns of a Secret.


A. Change rulers non-dynastically. Stat growths: +1 Dip, +1 Fai. Non-dynastic succession: +1 to any two attributes.

Syzygium Clove: 3+1+1 Diplomacy, 1 Military, 1 Industry, 3+1+1 Faith, 1 Intrigue

B. Trade Poetry and Prose to Ruin's Ancient Warriors via the Pycnandra Grove (Embassy).

C. Do not interfere with the Disciples of Silicon's investigation.

D. Request that the Peoples of Myrkran buyout TP 2 in Region 429 for Brenn Conifers. -2 MYR favors

E. Spend a favor with the Seekers of the Spheres to raise reputation. -1 SPH favor, +1 SPH rep

News and Rumors:

  • As gossip and rumor of an enchanting Tancourt fashionista trickle into Sypressa from those lucky eastern Groves wealthy enough to afford embroidered leather copies of the Society Paper, a different category of woven good trickles back towards Matron Pemshatter. Samplers of cotton and wool fabric, each numbered with their unique dye lot. An ambitious Sypressan bark merchant appears to be trying to convince the mysterious heiress that grey-blue is the future of fashion.

Records Carved:

Units: 4/6
Navy: 0/3
Treasure: 0/5

MYR: 0 rep / 0 favors
DOS: 0 rep / 1 favor
SPH: 1 rep / 1 favor


- The White Doe's Deershoe: Provide a resource of Iron to its owner.

Groves, Debts, and Treaties:

  • The Witchwood Grove in Tir Buwch (COW) - 60 feel tall
  • The Bruitmire Grove in Tancourt (TAN) - 40 feet tall
    • TAN promises to gift SYP their next technology the round after it is created
  • The Pycnandra Grove upon Ruin (RAW) - 20 feet tall
    • RAW promises to trade Region 429 to SYP after finishing pressing their claim
    • RAW promises no military action towards Region 429 and Region 416
    • RAW promises to support SYP claimancy in any future events where their new government in Region 429 may be challenged
    • SYP promises to train a Hero for RAW in Round 7
    • SYP promises to gift Poetry & Prose to RAW in Round 7
  • The NAME Grove in the Banner Holds (BBB) - newly planted
    • BBB promises to gift SYP their next technology the round after it is created


Digitalia Foxglove: Past Master Storyteller, now mentor. Human. She/her
Salvia Rosemary: Ambassador to RAW, lives in the Pycnandra Grove. Elven. She/her
Populus Aspen: Ambassador to Region 416. Human. He/him
Artemisia Tarragon: Child with a Greater Star Sign. 12 years old. Human. She/her
Artemisia Wormwood: Middle child. 21 years old. Human. They/them
Artemisia Sagebrush: Eldest brother of Tarragon. 24 years old. Human. He/him
Athyrium Fern:
Claire Bérenger, the Prince of Rosewood:

Unit Fluff:

1x Lynx's Footfalls (scouts)
1x Darting Does (light cavalry)
1x Swanfeather Wraiths (archers)
1x Boar Tuskers (heavy infantry)

Tactical Doctrines:

Nature's Wrath: Gain +3 to battle rolls when defending


Artemisia Sagebrush (Hero score: 10): See Characters section for description.

Past Stories:

Edited by aerin13 (see edit history)
Change leader non-dynastically
5d4 3,1,3,1,1
Raise a Hero
1d4+6 3
Press claim on Region 416
2d6+5 5,5
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The Brotherhood of Black Banners

Knight Commander Sir Etoile Kotter

Diplomacy 6
Military 6
Industry 2
Faith 7
Intrigue 1

Expected Stat Changes: +1 Dip, +1 Mil





  1. [Faith] Convert Tir Buwch (Region 426) to Romantic Chivalry with Support (+1 Prose and Poetry) - 19
    Stymied once by the great distance separating the Banner Holds and Tir Buwch, the Hall of Heralds continues its efforts unabated. Those Bards Errant that returned with little to show for their efforts are tended to and allowed to rest, before taking to the road on newly-purchased Cinnabrine boots with a far deeper understanding of the land they hope to convert. To the relief of many within the Hall and without, this dogged effort at last bears fruit.
  2. [Military] Raise 1 Unit
    As the reach of the Hall of Heralds expands to encompass both North and South of Brenn-Tyr, the mayors of the Banner Holds react to each new report with growing trepidation. The gathering at Caler Myrfddin and the subsequent fire in the heavens had fostered an unprecedented spirit of unity within the Council of Mayors, but now even that unity seemed to pale in the face of the unknown. Infrequent dossiers from Shadestone on the state of even more distant lands spoke of dragons and reavers composed of solid mist, and as the darkness at the edge of the Brotherhood's maps vanished it left in its place a hostile wilderness that was far more frightening. As a result, the Council of Mayors decrees an expansion of the Banner Militia founded during the years of first contact, and is met with an overwhelming surge of volunteers from a generation newly come of age.
  3. [Military] Raise 1 Unit
    Even as the Council of Mayors takes steps to safeguard the civilized enclaves of the Banner Holds, the Brotherhood also puts into practice a long-dormant tradition. Dating from before the days of the King of Swords, the Hunter's Gauntlet once served as a means of intimidating rival Holds through a display of prowess with bow and spear. Discarded in the days of open war and left fallow, the Brotherhood works alongside sympathetic Bards Errant to revive the faded tradition throughout the Holds. The best archers from each Hold are encouraged to gather together with neighboring holds in friendly competitions over distance and accuracy, with even the most humble provided a price in silver pennies from the coffers of the Brotherhood. While the first year sees only moderate turnout, by the second year the lure of coin and the growing interest in protecting their Holds from the perils of the Wood and the world beyond results in a widespread supply of trained bowmen, all ready to be called upon should the Holds require.
  4. [Diplomacy] Establish a Claim on Region 412 - 13
    Dissatisfied with simple domestic solutions to the challenges facing the Banner Holds, the Mayor of Rhinnar personally organizes a diplomatic caravan to the militant tribes on the Banner Holds' southern border. Guarded by half a dozen knights of the Brotherhood as well as a section of Rhinnar archers, the delegation includes a senior Herald, several representatives of Rhinnar's mighty guilds, and the brightest gem of all - the mayor's eldest daughter, Katia. Veiled in azure blue, she is introduced in High Courtly style to the greatest chieftain of the tribes, for whom the pomp and romantic grandeur is impossible to resist.
  5. [Diplomacy] Raise Reputation with the Peoples of Myrkran (2 > 3) - 13
    Enchanted with the workings of "Rayjo," a number of younger bards from the Hall of Heralds petition Shadestone to be allowed to study their unique technology. While the good intentions of the bards are recognized, the secrets of the Myrkran are not so easily shared, and the supplicants leave disappointed.


