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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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The Brotherhood of Black Banners

Knight Commander Sir Etoile Kotter

Diplomacy 5
Military 6
Industry 1
Faith 5
Intrigue 1

Expected Stat Changes: +1 Dip, +1 Ind


Knight Commander Kotter hunched over her desk. Reports from across the Banner Holds were scattered across the time-worn oak planks, their dark panels worn light and then dark again by the successive labors of the past dozen Knight Commanders of the Brotherhood. From her office atop the Spire Penitent, the Knight Commander might have seen the whole of Flechebourg laid out before her, had the curtains not been drawn against the unseasonable damp. Forty-years old, Etoile Kotter was a veteran of more than one desperate campaign into the Wood, and though the songs of her deeds had lessened in popularity with contemporary bards her grim, scarred face was an incongruous comfort to all who saw it. Alas, that her office had no mirror.

Brushing aside a patrol report from the northern march, Etoile turned her attention once more to the stack of papers that had bedeviled her for a fortnight - tax records, caravan logs, and foremen's tallies. The destruction of three of the five moons had set the whole of the Holds on high alert, and the strange emanations from the remnants of the Sword Moon doubly so, but beneath that veneer of militant unity the Knight Commander knew trouble was brewing. Squinting her good eye - the other, permanently bloodshot, had never been the same after her confrontation with the Griffin of Terecourt - she set her mind to satisfying the growing needs of the Holds. The revelation of civilized lands beyond their borders had whet the appetites of the Holds' farmers and merchants, and if they were not satisfied then she feared the constant flow of supplies and materiel she and the Council of Mayors relied on might slow. Or, though she dared not think it, stop altogether. Sighing, she made another agonized notation in her ledger and leaned back in her chair.

The air within the Spire Penitent remained electric, even these long centuries after the death of the King of Swords. The most learned mystics from the Hall of Heralds remained unsure as to why, but it buzzed at the back of the Knight Commander's mind like a gnat at the edge of hearing. Most days it helped keep her sharp, alert, but on that long night it felt like nothing so much as the siren call of the feather bed waiting in her chambers. Shaking her head against such temptations, she retrieved another candle from a desk drawer and lit it on the guttering remnants of its fellow. The night was far from over.



  1. [Diplomacy 5] Cultural Identity - Duels and Event Combat
    The constant training of the knights of the Brotherhood, coupled with widespread experience in their ranks against creatures from the Wood, has resulted in a robust culture of dueling and physical competition both within the Brotherhood and through the Banner Holds as a whole.
  2. [Diplomacy] Dispatch a Diplomatic Mission west of the Banner Holds (Region 417) (+1 Animal Husbandry)
  3. [Industry] Buy Out TP 2 of Cows in Tir Buwch (Region 426) with Support (+1 Markets)
  4. [Industry] Buy Out TP 3 of Cows in Tir Buwch (Region 426) with Support (+1 Markets)
  5. [Military] Sir Rulman undertakes a Quest into Unknown Lands north from the Banner Holds (Region 417)
    Unwilling to abandon the vanished expedition from years prior, Sir Rulman departs alone to bright light to the dark reaches of the north. And, if the stars are kind, to retrieve his fellows alive or dead.


  • ...

News and Rumors:

  • Celine, the young Moon Touched rescued by Sir Alain, is taken in to be fostered by the Brotherhood. While the circumstances of her birth are near as dire as any might imagine, it is anathema to the Brotherhood's creed to prejudge her for it. While the young girl is prepared to take her simple oaths as a squire, her mother is employed in the Spire Penitent, that they need not be kept far from one another.
Edited by DarkOne6989 (see edit history)
Buy Out Tir Buwch TP 2
2d6+4 2,2
Buy Out Tir Buwch TP 3
2d6+4 5,2
Diplomatic Mission West
2d6+6 3,4
Quest Into Unknown Lands North
2d6+9 6,2
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The Storytellers of Sypressa


Master Storyteller Salvia Rosemary
Diplomacy: 6 – Military: 5 – Industry: 2 – Faith: 5 – Intrigue: 2
Capital: The Greywood Coast (415) – Round 5


1. Diplomacy 5 – Establish the Bruitmire Grove (an Embassy) of greywood pines in Tancourt (TAN).

In exchange, Tancourt promises to gift Sypressa their next technological innovation as soon as it is discovered.

Greywood trees grow about 5 feet per year under ideal sunlight and moisture conditions. The Bruitmire Grove in Tancourt suffers from eternally overcast skies, excessive rain, and thick mud. Despite it all, the newly-planted saplings strive for the sky as if they could finally get enough sunlight if only they could grow taller than the clouds. The Grove is spindly, washed-out, and gangly, but it does not lack for height.

2. Diplomacy – Raise reputation with the Seekers of the Spheres. 12

Digitalia Foxglove, no longer the Master Storyteller but still influential as a senior carver of the eldest Story, personally travels the Greywood Coast with charcoal and a sketchbook. This time, she promises, the Seekers will be suitably impressed the moon and star patterns that have been painstakingly etched in bark for multiple millennia.

3. Military 5 – Raise a Hero, Artemisia Sagebrush. Hero score: 10

The human Artemisia family was relocated inland to an older Grove when their youngest was born with a Greater Star Sign reaching up her back. Now, the Grove is realizing that the youngest is not the family's only noteworthy child. Upon his sixteenth birthday, Sagebrush wins a national archery competition. While all of the finalists will receive offers to enlist for the finest training and equipment that Sypressa can offer, Sagebrush is uniquely granted personal mentorship by the greatest retired heroes of the age.

When she reaches my age, Sagebrush swears, I will have a Grove's worth of carved adventures to inspire little Tarragon.

4. Military – Raise a unit of exceptional archers, the Swanfeather Wraiths.

5. Faith 5 – Discover an Artifact, the White Doe's Deershoe. Effect: Provides a resource of Iron to its owner.

In the deepest reaches of the Greywood Coast, a snow-white doe is spotted. The most talented trackers comb the woods. Hunting dogs are dispatched. Bait is laid. The doe is never caught. Until the quaint town's elven blacksmith ventures into the forest one day with his beautiful singing voice. He carefully coaxes the creature back to his workshop with a soothing melody. The doe, however, is a creature of myth and magic, and can only be contained for so long. He only manages to attach a single deershoe before it spooks and escapes. The white doe is never caught again, but it leaves a trail of identical front-left iron deershoes everywhere that it steps. To this day, Sypressans that venture into the woods where the doe resides to collect the abundant deershoes sometimes catch a glint of white far off in the forest.


A. Change rulers non-dynastically. Stat growths: +1 Dip, +1 Mil. Non-dynastic succession: +1 to any two attributes.

Populus Aspen: 4+1 Diplomacy, 3+1+1 Military, 1 Industry, 1 Faith, 3+1 Intrigue

B. +1 favor with the Disciples of Silicon when the Disciple Forbidden Vault in Ruin, Rise, and Redemption (Region 130) is completed.

C. Receive the Bricks and Mortar technology from the Witches of Tir Buwch (COW) via the Witchwood Grove (Embassy).

D. Support the Witches of Tir Buwch (COW) in their efforts to buyout Trade Post 2 of Greywood Bark in the Greywood Coast (415).

Records Carved:

Units: 2/6
Navy: 0/3
Treasure: 0/5

Groves, Debts, and Treaties:

  • The Witchwood Grove in Tir Buwch (COW) - 20 feet tall
    • COW promises to gift Bricks and Mortar to SYP in Round 5
  • The Bruitmire Grove in Tancourt (TAN) - newly-planted
    • TAN promises to gift SYP their next technology during the round it is created


Digitalia Foxglove: Past Master Storyteller, now mentor. Human. She/her
Salvia Rosemary: Current Master Storyteller. Elven. She/her
Populus Aspen: Apprentice Storyteller. Human. He/him
Artemisia Tarragon: Child with a Greater Star Sign. 4 years old. Human. She/her
Artemisia Wormwood: Middle child. 13 years old. Human. They/them
Artemisia Sagebrush: Eldest brother of Tarragon. 16 years old. Human. He/him

Unit Fluff:

1x Lynx's Footfalls (scouts)
1x Darting Does (light cavalry)

Past Stories:

Edited by aerin13 (see edit history)
Change leader non-dynastically
5d4 1,3,3,4,1
Hero score
1d4+6 4
Raise reputation with the Seekers of the Spheres (TN 10)
2d6+6 1,5
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Round 5

Bellower ZharrrumiahMilitary: 9
Diplomacy: 7
Industry: 3
Faith: 3
Intrigue: 1

Year 48 of the First Tribal Council

Regions 117, 100, 102


News and Rrrumors

The newly confederated tribes push for further expansion and the Bellower obliges by sending Kremit of Zeilony to finally bring the Mist tribe and their new allies to heel. Meanwhile he leads a smaller force to conquer the newly settled Myrkran lands. The Bellower sends an envoy ahead to see if some factions of the new settlers might join of by choice.


1.[Mil] [WAR] Kremit of Zeilony marches with 4 units to 116 (Kremit challenges Mist Keggie to a duel. Skirmish tactics)

2.[Mil] [WAR] Bellower Zharrrumiah marches on 115 with 1 unit. (Does not accept challenges. Skirmish tactics.)

3.[Dip] Quell unrest in Region 100.

4.[Dip] Increase reputation with the Peoples of Myrkran. (15?)

