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1 hour ago, Maester1216 said:

Oh to be sure, most Kalistocrats are adopted precisely because of their insistence on celibacy. I suppose you could genetically engineer a kid, but adoption is so much cheaper, and the Prophecies do insist on not wasting resources.

So are we sure this religion wasn't created by the adoption agencies? Lol most religions want you to be fruitful and multiply to create more followers for that religion.

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Speaking of stonks I found that Starfinder has some hilariously bad rules for investing:

01–15 You lose the entirety of your investment.
16–50 You lose 50% of your investment.
51–75 Your investment increases by 10%.
76–95 Your investment increases by 50%.
96+ Your investment increases by 100%.

Oh but don't worry guys you can add your rank in an appropriate profession to bolster that roll. Which I guess means never get in a bar fight with your stock advisor as clearly they are level 15 and up.

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Indeed, a solid set of choices like is gonna make final choices difficult for me.

I’m gonna aim to have my choices made by tomorrow afternoon AST. After that we can sort out crew positions and get the AP started.

I’ll be upfront that this first week might be a bit slow due to my work schedule, but after that it should be smooth sailing into the new year.

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Well, this was not an easy choice. Lot of great apps to pick from, but after a lot of reflection and rereading, here's the crew of BD514:

@Gilda, as Raenala Zeizerer

@Eagleheart, as Jin

@Zaathun, as Davir Karst

@artsmythe, as Darwyn Priestly (AKA Morgan Hunt)

@darlis moonbeam, as Akari Monduro

@Whitehart09, as Duncan

I'll be sending out invitations to the game shortly, and changing the game to Read Only.

And for those not chosen fret not! If something happens or we decide to add another player y'all will be my first points of contact.

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