  • Accept the Embassy of the Storytellers of Sypressa.
    The arrival of representatives from boreal Sypressa is celebrated by the Council of Mayors. While many Holds vie to be the site of the new enclave, the unique demands of the Sypressans limit the available options to those with expansive holdings cleared of both Wood and field. That Rhinnar should prevail is all but a certainty, until Knight Commander Kotter herself offers an open green within the abandoned ruins of Flechebourg's outer districts. Surrounded by bricks and shadows that have borne witness to the most transformational events in the history of the Holds, a new stand of Greywood Pines is soon planted in Flechebourg.

News and Rumors:

  • While it is little-known within the Banner Holds themselves, the Mayor of Rhinnar's preparations for his daughter's great journey extend far beyond the Holds themselves. Taking advantage of the relationship already existing between the Brotherhood of Black Banners and Tanncourt, the mayor engages in preliminary negotiations to ensure their acceptance of whatever concessions Katia might win. Furthermore, in recognition of their friendship and the promise of a Brenn-Tyr united against the strange and otherworldly threats that must inevitably assail them, the Mayor dispatches a gift of the utmost significance - a blank banner in the high style of the Hall of Heralds. It is a clear sign of trust, and a clear invitation - join our story.
Edited by DarkOne6989 (see edit history)
Convert Tir Buwch
2d6+10 3,6
Establish Claim on Region 412
2d6+6 2,5
Raise Reputation with the Peoples of Myrkran
2d6+6 1,6
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Ruin's Ancient Warriors

Region 130 and 129

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu

Dip: 8

Mil: 3

Ind: 4

Fai: 2

Int: 6


Expected Stat Changes: +1 Dip, +1 Mil


1. Diplomacy: Press Claim on 429

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu unites in sanguine matrimony with the local political power. To secure the inter-elven power structure and Ruinous interests in the area Zan Cuddlu’s chosen progeny, Mal Dread, is given to the Storytellers to be trained in their ways of survival, and Zan Cuddlu’s newborn child Emyr is paraded to amaze the various groups who recognize the sign of this birth. Zan Cuddlu culminates their power grab with a raging debauchery fueled feast to rival any other. Hallucinogenics are dispersed and some mauling occurs as a few guests mistake a father for a Lion.

2. Diplomacy: Raise Rep with DOS from 2 to 3

With the passage of time Caler Hen-Haern, the name the locals refer to the Forbidden Vault in Ruin, has become a normal fixture in the lives of many. The sight of iron dragonflies in the distance, their thrumming command of the air a whirring sight, is now a quaint occurrence, and rarely disrupts the quiet interpersonal dramas of decades to centuries old egos within the corners of Ruin. The roads are well worn and strangely orderly by the grooves of clunking tri-legged riders. A Wyrmloch by the name of Merlyn Dew Inbrawd, a contentious figure within the Cabal of Ruin has gone so far as to reveal excavated secret chambers of Caler Myrfddin. A collection of ancient oddities, antiquities, and dilapidated ancient armor. Some of which has a familial resemblance to the Disciples work. Dew Inbrawd lets the Agents take what they desire and many a Wyrmloch camp outside Hen-Haern.

3. Diplomacy: Explore west of 129

The BellaBarge hosts a grand soirée as Merlyn Gul Twir announces another maiden voyage out west for new territory to plunder and profit! All the greatest and brightest are invited, though few get in, and the night is full of raucous roasting. A fleet of vessels are deployed in the morn, cheered on by the fishing villages of Myrkran’s on the coast, and Gul Twir takes her reported child on their first piratical expedition. Great success is felt in the winds, which blow tall tattered sails and buoy the rust colored wrecks of the Leathersail Fleet. Gul Twir bemoans leaving the side of her wife, the comforts of the barge, and the rhythm of sea court. She is overheard by some sailors comparing the curve of Ayr to the curve of Arabella’s leather in an effort to ease the horny elf’s longing.

4. Military: Raise 1 Unit

5. Military: Raise 1 Navy Unit

As Merlyn Gul Twir sets off on her inaugural Vacation Cruise she leaves the administration and raiding of Psygodburgh in the capable hands of Arabella Finchley. The Wannabe Pirate Queen, having never wielded so much power in her life, is quickly swamped, and the wails of the Myrkran populace grows deafening. The untamed beasts of the wild, the dangerous conditions of the rivers they harvest, and non-sanctioned pirates raiding the coastline taking the Power Couples newly earned turf. She decides to employ a tactic of her homeland; Hosting a Town Hall. It quickly dissolves into violence as a rival gang of Darkkin Pirates known as The Godsend arrive and demand tribute from Arabella. After the fires are put out Arabella dumps an obscene amount of their new profit into hiring more ships and beefing security around the Island.