5.[Ind] Buyout flax. (Region 102, TP1)







Edited by zabbarot (see edit history)
Flax Buyout
2d6+3+2 2,5
Stabilize Region 100
2d6+7 5,4
2d6+7 3,5
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 The Witches of Tir Buwch (COW)

Round 5



Region 426

High Witch Bryn

Diplomacy (4), Military (2), Industry (4), Faith (2), Intrigue (2)
Round 4 Actions
1. Intrigue - Assist RAW with Constructing the Forbidden Vault in Region 130 (3/3)
  • In exchange for supporting a TP buyout in round 6.
2. Intrigue – Secret Investigation


3. Industry – Expedition to the South - Roll 12 - Success

4. Industry - Buyout BBB TP 2 - Roll 16 - Success

5. Industry - Buyout SYR TP 2 - Roll 6 - Failure
1.   A child with a greater star sign is a toddler now I guess
2. Support BBB (2) and Tan's (3) buyout of cows TPs
3. In exchange for their generous support of COWs TP acquisition, BBB has been gifted a ton of freshly spun Highland Cow wool to line their fabrics in preparation for Winter.
4. Support RAW buyout of cows; RAW receives half a ton of freshly spun Highland Cow wool in exchange for their hosting of COW delegates, knowledge of sailing, and buyout of a COW Trading Post
5. Pass Bricks and Mortars to SYP via embassy as previously discussed.

High Witch Bryn's Grand Festival, cont.

As the war of colors in the sky settled over the shores of Eirlys Lake, High Witch Bryn could not stop her tears from falling down her cheeks. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen, everything – everywitch had predicted the moons were all on separate axis. They shouldn’t have collided. The seers and starwatchers had all been so certain. They all stood around High Witch Bryn, mouths agape. Others began to frantically consult with their cards, crystal balls, and for some, even tea leaves, trying to get any hint of what went wrong and who was left. Were they all abandoned by the goddesses? Who would bless their tables and guide their boats? Was anyone left in the temple.

Addressing the terrified crowd, High Witch Bryn, let’s one last sob escape her lips, silencing all. “We have all been forsaken tonight, blood was shed for the sake of peace and welcoming our capricious young goddess. But instead she killed Eirlys in cold blood. The sisters will have fled and we are godless. Until we receive any notice from our goddesses, this month will remain godless and we will continue to mourn. That is all for tonight.”

In the crowd, Senior Witch Cora convulses into a sort of possessed state and shouts to everywitch, "The moons may be gone, but our goddess is here, Aoife shall be known as the goddess of love and war!"

Reference  Information

Leader Stats: Diplomacy (3), Military (1), Industry (3), Faith (2), Intrigue (2); Dip, & Industry +1

Military Units: 0/6, Naval 0/3

Trading Posts: 1

  1. Region 426; TP 1; Cows

Military Units: 2/6, Naval 0/3

Organizational Overview:

The Peoples of Myrkran: Rep 0; 2 favors owed to Org
The Disciples of Silicon: Rep 0; No favors
The Seekers of the Spheres: 0; 1 favor owed to COW

Technologies: 1

  • Markets and Carts: +1 to Buyouts
  • Tall Sails: Allows sailing across light blue borders
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Irrigation
  • Poetry & Prose

Treasure: 0



Edited by Bellossom (see edit history)
Exploration Roll Round 5
2d6+4 5,2
Roll for Iron TP 2
2d6+4 4,5
Roll for Greywoods TP 2
2d6+4 1,1
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A Satirical Glimpse into the Lives of the Privileged by Spinster Hissfell

Dip: 4 | Mil: 3| Ind: 6 | Fai: 1| Int: 5

Expected Increase: Dip: 0 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +2 | Fai: 0 | Int: 0


Industry – Expedition North East of 413 over the River – "Tanner Dampwood's Desperate Plea: "Help Me, Gene!" The Secret Power Couple's Dynamic Revealed! Gene Dampwood, The Silent Savior Rises as Tanner's Incompetence Plunges Him into Chaos! Is Tanner Dampwood Jealous or Dismissive? The Truth Behind the Dampwood Power Struggle Exposed!"

Industry – Expedition West over the Tidal Flats of 413 over the River – "Matilda's Triumphant Feast: From Sypressa to Eggs, Tancourt's Culinary Revolution Begins! Pidgeonsbriar's Culinary Crusade: Triumph in Sypressa to Uncharted Lands, Tancourt's Taste Buds Erupt!"

Industry – Buyout of Cows TP 3 with Support of COW – "Leather Empire in Peril: Young Entrepreneurs' Cow Urine Experiment Falls Flat, Tancourt's Tanners Demand Stronger Solutions!"

Industry – Buyout of Iron TP 3 with Support of BBB – "Iron Rush Turns Rusty Nightmare: Tancourt's Rainy Woes Spawn Lockjaw Crisis Amidst Increased Usage!"

Intrigue – Investigate cause of the unseasonal wet hot winds from the southeast – "Weather Gone Wild: Tancourt's Terrifying Lightning Siege, Reducing Tanneries to Ash and Farmers to Crispy Victims!"


Accept Bruitmire Grove (an Embassy) from Sypressa. In exchange, Tancourt promises to gift Sypressa their next technological innovation as soon as it is discovered. – "Grove of Giants: Bruitmire's Gangly Trees Stretch Towards the Sun, Defying Mother Nature's Harsh Grip, Striving for Sunlight Amidst Eternally Overcast Skies!"

Offer to MYR – "Compassionate Widow's Solution: Strikesink's Orphanages Provide Safe Havens for Mykran Children in Need! A Beacon of Hope: Mykran Families offered a Chance at Stability and Warmth! Widow Strikesink Extends Helping Hand: Mykran Parents can secure a Brighter Future for Their Children!"

Edited by mystic1110 (see edit history)
NE Expedition
2d6+7 5,6
W Expedition
2d6+7 1,6
Cow Buyout with Support
2d6+9 1,2
Iron Buyout with Support
2d6+9 3,3
Weather Investigation
2d6+5 4,6
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Leader: Gob Diplo 4 | Military 1 | Industry 4 | Faith 3 | Intrigue 2

Region: 209


1) [Military] Raise Unit: The Piscine Privateers are a naval unit patrolling the waters around the homeland.

2) [Military] Raise Unit: The Sharpfang Sharpshooters defend the home islands using arrows tipped with spare teeth. Gotta do something with them, right?

3) [Military] Raise Unit: The First Goblin Expeditionary Force meanwhile are intended to be used in the case of offensive needs. Or raiding. Or maybe stealing shoes, those seem very bizarre, you'd think covering feet-wedding would interfere with swimming!

4) [Intrigue] Investigate: A prophet claims the moons are warships from the stars? Maybe the ships were intended to sail as an escort to the Star Fish! This needs to be determined!

5) [Industry] Expedition: The seas to the northeast look interesting, and none of these new friends seem to know what lies that direction. Grab a ship and set sail!

6) [Industry] Expedition: To the east, straight towards 216! Maybe more islands? Maybe a fishland? Who knows???

7) [Project] Vaires Translation Project: The Goblins are a curious race, and some individuals have taken up trying to learn a bizarre new language!

Edited by Ironblaze (see edit history)
Action 4: Intrigue!
2d6+2 6,1
Action 5: Industry!
2d6+4 1,6
Action 6: Industry!
2d6+4 4,4
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  • [I] Buyout TP #1 in 115
  • [I] Buyout TP #2 in 115
  • [I] Buyout TP #3 in 115
  • [M] Attack 112 with 5 units [Caretaker lead, Skirmish tacdoc]
  • [F] Convert 110 back to the true way


  • Support Nanx establishment of trading post in 110
Buyout 115 TP1
2d6+3 2,2
Buyout 115 TP2
2d6+3 6,1
Buyout 115 TP3
2d6+3 3,3
Reconvert 110
2d6+6 6,4
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Ruin's Ancient Warriors

Region 130

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu

Dip: 5

Mil: 3

Ind: 4

Fai: 2

Int: 5


Expected Stat Changes: +2 Dip


1. Diplomacy: Explore Northwest of Region 130 with Tall Sails! (Success)

Intrepid explorers look at the gathered polities from the Horned Feast and wonder what else lies in the great blue yonder beyond! Shackling their salt stained cinnabar blades to the insides of their hulls many Merlyn head westward, where none have sailed before and lived, and seek to claim new unspoilt lands unknown to any. Ripe for plunder.

2. Diplomacy: Raise Reputation with Disciples of Silicon (Success)

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu, with the finishing touches on the Forbidden Vault almost done, entreats the Disciples to Caler Myrfddin proper. Rumors abound that the Disciples seek weapons of terrible wrought power, a pursuit the Horned King has mutual interest in, and now seems inextricably bound to Ruin in light of recent events. Doom has come to these lands! Doom has hexed the sky with shattered pieces of the Destroyer!

3. Diplomacy: Raise Reputation with Seekers of the Spheres (Success)

After the events of the Horned Feast many Merlyn are found distraught throughout the wastes of Ruin. Several go on wild benders through the fields of Redemption, or simply disrobe and disappear in the mire of Rise. The celestial alignment was but the clarion call of the greatest prophecy known to Wyrmloch’s. The Wyrm has awoken! Come to this world to bathe itself in the blood and fire of countless peoples. The crimson sheen of the moon was but a cracked veneer, the chrysalis for a being of cosmic power, and with its birth the End of Days is sure to come. The Seekers are quickly consulted and cajoled, pressed by a bevy of warlords seeking more knowledge of the stars, and seeking glory in the coming Apocalypse.