- Resist Buyouts unless otherwise noted

- Resist Conversions unless otherwise Noted

- Accept Poetry and Prose from SYP via Embassy

- Accept the Myrkran Offer to buyout TP 1 of Grizzly Bears in Region 416

Darkkin had a manner of emulating creatures of the wild. When monstrous creatures of the caves and mountains were reported it immediately fired off alarms in Ruin. Dozens of Darkkin pestered the Myrkran refugees in nearby Psygodburgh for the chance to consume and emulate these distant wonders. Many Merlyn desired these Bears as pets, mounts, or counselors. Some Darkkin attempt to procure the beasts themselves, but since the shattering of the Wyrm all Darkkin have experienced strange sensations outside of Ruin. Their forms unstable or decaying when too far strayed from Ruinous influence. Those who bathed longest in the light of the Bleeding Star maintain their forms best, though some dramatically shifted into Merlyn-esque forms, and others simply grew more pronounced in appearance.

Edited by Tychris1 (see edit history)
Press Claim on 429
2d6+8 1,3
Raise Reputation with DOS
2d6+8 5,5
Explore west of 129
2d6+9 5,5
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Omega, Turn Seven (Year 25-28)


With the return of Kor and news of more pirate attacks on the horizon, Still Lake continues restoration efforts toward Highwall with an eye toward restoring the Omega's weakened force of Guardian Daemons - and their new compatriots, the Brine Daemons.

Additionally, a summons from the Voile prompts the Omega to send forces to the east, there to ward off the Vandals once more.

[Diplomacy]: Stabilize Region 206 (Success 19 vs. TN 12)
[Military]: Raise one naval unit.
[Military]: Raise one naval unit.
[Military]: Dispatch 6 units from 200 -> 201 -> 217 -> 216 to rendezvous with the VOL defender group.
[Military]: Dispatch Kor on an Epic Quest! Kor will attempt to solve the issue of the Glass Prison, taking a fat sack of assorted goods with him to aid him on is journey. (Unknown 16 vs. TN ???)


Resist Buyouts.
Resist Conversion Attempts.

Ruler Stats for Still Lake:

Diplomacy 8 | Military 7 (+2) | Industry 8 | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2

Edited July 19 by Jadetarem (see edit history)

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Epic Quest (ft. Treasure)
2d6+11 1,4
Stabilize Region 206 (+1 Irrigation)
2d6+9 6,4
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Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy

Round 7

Peacebringer Zharrrumiah

Year 1 of the Bellower Council

Regions 117, 100, 102, 115, 116


News and Rrrumors

Finally the Bellower considers his great work done. The tribal council convenes to author a new code of laws, restructuring the council to better handle the needs of the many united tribes. The tribes of each region formed a council that chose a Bellower from their number, and the five Bellowers would elect one of their number as the Peacebringer, who over saw treaties or war with those outside their confederacy.

In the first meeting of the Bellower council the most divisive arguments are over the Weak Ways and their collapsing society. Many in Crrroa-Crrroa lands follow the Weak Ways. They could follow their descent into chaos. The safest course, the only course, was to reinstill order in the Weak Lands.


1.[Dip 10] Elevate to Grand Kingdom - Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy

2.[Mil] Raise two units! (Fort special)

3.[Mil] Raise one naval unit.

4.[Mil] Invade region 113. 2 units led by Kremit (skrimish tactics, challenges accepted)

5.[Mil] Invade region 114. 4 units led by Bellower Zharrrumiah march on the Weak Lands to restore order. (Skirmish tactics, challenges denied)


1. Peacebringer Zharrrumiah retires to the tribal council, and a new Peacebringer is chosen.

2. Accept the Myrkran offer for Irrigation technology.





Edited by zabbarot (see edit history)
New Ruler
1; 2; 1; 1; 2
1d4;1d4;1d4;1d4;1d4 [1]; [1,2]; [1,2,1]; [1,2,1,1]; [1,2,1,1,2]
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  Zavestra - Region 203
Year Twelve of the Barren Sky in the House of the Architect.


The passage of time gives way to weal and woe alike for the Zoroan people. Though, perhaps that was no longer an apt term, with the joining of scattered human tribes in the new territory to the east. 


What began as small military garrisons to defend the mining camps slowly flourished into fledgling settlements—expanding outward as the colonists found success with the new lands—drainage canals, crop rotations that could handle persistent, harsh rains. 


To the west, Morvain takes a keen interest in the locals, pledging protection to the Loralei peoples while the Zoroans integrate into their lands. They promise to be as little of a strain as possible, seemingly aware that an influx of new mouths to feed will disrupt the balance of the woods.


A survivor of the first expedition warns a fresh-faced trader about the perils of the woods. He complains that his horse has gone missing. The elder craftsman tells the trader to pay no mind to the strange patch of underbrush next to the cart as it settles, level with the ground once more. 


In Zavestra, however, word has spread of the Tempest-Runner—spotted within Voilese domain.  


At the first break of twilight, drums sound from the Ard-Vahmana. A great bonfire is lit in ritual ceremony, smoke pluming through an opening in the Celestial Terrace. The embers dance against the horizon above, while wreaths of fog-like smoke spread unnaturally for mere moments—blotting out open skies and obscuring the path forward. Superstition? Perhaps, but to the Emissary, it is a clear indication of what must come:


The Vandals must be purged from Ayr. 


The first flotilla unfurls it sails at a favorable wind. They are naught compared to the bigger fleets of the so-called Valkyries, animal women to the north—but the Zoroans aboard burn with fervor, called to serve their allies against a common threat. 


[Diplomacy] Press Claim on #204 (success)
[Industry] Buyout 205-2 (supported by OMG), failed 

[Industry] Great Project: Re-Seed the Whispering Woods of 206. (5/5)
[Military - Navy] Raise another squadron to bolster the 1st Flotilla.
[Military - Deploy]

  • The 1st Flotilla sets sail on its inaugural mission, bearing two units of the skirmish-trained Veilstalkers to the defense of #218. [Total of 3 Units Pledged to the VOI, traveling by coastal waters (distance of 1?). Command is deferred to the Voilese upon arrival.]

Org Non-Action:

[Industry] Engage in Dealmaking to buyout Ancient Artifacts from TP 222-1.



















Resist Conversions

Resist Buyouts

Write-up of #202: Cosnora complete!

Treasure Spent on Pressing Claim in 204



+1 Industry
+1 Military
Claim Pressed with #204.
Possible Buyout of 222-1?

2 Favors owed to MYR

Total Trading Posts: 5 (+1?) (1 passive treasure/round)
Required Resource satisfied (Wind Rock = Construction Stone)
Embassies with: OMG.














Press Claim #204
2d6+5+1 4,2
Buyout 205-2 (supported)
2d6+6+2 1,1
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Voile Domain
Sabine, Queen of Veils
(Dip 7/Mil 8/Ind 7/Fth 2/Int 3)

  • Descended from seafaring warriors, the Voilese understand the Vandals implicitly. Queen Sabine wouldn't think to deny her Valkyries a proper battle after decades of peace and cooperation. They'll have it out on the battlefield, and the Raven King will welcome his daughters home.


  1. [Diplomacy] Press Claim on 213 (16, Success) -
  2. [Diplomacy] Diplomatic Mission N of 220 (15, Success) -
  3. [Military] Defend 220 - Soline the Wolf Maiden (7) will lead 7 Units and attempt to Skirmish. She refuses to duel. 3 Naval Units will carry OMG units from 216 to 218. The other 4 VOI units will just stay in 218.
  4. [Military] Recruit Naval Unit -
  5. [Military] Recruit Naval Unit -


  • [Non-Action] Support RIK Buyout in 218, Licorice

Record Keeping

Technology: Tall Sails, Masonry, Animal Husbandry
Translations: Yon Vaire

Bonuses: +1 Exploration, +1 resist Raid/Sack

Units: 4x Valkyries (Wolf, Raven, Bear, Other)
Naval Units: 3x Sea Rangers (1st, 2nd, 3rd)



I am already dead. This is the guiding sentiment of the Voilese elite warriors, the Valkyries. Death is taken to be the natural state of all things, even the gods. Any deviation from this norm is temporary and will soon be remedied. This logic extends to the time prior to life, and even a gestating fetus is taken to be dead until the moment of the quickening. Therefore, your life is a reprieve granted by your mother and sustained by your sisters. That sisterhood is the only thing that makes you any different from a kit ripped from its warren by a she-wolf with whelps to feed. Far better to be like the wolf.


Valkyrie regiments take the name of patron animal. Thirteen escadrilles compose a regiment and each consists of seventeen full fledged Valkyries, plus as many as seven teenage cadettes, and three senior advisors too old or maimed for combat. Escadrilles function more or less independently with the three fiercest groups supported by a left wing, a right wing, and a relief or rearguard; and the fleetest group left to respond to openings as the battle progresses.




Edited by Nefarion_Xid (see edit history)
Press Claim on 213 (with +2 bonus)
2d6+9 5,2
Diplomatic Mission N of 220
2d6+7 6,2
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A Satirical Glimpse into the Lives of the Privileged by Spinster Hissfell

Dip: 4 | Mil: 3| Ind: 10 | Fai: 1| Int: 5

Expected Increase: Dip: +1 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +0 | Fai: 0 | Int: +1

Passive Treasure: 1 (5 TPs + 1 City)


Industry – Introduce New Technology – Tabloid Dispatchers – "Pamphlets Unleashed: Tancourt's Animal Army Delivers News and Fake-News Across the Nation! Crabs, Rodents, and Birds: The Written Word Explodes Like Diarrhea in Tancourt's News Frenzy! From Mud to Manuscripts: Tancourt's Media Craze Rides on the Backs of Empty Shelled Crabs!"

Technology: Tabloid Dispatchers.

Requirements: Technology: Animal Husbandry and Poetry & Prose. Resources: Any animal smaller than a Pidgeon that is trainable in fluff.

Mechanics: Successful Non-Secret Slander provides you or a nation you share an embassy with a +1 bonus on a single specified rolled action related to the Slandered nation in the same round.

Diplomacy – Diplomatic Mission south past 411 – "Murderous Caves and Vague Warnings Ignored: Tancourt's Ruthless Explorers Stop at Nothing for Island Mud! Mud, Marriage, and Mayhem: Widow Strikesink Forces Brother Strikesink into Scandalous Wedding Scheme! Love vs. Legal Claims: Brother Strikesink's Harrowing Choice in Widow Strikesink's Scandalous Plan!"

Diplomacy – Establish Claim on 013 – "Pidgeonsbriar's Thrilling Exploits: Tancourt's Adventuress Conquers Jungles and Captivates Natives! Baited Breath for Adventure: Pidgeonsbriar's Spellbinding Journeys Enthrall the Entire Nation!"