4. Diplomacy: Explore Southeast of Region 130 with Tall Sails! (Success)

While most experience a deep profound malaise at the recent events several Wyrmlochs have come upon a prospective and intriguing line of interest. Something fell from the heavens in the far east, hurtling over the mountains, and screaming furious fire all the while. Could this be the fallen Wyrm, crashed upon the highest peaks, and awaiting worthy champions? Only time will tell for sure but many of the mystically inclined have established parties to traverse the strait and scout the mainland shore.

5. Industry: Buyout TP 2 of Cows from Tir Buwch (Region 426) (Success)

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu travels with their Mamluk's as the Horned Raiders sail forth on intrepid winds. Many search in hopes for new lands to seize but the Ruinous Regent instead treads slightly more traveled routes as they convene with the Witches of far Tir Buwch. To see their temple to the Red and commiserate in grave feelings over the lunar omen. Crimson wine is shared, a touch from the heart, and the Wyrmloch stays a fortnight with the Witches. Discussing matters of strangers and strange times, fire forging hands, and the future to come.



- Resist Buyouts unless otherwise noted

- Resist Conversions unless otherwise Noted

- Gain +1 Reputation when Disciple Vault in Region 130 is finished, give the +1 favor to SYP

- Spend 1 SPH Favor to Raise Reputation!

Edited by SerakHawk
No more Private (see edit history)
Buyout TP 2 Region 426 (Markets added but not Support yet)
2d6+5 2,5
Raise Reputation with Disciples of Silicon
2d6+5 6,2
Raise Reputation with Seekers of the Spheres
2d6+5 1,6
Explore Northwest 130 with Tall Sails and Animal Husbandry
2d6+6 2,6
Explore Southeast 130 with Tall Sails and Animal Husbandry
2d6+6 4,3
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The Rikathi

Region: 217



The Rikathi watched in horror as the catastrophic lunar collision played out overhead. Weeks of celebration had resulted in a prosperous swing in the region and people were growing increasingly optimistic about the future. It made the collapse of the two moons only that much worse as silent fears resurfaced. The world was a place of torrential horror.

Months before Brejna Honorlund had hosted talks of alliance among the people of Taer Mojr. She had been upset with the amount of representatives that had decided to show, but those that did make an appearance seemed open to the directive she proposed. Some pockets of Taer Mojr would not show respite toward the Disciples of Silicon and their warring ways.

In the shadow of this new lunar event, Brejna doubled down on her efforts to gain a larger foothold of the continent. She sent her best emissary, fresh off an eye-opening experience with other realms and cultures to the people of the Radiant Valley. This time, their attempts were well received and the people there began slowly integrating Rikathi into their numbers.

Although the Seekers of the Sphere had distanced themselves after the lunar collapse, the Rikathi sought their allegiance was more important now more than ever. When the children of starsign returned home, the Rikathi sent their best hunters to track down what was left of the Seekers in the area. The Rikathi also sent builders to the Zavestra's kingdom to aid in building a new observatory. Their fear that such a collision could happen again outweighed the concern that such a building would take far too long to be built in their own courtyard.

The Rikathi also began a methodical release of their own traditions and merits to those in the Seekers, giving this newfound relationship a foundation based on truth, faith, and honesty. The Seekers seemed to look to the heavens for protection and answers, while it was made known that the Rikathi have their own patron that does not reside in the stars. To further this particular dichotomy, Brejna solidified a group of knightly figures that would adhere to the old ways by protecting the physical vessels while the spiritual one was still that of the patron to command.







Build Observatory (Diplomacy):

Deal made with Zavestra to receive the Reputation Point with SPH.

Seek Aid (for Claim, Faith) - Fail

Press Claim on Region 201 (Diplomacy) - Success

Create Holy Order (Special 5 Faith) -

Voktere - In the wake of the catastrophe in the sky and the news of the Seeker's mountain Observatory being destroyed, men and women dedicated themselves to the protection of the sanctuary tower and those with the Living Thread.

Raise Reputation with Seekers of the Spheres (Diplomacy) - Success

Reputation with SPH is now 1



Use Favor with SPH to boost Rep to +2.

Use Favor with MYR to boost Rep to +2.


+1 Rep with SPH (to +3 after Favor trade-in) from Observatory Quest deal.

+1 Diplomacy for 2 actions.

+1 Faith for 2 actions.

Edited by Basil_Bottletop (see edit history)
Seek Aid for Claim Roll
2d6+8 2,1
Press Claim (no Seek Aid, +1 Treasure)
2d6+5+1 6,2
Raise Rep with SPH to 1 (TN 10)
2d6+5 1,6
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The Nanx Throng - 109
Shaman Delce

a fifth boathide of angular writing



The Nanx Throng


[Diplomacy] Press Claim - 107

[Industry] Buyout Trading Post - 104 Highland Berries TP1

[Industry] Buyout Trading Post - 115 Wood TP1

[Industry] Buyout Trading Post - 110 Stone TP2 with Support

[Industry] Buyout Trading Post - 111 Tin TP1

Resist Conversion
Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts


Ruler Info

Shaman Delce

Diplomacy - 8

Military - 3

Industry- 8 10

Faith - 3

Intrigue - 3

Diplomacy 5 Used
Industry 5 Available

Successor - Shaman Trew - Currently establishing Embassy with Maenos

Other Notes

New Ruler Next Round? - No

Military Units 3/6
-Fighting People
-Spear People
-Slingstone People

Treasure 0/5
+0 passive treasure/round




Organizational Overview
Myrkran People, Rep 1, Favors 0
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 0
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 0 Favors 0

Temporary Cultural Identity - None
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry

Trading Posts (3, 0 treasure/round)
-109 Shimmerstone TP1
-113 Horses TP1
-108 Clay TP1

Faith (Unnamed Animism)
-109 - Wyr Foothills

Controlled Regions & Holy Sites

Expected Stat Gains



Diplomacy - Press Claim
2d6+8 2,5
Industry - Buyout Highland Berries
2d6+8 6,1
Industry - Buyout Wood 115
2d6+8 6,3
Industry - Buyout Stone 110 TP2 With Support
2d6+10 2,6
Industry - Buyout Tin 111
2d6+8 2,6
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The Weak dissolve into total chaos debating the actual meaning of and the results of the Big Sky Event, including what to call it other than Big Sky Event.

The current power structure of the Weak debate council, including its agreed-upon formats, are overthrown!



(I) Foment Unrest on 114

(I) Foment Unrest on 114

(I) Foment Unrest on 114

(D) Stabilize Region on 114

(D) Stabilize Region on 114

Resist Foment Unrest on 114

Resist Foment Unrest on 114

Resist Foment Unrest on 114

New rolls for a new Ruler (4,2,4,3,1)



New Ruler: D5(4+1) M1 S2 F5(4+1) I5(3+1+1)

Edited by AbsentWizard (see edit history)
Foment Unrest 114
2d6+3 6,3
Foment Unrest 114
2d6+3 1,3
Foment Unrest 114
2d6+3 4,1
Stabilize Region 114
2d6+7 5,3
Stabilize Region 114
2d6+7 1,5
Resist Foment Unrest 114
2d6+3 5,4
Resist Foment Unrest 114
2d6+3 6,2
Resist Foment Unrest 114
2d6+3 5,4
New Ruler
5d4 4,2,4,3,1
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Armies clash against the defenders of their homes across the Ayr to determine the victor! In Altarin multiple armies march from the Mrrrumkaro and the Maenos seeking to obtain more land and to right the wrongs made. In Taer Mojr the Omega newly changed advance to claim foothold on the illusive ocean, but find a land already under siege....


Bellower Zharrrumiah marches on 115 with 1 unit. No defending units. No losses. Conquered


Kremit of Zeilony marches on region 116 with 4 units. Skirmishing Tactic, Duel Challenged.

Mist Keggie defending with 1 unit. Reckless Attack, Duel Accepted.

Kremit Tac Manuever

Keggie Tac Manuver

Tactical Maneuvering in play: Kremit Win, Skirmishing is in play.

Kremit Duel

Keggie Duel

Duel Results: Tie! Keggie and Kremit are evenly matched. No Duel bonus.

Kremit: 2d10 + 4 (unit) + 9 (commander)

Kremit Battle

Keggie: 2d10 + 1 (unit) + 7 (commander)

Keggie Battle

Battle Result: Kremit Decisive Victory with no losses while Mist Keggie's army is wiped out.

Kremit Leader Loss

Keggie Leader Loss

The Maenos Caretaker (4) marches on region 112 with 5 units. Skirmishing Tactic, Duel not specified.

Petal Rose

The Petal Rose (8) defends region 112 with 2 units. Reckless Attack, No Duel.

Caretaker Meibion Tac Man

Petal Rose Tac Man

Tactical Maneuvering in play: Reckless Attack! Petal Rose gets +2 to the battle roll

No Duel

Caretaker Meibion: 2d10 + 4 (Commander) + 5 (units)

Caretaker Meibion Battle

Petal Rose: 2d10 + 8 (Commander) + 2 (units) + 2 (Reckless Attack)

Petal Rose I Derped this one and named it the same thing, the roll was a 30 below.