Intrigue – "Silicon Disciples' Reign of Terror: Red-Eyed Animatronics Strike Fear Across the Countryside, Villagers Fight Back! Mud-Soaked Showdown: Sunpointer's Pitchfork-Wielding Rabble Clashes with Red-Eyed Animatronics in Fearful Battle! Silicon Menace: Three-Wheeled Animatronics Roam Free, Villages Tremble as Sunpointer's Brave Stand Against the Machines!" – Hinder the DOS

Intrigue – Investigate – [Search for Axe - Fluff TBD]


Engage in Dealmaking – "Labor Strife in Tancourt: Immigrants Given Unruly Tasks to 'Earn Their Keep' at Red Herring Trade Post. From Charity to Exploitation: Tancourt's Controversial Move as Immigrants Tasked with Fetching Fish Heads!" – Ask People of Myrkran to Buyout TP 2 of 129.

Reject the Seekers – "Dirt Cheap Demand Sparks Tension: Seekers' Quest for Mud Samples Raises Eyebrows in Tancourt! Beware of Free Mudpies: Tancourt's Tanners Wary of Mysterious Seekers' True Intentions! Seekers on a Mission: The Curious Case of Tancourt's Valuable Mud and Its Puzzling Attraction!"

Introduce a Fashionista – "Tancourt's Mysterious Heiress: Matron Pemshatter Charms King-to-Be and Scribe with Richest Tannery Garb! Riches and Ruses Unveiled: Pemshatter's Thin Veil of Luxury Allures Young King and Scribe!

Edited by mystic1110 (see edit history)
Diplomatic Mission (+1 Tech)
2d6+5 4,5
Establish Claim
2d6+4 6,6
2d6+5 2,3
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The Nanx Throng - 109
Shaman Delce

a seventh boathide of angular writing

many nanx feel sorrow well up in them
and then they hear of the oracle
the nanx keen for guidance more than ever
and the shamans get no rest
they talk until morning
and then talk some more
shaman delce talks about realignment

some shamans are not talking
they go to the oracle tree
they bring hardy goats to clear thorns and weeds
and they bring tin working nanx to look at the metal
we do not know who to ask for help
i was called to the oracle tree
i wrote down what we found
the hide goes to the skywatchers
so they may learn what we know and help us

delce says that we must still do what is needed
the wing and fire thing still flies overhead
our friends lakeward are in fear
the metal people have a plan
we are not sure it is the best plan
we cooperate
we send casks of shimmerstone
and shamans who know its ways
shaping and burning
powerful fire
we hope the metal people take our gifts
and do not turn greedy eyes on us for our shimmerstone

the shamans say there may be another way
we send our first strong leaping and climbing boats to where the wing and fire may live
it may need help
it may not have food
it may be able to be a friend like the boat stealing clans that are now nanx
if there is another way we must try

the wing and fire thing reminds the shamans
shaman delce says it is out of context
like the new people were
when they came from the salt
others may come too
so we tell the new nanx on the salt
to make wagons on the water
with strong sides and plenty of slings and stones
in case the next new people do not want to be friends


The Nanx Throng


[Intrigue] Investigate - Send a portion of the Shamans into the Oracle Tree Cave to assess. Can the weeds be trimmed? The shards detangled and removed? [spending 1 treasure] (Result 14)

[Diplomacy] Diplomatic Mission - Send explorers and envoys South East into Mountain region bordering Maenos (Result 20 - Great Success Establishes Claim)

[Diplomacy] Raise Organization Reputation - Share Oracle Tree information with Seekers of the Spheres (Result 12)

[Military] Assist DoS Skylance operations - Send Shimmerstone to build, Horses to haul, Berries to feed

[Military] Recruit Naval Unit - Build Slinger Skiffs to protect our coastal peoples

Resist Conversion
Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts


Ruler Info

Shaman Delce

Diplomacy - 9 10

Military - 3 4

Industry- 10

Faith - 3

Intrigue - 3

Diplomacy 5 Used
Industry 5 Used
Industry 10 Used

Successor - Shaman Trew - Currently acting as Emissary to the Maenos

Other Notes

New Ruler Next Round? - No

Military Units 4/8
-Fighting People
-Spear People
-Slingstone People
-Tidewater Brawlers

Naval Units 1/4
-Sling Skiffs

Treasure 1/5
+1 passive treasure/round




-Nana 109

Organizational Overview
Myrkran People, Rep 2, Favors 0
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 0
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 0 Favors 0

Temporary Cultural Identity - None
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry, Alpine Animal Assistants

Trading Posts (7, 1 treasure/round)
-109 Shimmerstone TP1
-109 Shimmerstone City
-113 Horses TP1
-108 Clay TP1
-104 Highland Berries TP1
-115 Wood TP1
-110 Stone TP2

Other Resources
A Reasonable Favor from the Maenos
A Reasonably Similar Favor to an assisted Buyout from the Toteharu

Faith (Unnamed Animism)
-109 - Wyr Foothills

Controlled Regions & Holy Sites

Expected Stat Gains


Backup Action



Oracle Cave Investigate (1 treasure)
2d6+4 6,4
Diplomatic Mission to adjacent region
2d6+10 4,6
Raise Rep with SPH
2d6+9 1,2
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Seventh Season of Plants; Seventh Season of Tete-kāno
Region(s): 106, 101, 104

A secured source of thin metal obtained, Tete-kāno had what was needed to establish something that had not previously been attempted by the Toteharu before: a real community, a real hub of plants not just surrounding fertile soil but one of moving soil, stones, and other such resources. Not a settlement or village like they were so apt to build, but a city. While the temptation to build it in their homeland was there, better to raise it where it would be needed, useful, and provide more. The flats of the west would be the site of this project; a flowing bulwark of molded wood shingled with fresh metal stamped into shining mirrors. Natural fields of shadow flax would be carefully cared for and fresh soil not found but made for it. Tiaho-Pouri was built.

With new resources flowing and new contacts made, it was perhaps ironic that the plants - flush with more than mackerel and smelt - elected to send Anðōf to obtain a line to these swimming snacks. Tete-kāno did not wish to lose momentum on the front and further sent Puāwai with him. Together they continued along the coast, again seeking to map and contact more of the coastline.

But that was far from all. The Myrkran were announcing their plans for expanding everyone's larders and opportunities. Tete-kāno themselves personally oversaw this, seeking to find more inroads towards more plants from beyond the boggy waters of home. In their examination, they made sure to thank them more and more, lavishly spending the last prizes of The Rose Tournament to host game after game. An addiction forming that saw Tete-kāno "gifting" more than was likely needed, but given all the same.

And thus it was Te-Raupea's task, his absence done and filled with more fervor, to continue the hunt for one of the many dangers currently plaguing the area. With the aid of the human archer, the Bear narrowed the path the beast was taking. While previous gusto was towards hunting it, now was the time to spread vines and barbs and ensnare the beast. Eilonwy had already found its stomping grounds, now was the time to harass, cajole, and build up to the inevitable hunt. The Bear spread himself into the waters, buoys of his own natural making along coastlines and reaching out into deeper waters as barbed claws. He was fishing once again. Little hooks, each one small but heavy. Little harpoons, carrying stones. Tin baubles polished 'till shining so that even the black deep would sparkle when they went following the trail.


  • [Military] - Send Te-Raupea, The Arbor Bear to hunt the White Leviathan Epic Quest
  • [Diplomacy] - Continue Exploration along the eastern coastline Exploration
  • [Diplomacy] - Raise Reputation with MYR Raise Rep
  • [Industry] - Buyout Fish TP1 from Region 126 Buyout
  • [Industry] - Special 5: Raise City in Region 101


• Spend 1 Favor to Increase Reputation with The People of Myrkran.

• Resist all Conversions away from TAT

• Support all Conversions towards TAT

• Spend 1 Favor to Increase Reputation with The Disciples of Silicon

• Spend 1 Treasure to support Raise Reputation

• Accept assistance from Eilonwy of Velentin with Epic Quest

• Accept MYR's Dealmaking, directing them toward TP1 Region 112

• Accept MYR's offer of Irrigation

General Summaries

+1 Industry, +1 Diplomacy

Stuff n' Things

Link to Realm Post

Military Units: 2/7, 3/5
-Fightin' Mangroves, 1
-Woodrose Lancers, 1

-Seaweed Raft Flotilla, 3

Trading Posts & Treasure: 2 & 1/5
-Region 106 TP1, Marine Forage & Produce
-Region 111 TP1, Tin

+0 passive treasure


Te-Raupea, The Arbor Bear (HS8)


Organization Reputation Summary
People of Myrkran, Rep 2, Favors 2 (-5 this round)
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 1, Favors 1 (-1 this round)
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 2, Favors 0

Organization & Tech Bonuses

+1 to Establish Claim (MYR 1)
+1 to Raid (DOS 1)
+1 to Sack (DOS 1)
+1 to Epic Quests (SPH 1)
+1 to Diplo/Indus Exploration (Tech)
+2 to Investigation (SPH 2)
-1 to all Continent Penalties (MYR 2)

Temporary Cultural Identity - Epic Quests
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Animal Husbandry

Faith (Taumaru & Taumara) (3)
106, 101, 104

Controlled Regions
106, 101, 104

Current Claims

Previous Rounds
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Round 7

Epic Quest
2d8+11 3,7
2d6+8 1,3
Raise Rep
2d6+8 5,2
2d6+7 5,5
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The Rikathi

Region: 217






1: Seek Aid (Faith) - Success

Used in Buyout of Licorice

Many seek the sage advice of their spiritual advisor, and the Rikathi are no different. But for the Rikathi faithful, they have the added benefit of knowing that one of the Gods granted them the blessings directly and their faith is made stronger by real and practical uses. When the expedition team was preparing to leave for Region 218 in hopes of finding spice, they took with them supplies bounded with living thread. The supplies were stronger, more resistant, and reminded them that they were doing the bidding of a higher being.

2: Augur the Soils of Ayr (Faith) - Auto Succeed

Results in +1 Favor

With their bond stronger than ever, members of the Seekers seem to be ever-present in the Ota Beyr's court. When they come to claim the soil itself, the Rikathi find the request no stranger than any other of their claims. The Rikathi are boldly confident that the Seekers will learn none of their true seekers by merely tasting and touching their soil, and gladly give it up as part of a diplomatic leverage.

3: Buyout of Region 218 (Licorice) (Industry) - Success

Add Treasure to Roll 

Word of upheaval came to the Rikathi from the west. When ships full of a Omega soldiers appeared on the horizon, the Rikathi were hesitant to let them ashore. After a brief parlay, swathes of soldiers marched across Rikathi land headed for the war-torn regions on the inner continent. The Rikathi saw this as an opportunity and sent camp followers and diplomats to trail this army. When they arrived in 218, they found other armies had also arrived.