Battle Result: 19 vs 30, Petal Rose the Defender's victory. 30% (Increased 1 step for reckless attack) losses for Petal Rose, 1 unit lost, 1 units remaining. 60% loses for Maenos, 3 units lost, 2 units return home.

Meibion Leader Loss

Petal Rose Leader Loss

Kor the Burning Simurgh (10) marches on region 206 with 7 units. Skirmishing Tactic, will duel if challenged.

Robert the Builder Commander

Robert the Builder (10) defends region 206 with 2 unit. Reckless Attack Tactic, will duel if challenged.

From the coastal fog the Tempest-Runner (9) raids region 206 with 4 units and 2 navy. Fog-Wreathed Sails Tactic, Challenging to Duel.

Kor Tac Man: Skirmishing, 2d6 + 10 (commander) - 1 (units)

Kor TacMan

Robert Tac Man: Reckless Attack, 2d6 + 10 (commander)

Robert TacMan

Tempest-Runner Tac Man: Fog-Wreathed Sails, 2d6 + 9 (commander) - 1 (units) + 3 (Steering Oars)

Tempest-Runner TacMan

Tactical Maneuvering in play: Fog-Wreathed Sails

Kor Duel

Robert Duel

Tempest-Runner Duel

Duel Results: Kor is victorious in the duel and gets a +4

Kor the Burning Simurgh Battle: 2d10 + 10 (commander) + 7 (units) + 4 (duel victory)

Kor Battle

Robert the Builder Battle: 2d10 + 10 (commander) + 2 (units)

Robert Battle

Tempest-Runner Battle: 2d10 + 9 (commander) + 6 (units&navy) +1 (Spark-flare bolts)


Battle Result: Kor the Burning Simurgh's victory, 30% winner losses, 2 units lost, 5 remain. 50% loser losses. 1 Navy and two units are lost to the seas. 1 unit of defending units are lost.

Kor Leader Loss

Robert Leader Loss

Tempest-Runner Leader Loss



Kremit Tac Manuever
2d6+9-1 1,5
Keggie Tac Manuver
2d6+7 2,2
Kremit Duel
2d6+9 4,1
Keggie Duel
2d6+7 1,6
Kremit Battle
2d10+4+9 6,5
Keggie Battle
2d10+1+7 1,2
Kremit Leader Loss
1d20 18
Keggie Leader Loss
1d20-1-5 8
Petal Rose
1d6+4 4
Caretaker Meibion Tac Man
2d6+4-1 3,4
Petal Rose Tac Man
2d6+8 2,4
Caretaker Meibion Battle
2d10+4+5 1,9
Petal Rose
2d10+8+2+2 8,10
Meibion Leader Loss
1d20-3 18
Petal Rose Leader Loss
1d20-1 2
Robert the Builder Commander
1d6+4 6
Kor TacMan
2d6+10-1 3,1
Robert TacMan
2d6+10 6,3
Tempest-Runner TacMan
2d6+9-1+3 6,4
Kor Duel
2d6+10 2,5
Robert Duel
2d6+10 1,4
Tempest-Runner Duel
2d6+9 2,5
Kor Battle
2d10+10+7+4 1,9
Robert Battle
2d10+10+2 2,8
2d10+9+6+1 6,2
Kor Leader Loss
1d20-2 3
Robert Leader Loss
1d20-1 1
Tempest-Runner Leader Loss
1d20-3 18
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Round 6

Announcements & Rule Updates
  • Stay Excellent!
  • LupineRose has stated that she will not have time for the game at this point. I will give her a few rounds to come back before the Ana Kai fully disappear and become an NPC region.
  • The Ana Kai have entered decline following the destruction of the moon! Region 211 is in disarray!
  • Omega's Acronym has changed from OME to OMG.
  • FYI for those of you using the "block of private text" feature you have to enter the people you want it shared with in as the Username with no @ sign or tag, commas or spaces to separate different users. Eric is working on making it smarter and the only reason Blade and I can see them is because GMs see all private text in their games. IE: "Shown for: SerakHawk BladeofOblivion" or "Shown for: SerakHawk,BladeofOblivion" not "Shown for: @SerakHawk @BladeofOblivion". Functionally this doesn't change anything unless you want another player to see the secret field which has not been a thing to happen yet.
  • If there are suggestions to formatting these posts a bit differently I am all ears, they are quite long and blocky xD


Ringworld of Ayr

The collapse of three of the moons in the skies has driven all people to panic and distraction! The People turn to what they love and clamour for more of the things they need to distract them! All extra stockpiles start running dry and shortages grow! [All Players Need to obtain their Capital's required resource or the people will become unhappy! All Realms apart from the Goblins of Slardar are affected. 1 Round Remaining before the region enters Unrest!]

Altarin R6 Map


Taer Mojr R6 Map


Brenn Tyr R6 Map



Altarin Growth!
  • Altarin burns and stagnates
Taer Mojr Growth!
  • The Omega reach out to their neighbours and establish an embassy with the Zavestra!
  • The efforts of Myrkran refugees working in tandem with Omega researchers, Zavestra scholars, Voilese men-at-arms and Goblin thinkers cobbled together the staccato language and nomadic lifestyles of the Vaire continents. Yon Vaire locals find solace in the sun and many of their festivals center around the various phases of the solar shades. The giving and taking of oaths are sacred to them regardless of what religion they follow. All of the peoples consider living within eyesight of the coast taboo as all who dare meet a gruesome end.
    [Vaires Translation Completed by the Myrkran, the Omega, the Zavestra, the Goblins of Slardar and the Voile Domain! Continental penalties reduced for these realms by 2! (Total Penalty of -4) Continental Translations can be traded or stolen like technologies]
  • The Voile Domain found the City of Port Etranger in region 216!
  • The Goblins of Slardar raise the Piscine Privateers! [+1 Navy]
  • The Goblins of Slardar recruit the Sharpfang Sharpshooters! [+1 Unit]
  • The Goblins of Slardar press into service the First Goblin Expeditionary Force! [+1 Unit]
Brenn Tyr Growth!
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners has established a Cultural Identity of Duels and Event Combat!
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa have reached out to Tancourt and planted more of their trademark greywood pines! Tancourt and Sypressa establish an Embassy!
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa have raised an exceptional group of Archers dubbed the Swanfeather Wraiths! [+1 Unit]


Altarin Claim!
  • The Toteharu successfully convince the people of region 104 that being under the leadership of the plant-people will give them significant growth! Issues with handing control over surface and more work is required to finalize the agreement. The Toteharu have pressed the claim, but more time is needed to complete the integration! [Toteharu needs to spend an Action next turn to complete the Claim or lose the attempt!]
  • The Nanx press their Nanxship over region 107! The locals are a bit confused but hesitantly accepting! [The Nanx Throng needs to spend an Action next turn to complete the Claim or lose the attempt!]
Taer Mojr Claim!
  • The Omega reach out in their new forms to the people inhabiting in region 210, many are convinced and grateful for the Omega's support in the years since the lunar collision and look forward to becoming fully integrated! The Omega have pressed the claim, but more time is required to complete the integration! [Omega needs to spend an Action next turn to complete the Claim or lose the attempt!]
  • The Zavestra reach out to the people living in the woods of region 204 and attempt to come to an agreement of protection and unity; however, the words fall short on the ears of the inhabitants. Even pleas to the gods and an outpouring of wealth was not enough to sway the leaders. [Zavestra's Claim on 204 is not established]
  • The overtures of the Rikathi emissaries sent to the Radiant Valley (201) were met with rejoicing following the lunar collisions as the people pleaded for aid in their time of need. A few reticent among them urged for caution and a careful integration into the Rikathi realm. The Rikathi have pressed the claim, time is needed to ease the peoples worries! [Rikathi need to spend and Action next turn to complete the Claim or lose the attempt!]
Brenn Tyr Claim!
  • The realms of Brenn Tyr don't seek more land.


Altarin Trade!
  • The Mrrrumkaro reach out to the confederated tribes of Guo-guo (region 102) and invest in a flax industry for the great Mrrrumkaro nation! The Zabka of Mrrrumkaro rejoice with the required inclusion of fibers in their daily lives! Mrrrumkaro's required resource has been met! Mrrrumkaro obtains Region 102 TP and obtains a supply of Flax!
  • The Nanx Throng trades boats for Highland Berries in region 104! The Nanx Throng obtain 104-TP1 and a supply of Highland Berries!
  • Several Nanx traders follow their stone-men allies into the Myrkran colony and unlike thier friends manage to strike a deal for a wood trade! The Nanx Throng obtain TP1-115 and a supply of wood!
  • The Nanx traders ever curious of the stone of Meas Mawr get support in setting up trade for the resource of the holy stone! The Nanx Throng obtains TP2-110 and a supply of stone!
  • In an every thirst for trade the Nanx convince the miners of region 111 to give them tin for shiny stones! The Nanx Throng obtains TP1-111 and a supply of tin.