The Rikathi sought out the natives and soothed their concerns about what a standing army might do to damage the area. They spoke on behalf of experience, alluding to the fact that the Omega had marched through Rikathi land without nefarious acts nor quests of conquering it. In the end, a relationship was bonded between the natives and Rikathi and the Rikathi warcamp followers returned home with gifts of licorice.

4: Hoard Treasure (Industry) - Auto-Success

The seas were calm now, but they are never dormant. The Rikathi still find treasures of old at the bottom of the sea and inside the shoreline caves of the region.

5: Recruit Military Unit (Military) - Success

With an army recently marching through their land, the Rikathi take the time to arm more soldiers of their own. There is no intentions of war at the moment, but it is never a bad idea to prepare.


Engage in Dealmaking - Request that the Myrkan attempt a buyout of 214 Trading Post (Coal). 

Wild the Myrkan were impressed with the Rikathi finding their own trading routes with nearby tribes, the product they bring home is considered a luxury and not a need. When Ota Beyr seeks the Myrkan tradesmen to show them what they truly meant by sustainable trade, the Myrkan send their own men northwesternly, seeking a resource with more applicable use.

They seek coal and intend to bring it home, proud hunters returning from the hunt.

Allowing the Omega to march through Rikathi land - The Voile are aiding in TP1 Licorice as payment

Will Receive:

-2 Favors with MYR, resulting in a -1 total at end of round

+1 Favor with SOS

+1 Treasure

+1 Military Unit

+1 to Faith

+1 to Industry


Edited by Basil_Bottletop (see edit history)
Seeking Aid
2d8-2+9 8,7
Buyout of Licorice
2d6-2+2+2+4+1 2,5
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 The Witches of Tir Buwch (COW)

Round 7



Region 426

High Witch Bryn

Diplomacy (6), Military (2), Industry (6), Faith (2), Intrigue (2)
Round 6 Actions

1. Diplomacy - Press Claim over Region 427 (TN 12)

In an effort to expand the kingdom and recover from the grief of the Moonfall, diplomats from Tir Buwch negotiate terms with local leaders in Region 427.

2. Diplomacy - Diplomatic Mission to the North (TN 12)
The flame of adventure refuses to die out for a number of envoy witches who tire of staying in one place. They decide to venture in the direction most suited to connecting with Tir Buwch, onward North!

3. Industry - Buyout Region 429 TP 1 - Brenn Connifers (TN 12)

High Witch Bryn again tries to soothe the cries of her citizenry and this time succeeds! With this new stable source of lumber, construction of the Tir Porff residential districts resume. Everywitch feels a bit better about the state of the kingdom and instead turn their focus on improving social policies.

4. Intrigue - A Game of Cat and Mouse - Sabotage the DOS's search for the Loose Thread

When it was clear that members of the Disciples of Silicon were interrogating witches and refusing to take no as an answer, leaders from all schools of divination, commerce, agriculture, alchemy, etc. decided to band together. They put together an intricate scheme to drop clues that would steer the Disciples in the wrong direction, place them into perils, or generally get them stuck in an aggravating situation. The witches couldn't care less about helping the Disciples succeed and were quite eager to make an enemy.

5. Intrigue - Secret Action - Investigation


1.   A child with a greater star sign joins the counterculture!

Morgaine, the marked witch, prodigy, he who will one day become witch king, and massive pain in the hat as returned from RUIN and training with Merlyn Mal Dread. He as learned much and matured as an alchemist and a witch.

In between lessons and alchemy research, Morgaine has been spending all of his free time in coffeeshops and markets located on the outskirts of Tir Porff. There, he has become acquainted with the plights of the poor and the unrest that is bubbling. In an effort to quell chaos, Morgaine begins longer discussions with rogue leaders and starts creating not only a list of demands, but a plan of compromises as well. Much of these documents are authored by Scribe Iona, who has learned how to collaborate with Morgaine and cemented herself as a lifelong friend to the young witch.

2. Support BBB's Conversion roll: Success!

Many of the witches of Tir Buwch are initially suspicious and wary of this "other" faith. After some careful deliberation, they conclude that this "Romantic Chivalry" does not specifically contradict.

3. Accept the Peoples of Myrkran's offer to buy a Trading Post

The Witches of Tir Buwch ask the People of Myrkran to buy and secure a trading post from Region 433 (Arctic Moose).

Reference  Information

Leader Stats: Diplomacy (6), Military (2), Industry (6), Faith (2), Intrigue (2); Dip & Int +1

Trading Posts: 1

  1. Region 417; TP 2; Iron
  2. Region 426; TP 1; Cows
  3. Region 427; TP 1; Sunflowers

Military Units: 2/6, Naval 0/3

Organizational Overview:

The Peoples of Myrkran: Rep 0; 1 favor owed to Org
The Disciples of Silicon: Rep 0; No favors
The Seekers of the Spheres: 0; 1 favor owed to COW

Technologies: 5

  • Markets and Carts: +1 to Buyouts
  • Tall Sails: Allows sailing across light blue borders
  • Animal Husbandry: +1 to Industry and Diplomacy exploration
  • Irrigation: +1 to Stabilization rolls
  • Poetry & Prose: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system
  • Bricks & Mortar: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks

Treasure: 0



Edited by Bellossom (see edit history)
Press Claim over Region 427 (TN 12)
2d6+6 4,5
Diplomatic Mission to the North (TN 12)
2d6+7 1,6
Buyout Region 429 TP 1 - Brenn Connifers (TN 12)
2d6+7 3,4
Rolling Bell's secret action for her (Blade wuz Here)
2d6+2 6,1
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Leader: Gob Diplo 4 | Military 3 | Industry 6 | Faith 3 | Intrigue 2

Region: 209

Treasure: 2


1) [Intrigue] Investigate: The Scaleback Scallywags are dispatched to the West to gather information about the pirates in the surrounding waters.