Failed Buyouts

  • The Toteharu attempt to trade seafood for tin in region 111 in an agreeable manner but the locals don't want for products of the plants! (9<12 | 6 < 12 | Note TP3 is not a valid location as there are only two Trade Posts for Tin.)
  • The Maenos make three attempts to purchase wood from the Myrkran settlement while it is being converted into a Mrrrumkaro rule but is unable to obtain any deals. (7 / 10 / 9 < 12)
Taer Mojr Trade!
  • The Omega and the Voile Domain use their Embassies to trade Masonry and Animal Husbandry for Sailing!
  • The Voile Domain after decades of negotiations finally settle a deal with the people of region 207 for their elusive Cedar wood! The Voile Domain people of Isle du Voile & Pointe Nord rejoice as they finally have their requested timber! The Voile Domain obtains TP2 of 207 and a supply of Cedar wood!

Failed Buyouts

  • Spurred on the Voile Domain make another attempt to purchase cedar wood, but fumble on the correct counts! (11 < 12)
Brenn Tyr Trade!
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch arrive in the Banner Holds (417) bearing gifts of freshly spun Highland Cow wool to send thanks to the knights who gave them support in setting up a trading post! The Witches of Tir Buwch obtains TP2 of 417 and a supply of Iron!
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch provide the Storytellers of Sypressa with the technology of Bricks and Motars, fulfilling an agreement made.
  • The denizens of Tancourt reach out to the witches of Tir Buwch and get their support in setting up a trade post to obtain cows! Tancourt obtains TP3-426 and a supply of Cows!
  • With the increased demand for metal citizens of Tancourt approach the Knights of the Black Banner and get their support to establish an iron trade! Tancourt obtains TP3-417 and a supply of Iron!
  • Merlyn Zan Cuddlu's visit to Tir Buwch was successful in more way than one, while brokering agreements he managed to acquire a trade post in the local market. Ruin's Ancient Warriors obtains TP2-426 and a supply of Cows!

Failed Buyouts

  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners send a series of negotiators and squires to determine the price of a Cow, not one party, but two. Both of them receive gracious support from the locals on what Cows to buy and the best prices at market, but somehow are swindled into purchasing beans by interfering merchants! (8 < 12 | 11 < 12)
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch arrive in the Greywood Coast to found a trading post and get some Greywood, but they discover that what is for sale isn't wood but the bark of the great tress. Dismayed they do not finalize the deal. (6 < 12)


Altarin Conversion!
  • The Sacred Stone has been rekindled! Region 100 converted back to the faith of its forefathers.
Taer Mojr Conversion!
  • The Rikathi faithful create the Holy Order of Voktere, to protect those with Living Thread.
Brenn Tyr Conversion!
  • The realms of Brenn Tyr hold their religions close to heart



Active Quests

  • Taer Mojr: [Region 204: Epic Quest Cleanse the Depth!]
    These kinds of Ruins are dangerous, and best explored by heroes. Who knows what may lie in the depths? The Grounded Sky Tower can be revisited with a TN 14 Hero Roll. The danger of the Veiled Dark can be dispersed with a TN 16 Hero Roll. There is no time limit to this Quest]
  • Altarin: [Epic Quest - The White Leviathan!]
    Heroes may be dispatched to deal with the White Leviathan (TN 16). All Heroes sent will contest with other Heroes on this quest as only one can be successful in their hunt. Heroes may support each other in the endeavours if they want to combine hunts. Three successes by multiple parties are required to determine the outcome. There is no time limit to this Quest. One Success has been marked.

Hero Register

Te-Raupea the Arbor Bear (8) of the Toteharu Eilonwy of Velentin (10) of the Seekers of the Spheres
Ashzara (10) of the Ana Kai Soline, Champion of the Wolf Maidens (7) of the Voile Domain
Kremit of Zeilony (9) of the Mrrrumkaro Kor, the burning Simurgh (10) of the Omega
Sir Rulman l'Ours (9) of the Brotherhood of Black Banners Artemisia Sagebrush (10) of the Storytellers of Sypressa
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa raise Artemisia Sagebrush (10) up as a Hero following his victory at an archery competition!
  • Epic Quest: The White Leviathan



    The Seekers of the Spheres

    Eilonwy of Valentin initially did not want to investigate the reports of a leviathan of the shores of Altarin as the tragedy destroying the Observatory of Taer Mojr was prominent in her thoughts. That quickly changes when she landed on the western coast of Altarin and saw the proof of the leviathan's wrath first hand. Reports from survivors were scattered as few survived the shipwrecks left in the wake of the White Leviathan. There had been more leviathans years past, but the White Leviathan was the only one being spotted or attributed to the rampage now. She was determined to see the beast herself, it was a Seeker of the Spheres duty to explore and catelog and discover afterall. Chartering a ship she set sail for the reported nest of the White Leviathan.

    It took weeks of following after reported locations and narrowing down potential sites before they had the first sign of the Leviathan. In a light misting rain the ship was buffeted from below, shifting upward in the water violently. The alerted crew scrambled to their stations, the first mate bellowing orders to ready weapons while the Captain stood by for Eilonwy's orders. Torn on how to approach the sudden appearance of the creature she opened her mouth when the ship was buffeted again, but this time the rubbing against the hull sparked a memory in Eilonwy's mind. It had a familiar cadence, a rhythm, a pattern. Despite the rain she pulled out a tightly bound notebook and flipped through it, the theories the other seekers had about the language fragments found in the grounded sky tower and how they could sound. It was off but.. Eilonwy pulled the page of phonetic notes out and had barely enough time to sort out one word.


    Eilonwy quickly ordered the captain to retreat, to escape the leviathan's area and make fastest time back to port. Quickly making her orders a reality the ship begins its turn away from the depths, but not before a grazing hit by the White Leviathan as it rammed the side of the ship, damaging some of the starboard hull before disappearing into the falling rain.

    [One Success for the White Leviathan Epic Quest has been marked]


  • Goblin interrogations of the mad prophet on the mainland regarding the alien warships in the sky and emissaries from the Star Fish are met with laughter and confusion. "The Star Fish?", the Mad Prophet replies. "No, no, they are Emissaries from the crystal minds, except the purple one. That one is from Far, Far Away. Now shoo!"

  • Though Tancourt's detailed knowledge of climatology beyond matters of rain and mud is limited, interrogating the Seekers and Myrkran about it (along with dozens of gossips) turns up a surprising wealth of knowledge - according to the Rayjo, a large cold front coming from the west is moving a lot of air around, and the Seekers talk about warm and arid regions to the south and southeast that hot air could be pushed in from. The Seekers also believe the influx of cold air from the west is connected to the movements of the Dark Moon - and the Myrkran shiver and change the subject when asked about this matter.

  • Seekers in Taer Mojr returning from a secret scouting expedition to the High Mountain upon which their old observatory was built report that their buildings have been turned to glass, and it seems to be spreading! Though initial scouting seemed to be going well, the scholars fled when a perfect glass replica of one of their number was found, with the original scholar seemingly having gone missing. Region 212 has become a Blighted Region! Wind Rock Trading Posts in the region are unaffected...for now. [EPIC QUEST: The Glass Prison! Heroes are needed to discover the source of this blight and cleanse it before the region can be used safely!]





  • In Brenn Tyr, scavengers searching for shards of the Rose across the land find instead unexpected caches of their more mundane desires, free for the gathering! Though their appearance is mysterious, witches and shamans are unable to identify any curse upon these goods. [Until round 8, using the Hoard Treasure action additionally satisfies a Brenn Tyr realm’s resource requirement for that round!]
  • On all the known shores of the Ayr bright glimmering octahedrons of captured sunlight wash-up in the summer tides. These pieces of sunlight range in size from a fingernail to the size of a palm! Peoples across the Ayr seek out the most clear and pristine of the odd 'gems' causing a veritable gold rush on the beaches. [For Round 6 the Hoard Treasure Action provides an additional Treasure!]
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa discover an Artifact in the greywood forests! The White Doe's Deershoe! While the deer is in a region controlled by the holder of the 'artifact' it provides the owner a resource of Iron! The people of the Greywood Coast rejoice as their need for Metals has been met in the most unexpected of ways! The Storytellers of Sypressa gain a supply of Iron!



  • Altarin:
    In the pitch dark of the Altarin night a serpentine shape flows from the east over the Wyr Foothills snatching some wandering boats in its twisting passage. The boats' bleats are silenced and the shadow moves on, blocking the dim glow of the Sister in the sky as it descends the mountains. As the sun crests the solar shade a gout of flame spews over the pre-dawn skies of region 105. A Rᴏᴀʀ reverberates off the eastern mountains as the shadow slithers back to its den. Dozens of Bison in its grasp cry out signalling its passage while villages burn like pyres behind it.
    [Region 105 has been attacked and found lacking! A local defender is lost in the fires and the region enters unrest!]
  • Altarin:
    The Weak Lands are in turmoil! All the speakers and master debaters could not have predicted the lunar collapse! Is everything they believe false? Do their great halls for discussions mean anything? The people (politely) riot in the streets as they stare up at the skies for what seems the first time while others caress the grass outside the debate buildings for the first time in decades! [Region 114 is in Unrest!]
  • Taer Mojr:
    As viridian flames of the spark-flares licked at the sacred groves of whispering trees people not involved in the battle or its aftermath continued to pour water and sand and try to douse the greedy flames. The sickly fire continued its rampage, burning clear all the leaves and bark of the mighty whispering trees before the fire was sated. In the aftermath of the battle when silence finally fell on the village a cry rose up from the remaining people. The once pervasive and comforting whispers from the great trees had stilled! The still night air was filled with weeping and shouts of vengeance. When Still Lake arrived to survey their new lands some grove keepers approached Still Lake with what remained of the Whispering tree seeds, begging the Omega Leader to replant the trees.
    [Region 206 has no trade good! Region 206 cannot be stabilized until a trade good is established! Saving the Whispering Trees from the brink of extinction will be a difficult process and will require a 5 action great project. Alternatively, an Industry Special 5 can be used to rescue the region's industry by revolutionary means, introducing a Minor supply of a Resource of your choice.]