2) [Intrigue] Investigate: Scouts are deployed along the coastlines to search for pirate shipwrecks.

3) [Diplomacy] Press A Claim: Region 208 has been claimed in the traditional goblin fashion (planting a flag then leaving a scent on it), it's time to make friendly with the locals and learn each other's ways.

4) [Industry] Generate Treasure: The tunnels near the Starblood veins are filled with black glass rocks, perfect for a variety of uses!

5) [Industry] Generate Treasure: No time like the present to stockpile stone buckets of Starblood for future use!

Investigate 1
2d6+2 3,5
Investigate 2
2d6+2 2,5
2d6+4 3,6
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The West Wind Blows

Sending a Chill Across the Ayr

Shadows Lengthen and Stretch

On Moonless Nights They Play

Something Awakes in the West


Invasion of Region 113

Aggressor: Crrroa-Crrroa

2 Units of Zabka led by Kremit (9), Skirmishing

113 Crrroa-Crrroa Tac Man

Tac Win, Skirmishing in effect

Accepts Duels

113 Kermit Duel

Duel Loss

113 Crrroa-Crrroa Battle Roll

Crrroa-Crrroa Victory, 1 Unit Lost

113 Kremit Leader Loss

Defender: Commander Dermki

Commander Dermki

2 Units led by Dermki, Skirmishing

113 Dermki Tac

Tac Loss

Dermki Duels Kermit!

113 Dermki Duel

Duel Win by 5 (+4)

113 Dermki Battle Roll


Invasion of the Weak Lands (114)

Aggressor: Crrroa-Crrroa


4 Units Led by Bellower Zharrrumiah (10), skirmishing

114 Crrroa-Crrroa Tac

Tac Win, Skirmishin

Bellower Zharrrumiah refuses Duels!

114 Crrroa-Crrroa Battle

1 Unit Loss (20% losses)

114 Bellower Zharrrumiah Loss

Defender: The Weak Lands

Commander Rex

3 Units led by Commander Rex (10), skirmishing

114 Weak Lands Tac

Tac Loss

Commander Rex opts not to Duel!

114 Weak Lands Battle




Invasion of Region 218

Aggressor: VVV - Mist Eaters

6 Units led by Tempest-Runner (9), Fog-Wreathed Sails

218 Mist-Eaters Tac

Tac Win, Fog-Wreathed Sails

Tempest-Runner Challenges to Duel!

9+6 Units+1 Tech+1 Treasure

218 Mist Eaters Battle

Loss, 2 Units lost

218 Tempest-Runner Loss

Tempest-Runner Captured by VOI!

Defender: Taer Mojr Coalition

16 Units led by Soline the Wolf Maiden (7), Skirmishing

218 Taer Coalition

Tac Loss

Soline Refuses to Duel! (-2)

7+16 Units-2 Duel

218 Taer Coalition

Win, 3 VOI, 2 OMG, 1 ZAV Units lost

218 Soline Loss

Soline Safe.

The Faithful Preach

The Sister's Embrace Conversions

Region 100 Attempt

Region 115 Attempt

Region 126 Attempt

The Wind Blows
23; 17; 26; 25
1d29;1d19;1d41;1d44 [23]; [23,17]; [23,17,26]; [23,17,26,25]
Chill Across the Ayr
15; 11; 5; 2
1d21;1d19;1d14;1d3 [15]; [15,11]; [15,11,5]; [15,11,5,2]
Shadows Lengthen
8; 1; 25; 37
1d8;1d19;1d27;1d41 [8]; [8,1]; [8,1,25]; [8,1,25,37]
Moonless Nights
7; 20; 56; 18
1d100;1d100;1d100;1d100 [7]; [7,20]; [7,20,56]; [7,20,56,18]
Something Awakes
49; 63; 62; 22
1d100;1d100;1d100;1d100 [49]; [49,63]; [49,63,62]; [49,63,62,22]
6; 5
1d6;1d4+1 [6]; [6,4]
Mormaer Gwaithor (410) Mil, then units
5; 8
1d6+4;1d6+3 [1]; [1,5]
Unit 013 Mil
1d6+4 3
113 Crrroa-Crrroa Tac Man
2d6+10 6,4
Commander Dermki
1d6+4 6
113 Kermit Duel
2d6+9 1,3
113 Dermki Tac
2d6+10 4,4
113 Dermki Duel
2d6+10 2,6
113 Crrroa-Crrroa Battle Roll
2d10+2+9 9,7
113 Dermki Battle Roll
2d10+10+2+4 5,3
113 Kremit Leader Loss
1d20-1 5
Commander Rex
1d6+4 6
114 Crrroa-Crrroa Tac
2d6+10 2,6
114 Crrroa-Crrroa Battle
2d10+10+4 5,10
114 Weak Lands Tac
2d6+10 1,3
114 Weak Lands Battle
2d10+10+3 2,8
114 Bellower Zharrrumiah Loss
1d20-1 20
218 Mist-Eaters Tac
2d6+10+3-1 2,1
218 Taer Coalition
2d6+8-4 1,1
218 Mist Eaters Battle
2d10+9+6+1+1 10,1
218 Taer Coalition
2d10+7+16-2 6,3
218 Tempest-Runner Loss
1d20-2 3
218 Soline Loss
1d20-6 8
Region 100 Attempt
2d6+8 1,3
Region 115 Attempt
2d6+8 2,5
Region 126 Attempt
2d6+8 2,4
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