  • An outpouring of exploratory zeal occurs in response to Myrkran interest! The Toteharu, Voilese, and Tir Buwch gain 1 favor! The Goblins of Slardar, Isle of Ruin, Tancourt, and Brotherhood of Black Banners gain 2!
  • The Rikathi call on favors to deepen their relationship with the Myrkran. The Rikathi’s reputation increases to 2 and they spend 1 favor!
  • Mrrrumkaro reaches out with one webbed hand whilst the other holds a spear! The conquest of the Myrkran colony in Altarin’s heart is a blow to those who dreamed of self-determination, but the occupation proves relatively clean and the Bellower proves more reasonable than expected. Unsure what to think, Mrrrumkaro’s Reputation increases and decreases in equal measure. No net change, remaining at Rep 0!

Disciples of Silicon

  • The Omega call in a favor! Querying a support log, they are able to discover some manner of confusion and claims regarding their past activities that flagged them as potential threats. This proves surprisingly easy to clear. Their Reputation increases from -1 to 0 and they spend 1 favor!
  • The Isle of Ruin successfully manages to impress the Disciples with a more organized approach! They are if nothing else impressed by martial skill. RAW reputation increases to 1!
  • The Isle of Ruin, Sypressa, and Tir Buwch combine efforts and a web of deals to assemble the foundations for a Forbidden Vault in region 130! RAW’s Reputation increases to 2 and SYP gains 1 favor!
  • A secret plan culminates; a Disciples of Silicon Forbidden Vault is revealed in Region 204! While no native realm chose to assist them in establishing a beachhead, the metal men have established their own nest in the vicinity of the Grounded Sky Tower.

Seekers of the Spheres

  • The Toteharu fail to impress the Seekers with words alone, but calling upon favors owed proves more successful. TOT’s Reputation increases to 2 and they spend 1 favor!
  • The Rikathi engage in a flurry of activity! With favor-burning and honeyed words alike, RIK reputation increases from 0 to 2 and they spend 1 favor!
  • The Zavestra call in favors, increasing Reputation to 2 and spending 1 favor!
  • The Zavestra and Rikathi cooperate on a new Observatory for the remaining Seekers in Region 203! RIK reputation increases to 3 and the Zavestra gain a favor!
  • While skeptical of Wyrm-related prophecies, Aporie seems suitably impressed by the Merlyn’s efforts. RAW reputation increases from 0 to 2 and they spend 1 favor!
  • Digitalia Foxglove tries again to submit knowledge to the Seekers, and this time, someone named Waxil seems to care, with copious notes to take back to the Observatory. SYP reputation increases to 1!




  • A flotilla sails around the mountains of Eastern Altarin to discover land on the other side, as a well-established presence of followers and healers of the Sister’s Embrace greet them! Region 120 has been discovered by the Toteharu. It has a Minor resource of Aloe Vera, a Holy Site dedicated to the Sister’s Embrace, and 3 units of native defenders! TOT gets +1 to Establish Claim in Region 120 during Round 6!

Taer Mojr

  • Goblins sailing north from Slardar reach the mainland of Yon Vaire, an arid waste with a fertile coast, despoiled by now-familiar atrocities, villages on stakes and the remnants of flames. Those who live have retreated inland in spite of the land's apparent bounty. Region 222 has been discovered by the Goblins. It has a Minor resource of Ancient Artifacts, a Holy Site devoted to Atheism, and 3 units of native defenders! GOS gets +1 on buyouts in Region 222 during Round 6!
  • Goblin explorers headed east toward Voile quickly find their ships unsuited to the Deep Water! Diverting south, they travel along the coastline to reach Voile a little more safely, and end up following a Voilese expedition further east! See below.
  • Voilese Sailors headed northeast find a large island in the distance, with signs of fire as they approach; as they get closer, it becomes clearer that this land too has been despoiled. Villagers on stakes, remnants of flames. As they land and investigate, though, they find signs of the survivors having retreated inland, and dare to follow into the heart of the island...only to find further villages having met an altogether different fate. By all appearances, they starved and began to consume each other as the food in the region dried up. Though not having inspected the whole of the island in exacting detail, the Voilese are confident nobody is left. As they return to their boats, they find that unknown ships have landed near theirs! Fortunately it turns out to be a group of Goblins having followed them out of curiosity, and not whoever did this. Region 218, a long forgotten island of Taer Mojr, has been discovered by the Voilese and Goblins! It is a Wilderness Region with a Good Resource of Licorice! GOS gets +1 on buyouts in Region 218 during Round 6!

Brenn Tyr

  • A Knight and retainers from the Brotherhood of Black Banners once more reach out to the west, and this time return more successful - as the knight's story goes, they were waylaid by bandits early, but fought their way free and escaped. They eventually found their way to a friendlier, though harrowed village, who told them of the seriousness of the banditry in the region and that they were lucky to have survived as outsiders who do not pay tribute for so long. Region 416 has been discovered by the Brotherhood. It has a Minor resource of Grizzly Bears, a Holy Site devoted to Anarchism, and 2 units of Defending Bandit Gangs! BBB gets +1 on Establish Claim in Region 416 during Round 6!
  • Sir Rulman quests to the north and discovers Region 428! It has a Minor resource of Emeralds, a Holy Site devoted to Illumin of Planes, and 1 unit of Native Defenders!
  • Tir Buwch repeats its previous expedition in calmer waters and discovers Region 427, a land populated by dispirited followers of The Bright One! It has a Great resource of Sunflowers, a Holy Site devoted to Bright's Glow, and 3 units of Native Defenders! COW gets +1 to Buyouts in Region 427 during Round 6!
  • Gene Dampwood's expedition goes far better than Tanner Dampwood's, and they not only ford the river successfully but return laden with treasure after selling their goods to interested buyers! Region 412 has been discovered by Tancourt. It has a Good resource of Phosphatic Mudrocks, a Holy Site devoted to The Way of Wind, and 4 units of Native Defenders! TAN gains 1 Treasure and gets +1 on Buyouts in Region 412 during Round 6!
  • The Isle of Ruin makes landing upon Brenn Tyr's Mainland to find themselves stumbling into a festival of debauchery run by the followers of the moon Yølym, seemingly hoping that the amethyst light might return to them if only they show their devotion to the arts of pleasure! The Isle of Ruin has discovered Region 429. It has a Good resource of Brenn Conifers, a Holy Site devoted to Yølym's Pleasure, and 2 units of Native Defenders! RAW gets +1 on Establish Claim in Region 429 during Round 6!
  • The explorers from the Isle of Ruin heading west find themselves exploring a curiously empty island. There are signs of habitation but no people to be found, only fish in the surrounding waters. The Isle of Ruin has discovered Region 129. It is a Wilderness Region with a Good resource of Red Herring!
  • Matilda's expedition to the west across the salt flats finds an island, though one with a curious sense that the newcomers are being watched! Region 013 has been discovered by Tancourt. It has a Great resource of Empty Shell Crabs, a Holy Site devoted to Polytheism, and 3 units of Native Defenders! TAN gets +1 on Buyouts in Region 013 during Round 6!


Altarin War!
  • Mrrrumkaro has successfully quelled the unrest of Region 100, faithful of the Sister's Embrace deliver aid helping in calming the population! Region 100 is no longer in unrest!
  • Bellower Zharrrumiah marches on region 115 with one unit through the Myrkran colony uncontested! The recently reorganized populace was benefiting from the ministrations of members of the Sister's Embrace before the arrivale of the Mrrrumkaro army. The Sisters call for calm as the armies of Zabka are restrained by the Bellower while they assume leadership over the Myrkran settlers. The restrained take over assuages many fears of being conquered so quickly. The Myrkran don't put up any fight and many of the former Myrkran leaders are relieved for the Mrrrumkaro's rule, while others still would have preferred to rule themselves. The debates between 'independants' and the 'Zabka collaborators' bleed over into the general populace. [Mrrrumkaro conquers region 115 taking no loses! Region 115 in in Unrest! Region 115 requires its write-up to be completed, 5 Rounds remaining!]
  • Mrrrumkaro WAR 116

    Kremit of Zeilony vs Mist Keggie

    Mist Keggie had spent years since her last fight with Kremit of Zeliony fortifying the river crossings and training her remaining forces. She attempts to recruit more forces were stymied and her only forces were the remnants of the Mist tribe. It was against tradition to not submit to the winning force, but the Mrrrumkaro was already spurring tradition with the 'unification' of the tribes and had not submitted to her when she beat Kremit back. Unknown to the Mist tribe commander, the Mrrrumkaro had established a beachhead across the river north of her fortifications. Diplomatic ties successfully paid off as Kremit mustered his forces to march south while the Bellower marched east.

    It wasn't long before Mist Keggie was caught unsuspecting as the Mrrrumkaro forces poured over the unaware defenders. Her position was quickly surrounded and her forces subdued. Roaring her defiance at the Mrrrumkaro army around her she lashed at any that came close. Kremit of Zeliony had drilled orders that Mist Keggie was not to be touched, she was *his* to fight.

    Kremit entered the ring of his soldiers and Keggie squared off against him.

    "Coward! You couldn't beat me in a straight fight so you cheat! FIGHT ME and let the winner decide the fate of the Mist Tribe!"

    Keggie readied her axe and rushed at Kremit! Kremit narrowly dodged, his signature flail barely deflecting blows away from him as he circled away from her approaching swipes. Keggie's attacks slow as she considered his deflecting movements.

    "I despise what your 'Bellower' is doing, the freedoms of the Zabka Clans are being trampled and ground into your spawning pools. Do you not see what he is doing? Can you not see it!"

    Keggie appealed to the crowd surrounding her, but only recieved jeers and insults in return.

    "No matter, my fight is with you"

    She spat a thick mucus at Kremit covering his face before she rushed in swinging her axe. Kremit's training took over to defend against the unseen Keggie. His flail spun blindingly fast wildly deflecting all of Keggies attacks! Using his offhand Kremit twisted and tugged the flail's long chain in odd directions and angles to get around Keggie's guard and land a blow, throwing her back into the Zabka around the ring. They push her back into the fight as her glared at Kremit, a raging blaze burning in her eyes.

    Kremit's flail continued to spin around him kicking up dirt and debris in a whirlwind of dust and sound. He advanced on the wounded Mist commander, the flail flicked out to meet her armor or the blade of her axe as Keggie deflected blow after blow. In the face of the whirlwind Keggie stood firm, managing to get a few of her own nicks and hits on Kremit. The blood of both freely flowed into the mud.

    The sun shade twilight found the dueling ring coated with a layer of blood from both contestants as they had fought to a standstill. Both fatigued fighters circled gingerly as the Mrrrumkaro invasion concluded around them.

    "Your victory here means nothing. The tribes will remember, the tribes will reject you. In time."

    "Perhaps" Kremit croaked in response, before signaling to his troops to disperse.

    "But the battle is won for Mrrrumkaro, and this duel has no more purpose. Submit or flee."

    Mist Keggie stared in outrage at Kremit of Zeliony, but the outrage fluttered and died out when she saw the remnants of her tribe dead where they fought to the last.

    "Kill me then, let me join my tribe in Death!"

    Kremit tilts his head to give the warrior woman a pitying look.


    And he walked away, leaving Mist Keggie in front of her slain tribe.

    [Mrrrumkaro conquers region 116 losing no units in the battle! The defending units are obliterated to the zabka! Region 116 is in unrest! Region 116 requires its write-up completed, 5 rounds remaining]

  • Maenos WAR 112

    Caretaker Meibion vs Petal Rose

    Caretaker Meibion's scouts spoke of an easy victory: The defending forces of region 112 were vastly outnumbered and while the Caretaker was not one typically suited for war, it was what was needed. Advancing on the defenders like a wave the Maenos troops acted with discipline and honor showing the the might of warriors of the Sacred Stone. What Meibion had not been expecting was a plantmen mercenary commander.

    Petal Rose was a thorny humanoid bush growth with rose blooms along their center core. Wicked sharp thorns glistened with an paralytic used to great effect against the Maenos infantry. Each time Meibion's troops pushed forward Petal Rose would walk through the Maenos lines to restore the defenders and reorganize the paltry force of farmers.

    Seven times the defenders almost fell and the battle ended, seven times Petal Rose slaughtered Maenos to push the invaders back. It was after the seventh push that Caretaker Maenos signaled the retreat, this fight was not worth any more faithful blood shed. 

    A fatigued Petal Rose stood amongst the Maenos as they signaled the retreat and by some luck a stray arrow pierced through Petal Rose's outer armor, striking deep into their core, rupturing his paralytic sack, and paralyzing the plantman. An aspiring captain seized the chance moment and swept up Petal Rose in the retreat.

    [Meanos has retreated from the fight in region 112 losing 3 units in the battle. The local defenders lose 1 unit to the defense and their commander is captured! Petal Rose (8) has been captured by the Maenos in the conflict, their fate is left to the hands of Caretaker Meibion.]


Taer Mojr War!
  • Omega spend copious amounts of treasure and enlist a chapter of the Sister's Embrace to help subdue the people of Region 200! Region 200 is no longer in unrest.
  • Omega WAR 206

    Kor the Simurgh vs the Tempest-Runner vs Robert the Builder

    The forces of the Omega marched southwest with confidence - though the region was home to a (seemingly benign) warlord known as Robert the Builder, whose physical strength and vision as a man who knew how to construct sturdy walls were renowned, they dwarfed his reported numbers and had Kor himself at the head - what foe could stand against them? The first battles went largely as expected, but when marching on Robert’s stronghold some concern crept into the consensus - though its walls were indeed sturdy, it was completely unmanned. The place had been abandoned in a hurry, as if those stationed there had been scrambled to deal with something more urgent the same morning, and as Kor ascended the watchtower with a view of the coast, he saw it: A terrible fog rolling in over the village below and beginning to ride up the hill, green flares bursting through the smoke. Two options presented themselves - a cautious retreat, abandoning Robert and his people to whatever fate was in store for them, and a bolder path. Kor quickly found consensus with his subcommanders, and the army marched upon the village by the water. 

    As the clammy mist rolled over the front ranks, Kor and his people alighted with understanding of what had happened on the northern coast - a vast fleet of warships sailed under the fog, flare after flare of green fire flung from their decks upon the village. The first ships were only beginning to land and already the village was burning viridian, the smoke gathered up by whatever force bent the fog to hide the movements of this dread fleet. Robert’s militias were there, fighting the first waves of the raiders, and quickly Kor and the Omega joined the battle. As vast as the terrible fleet was, the forces of the Omega were still greater, and a great melee was joined between the natives and the rabble that poured from the ships - stunted and finned alike.

    Kor pushed forward through the melee and soon found a battle circle near the shore, where two individuals had locked eyes and all around had given them space; One figure was Robert himself, he knew, a burly man clad in bronze and wielding a sledgehammer. The other he did not recognize - an Utui with a white-painted skull-face, clad in a ragged coat yet decorated with tassels and gold. Their hair was bound in a long single braid, and their cutlass was sharp. It was clear who had won between them by the time Kor reached the edge of the circle, the more lithe Raider having danced circles around the larger man and struck him a dozen times to leave bleeding wounds, his strength flagging with every moment - and yet he had not been finished off. The Tempest-Runner seemed to savor Robert’s fear, twirling their cutlass over and over and feinting, yet not quite going for the kill. Just when Robert collapsed to one knee and it seemed it might be over, though, the Utui’s eyes fell upon Kor; the cutlass was raised once again, and Kor saw a silent prayer of thanks in Robert’s eyes for a moment before his body gave out, collapsing into the mud. The duel circle alighted once more in battle as Kor clashed himself with the Tempest-Runner, the agile raider parrying and turning aside blow after blow from Kor’s blade and fists, but the Utui seemed less prepared when Kor unleashed a gout of brilliant orange flame - a moment of brightness contrasting the jade gloom that rested over the shoreline. Momentarily blinded, Kor managed to grab the dodgy raider and overpower them in a wrestling match, though their own attacks were vicious - they rolled over one another in the sand trading blows until Kor managed to claw a telling blow through the Tempest-Runner’s left eye! Their cutlass was flung aside with a terrible shriek, and the duel came to an end as the fight went out of them.

    Kor didn’t have long to savor the victory - the enemies at the edge of the battle circle fell upon him in moments, and the first thing he registered was a green-burning shaft of wood suddenly lodged in his body. He continued to fight, accumulating damage of his own as one of the raiders helped the Tempest-Runner to their feet, still clutching the left side of their face as the remaining eye looked upon Kor with an expression of pure malice. They limped back aboard the ship behind the smokescreen of additional bodies as more foes joined the fray - the Omega were winning the battle as a whole, and their enemies were pulling back to their remaining ships - the ones that the Omega had yet to capture or sink.

    The day was won, but Kor…Kor’s joints locked up, full of sand and accumulated damage and overheated components from a half-dozen green pyres that he could not properly absorb. The tide of bodies in retreat dragged both him and the unconscious Robert aboard along with all the loot they could carry, and the ship detached from the shore. Everything was burning - the village, the bodies, the whispering wood groves in the distance, even the water where hundreds of green-burning bits of flotsam bobbed. But the Omega had won the day, and the raiders were leaving with half the number they’d come with. The fog seemed to leave with them, and the survivors of Robert’s people routed or surrendered. It was over…for most of them. Kor’s systems went into standby as he was carried below the decks.

    [The Omega conquer region 206, losing two units in battle! The Tempest-Runner’s fleet loses 2 units and 1 naval unit and are repelled! Kor the Burning Simurgh and Robert the Builder are taken captive by the Tempest-Runner! The Tempest-Runner’s Fog-Wreathed Sails Tactical Doctrine activates, destroying Whispering Wood TP1 in Region 206 and granting 1 Treasure to the Tempest-Runner! Region 206 is in unrest! Region 206 requires its write-up to be completed, 5 Rounds remaining!]


Brenn Tyr War!
  • No war harms western Brenn Tyr



A frozen breeze blows in from the western ocean in Taer Mojr and Altarin, with gusts causing frost storms even in the depths of summer. Some say it is the domain of the Dark Moon to shed winter on the lands, the Myrkran speak in hushed whispers but do not speak of it when pressed. The Dark Moon continues to shadow the lands to the far west from its place in the sky.

The thunderstorms and hail occurrences in Brenn Tyr have increased in severity and frequency making all prior records seem as jokes. Hail the size of dogs strike the ground leaving dents in the soil and breaking trees asunder. People in black are frequently seen prior to the storms with some ability to determine their arrival and whisk away villagers and residents into caves and strong buildings before the storms hit.


Rumors & Events!

Rumors and Events

An abrupt change occurs in Myrkran Rayjo communications. Though they continue to pass along messages as before, something clearly has the Rayjo operators a little spooked, something they clearly do not wish to discuss with outsiders.

Whispers come from the northeast in Brenn Tyr of Lotus Eaters who have abandoned their tools and farms, leaving empty villages to disappear into the mountains.



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NPC Actions

Round Six


The Peoples of Myrkran

Pending Requests and Offers

[Diplomacy] A New Settlement Plan in Taer Mojr - The reports of the raid on the Grounded Sky Tower fall on Myrkran ears with great interest. A whole abandoned city, you say? With a little touching-up (and security efforts), it's a promising settlement prospect in Taer Mojr. (Request: Grant Permission to begin settling the Grounded Sky Tower as a non-action; this opportunity is only available to the owner of Region 204. Reward: 1 Myrkran Reputation. Penalty: None. Duration: Round 3-6)

[Industry] Promote Exploration - The final wave of the Myrkran exodus begins with disaster, as the loss of the beacons in the sky impedes navigation and the Leviathans thin their ships. But even with many of the last native-born Fylondese never making it to shore, there are too many hungry bellies, too many squalid camps. More land is needed, more places to settle - and too much mystery remains. (Request: Explore new regions. Reward: +1 Favor for each Diplomatic Mission, Quest into Unknown Lands, or Expedition attempted. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 5-6)


[Industry] Hoard Treasure in Taer Mojr - Little balls of sunlight wash up on many shores! Limited only by hands with which to grab them up. The Myrkran do not want for hands, and many little treasures are gathered, to be traded across many places for many goods.

[Diplomacy] Express Interest in Hiring a Hero in Altarin - Altarin has been a place of violence for the Myrkran, between the Leviathans, the Disciples' raids, and now the Bellower's occupation. Some self-declared Indies have been seeking a champion, a warrior to challenge the Bellower's frogs, or to go fight the Disciples, or something. Anything to lash out at those who have caused them suffering.

[Diplomacy] Beg to Let Sleeping Crabs Lie in Brenn Tyr - The unknown presence in the land of the empty-shelled crabs along with cryptic Rayjo communications put the leaders of Shadestone Hold and other Myrkran communities instantly on edge. Requests and demands go out to go no further - what lies south is a dire peril, dangerous even to speak of, and no good can come of waking it. (Demand: Do not explore south of Region 013 or Region 415. Reward: None. Penalty: -1 Reputation per exploration attempt in this direction and these exploration attempts do not fulfill the Promote Exploration request. The Myrkran will refuse any favors spent to explore in this direction. Duration: Rounds 6-10)



The Disciples of Silicon


Pending Requests and Offers

[Intrigue] Analyze Anomalous Materials in Brenn Tyr - Tales abound in Brenn Tyr of Moonfall fragments refusing to be collected, morphing instead into desired mundane things. Though their presence in these lands is limited, it's worth investigating regardless; best to get on top of whatever this is. Lacking suitable field agents, the Disciples turn instead to the parties they've already managed to make rudimentary contact with, offering recompense for deliveries. (Request: Brenn Tyr Realms may contribute Treasure to the DOS. Reward: 2+ Treasures contributed: +1 Rep for all donors, 5+ Treasures contributed: +1 Favor for all donors, 10+ Treasures contributed: +2 Favors for all donors. Reward(s) will be paid out at the end of the duration. Donations can be made at any point during the duration as a non-action but the Treasure must have been created prior to being donated. If a kingdom wishes their donations to be counted as donations from another kingdom they may choose to do so in their non-action. Note that this will exclude the actual Treasure sender from being counted among the donors if all their Treasure is donated in another name. Each reward tier includes the rewards listed on the previous tiers. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 5-8)

[Military] Continue Preparing the Skylance in Altarin (2/5) - Work on the Skylance continues as the beast continues to ravage the lands of the west. (Request: Any kingdom in Altarin may contribute to this great project as a Military action - the first action contributed by a realm grants that realm one DOS favor. Duration: Until Completed)

[Intrigue] Request Materials from The Omega - In the aftermath of the Battle for Highwall, a trio of Disciples in their black armor arrive with a proposal for the Omega - they are interested in collecting the flotsam and jetsam of the battle here in the interest of ascertaining the secrets of their technology. In return they are prepared to upgrade the Omega's internal status and provide their services pro-bono the next time the Omega desire them. (Request: The Omega may turn over the remains of the Tempest-Runner's Fleet from Region 206 to the Disciples for analysis as a non-action, precluding taking their own analysis. Reward: +1 Reputation and Favor. Duration: Round 6)

[Intrigue] Secret - Great Metal Dragonflies depart from the Isle of Ruin and arrive from the South with particular regularity.


The Seekers of the Spheres

Pending Requests and Offers


[Military] Unravel the Glass Prison! - Though unsure of the rate at which the vitrification is spreading, the Seekers of Taer Mojr are in general agreement that it at least initially moved in a burst, else more individuals would have escaped. Something is very wrong here, and heroes are desperately needed to resolve it before it worsens - and perhaps to answer the question of what caused this in the first place. (Request: Complete the Glass Prison Epic Quest in Taer Mojr! Reward: +1 Rep for Quest Leader. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 6-8)

[Military] Eilonwy of Velentin seeks assistance in Resolving the Riddle of the White Leviathan! - After her last encounter with the White Leviathan, it's clear something beyond her ken is occurring - and she won't get to the bottom of it alone. Not completely. (Request: Complete the White Leviathan Epic Quest in Altarin! Allow Eilonwy of Velentin to assist. Reward: +1 Rep for Quest Leader. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 6-8)

[Military] Recruit Hero Olivier of Velentin, Hero Score 9 - From the Brenn Tyr branch of the Seekers of the Spheres arrives a man with a long, wispy beard and a full head of graying hair, who favors a deep blue robe. He is vague about his training and history but favors a small sickle as a weapon of choice, and offers nightly prayers to the Dark Moon in the sky.

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Hero Roll
1d6+4 5
Discuss Theology 104
2d6+9 5,3
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  Zavestra - Region 203
Year Eight of the Barren Sky in the House of the Architect.

The stars do not provide a clear path forward, for the first time in many, many years. Trees burn with a sickening radiance, while the seasons buck the natural order. And as the people look toward their Emissary for comfort, there is silence.

The Emissary seems to take refuge in the Celestial Terrace, often inviting scholars from the Seekers of the Sphere to speak their expertise on matters of the celestial bodies. Whispers begin to form that she is unwell, but these words are given behind closed doors. Instead, the Zoroa see more of the strange child whom had returned to them only winters ago--now a man by rite.

It is Morwen, not Nyxara, who emerges from the Ard-Vahmana when the frost takes their lands. The young man provides counsel with a seeming attunement to the land and its troubles--counseling the farmers to the east about an early rotation of their crops. A judicious sowing of Lyrisite back into the fields keeps disaster from taking their burgeoning lands, keeping the soil soft enough to till, and the plants from succumbing to a snap freeze.

This same knowledge, perhaps may yet be the tipping point for diplomatic efforts to the west. Some of their most learned scholars and seasoned farmhands arrive with promises to help teach the natives how to work even the most inhospitable land. They are led by an experienced Veilstalker come out of retirement who has made the trek once before. Sylara offers to guide them as safely as she as able.

The lands to the east are less a matter of peace.. and more a matter of meaningful expansion. Fearing what came of the last observatory, and seeking to claim the full bounty of the Lirath Marn, Nyxara's only orders come in the form of calling men and women to serve--those with fire in their blood, and a willingness to lay everything on the line in defense of the Zoroan people.

With the blessing of the Emissary, a small military host is sent to establish an outpost on the opposite side of the mountain, and given leave to let blood water the soil of their new lands, if needed. At worst, it was common practice to burn a field to let new growth take root.



[Diplomacy] Colonize 202.
[Diplomacy] Establish Claim on #204
[Faith] Seek Aid on Establishing Claim #204.

[Military - Land] Raise a Unit of Infantry.
[Military - Navy] Raise the 1st Flotilla of the Sunstrider Armada.


Org Non-Action:

[SPH] Spend a Favor to Raise Reputation to 3.


















Resist Conversions

Resist Buyouts

[OME] Trade Irrigation to the Omega for Treasure.

Treasure Spent on Establishing Claim in 204


+1 Diplomacy
+1 Military
Claim Established on #204.
#202 Colonized by Zavestran settlers.

SPH rep from 2 to 3

1 Passive Treasure Gain/round
Required Resource satisfied (Wind Rock = Construction Stone)
Embassies exchanged with the Omega













Seek Aid (Establish Claim)
2d6+6 3,4
Establish Claim #204
2d6+5+1 2,6
Colonize #202
2d6+4 5,4
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